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I can safely state that most casino gamblers refuse to use the tips listed in this article. The reason why I know I can safely say this is because most casino gamblers are still losing.

But you don’t have to join the losing gamblers. You have access to a better way. And it all starts with the tips listed in this article.

Here’s a list of 5 casino tips that can take you from the 99% losing group to the 1% winners group. If this is where you want to be, spend a few minutes learning what you need to know.

1 – The Casino Isn’t Your Friend

Casinos try to make every gambler feel like the casino is their friend. They offer free drinks in some casinos, offer rewards schemes to give you comps, and run special promotions to get new gamblers in the door and keep their current customers placing bets.

But none of these things, or anything else that a casino does for you, is about helping you. Every casino in the world is only interested in their bottom line. This means that everything the casino does, even if it looks like it’s a benefit for you, is really a benefit for them.

This doesn’t mean that you should refuse to take the things that the casino gives you. In fact, if you’re gambling you should be earning as many rewards as you can.

But you need to look at everything about the casino the same way that the casino looks at it. You need to make every decision in the casino based on what’s the best for you.

Why do casinos offer promotions, comp schemes, free drinks, and anything else they offer?

The answer is to get more gamblers to play and to get gamblers to risk more money. This is how casinos make money.

If the casino is willing to give you something, do the bare minimum to get it. If you have to risk $1,000 in total wagers to get a free meal, don’t risk $1,001. If the casino is giving you free drinks, only drink until you start making mistakes.

Look at everything in the casino through the filter that the casino isn’t your friend. This is going to help you avoid being taken advantage of.

2 – Return to Player Is Almost All That Matters in the Casino

Now that you know everything that the casino does is for their benefit, the next tip is to learn how the casinos make money with the games they offer.

Every casino game works in a way that profit is based on a mathematical formula. Some casino games have a fairly simple formula that determines the profit for the casino and some games are more complicated.

You don’t have to understand the profit formula for each casino game, but you do need to understand the results of the formulas. The most important number you need to know for every casino game before you play is the return to player percentage.

The return to player percentage is the most important number because it tells you exactly how much the casino game is designed to make in profit for the casino. The casino games with the highest return percentages are the best games to play. The casino games with the lowest return percentages are the worst games to play.

The Problem Is That How You Play Many Casino Games Influences the Return Percentage

For example, a blackjack game might have a return percentage that ranges from 98% to 99.5% depending on how you play each hand.

Video poker return percentages depend on the game, the pay table, and how you play each hand. When you play baccarat each of the 3 wager options has a different return percentage. And every wager at the craps table has a different return percentage.

Learn the return percentages for each casino game and how to make the return as high as possible.

The only reason why the title to this section includes the word almost is because it’s possible to lose more when you play a casino game with a higher return percentage if you risk more when you play. It’s also important to risk the smallest amount possible any time you play a game that doesn’t have a return of 100%.

3 – It’s Not About Having Fun, Unless You’re Willing to Pay

You can choose to have fun when you play casino games or you can choose to have the best chance to win. I understand that most casino gamblers want to have fun, but is having fun more important than winning?

You can keep doing what you think is fun when you’re in a casino. This is what most casino gamblers do. And in the next section you’re going to learn more about why 99% of casino gamblers lose.

It’s time for you to make a decision. If you want to keep losing and having fun it’s your choice. But I’m here to tell you that there’s a better way to gamble in casinos. It’s not going to be easy, and it’s not going to be fast, but you can learn how to gamble in casinos without paying for the experience.

I cover exactly what you need to do in the final section in this article. It’s a proven system that works that you have the ability to follow. But you have to decide that you want to do it and be willing to follow through.

It’s time to make your choice.

4 – The 99% Loser Number

This isn’t a scientific number, which means that I don’t have a scientific study that backs u this claim. But I do have almost 40 years of experience and I know a lot of casino gamblers.

Somewhere around 99% of casino gamblers are losing players. They win sometimes, but over the course of their gambling life they lose more money than they win. And the odds are quite high that you’re currently in this group.

As you learned when you looked at the return percentages for casino games, all the games are designed to hold an edge for the casino. And this is exactly what the casino wants.

In the least section I stated that you don’t have to remain in the 99% losers group. Casinos have a game that you can beat if you know how to do it.

You’re going to learn exactly what this game is in the next section, and you’re going to learn exactly what you need to do to get an edge.

5 – Only 1 Game Played 1 Way

The only casino game you should ever play is real money blackjack. Blackjack offers the highest rate of return when you know how to play it the right way. You also need to learn how to find the best blackjack games that offer good rules.

But blackjack is different in another way from other casino games. Blackjack has a narrow path that lets smart players turn the edge against the casino. The casinos don’t like this, but I’m going to tell you how to do it.

You need to follow 4 steps. It’s not easy to follow these 4 steps, but you can do it with work and practice.

  1. Learn how every blackjack rule changes the return to player percentage. This helps you identify the best blackjack tables to play on.
  2. Master the best blackjack strategy. Blackjack strategy is playing every blackjack hand the way that produces the maximum profit.
  3. Learn how to count cards. When you learn how to count cards you can make larger wagers when you have an edge which creates an overall edge. Many blackjack counting systems exist, and most of them are good enough to beat the game. I recommend the high low counting system.
  4. Learn how to count cards without getting caught. When the casino suspects you’re counting cards they make you stop playing.


You don’t have to be like most casino gamblers. They keep losing, but you can break out of this future if you use the tips listed in this article. But it starts with you being willing to do things a different way.

The casino isn’t your friend, no matter what it looks like. The only thing that matter is what each game returns to you when you place a wager. Once you understand this it gets easier to pick the best games.

If you want to win in the casino you can forget about having fun. You can do what you need to do to win or you can have fun.

Don’t remain in the 99% loser category. Play the right game the right way and you can win.

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