WWE SummerSlam and NXT TakeOver Betting Preview, Odds, and Picks

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The WWE heads to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, this weekend for two exciting events live from the Scotiabank Arena. The first show takes place on Saturday, August 10th, as WWE’s NXT will hold their 26th TakeOver event. The second show is WWE’s annual SummerSlam PPV which begins at 7PM ET on Sunday, August 11th. Both of these highly anticipated events are loaded with world title matches, bitter feuds and a few exciting returns. WWE fans can see each event streaming live on the WWE Network.

WWE betting sites have released odds for both shows. Let’s walk that aisle, climb into the squared circle, identify potential value or upsets, and get the pinfall on our predictions.

WWE NXT TakeOver Toronto

The following NXT TakeOver card will be live on the WWE Network beginning at 7 PM ET. Betting odds are courtesy of SkyBet:

Women’s Singles Match

  • Candice LeRae (+275)
  • Io Shirai (-400)

Shirai has seen a new push and attitude as of late. It’s endeared her more to the wrestling fans and wrestling media outlets. It’s also endeared her with online betting sites as Shirai has seen her odds increase throughout the week.

This match was made because LeRae wanted revenge on Shirai who savagely attacked her after a failed attempt to win a match as a tag-team. Unfortunately for LeRae, I don’t see her winning this match. Shirai’s “killer” mentality has made her more interesting and I see the NXT brass continuing the push this weekend. Look for Shirai to win in an entertaining contest. The other possible outcome is that Shirai gets disqualified for beating LeRae with a weapon.

NXT Bet: Io Shirai (-400)

NXT Women’s Championship Match

  • (c)Shayna Baszler (-200)
  • Mia Yim (+150)

Shayna Baszler is the only two time women’s champ in the history of NXT. She’s so dominant and believable that some fans have compared her to Brock Lesnar. With that in mind, it’s hard to pick against her in this weekend’s title match. She’s been projected to lose the belt multiples times, but keeps on winning. Baszler’s cronies should be around to help her one way or another. However, even if they don’t, I still have Shayna winning.

In my opinion, there’s no need to take the belt off of her yet. I would let her take the title to the main roster and defend it on both RAW and NXT. Baszler could really help elevate an already talented women’s roster to another level if the WWE can bring her up the right way and not bumble it like they’ve done to so many other NXT stars.

I’m taking Baszler to win the match and remain the NXT women’s champ.

NXT Bet: Shayna Baszler (-200)

NXT Tag Team Championship Match

  • Street Profits (+110)
  • Undisputed Era (-150)

This is going to be an exciting match. Initially, I was on board the express train for the Street Profits and picking them to win. However, after seeing the lines shift from -110 to -150 for the Undisputed Era, I have to follow that steam and go with the heels to win the match.

The Street Profits are in line to be called up to the RAW roster very soon. After winning the tag titles at the last NXT TakeOver event, they’ve become very popular within the WWE Universe and the WWE brass felt they would be a great addition to the RAW show.

With that said, most sports betting sites believe that the Street Profits will lose the match in order to move up to the main roster. At first, I thought that since the Viking Raiders didn’t lose their last match, but actually vacated the belts, then the Street Profits could do the same. However, with the odds moving like they have, I no longer feel comfortable going with the champs. That’s too big of a shift in odds to ignore it.

If the Undisputed Era do win this match then expect the faction to leave this TakeOver event with all of the gold.

NXT Bet: Undisputed Era (-150)

NXT North American Championship Triple Threat Match

  • (c)Velveteen Dream (+150)
  • Pete Dunne (+333)
  • Roderick Strong (-120)

This title bout should end up being the best match of the night. It’s filled with three wrestlers who can tear the house down. Dream has been the champ for nearly six months and many think his reign is coming to an end. Dream is destined for big things in the WWE and I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets called up sooner than later. However, losing the title by having the other two men pin each other will protect Velveteen and keep him looking strong.

As mentioned above, I think this night is going to belong to the Undisputed Era. I am predicting them to win all three matches that they’re involved in. Based on that prediction, Undisputed Era’s Roderick Strong should win the title. He’s the slight favorite and a terrific in-ring wrestler. Dunne is in this match to take the pinfall or submission. Look for Strong to get the pin on Dunne to win the belt.

NXT Bet: Roderick Strong (-120)

NXT Championship Match: 2 out of 3 Falls

  • Adam Cole (-300)
  • Johnny Gargano (+168)

The first fall of this match is a traditional pinfall or submission match. The second fall is going to be a street fight where anything goes. If a third fall is needed, then the man in charge of NXT William Regal will decide on the stipulation.

Cole’s odds have gone up this week, which just confirms my initial thoughts that he was going to win regardless. Cole captured the belt at TakeOver 25 and has been involved in a feud with Gargano for several months now. Johnny Gargano will get his chance to win the NXT title back, but I don’t see it happening.

One thing that NXT has been good at is not swapping their top championship belt every month like they do on WWE’s main roster. Champs are able to hold the title for a lengthier period of time, which makes the belt and the champ look strong.

These two superstars are some of NXT’s brightest talent and they will definitely punctuate a stellar show. I expect it to go three falls and for Cole to come out the victor.

NXT Bet: Adam Cole (-300)

WWE SummerSlam

WWE’s biggest party in the summer takes place north of the border this weekend and it’s stacked with a full lineup of matches. The SummerSlam Kickoff Show will begin at 5PM ET and the main card is scheduled to start at 7PM ET. The following betting odds are courtesy of BetOnline.

WWE Cruiserweight Title Match

  • (C)Drew Gulak (-500)
  • Oney Lorcan (+300)

Betting odds for this match have been all over the place. However, the one thing in common has been that Gulak is a large betting favorite. Despite the odds, this cruiserweight title match should be entertaining. It’s also the one match that’s always relegated to the Kickoff Show. They should rename the title to the Kickoff championship belt.

Gulak won the cruiserweight belt at Stomping Grounds. He then went on to retain the title at Extreme Rules. Now, he’s going up against Lorcan who earned this title shot by recently winning a six-pack challenge.

There’s no way Gulak is losing this belt. Lorcan will give him a tough battle, but Gulak will come away with a solid win and retain the gold.

WWE Bet: (c)Drew Gulak (-500)

SmackDown Women’s Championship match

  • (c)Bayley (-200)
  • Ember Moon (+150)

This is probably the one match on the entire card that I’m completely uninterested in. I’m not a fan of this title run for Bayley. I thought she should’ve lost the belt at least twice now. Instead, we have her taking on Ember Moon at SummerSlam.

I believe Moon should win this match and I’m picking her to win. However, I don’t have a lot of confidence in this pick because the WWE has given Bayley a “John Cena” push. For those that don’t know what that is, a “John Cena push” basically means Bayley is unstoppable and will overcome all odds against her. Just look at how she beat Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross at Extreme Rules last month in a 2-on-1 handicap match.

Moon is talented enough to elevate the title and put on some good matches. It’s time for SmackDown to go in a different direction and give Ember the chance she deserves to be the top female wrestler on the blue brand. Right now, the SmackDown’s women’s belt has been boring around Bayley’s waist. Let’s all cross our fingers and toes with the hopes that Moon will be the kryptonite to “super-Bayley.”

WWE Bet: Ember Moon (+150)

RAW Women’s Championship Submission Match

  • (c) Becky Lynch (-300)
  • Natalya (+200)

This match has seen two fan favorites become bitter rivals as Natalya challenges Becky Lynch for the RAW women’s title. Lynch will get the crowd support as she is from Canada, but I don’t see her winning this match. Eventually, Lynch will run into an opponent that will defeat her, but that won’t be this weekend.

Lynch is still the top woman wrestler on RAW and the WWE has invested a lot of resources in her run to the top of the promotion. Having her lose the belt would be pointless. The WWE has long since given up on Natalya becoming a world champ. She’s better suited to win tag team gold than individual gold.

Until Rousey comes back or maybe Sasha Banks, Lynch should be able to hold on to this belt. It would be awesome if Baszler appeared and begun a feud with Lynch. For now, take Lynch to keep her belt and keep being the “Irish lass-kicker.”

WWE Bet: Becky Lynch (-300)

SmackDown Singles Match

  • Shane McMahon (+250)
  • Kevin Owens (-400)

If Kevin Owens loses this match then he will quit working for the WWE. Nobody believes this will happen, so the online betting sites have listed Owens as a large betting favorite.

Over the last six to eight weeks, Owens has become the top baby face on SmackDown, which has displaced Roman Reigns for now. Owens has led the charge in rebelling against Shane McMahon and his dictatorship. This feud has turned so bitter that Owens put his WWE career on the line in his latest challenge to “Shane O’Mac.”

McMahon has solicited the help of Elias, The Revival and Drew McIntyre over the last few months in his quest to squash the uprising from Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens. However, it has been Kevin’s mic work that has really endeared him more to the fans. Owens hasn’t missed a beat by verbally tearing down Shane and blaming him for all of the issues on SmackDown. It’s as if Kevin Owens is speaking for the entire WWE Universe who has become fed up with Shane McMahon.

There’s no way that Owens leaves the WWE even if it’s just a gimmick. These types of matches almost always end with the person saving their career by winning the match. That’s what will happen in this one. Take Owens to defeat Shane McMahon.

My only concern: what will the WWE do with Owens after he wins this match?

WWE Bet: Kevin Owens (-400)

U.S. Title Match

  • (c) AJ Styles (-200)
  • Ricochet (+150)

Other than the return of Bray Wyatt, this is the one match that I’m the most excited for. Styles and Ricochet have been feuding with each other for a good chunk of the summer. In fact, Styles defeated Ricochet for this U.S. title at Extreme Rules.

Because that PPV was just last month, I don’t expect the WWE to take the belt of Styles so soon. At least not until they put him in a feud for the Universal Title. Furthermore, with Styles’ group The OC being the top faction on RAW these days, it’s hard to imagine that the WWE will derail their progress so soon.

Ricochet is an extremely talented wrestler and one of my Top 5 favorites. However, he’s going up against my favorite WWE superstar in this match and the wily Styles will get the win “by hook or by crook.”

WWE Bet: AJ Styles (-200)

WWE Singles Match

  • Bray Wyatt (-1000)
  • Finn Balor (+525)

I haven’t seen one person or one wrestling news site pick Finn Balor to win this match. That’s largely because Wyatt has been beautifully built up over the last few months with his new gimmick that it would be the worst decision in WWE’s history to have him lose in his return match.

Another reason why most people believe Wyatt will win is because Balor is expected to take some time off from the WWE after this PPV. Finn is set to be off TV for a few months. In other words, he’s burn out and needs a break.

With the outcome already a foregone conclusion, all eyes will turn to Wyatt’s ring entrance and fiend gimmick. For me, I’m really curious to see how he wrestles in the ring as The Fiend. Will he have different moves? Will he be more aggressive or devious?

WWE Bet: Bray Wyatt (-1000)

Women’s Singles Match

  • Charlotte Flair (-250)
  • Trish Stratus (+170)

Trish Stratus is one of the greatest female wrestlers in the history of the WWE. However, she is going up against the one woman that many people, including myself, believe is the best women’s wrestler of all time. This is one of those matches where they “pass the torch;” although Flair doesn’t need anything passed to her as she’s won more titles than any other female superstar on the main roster.

Another reason why they are bringing Trish back for this match is because she is from Toronto, Canada. Not only do they hope that Stratus can “draw” a larger crowd, but they also hope the Canadian fans will wildly support her in this match.

This has the makings of a classic, but that all depends on where Stratus is with her in-ring conditioning and how long the WWE will give these two stars to tell a story.

I believe Flair will win this match and continue to reign as “The Queen.”

WWE Bet: Charlotte Flair (-250)

SmackDown Single’s Match

  • Goldberg (-650)
  • Dolph Ziggler (+375)

In another return to the ring, Goldberg surprised the WWE Universe by showing up on RAW this week to sign a contract for this match against Ziggler. Dolph has ripped Goldberg over the last month saying he was terrible in the ring. If you watched Goldberg’s last match against The Undertaker in Saudi Arabia over the summer then you would’ve seen how bad he looked.

Fortunately, in this match, Goldberg has a talented superstar that can make Bill look like a million bucks. Unfortunately for Dolph, he will get another loss. One has to ask why Ziggler even stays with the WWE since they don’t ever give him a serious run at one of the world titles. He’s become a glorified jobber and it’s a shame.

This match could be over in a minute or they could let Ziggler get in some offense while also making Goldberg look like superman. I expect Goldberg to give a massive spear and a jackhammer to finish off Dolph in under 10 minutes. Neither man offers any betting value.

WWE Bet: Goldberg (-650)

WWE World Title Match

  • (c) Kofi Kingston (-200)
  • Randy Orton (+150)

The WWE Universe would consider it a huge upset if Randy Orton wins despite oddsmakers only listing Randy at a +150 underdog. However, nobody expects him to win this match. In fact, most people believe Kingston will keep the belt at least until SmackDown heads to FOX in October.

For me, I would love to see Orton pull off the upset and hit the “RKO out of nowhere.” I’m beyond tired of this “Kofi-mania” and felt he should’ve lost the belt already. I wanted to see him drop the belt back to Daniel Bryan, but the WWE is using Bryan in a more ludicrous storyline.

With that said, the smart play is Kingston in this match. It appears the WWE has no desire to take the belt off Kofi anytime in the near future. If Orton is inspired, this could be the sleeper match of the night.

WWE Bet: Kofi Kingston (-200)

WWE Universal Title Match

  • (c) Brock Lesnar (-200)
  • Seth Rollins (+150)

Lesnar’s betting odds have gone up this week from roughly -175 to -200 as sports betting sites are starting to see Brock as the clear cut favorite. After how the WWE shifted the storyline to include Rollins getting beat up and fighting to overcome insurmountable odds, I just can’t get into this match.

Lesnar should keep the belt because Rollins has gone from “the man” to “the chump” in the last few months. His on-air romance with real life girlfriend Becky Lynch was incredibly nauseating. Then he’s been attacked and beaten up by Lesnar to the point where Rollins can barely walk out to the ring. However, the WWE wants us to believe that Rollins has a chance on Sunday.

Even worse, the WWE wants us to buy Rollins winning the match despite his on-air injuries. This really is a ridiculous build to a match. I say it’s time to remove Rollins from the title scene and replace him with Strowman or AJ Styles.

Unfortunately, that won’t happen. I don’t have confidence in either man for this match due to the bad storylines. However, I’m going to take Lesnar to win because he’s a large favorite and I really hope this Rollins soap opera is over. Yet, Rollins is worthy of a flier.

WWE Bet: Brock Lesnar (-200)

WWE and NXT Betting Value

The following superstars offer betting value based on their current WWE betting odds, on-air storylines, and backstage rumors:

Roderick Strong (-120)

Roderick Strongis the slight betting favorite in the triple threat match for the North American title. He offers solid betting value for being a favorite. The current champ Velveteen Dream (+150) offers even more of a return on investment. The WWE is either going to give all of the gold to Undisputed Era or Velveteen Dream will retain the gold.

Ember Moon (+150)

Ember Moon is the only betting underdog that I’ve taken on this card. And, I’m not even sure she will win. I believe she should capture the SmackDown women’s title, but it really comes down to whether or not the WWE is done pushing “super Bayley” and her hugging super powers.

Seth Rollins (+150)

Seth Rollins is most likely going to win this match because he’s become the WWE’s golden boy on RAW. But, I’m taking Lesnar to retain the title largely because the storylines have been very lame with Rollins over the last few months. He’s really lost some of his shine with the WWE Universe and that’s largely due to what the WWE creative brain trust has done with him. Nevertheless, Rollins is definitely worthy of a flier.

Final Thoughts on WWE SummerSlam and NXT TakeOver

I’m more excited for NXT TakeOver than I am with SummerSlam. For starters, every match on the NXT show has potential to be really entertaining. At least half of the matches on SummerSlam feel stale and are too predictable. With that said, there are a few matches on SummerSlam that can really steal the show: the U.S. title match and the WWE title match.

Additionally, it will be great seeing Trish Stratus return to the ring, Goldberg shine with the help of Ziggler, and the return of Bray Wyatt as The Fiend. Other than Wyatt, the biggest possible storyline for this weekend’s WWE events is the chance that the Undisputed Era can hold all of the gold in NXT.

When you combine the two shows, and look at WWE’s overall product this weekend, there’s hope and excitement. However, that’s largely due to NXT TakeOver. The SummerSlam card itself doesn’t offer as much entertainment value and has very little betting value. In reality, there’s only a few chances to make a large return on investment. I don’t expect many upsets on either show, which also limits potential shock value.

NXT TakeOver Betting Summary

  • Io Shirai (-400)
  • Undisputed Era (-150)
  • Roderick Strong (-120)
  • Shayna Baszler (-200)
  • Adam Cole (-300)

SummerSlam Betting Summary

  • Drew Gulak (-500)
  • Kevin Owens (-400)
  • Ember Moon (+150)
  • AJ Styles (-200)
  • Becky Lynch (-300)
  • Bray Wyatt (-1000)
  • Charlotte Flair (-250)
  • Goldberg (-650)
  • Kofi Kingston (-200)
  • Brock Lesnar (-200)
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