What’s Your Secret Casino Gambling Weapon?

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I’m going to shoot from the hip here:

I used to hate casinos.

I’m frugal with my disposable income, and I never understood the appeal of sitting in a smoky, windowless space, throwing away perfectly good money and, more often than not, getting nothing in return.

But after a few Las Vegas trips with friends who love the thrill of real money gambling, my view of casinos has changed a lot. 

I eventually learned the table rules and strategies.

And I’ve come to know and understand that gambling, when done responsibly, is no different than any other entertainment expenses like going to a show. 

As I’ve grown as a person and a gambler, I’ve learned how to have more fun on the casino floor.

Over the past several years, I’ve been able to turn that which I loathed into that which I love.

Somehow, I’ve even managed to make it into a career of sorts.

And now, I’m sharing my experiences and secrets with you.

What’s Your Secret to Winning at Gambling?

It’s always funny when I meet people and they find out what I do.
First, they almost exclusively assume that I make millions gambling (I do not). 

I quickly correct them in an effort to move on to something more interesting (I don’t find myself intriguing).

But I’m often stopped dead in my tracks by one question.

What’s your secret weapon?

I translate this to, “What’s your secret casino gambling weapon?”

It took me years to come up with an answer. For longer than I care to admit my reply would be along the lines of being lucky. This unfortunately transitioned to how smart I was, cringe.

Eventually, not too long ago, I settled it.

Are you ready for my secret casino gambling weapon?

Having fun.

I have learned to have enough fun to fall in love with gambling.
And because I love gambling, I have dedicated the necessary time honing my skills. And because I have honed my skills, I have fun.
It’s the circle of gambling life.

Today, I’m going to share a few ways I keep things light enough to have fun.

Hopefully, these tricks I use can further your enjoyment in the casino, as well.

Know Your Limits

It’s common knowledge that the odds are stacked in the house’s favor. So never step foot in a casino without knowing the exact amount you’re willing to spend.

Also, keep in mind that you probably won’t be getting it back.
Understanding table limits is also key to not blowing your bankroll immediately. The table minimum is the lowest amount of money you can bet each round, and it will usually be clearly posted on a sign near the table. 

A lower table minimum means you can increase the amount of time you spend gambling, maximizing the amount of fun you’ll have.

Give Chance a Chance

Slots games require the least amount of effort or skill on the part of the player. You simply feed in some money, push a button, and find out if you won or lost. 

But if you’re like me, you’ll quickly grow bored with them and want to have a bigger hand in your fate. Then it’s time to head toward the tables.

Casino Gambling

Roulette is a simple introduction to table games, and few things are more iconically Vegas than the anticipation of watching the white ball skip across a spinning roulette wheel. 

As with slots, roulette requires no skill required. Just place some chips anywhere on the board and hope the ball lands where you picked. 

I recommend you place even money bets.

Not only do these offer the best odds to win, they’re easy to understand.

Just beware of the “Gambler’s Fallacy.”

Just because red has hit 7 consecutive times doesn’t mean that black is “due” to come up.

That’s not how this works. Each spin is independent of any previous or future spins.

Time for the Talent Show

You’ve moved on from the slots, and you’ve mastered the roulette wheel. Now it’s time to set your sights on the more intimidating table game.

These are, as you know, the ones that require some knowledge of the rules and strategy, like blackjack and craps. 

Fortunately, many casinos are happy to welcome new players by explaining all the rules during free gaming lessons. You can also find free tutorials online or just tag along with a knowledgeable friend and ask them to do all the explaining.

When you’re ready to hit the tables, pick one that’s not too crowded, and don’t be afraid to ask the dealer questions about the rules. If for some reason they aren’t being helpful, just move elsewhere.

My point here for the more advanced players is to mix it up. Sitting at the blackjack table all day can be laborious. So, just mix it up.
Taking an hour break from the poker table by enjoying some craps can completely reset your mindset.

Allow Me to Introduce My Friend — Mr. Washington

Lowering the size of your bet is probably the easiest way to slow down your losses so your gambling bankroll will last longer. 

After all, the point is to stretch your entertainment dollar as far as possible.

This will usually hold true even when you might have to change to a game with a higher house edge. Typically, I will move tables when I do this. It allows me to use the bathroom, walk outside for some fresh air, or just check my phone.

I can’t recall how many times I’ve been down to my last $100 and tucked tail to a small $5 table and within a few hours have 75% or more of my bankroll back. 

Sure, you may not win as much on the smaller tables.

But you won’t be losing as much either.

Learn a New Game

One of the most effective ways to have more fun gambling is to learn a new casino game

Unless you have played every gambling game known to man, how can you possibly know exactly which ones are your favorites? 

It is actually likely that the one game that you would enjoy the most is on the list of games that you have yet to even try.

Because of this, I suggest trying out a game that you are not used to playing. If you have already played every casino game, you could move on to trying some sports bets. 

Casino Games

If all you ever do is make sports bets, you should try your hand at the poker table to see how your no limit Texas hold’em skills are progressing.

In addition to finding your favorite game, this tip is useful because of the simple fact that variety helps to keep things fresh. 

Obviously, if you play the same game every day for 10 years compared to play 5 different games for 10 years, you will be much more tired of playing that one game by the end of those ten years.

Having a number of games to call upon when you are bored allows you to hop around and experience different graphics, different games, different payouts, and even different people which will add some spice to your gambling life. 

Don’t Be a Jerk

Basic courtesy is most of what you need to stay on the dealer’s and other players’ good sides. 

However, there are a few specific rules to know that will keep you from being reprimanded. Seats are for players only, and there’s no cell phone usage allowed at the tables. 

Wait until the hand in progress is over before jumping in.

And if you win, don’t grab your winnings until the dealer pushes them toward you. 

You can always watch the table a bit to learn the etiquette specific to each game before joining. For instance, it’s typically a rule that cards dealt face down should only be touched with one hand.

Don’t forget to tip your dealer. Though whether and how much to tip is at your discretion, some common guidelines are to tip about half of your minimum bet every hour, or at least $5 an hour. Tip with chips, not cash. You can also tip your dealers by placing a bet for them.


Everybody likes to have more fun. Gambling gives people over the age of 18 a way to have more fun, as long as they know exactly where to look.

If you want to increase the amount of fun that you are having when you gamble you can start by doing things such as finding new games to play, finding new sites to play on, going to Vegas in the summer, searching out low house edges, and attending special events that you plan on betting. 

These are just a few examples of some of the things that can be done to maximize your fun per dollar, and I encourage you to take advantage of as many as possible.

Most importantly, have fun, quit while you’re ahead (if you’re lucky enough to get there), and don’t be intimidated by the unknown, chances are you won’t be the only amateur at the table, and asking questions is a great conversation starter.

So, there you have it — my secret casino gambling weapon, having fun.

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