WWE Super Show-Down Betting Preview, Odds and Predictions

by Rick Rockwell
on October 4, 2018

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On Saturday, October 6th, the WWE returns to Australia for a huge event called Super Show-Down. This event will be live from the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) in Melbourne, Australia, and air on the WWE Network beginning at 5 AM ET.

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Although this major Australian event might not be one of WWE’s monthly “PPVs,” it’s definitely booked and advertised like one. Currently, there are 10 matches scheduled with 4 of WWE’s championships on the line. The other 6 matches include some of the company’s top wrestlers and legendary superstars.

Super Show-Down’s main event is a 6-man tag match featuring The Shield vs the team of Strowman, Ziggler and McIntyre. Also on the card is a legend’s match between The Undertaker and Triple H. Taker will have his “brother” Kane in his corner, while HHH will have his best friend HBK in his corner. Another huge star is also making his return to the scene – John Cena. He will team up with Lashley to take on Kevin Owens and Elias.

From the top of the card, to the bottom, this event is stacked with matches that should deliver on in-ring action and possibly some storyline closure. As always, the card is subject to change. However, with this event just days away, I expect these matches to remain on the show without any changes.

Not only will Super Show-Down provide wrestling fans with plenty of excitement and potential storyline drama, it will also provide WWE bettors with plenty of betting options.

WWE Super Show-Down Betting Odds

(The following betting odds are courtesy of 5Dimes)

WWE Cruiserweight Title Match: (c) Cedric Alexander (+140) vs Buddy Murphy (-180)

Cedric Alexander has been a consistent force on 205 Live and has carried the cruiserweight division on his back since WrestleMania. As the champ, Alexander has been fantastic in the ring and added some much needed credibility to the title. However, I expect his reign to come to an end at Super Show-Down. Buddy Murphy has been a wrecking ball on 205 Live and brings an aggressive element to this feud and match. Additionally, Murphy is from Melbourne. What better way to kick off the show than to have a hometown wrestler win the title?

Obviously, WWE could swerve us all and keep the belt on Alexander just to tease the Australian crowd and the WWE Universe. However, I believe the smart bet is on Murphy here. Look for Buddy to walk out of the arena as the new Cruiserweight Champ.

WWE Bet: Buddy Murphy (-180)

Asuka and Naomi (+250) vs The IIconics (-350)

The IIconics are also from Australia and could get a huge pop from the Melbourne crowd. Or, they could get booed since the duo is from Sydney and the WWE could play that up to the local fans. Prior to the October 2nd episode of SmackDown, the IIconics were a -195 favorite and the team of Asuka & Naomi were a +155 underdog. However, as of October 3rd, the lines saw a dramatic shift with several online betting sites. Now, the team of Asuka and Naomi are a huge underdog at +250, while the IIconics are a massive favorite at -350.

One can only assume that oddsmakers feel the IIconics are going to win in their homeland. This could be true considering Asuka got the win over Peyton Royce on SmackDown, which lends credence to the longtime philosophy of the loser on the final TV show, prior to the major event, will end up winning at the major event. With that said, I do feel the WWE should have the IIconics win at Super Show-Down. However, I believe they should pin Naomi and not Asuka.

To my best recollection, Asuka only has 4 losses on the main roster and one of those losses was in a tag-team match where her partner took the pin. I think the WWE could do that again in this match, while keeping Asuka’s overall record pretty immaculate.

I’m taking the IIconics to win this match by cheating. The poor ref won’t be able to keep up with these 4 ladies in the ring, and that will bode well for the IIconics to pull off a dastardly deed.

WWE Bet: The IIconics (-350)

SmackDown Tag Title Match: (c) The New Day (-650) vs The Bar (+420)

The biggest favorite on the show is The New Day. It actually surprises me some, considering that the WWE is not afraid to change tag-titles on any show. The Bar is one of the best tag-teams on the entire roster. They have defeated The New Day in singles matches over the last few SmackDown episodes in an attempt to show that they’re credible foes. However, that also signals to fans, pundits and oddsmakers that The Bar won’t “go over” on Saturday because they’ve “gone over” on The New Day the last few weeks.

The New Day tends to irk me at times, but they always seem to deliver inside the ring. You can always count on them to put on good matches whether they win or lose. That’s what we like to call “true professionals.”

As much as I would like to see The Bar win and hold the SmackDown tag titles, I have to side with oddsmakers on this one. It feels like a New Day celebration “Down Under” this weekend. Look for The New Day to keep their tag-titles and come out victorious in an exciting match. However, don’t be afraid to take a flier on The Bar with these high odds.

WWE Bet: The New Day (-650)

Bobby Lashley and John Cena (-600) vs Elias and Kevin Owens (+400)

The great John Cena has returned just in time to save Bobby Lashley and the Super Show-Down event. He also returned in time for oddsmakers to list the duo of Lashley and Cena as the second highest favorites of the event, slightly below The New Day.

It’s a shame that the WWE is going to sacrifice Elias and Owens for the superheroes of Cena and Lashley. But, that’s nothing new. The WWE has found ways to sacrifice Owens to other wrestlers for the last year or so.

If I were booking this match, I would love to see Lashley turn on Cena and then they end up feuding instead of these superheroes squashing Owens and Elias. Unfortunately, I’m not a WWE booker, and this match has one purpose – to “get over” Cena and Lashley.

If the WWE insists on putting Cena with Lashley then they should consider a run for this duo at the tag titles and eventually feud with either Ziggler and McIntyre or The Shield. Either way, Lashley and Cena could be just what the WWE needs for a third force to enter the fray with The Shield and Strowman’s posse.

As for this match, Super Cena and Super Lashley will win. All that’s missing is superhero capes for each baby face.

WWE Bet: Bobby Lashley and John Cena (-565)  

Daniel Bryan (-300) vs The Miz (+220)

This match is to determine a #1 contender for the WWE Championship, which is up for grabs on the show between AJ Styles and Samoa Joe. Following the October 2nd episode of SmackDown, Daniel Bryan went from a -210 favorite to a -300 favorite and The Miz went from a +160 favorite to a +220 favorite. On this episode of SmackDown, The Miz cost Daniel Bryan a win over Shelton Benjamin.

The WWE could go in a few directions with this match:

The Miz wins – ultimately, I feel a Miz victory would be best for this feud and SmackDown right now. I think the WWE could have a money making feud between AJ Styles and The Miz for the title, which should switch hands in my opinion. Imagine, Samoa Joe costing AJ Styles the WWE title and The Miz becoming the champ because of it. His reign as champ on SmackDown will take the show in another entertaining direction.

Daniel Bryan wins – he would be next in line to feud either AJ Styles or Samoa Joe. Wrestling fans would love to see the in-ring action between Styles and Bryan, but I don’t see the WWE putting two huge baby faces in a feud at this point in time. If Samoa Joe wins, then Daniel Bryan will feud with Joe and I don’t see them taking the belt off of Joe so soon.

The WWE could have R-Truth cost Bryan the match either intentionally or accidentally. The WWE could have The Miz cheat some way, somehow to win the match. Or, the WWE could pull off a cheesy angle where Brie Bella gets hurt outside the ring (from an attack by Ronda Rousey or Maryse), distracting Bryan long enough for The Miz to get the win.

I’m going with the upset in this match. I believe that the WWE needs to keep The Miz hype train rolling along and a controversial/cheap win over Daniel Bryan will accomplish that. Plus, isn’t it about time that The Miz be rewarded with a WWE title run?

WWE Bet: The Miz (+220)

The Bella Twins and Ronda Rousey (-555) vs The Riott Squad (+365)

Surprisingly, there’s been some line movement in this match as well. The trio of The Bellas and Ronda Rousey were a -555 favorite, but that moneyline has come down to -500. Presumably, oddsmakers are catching wind of the reports that Nikki Bella could face Ronda Rousey at the all-women Network event – Evolution. The Riott Squad went from +365 down to +334. I can see these lines changing as we get closer to the event.

If I were the WWE, I would have Nikki Bella turn on Rousey during the match causing Rousey to get pinned and her team to lose. If the WWE is really going with Nikki vs Ronda at Evolution then a post-match dust up makes very little sense and adds very little significance to a feud. However, a Nikki Bella heel turn in the match, causing Ronda to eat the loss would be huge.

The Riott Squad could play it up as they “pinned” Ronda and Nikki could look like a real “heel” by putting a serious dent in Rousey’s “unbeatable armor.”

The only question to all of this is – what will they do with Brie Bella? Does Mrs. Daniel Bryan try to play the peacemaker or does she join her sister in attacking Rousey? The safest way to handle this is have Rousey accidentally take out Brie, leaving her “incapacitate” outside the ring. That would give Nikki the perfect opening to turn on Ronda without compromising Brie in any way.

The smart bet is on The Bella twins and Rousey winning the match. However, because of the rumors and reports of a Nikki match against Ronda at Evolution, it’s worth taking a flier on The Riott Squad.

WWE Bet: Bellas and Rousey (-500)

WWE SmackDown Women’s Title Match: (c) Becky Lynch (-300) vs Charlotte Flair (+220)

At WWE Hell in a Cell, these two women stole the show. And, I believe they have a chance of repeating that show stealing success at Super Show-Down. The WWE needs to give these two superstars enough time in the ring to tell a story and to put on a great match, which they’re perfectly capable of.

The lines have moved slightly with Becky going from a -270 favorite to -300 and Charlotte going from a +190 underdog to +220. I believe there’s a good chance that these odds shift even more in the direction of the champ as we get closer to the big Australian event.

Becky Lynch has quite possibly become the most entertaining WWE superstar on both shows. Her character transformation has really captured the WWE Universe and has made her a “must see” segment each and every week on SmackDown.

By all accounts and expectations, Becky Lynch should keep the belt and continue her ascension up the ladder of success. Charlotte has proven that she’s not afraid to put over an opponent in the middle of the ring if that’s what’s best for business. It’s the same philosophy her father Ric Flair accepted during his heyday as the top wrestler in the world.

Right now, what’s best for business, is keeping this feud going and having Becky Lynch remain the champ. A clean win inside the ring would be epic for Lynch. I’m just not sure that the WWE wants to sacrifice Charlotte like that. Perhaps, we get some “heel” tactics for Becky to win the match. Either way, “The Irish Lasskicker” will leave the show with the belt.

WWE Bet: Becky Lynch (-300)

HHH (w/ HBK) (-110) vs The Undertaker (w/ Kane) (-130)

The WWE has done a fantastic job at building up this match for Super Show-Down. In fact, I believe they’ve done their best work for this entire show with the buildup of this match. Not only did we see The Undertaker and Triple H set the stage for this bout, but we also saw HBK and Kane add more entertaining layers to this match.

In addition to the layers, this legends’ match also has several directions that it could head in. For starters, there are rumors and reports that these four men could square off in a tag-team match down the line. Maybe at the Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia next month? Furthermore, there’s a lot of buzz over the potential rematch between The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels at next month’s Survivor Series. Whatever order they decide to go with these matches and feuds, it all starts in Australia this Saturday.

For this feud to continue with these WWE legendary superstars, we need some chaotic finish to this match at Super Show-Down. With that said, the WWE can go in one of two directions: have HBK cost Undertaker the match or have all 4-men fight and the match ends in a No Contest or Double DQ.

From what I’ve heard, the HBK route is the one that WWE has been leaning toward. Could we see some sweet chin music for the dead man?

With that said, I expect HHH to leave the show with the victory. But, I would prefer the WWE go with the Double DQ as that would also keep this feud going and put all four wrestlers in storylines for the next few months.

WWE Bet: Triple H (-110)

WWE Championship Match: (c) AJ Styles (-200) vs Samoa Joe (+157)

This WWE title match has the following stipulations: No Count Out and No Disqualification. In other words, there must be a winner. Or maybe not?

Following the Oct. 2nd episode of SmackDown, AJ Styles went from a favorite of -155 to -200. Samoa Joe went from an underdog of +115 to +157. It was a bit surprising to see this jump considering the clamor for Joe to get the belt based on how excellent he has been working as of late. Although I’m not a fan of the “home invasion” angle, Samoa Joe has shown a great range of emotions both through his promos and his physicality.

These two men are magic in the ring and I really hope we get a very intense, physical encounter. The WWE needs to let these two wrestlers tell the story without trying to micromanage everything. They have a natural chemistry together and could do a better job with an in-ring performance than WWE’s brass trying to coordinate every minute of the match.

Now that I got that out of the way, let’s examine some possible outcomes with this match. I don’t see the WWE taking the belt of AJ Styles at the Australian show, regardless of how successful it is. I see the WWE putting this off until Survivor Series. Wouldn’t it be just like the WWE to bring out AJ’s wife and have her help Styles win the match? What about two wrestlers taking a crazy bump and being unable to continue with the match?

Also, as I mentioned above, I think the WWE should have The Miz defeat Daniel Bryan and then challenge AJ Styles for the belt. If they have both AJ and Bryan win their matches, it would cause a meltdown within the WWE Universe. A feud between AJ and Daniel is a WM main event match, not a secondary or semi-main event match on a smaller PPV. Also, I just don’t see the WWE allowing Bryan near the WWE title right now. They want to slow burn that storyline until 2019.

With that said, I believe AJ Styles will retain the title this weekend. I’m not sure how the WWE decides to pull it off. I wish there was a prop bet for AJ’s wife getting involved, but I have been unable to find that wager with any betting site.

Take the smart, safe bet here and go with AJ Styles to win.

WWE Bet: AJ Styles (-200)

The Shield (-280) vs Braun Strowman, Dolph Ziggler, and Drew McIntyre (+200)

Strowman, Ziggler, and McIntyre got the last laugh with The Shield on Monday Night RAW this week. So, I expect The Shield to get the win this Saturday. It would be more beneficial to have a Shield victory and then split them up into separate feuds, rather than the other way around.

There’s buzz of a potential Shield break-up, which the WWE has certainly been teasing over the last few weeks with Dean Ambrose. But, that’s not supposed to happen for a little while longer. In fact, if I were booking the WWE, I would hold off until the “Road to WrestleMania” in 2019.

For this match, it will turn into pandemonium at some point. That’s the perfect opportunity for The Shield to capitalize on the chaos and get the win. Look for a Superman punch and a spear to finish off one of the three Shield opponents as they make Roman Reigns look like the conquering hero.

A feud between these six men will continue, but The Shield needs to put their stamp on this faction rivalry with a win in Australia. Hey WWE, let’s not get cute here. Go with the obvious outcome and build from there.

WWE Bet: The Shield (-280)

The Best WWE Super-Show Down Betting Value

After looking over the betting odds, and analyzing the matches, I believe there’s some solid betting value on this show. For starters, The Miz is a big underdog and I think he has a legit chance at winning. These odds are a lot higher than many of us expected.

Next, with the reports of a feud between Nikki Bella and Ronda Rousey about to get underway, it opens the door for a potential shocker at Super-Show Down with a Riott Squad victory. Take a flier on the heels to win this match due to a potential Nikki Bella heel turn on Rousey.

Lastly, take a flier on The Bar. The WWE has a tendency to change the tag-titles on a whim. As the biggest underdog on the event, The Bar could pay off with a surprising win on Saturday.

Super Show-Down Final Thoughts

This show has a nice blend of intrigue, potential and fireworks. With a few Australian superstars on the card, you can expect the Melbourne WWE fans to be fired up and loud throughout the entire show. The WWE also has 4 title matches on the line, but I don’t really see any of the titles changing hands except for the small chance that The Bar upsets New Day.

In the end, I do expect this event to deliver and end up being an enjoyable show. However, for many of us in the United States, we will most likely have to catch the show on replay.

WWE Betting Recap

  • Buddy Murphy (-180) over Alexander
  • The IIconics (-350) over Asuka and Naomi
  • The New Day (-600) over The Bar
  • Bobby Lashley and John Cena (-565) over Owens and Elias
  • The Miz (+220) over Daniel Bryan
  • The Bella Twins and Ronda Rousey (-500) over The Riott Squad
  • Becky Lynch (-300) over Charlotte Flair
  • HHH (-110) over The Undertaker
  • AJ Styles (-200) over Samoa Joe
  • The Shield (-280) over Strowman, Ziggler and McIntyre
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