WWE Super ShowDown Betting Preview: Odds, Full Card and Predictions

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Super Showdown Pay-Per View Arena

On Friday, June 7th, the WWE will be live from the King Abdullah International Stadium in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, for their Super ShowDown mega-event. The world’s #1 wrestling promotion is billing this show as being equal to or better than WrestleMania. Super ShowDown will air live on the WWE Network and begin at 2 PM ET. Super ShowDown will have a Kickoff Show to get the party started overseas at 1 PM ET.

The card is scheduled to have 10 matches and features three world title bouts, a 50-man battle royal, a few grudge matches, and a legends match between The Undertaker and Goldberg. As always, the card is subject to change. In regards to the order of matches, or potential Kickoff show bouts, there has been no official announcement as of yet.

With just a few days until the event, WWE betting sites finally released their odds on most of the matches. Let’s take a look at these pro wrestling betting odds courtesy of SkyBet, identify any potential betting value, and get the pinfall victory on each pick.

Our very own Drew Goldfarb joins me as we discuss this event further in depth.

The Usos vs The Revival

Late Wednesday afternoon, the WWE announced that The Usos will take on The Revival at Super ShowDown on the Kickoff Show. As of this writing, SkyBet didn’t have any odds for the match.

The Usos and The Revival have been feuding with each other for the last month. This past Monday, they were involved in a six-man tag match that saw The Revival, Drew McIntyre, and Shane McMahon get the best of the Samoan cousins.

On Friday, I see the Usos getting the win in this feud. They could potentially help Reigns as well if the WWE decides to allow that to happen. Either way, it’s hard to pick The Revival to win any significant match considering the silly storylines that the WWE has put them in. I wonder how Saudi Arabia would feel if the WWE had The Revival shave each other’s backs in the middle of the ring?

WWE Bet: The Usos (N/A)

50-Man Battle Royal

The 50-man Battle Royal is once again being billed as the largest battle royal ever. But it’s the same size as it was last year when Braun Strowman won. Nevertheless, both main card talent and NXT wrestlers are expected to participate in this match. With SkyBet listing dozens of betting options for this match, I have divided them up into favorites, betting value, and longshots:

Battle Royal Betting Favorites

Ali (+100)

Ali certainly would be a viable candidate to win this battle royal, but I find it hard to think he needs to win this match. This battle royal should be used to get “over” a wrestler or further their dominance. For example, last year Braun Strowman won it and it continued his character being a “monster among men.” Ali isn’t someone who needs to win this match to be relevant, and he really shouldn’t win it.

Drew McIntyre (+300)

McIntyre should’ve won the MITB ladder match last month and gone on to chase Rollins for the title. Instead, Lesnar got that gig and Drew is playing lackey to Shane McMahon. McIntyre is exactly the type of wrestler who should win this match. It will make him look dominant, like he is, and give him something to hang his hat on considering he’s just a sidekick right now.

Brock Lesnar (+400)

There’s absolutely no reason why Lesnar should even be in this match. As of now, this is more of a speculation by SkyBet than a fact that Brock would enter the battle royal. Not to mention, it serves no purpose to have him participate in this battle royal since he already has the MITB briefcase and a future world title shot, which is all he cares about. Stay away from this betting option.

Lars Sullivan (+700)

Sullivan is a wrestler that could really benefit from winning this massive battle royal. It’s a vehicle that could be used to drive the storyline that he’s an unstoppable force on SmackDown. Beating 49 other superstars would allow Sullivan to look even more dominant, and it will allow the creative team to make up for the ridiculous promo they had Lars cut this week on SmackDown. If he’s in this match, then Lars is a legit option for winning.

Bray Wyatt (+2200)

Like with Lesnar, I believe the Wyatt betting option is just speculation. There’s been no indication that Bray will participate in this battle royal or even go over to Saudi Arabia. In fact, there’s been very little indication of when he will actually be on TV inside a ring. For now, he’s the only bright spot on the main roster and that’s because of his fantastic “Firefly Fun House” segments. I doubt he will be in this match and this betting option should be avoided.

Battle Royal Betting Value

These wrestlers offer value based on their current WWE betting odds and realistic chances of winning the match:

Cesaro (+3300) and Ricochet (+5000)

Cesaro and Ricochet have been feuding against each other on TV over the last few weeks with each wrestler exchanging victories. They have been the lone in-ring bright spots on a rather dull string of RAW episodes. These two men have put on great matches against each other and really should be feuding for a title instead of nothing.

For this match, both men are deserving to win the battle royal and put that feather in their cap. Remember, Cesaro won the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WM, and he could easily add this one to his resume as well. Ricochet could use this win to propel him toward a run at the US title.

The Miz (+6600)

The Miz is the most underrated wrestler in the WWE and the most deserving of a world title run other than possibly Dolph Ziggler. After his emotional storyline with Shane McMahon, The Miz has really done nothing of substance. This last week on RAW, he interviewed Seth Rollins on Miz TV. It really ended up being a pointless segment. For all we know, The Miz isn’t even going to Saudi Arabia because that’s how inconsistent the WWE creative team has been with this superstar. The co-winner for the Best in the World tournament should be in this match and should win it because it would be “awesome.”

Longshots Who Could Win the Battle Royal

The following wrestlers are longshot picks to win, but probably won’t:

Robert Roode (+10000)

The most misused wrestler in the WWE, Roode has to be counting down the days until he can leave the company and head to AEW or New Japan. Roode is an immensely talented wrestler in the ring, on the mic, and with his look. There’s no reason why he should be relegated to chasing after R-Truth every week for the 24/7 title. It’s an absolute joke that he’s not used more prominently. However, the WWE could turn everything around for Roode like they attempted after the Superstar Shake-up and have him win this match.

Matt Riddle (+15000)

The NXT star has been reported as a participant in this match. It could be a massive boost to his WWE stock if the company had him win the match then put him on RAW or SmackDown. It could also be a massive boost to your bankroll if you bet on Riddle and he wins.

And this year’s Battle Royal winner is…

Drew McIntyre is my pick to win this match, provided he’s actually in it. But the “Scottish Psychopath” is a future world champ and needs something more than just being Shane McMahon’s sidekick. I wouldn’t have a problem with Sullivan winning the match either. I think The Miz offers the best value out of all the wrestlers because he is a legit candidate for winning this match. Well, that’s if the WWE even remembers that this guy is an “A-lister.”

WWE Bet: Drew McIntyre (+400)

3-on-1 Handicap Match

  • The Lucha House Party (+800)
  • Lars Sullivan (-2000)

Is there any match on this show that has less buzz than this one? That’s saying a lot considering how uninterested the WWE Universe and the WWE creative team have been with the Strowman vs Lashley match.

The Lucha House Party have been roadkill in Sullivan’s path of destruction. However, like many before them who have never fully recovered from Lars’ lashings, The Lucha House Party have fought back and regained some of their pride. With that said, this match is all about Sullivan winning and looking like a monster. Well, that was before they decided to have Sullivan do a promo on this week’s episode of SmackDown.

In one short segment, the WWE just killed the aura of Lars Sullivan. Not only did the crowd give Sullivan the “what” treatment, but the promo was uneventful and did very little to get himself or anyone else “over.” In other words, it was a dud.

As for this match, Sullivan will win it. But will anyone care?

WWE Bet: Lars Sullivan (-2000)

Braun Strowman vs Bobby Lashley

  • Braun Strowman (-700)
  • Bobby Lashley (+400)

The summer of 2019 is upon us and oh how the monster has fallen. Strowman has become nothing more than a popular mid-card wrestler. He was once being groomed as the company’s top star on RAW, but that all changed last year. In 2017, Strowman looked like the second coming of Brock Lesnar. In 2018, we saw a mortal monster and in 2019, Braun is more of a puppy than a wild dog.

If you think that is bad, what they’ve been doing with Bobby Lashley has been atrocious. With no Leo Rush, Lashley can’t get anything over on a mic. He has a million-dollar body, but a $2-dollar gimmick. Lashley should be in a stable or a tag team, but the WWE decided not to keep the trio of Lashley, Corbin, and McIntyre together despite their success in knocking Strowman out of action for a while.

This match has very little interest from even the men involved. This feud has served no purpose, and I will use this match as an opportunity to use the bathroom, or get some food, or anything other than watch the full performance.

I have very little doubt that Strowman will win this match.

WWE Bet: Braun Strowman (-700)

Roman Reigns vs Shane McMahon

  • Roman Reigns (-500)
  • Shane McMahon (+333)

The WWE has spent a considerable amount of time an effort on this feud. Regardless of who wins, there’s no way it will end on Friday’s Super ShowDown event. Shane McMahon, with the help of Elias and Drew McIntyre, has been getting the better of the “Big Dog” each and every week. Shane and his cronies took out Reigns and The Usos this week and appear to be unbeatable. That’s exactly how Reigns likes it.

How many times have we seen Roman Reigns look like the underdog in the storyline, only to use his “Big Dog” status and overcome the odds? That’s what will happen on Friday. Reigns isn’t like The Miz. Roman is the company’s top star despite not having a belt. Well, he’s Vince McMahon’s top star and that’s all that matters.

I expect Shane to use every trick in the book to win this match, but Reigns will overcome all of the shenanigans to win in Saudi Arabia.

WWE Bet: Roman Reigns (-500)

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

  • (c) Finn Balor (-1600)
  • Andrade (+700)

“The Demon” will rear his ugly head this Friday as Balor brings out his other personality against Andrade for the IC belt. These two wrestlers have been feuding against each other since the Superstar Shakeup when Balor went to SmackDown. They’ve had some solid in-ring encounters over the last few weeks to the delight of the fans. Unfortunately, nobody thinks Andrade will win on Friday. It’s certainly not because he can’t, it’s because Balor is poised for a solid run with the IC belt before losing. And Saudi Arabia just isn’t the place for Balor to lose the belt.

Also, Balor just doesn’t lose when he is “The Demon.” As much as I would like to see Andrade win the title, it’s not happening anytime soon.

WWE Bet: Finn Balor (-1600)

Triple H vs Randy Orton

  • Triple H (-110)
  • Randy Orton (-125)

The backstory is there, the wrestling action is there, but the interest is not there. This match does very little to boost Orton’s presence in any way. If he wins, then what’s next? If he loses, then he’s really no worse off because the WWE hasn’t done anything with him in a long time.

In their face-to-face promo on RAW this week, Orton said that he wasn’t Batista. He was referring to the fact that HHH won’t beat him like he did to Batista at WM this year. With that said, in one month, the WWE did more hype and buzz over Batista than they have with Orton in the last two years.

This match will deliver on the in-ring storytelling, but there’s no telling where the story goes after Friday. If HHH wins, then he just gets another victory and goes back to the suit-wearing, son-in-law of Vince McMahon. If he loses, then Orton gets a victory but advances nowhere up the ladder.

If the WWE really wants to do something interesting, then they would have Orton leave Triple H in a bloody mess and replace Roman Reigns as the opponent to the McMahon family as he RKO’s Shane to help Roman win. Unfortunately, that won’t happen.

Since HHH actually likes Orton behind the scenes, I think he will do the job for Randy and allow Orton to win the match. Either way, it does nothing for TV storylines.

WWE Bet: Randy Orton (-125)

WWE World Title Match

  • (c) Kofi Kingston (-1400)
  • Dolph Ziggler (+700)

Raise your hand if you think Kingston will lose this match. Yeah, I didn’t think anyone other than Dolph Ziggler would do so. Despite Ziggler’s rants of “it should’ve been me” echoing throughout the arenas over the last few weeks, Kingston is destined to hold the belt for a few more months. And if he were to lose, it certainly wouldn’t be on this show.

I expect this match to contend for the “Best Match of the Night” honors. These two men are great in-ring workers and will put on a show for the fans around the world. However, the fact that Kofi won’t lose is a dark cloud hanging over this matchup.

How can anyone truly get into this match if they don’t believe that Ziggler can win? It really puts a damper on what should be a great effort. Ziggler’s return and sneak attack on Kofi a few weeks ago was brutal and brilliant. His mic work and in-ring efforts are top notch. He deserves a world title run. Sadly, that won’t happen at the expense of Kofi.

“Kofi-mania” will continue until at least SummerSlam. With that said, he will leave Saudi Arabia with the belt. If the WWE wants to do something smart, then they should have Ziggler snap and get DQ’d after brutalizing Kofi with a chair. That saves Ziggler and continues a feud that should span a few months.

WWE Bet: Kofi Kingston (-1400)

Universal Championship Match

  • (c) Seth Rollins (-1000)
  • Baron Corbin (+550)

Just like with Ziggler vs Kingston, we can apply the same logic to this match. Corbin is loved by Vince McMahon, which is why he’s still pushed as a top wrestler on RAW. Additionally, there’s been numerous reports about Corbin having a decent rivalry with Rollins for the title. With that said, there’s no way Rollins loses the belt to Corbin on Friday.

Seth Rollins is the face of RAW right now, but his time as the champ could be running out as a “Beast” is stalking Rollins each and every week. Brock unleashed a savage beatdown of Seth Rollins on RAW this past Monday and screamed that he would cash in his MITB briefcase this Friday at Super ShowDown.

Now, the question is whether or not the WWE plans on taking the belt off Rollins now or later. The entire deal with Lesnar chasing Rollins has felt like a massive ball of confusion. One week, it seems like they know what they’re doing with Lesnar and the next week, it feels like they have no clue.

The best thing WWE can do is push Lesnar toward SmackDown and have him take the belt from Kofi and be the champ for when the WWE moves to FOX this fall. He will have plenty of competition on SmackDown including Roman Reigns. Unfortunately, the WWE is dead set on having Lesnar torment Rollins and RAW each week.

I don’t see Rollins losing the title in Saudi Arabia this week, even if Lesnar shows up. It’s just too soon to take the belt off of “The Architect.” Instead, we will get another month of Lesnar stalking his prey.

WWE Bet: Seth Rollins (-1000)

Legends Singles Match

  • The Undertaker (-110)
  • Goldberg (-125)

This is probably the only match that I’m really interested in. And that interest will most likely die down if the match goes past five minutes of in-ring action. These two men should’ve fought over 15 years ago, but the WWE dropped the ball. Now, they put two men over the age of 50 in the ring together and want everyone to invest their time and money into it.

I’m looking forward to the ring entrances more than the match itself. But I give Goldberg a lot of credit for delivering a solid promo on SmackDown to drum up interest in this bout. The two elder superstars will give their best, but we are a good decade too late on expecting anything other than a simple punch, kick, spear, tombstone match.

I really hope the two men can steal the show, but I doubt that will happen. For me, I’m taking The Undertaker to win. I see no purpose in having Goldberg win when he’s not involved in the WWE at all. At least The Undertaker still makes appearances for the company. I would rather see Brock Lesnar interfere with this match than the Seth Rollins match.

WWE Bet: The Undertaker (-110)

Super ShowDown Betting Value

The following wrestlers offer online betting value based on their current Super ShowDown matchups, WWE odds, and recent storylines:

  • The Miz (+6600) offers fantastic value for this card. If he’s actually in the battle royal and not left off for no reason, then he should be a final-four contender and anything can happen at that point. Although I picked Drew McIntyre to win, I would prefer Robert Roode or The Miz to win.
  • Randy Orton (-125) and HHH (-110) offer decent betting value based on their lower betting odds. Whichever way you decide to wager, they will both deliver a good return. With that said, it makes less sense to have HHH win this match than Orton. They shouldn’t have even scheduled it in the first place. I’m taking RKO to win.
  • The Undertaker (-110) and Goldberg (-125) both offer solid value just like with the Orton vs HHH match. With that said, whichever way you bet will bring back a good return. For me, it makes more sense to have The Undertaker win the match than Goldberg. Either way, this will probably be the most anticipated match on the card. Rumor has it, this match will be the main event.

Final Thoughts on WWE Super ShowDown

I wish that I could get excited for this show, but as my colleague said on our latest episode of the Payoff, this is nothing more than a glorified house show.

There’s potential for entertainment value, but it’s hard to get invested into matches where we know who the winners will be. None of the belts will change hands in their matches. I also doubt the WWE will have Lesnar cash-in in Saudi Arabia. Unless they do something cool with the 50-man Battle Royal, it only serves to get all of their talent on the show and nothing else.

The WWE just added the tag-team match to the Kickoff Show less than 48 hours before the event starts. It’s just another example of terrible booking. No tag-titles will be on the line, no matches with women because of the absurd views toward women in that country, and really nothing to inspire fans into believing change is coming in the near future.

I will watch this show because I love pro wrestling, but I don’t have a lot of hope that the WWE will deliver. AEW and NXT Takeover both delivered in big ways. Unfortunately, this is the main roster of the WWE and Vince McMahon has lost touch with what the fans want.

Super ShowDown Betting Recap

  • Lars Sullivan (+2000)
  • Drew McIntyre (+400)
  • Braun Strowman (-700)
  • Roman Reigns (-500)
  • Finn Balor (-1600)
  • Randy Orton (-125)
  • Kofi Kingston (-1400)
  • Seth Rollins (-1000)
  • The Undertaker (-110)
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