WWE Stomping Grounds Betting Preview: Odds, Picks and Rumors

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On Sunday, June 23rd, the WWE will be live from the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, Washington, for Stomping Grounds. As of this writing, there are nine matches scheduled for the event with most of the WWE championship belts on the line. Universal champion Seth Rollins will defend his strap against Baron Corbin in what’s expected to be the main event of the show.

WWE champ Kofi Kingston will put his title on the line in a steel cage match against Dolph Ziggler. Both women’s titles, the US title, the cruiserweight title, and the SmackDown tag team belts will also be defended on this Network PPV.

Stomping Grounds is set to begin at 7 PM ET and will be live on the WWE Network. As always, the WWE is notorious for adding matches at the last minute. So, don’t be surprised if they throw some last minute matches on a Kickoff Show.

WWE betting sites have released odds for this wrestling card. Let’s climb that turnbuckle and leap with a diving head-butt into these odds to find value and get the pinfall on these picks.

Cruiserweight Championship Triple Threat Match

  • (c)Tony Nese (-250)
  • Akira Tozawa (+400)
  • Drew Gulak (+400)

This match will most likely be on the kickoff show as the cruiserweight title has become synonymous with his portion of an event. The WWE has done a good job with 205 Live as of late, and these 3 wrestlers are a big reason why. Last week, they had a fatal four-way match to determine the next challenger for this belt. The end result of this match saw both Gulak and Tozawa score pinfalls at the same time. So, the GM of 205 Live decided to put them both in a match against Nese and make it a triple threat title match.

This could be an excellent opportunity for the WWE to take the title off of Nese without making him look weak. Tozawa or Gulak could get the pin on each other and keep Nese from having his shoulders on the mat for a 3-count.

As for the betting odds, Nese is the clear-cut favorite due to his long reign as the cruiserweight champ. He’s become the face of the division, and it’s hard to imagine the WWE taking the belt off of him at this “smaller” PPV. If anything, it would mean more to have Nese drop the belt at Summer Slam rather than this event.

Both Gulak and Tozawa offer betting value, but I just don’t see Nese losing the title yet. I’m taking Tony to retain the belt in a great match on the Kickoff Show.

WWE Bet: Tony Nese (-250)

Tag Team Grudge Match

  • The New Day (-120)
  • Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn (-120)

This should be a good match between the two tag teams. Unfortunately, the WWE has set their creative minds to having Owens and Zayn lose every big match that they are in. Can you tell me the last time Owens and Zayn last won a match?

With the return of Big E, The New Day is back to full strength. And, it allows Kofi to focus on defending his world title while Big E and Woods pick up the tag matches. If anything, the WWE should push this duo toward tag gold and have all three members of The New Day hold championship belts before “Kofi Mania” ends and he loses the strap.

For Owens and Zayn, they also are worthy of becoming tag champs. Before you message me about how they’re technically on two different shows, this roster brand split is coming to an end. The Wild Card rule is so lame that the WWE brings talent to each show whenever they want and for whatever reason. So, Zayn and Owens could end up becoming tag champs on one of the two shows.

In my opinion, the outcome of this match is already set in stone. I see The New Day getting the win along with Kofi in his match. I have no problem making them look like a strong faction. My only problem is that they’re adding to the miserable booking of Owens and Zayn.

Whichever team you go with, there’s betting value. For me, I’m taking The New Day to win the match.

WWE Bet: The New Day (-120)

SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match

  • (c)Daniel Bryan and Rowan (-350)
  • Heavy Machinery (+250)

Heavy Machinery has slowly grown on me since joining the main roster. I liked them in NXT, but the WWE has made them too silly at times when on RAW in the past. With that said, they’re starting to find some rhythm in the tag division on the “Blue Show.”

Right now, the SmackDown tag division is ruled by Daniel Bryan and Rowan. They’ve been the tag champs for the last few months, but that’s not saying much. Since the brand split, the tag divisions on both shows have gotten worse despite the talent SmackDown previously had.

I like the combo of Rowan and Bryan, but Daniel Bryan deserves to be in the main event scene and not the tag division. He should be feuding for the world title or in a feud for the #1 contender’s spot. As I discussed on this week’s episode of The Payoff, I believe Bryan should return to feuding Kofi Kingston after Ziggler is defeated and out of the picture.

Bryan should take on Kofi at Summer Slam and win the title. That could set up a trilogy fight for the two at Survivor Series. Rowan is great as Bryan’s bodyguard and henchman, but this tag team lacks excitement, and it’s holding the division back.

That’s why I think Heavy Machinery needs to win this match. And, since I think all of the other champs will retain, this is the one belt that could and should change hands.

Heavy Machinery could enter feuds with The B-Team or even Owens and Zayn for the belts. Heck, bring back Rusev and Nakamura for a run against Heavy Machinery. Can you imagine a hip thrusting contest between Otis and Big E? That would make a feud between Heavy Machinery and The New Day entertaining as well. Putting the belts on Heavy Machinery will help the tag division more than keeping the belts on Rowan and Bryan.

I’m taking Heavy Machinery in an upset, and I’m hoping the WWE takes the chance with Otis and Tucker.

WWE Bet: Heavy Machinery (+250)

United States Championship Match

  • (c)Samoa Joe (-275)
  • Ricochet (+200)

On June 10th, US champ Samoa Joe came out to Miz TV for an interview. He was interrupted by Braun Strowman, Cesaro, Bobby Lashley and Ricochet. All these men, along with The Miz, stated that they should be the next challenger for the US title. A 5-way match was booked for the June 17th episode of RAW, and it ended up being an entertaining contest.

Braun Strowman eliminated Cesaro and Lashley before the duo would come back into the ring and help Ricochet pin him. Since it was a No-DQ match, the heels were allowed to interfere. The last two men in the match were Ricochet and The Miz. They would wrestle for a few minutes before Ricochet would pull off the surprise win.

Samoa Joe would come in after the match, as he was sitting ringside, and try to attack Ricochet, but the high flying superstar would turn the tables on him.

As much as I would like Ricochet to win the title, I just don’t see it happening. My colleague on The Payoff, Drew, believes Ricochet will win. I want Ricochet to win because I think he deserves it and I believe that he would actually get “the rub” that titles are meant to provide. Holding the title would elevate him and also make the US belt even more exciting.

Unfortunately, I don’t see the WWE pulling the belt off of Samoa Joe just yet. I like Joe, and I think he should be feuding Rollins instead of Corbin, but I would prefer to see this belt on Ricochet.

If you are a betting risk taker like Ricochet is off the top rope, then bet on him. However, the smart money is on Samoa Joe to win.

WWE Bet: Samoa Joe (-275)

Singles Match

  • Drew McIntyre (-110)
  • Roman Reigns (-125)

I pose this question to you fine readers: Will the WWE have Reigns lose two big matches in a row?

That’s exactly what we’re looking at here. Reigns lost to Shane McMahon at Super ShowDown and faces the possibility of losing to McIntyre at Stomping Grounds. This is Vince’s golden boy we’re talking about here. It’s not like we’re talking about EC3 or Eric Young, two guys that I like but the WWE doesn’t have a clue as to what to do with them.

In my opinion, the WWE should have Shane McMahon cost Reigns the match and give McIntyre the win. He deserves a victory after losing to Reigns at WM 35. Furthermore, Drew should be competing for gold as he’s clearly one of the best superstars on the roster.

With that in mind, I don’t see the WWE having Reigns lose two in a row. I believe he will once again defeat Drew McIntyre and continue to chase after Shane McMahon. Maybe we can get The Revival to attack Reigns and Drew lose via DQ instead of pinfall. It would also allow for The Usos to be involved and keep the overall feud going in the tag-team division.

For this bet, both wrestlers have decent value with Reigns being a slight favorite. I have to agree with the oddsmakers on this one as I believe Roman will win the match.

WWE Bet: Roman Reigns (-125)

SmackDown Women’s Championship Match

  • (c)Bayley (-600)
  • Alexa Bliss (+350)

Out of the entire card, this is the one match that did the best job in building up to a PPV battle. This week’s interview segment between these two women on SmackDown was great. It was the best I’ve seen Bayley work a mic and it was typical excellence from Alexa Bliss. Their back and forth mic battle made the feud feel more real and raised the level of intensity for their match this weekend.

As much as I would like for Bliss to win the title, just like with Ricochet, I don’t see it happening. Bayley captured the women’s belt at the Money in the Bank PPV by defeating Charlotte who had just beat Becky Lynch for the title. I don’t see the WWE having the title change hands so soon after the MITB hot potato affair.

Someway, somehow I think that Nikki Cross will get involved and it will cost Alexa Bliss the match. Then they will tease more tension between the friends and maybe even a match down the road.

Bayley offers no value and Bliss could be worth a flyer if you think she will win. The smart bet is to just pick Bayley and move on to another match where you can make more money.

WWE Bet: Bayley (-600)

Raw Women’s Championship Match

  • (c)Becky Lynch (-350)
  • Lacey Evans (+250)

Could Becky Lynch go from having two belts at one time to having none? That’s a possible outcome if the WWE decides to put the belt on Evans this weekend.

Lynch continues to be the face of the women’s roster and is still “over” with the fans. Plus, the WWE has been pushing the real-life relationship with Lynch and Rollins. So, not only do we get a soap opera in the ring, but the WWE is making their relationship a soap opera out of the ring as well.

I expect Lynch to retain on Sunday because she’s still a big draw and Evans isn’t ready to be the champ in my opinion. Her gimmick is lame, and it holds her back. She’s solid on the mic and in the ring, but this “lady” gimmick is boring. If we wanted boring champs, then Corbin would be the Universal Champ right now, and Lashley would still be holding the IC belt.

With that said, I’m taking Becky Lynch to win this match. I expect a strong showing from these two ladies and a satisfying match. Becky offers no betting value, and Evans isn’t worthy of a flyer.

WWE Bet: Becky Lynch (-350)

WWE Championship Steel Cage Match

  • (C)Kofi Kingston (-900)
  • Dolph Ziggler (+500)

As fun as it has been seeing “Heel Ziggler” return and be thrust into the spotlight, he’s not going to win this match. But, if these two men wrestle to their potential, then this could end up being the match of the night.

Ziggler and Kingston have a ton of athleticism, experience, and familiarity with each other. So, when you add a steel cage to the mix, the match’s potential for success increases.

Dolph’s sneak attacks on Kingston made for compelling TV. His promo work also captivated the WWE Universe as he hooked them with his “it should’ve been me” rants. With that said, there’s no way he’s winning this title.

Kingston isn’t losing unless it’s to someone like Daniel Bryan. Or, the WWE could also go with the terrible rumor of Shane McMahon beating Kingston and winning the belt. Either way, neither scenario involves Ziggler winning the title.

The organic “Kofi Mania” movement has continued longer than I thought it would. But, that doesn’t mean he should hold the strap for too much longer. I think a title loss at Summer Slam makes sense. As mentioned above, losing to Bryan could set up a trilogy fight at Survivor Series and keep the two men in the main event spotlight.

Returning Kingston to his New Day tag team matches could also make the faction even more unstoppable as the former champ helps them to pick up the wins and capture more gold.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself here. For this match, it’s all about Kingston retaining the title in what should be a “slobber knocker” of a contest. Ziggler isn’t worth a flyer and Kingston offers no value as the biggest betting favorite on the show.

WWE Bet: Kofi Kingston (-900)

Universal Championship Match

  • (C)Seth Rollins (-800)
  • Baron Corbin (+450)

Over the last few months, there have been rumors and whispers that Corbin would be in line for a prolonged feud with Seth Rollins. Despite many WWE fans upset over this idea, the creative brass continued to build up to it. And now, we have a main event with Rollins vs. Corbin and a special guest referee. By the way, the WWE is keeping this ref a secret until the PPV so that they can drum up more interest.

For me, if it’s not Bray Wyatt, then it really doesn’t matter who it is. Nobody else would add more intrigue to a boring match than Wyatt. His Firefly Funhouse is the best thing on the WWE, and his character has really caught fire with casual fans and the WWE Universe. If he was the ref, then the WWE could do so many things with him and not have him actually wrestle.

Unfortunately, I doubt the WWE would do something this interesting. Instead, we will get someone else. Probably, another McMahon because they’ve made it clear the WWE is just their world, and we’re paying rent.

For the match itself, Corbin will give a good effort at winning, but we all known Rollins is the face of RAW right now and he’s not losing the belt to someone that is universally hated. I expect the two men to put on a solid match, but Rollins will hit “the curb stomp” for the win.

WWE Bet: Seth Rollins (-800)

Stomping Grounds Prop Bets

In addition to the odds above, SkyBet has also provided WWE bettors with the following prop bets:

Brock Lesnar Prop Bets

  • Brock Lesnar appearing on stage or in the ring (+150)
  • Paul Heyman appearing on stage or in the ring (+150)
  • Brock Lesnar Odds to Leave as Champion (+700)

One of the rumors floating around is the possibility of Brock Lesnar showing up at Stomping Grounds. SkyBet has a prop bet on whether or not Lesnar will be seen on the regular broadcast (not Kickoff Show). The odds are set at +150, which is a decent return on an investment. However, I don’t see the need for Lesnar to show up on this PPV. It makes no sense. They used him at Super ShowDown a few days ago and paid him a lot of money for that appearance. I don’t see the WWE having him show up on this show.

If anything, Paul Heyman would be the likely outcome of these scenarios. Because, even if Lesnar shows up, Heyman will be there with him. And, if only one of them shows up, then it would be just Heyman.

As for Lesnar leaving with the WWE championship or the Universal Champion, I don’t see it happening. Lesnar teasing with the briefcase is going to last for a while. And, this PPV is nothing special or even anything to have Lesnar there for.

I don’t like any of these props. But, if you want to pick one of them then go with Paul Heyman making an appearance.

Stomping Grounds Parlays

  • Samoa Joe, New Day, Lynch & Reigns (+450)
  • Samoa Joe, Owens/Zayn, Lynch & Reigns (+450)

For this wager, you pick one of these options and all the participants of the selected option have to win their respective matches.

Basically, these props are constructed on the premise that Samoa Joe, Becky Lynch, and Roman Reigns will win their matches. The debate is whether or not The New Day wins or loses. I believe that Joe, Lynch, and Reigns will win their matches, but I’m not confident that they are worthy of a parlay. I already said that I think Ricochet should beat Joe and the Reigns vs. McIntyre match could go either way.

If you are dead set on picking one of these options, then go with the first one. I believe New Day will get the win. However, if you want to get feisty with your wagers, then you can pick New Day in this prop bet and Owens/Zayn in the match or reverse that. It could be a nice way to hedge your bets if you believe Joe, Reigns, and Lynch will win their matches.

Stomping Grounds Final Thoughts

This WWE PPV event just lacks overall excitement and entertainment value. Even if the WWE pulls off a big surprise at the show with the ref or a title switch, it doesn’t change how bad the buildup has been for Stomping Grounds. Nobody believes that the world champs on both shows for both genders will lose their matches. And, is a special guest referee really enough to drum up interest in an average card? I don’t think so.

As with all WWE events, I go into them hoping for the best but have low expectations. Super ShowDown earlier this month was a horrible show. So, Stomping Grounds should be better than that. But, I’m not holding my breath. The creative direction for many of these storylines have been boring at best. And, some of them have been outright bad, which is why RAW and SmackDown have been seeing record lows in the TV ratings.

WWE Betting Recap

  • Tony Nese (-250)
  • The New Day (-120)
  • Heavy Machinery (+250)
  • Samoa Joe (-275)
  • Roman Reigns (-125)
  • Bayley (-600)
  • Becky Lynch (-350)
  • Kofi Kingston (-900)
  • Seth Rollins (-800)
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