YouTube Boxing: Logan Paul vs KSI Betting Odds and Predictions

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If you aren’t a diehard YouTuber then you might not be aware of the latest phenomenon that has swept both the real world and the cyber world – YouTube boxing. And, this isn’t just some YouTube content creators taking it to the streets or their backyards to settle the score. In fact, it’s going to be a multimillion dollar event where millions of people will be watching and thousands of fans will be in attendance.

Yes, this is mind blowing that YouTube influencers will step into an actual boxing ring to settle their video disputes. But, it’s clearly a form of an entertainment that their combined 56 million subscribers are salivating over.

If you are looking to bet on this fight, here are the sites that we recommend:

Best US Sites to Bet on Logan Paul vs KSI

Best Non-US Sites to Bet on Logan Paul vs KSI

How This all Started

What cemented YouTube boxing as a real, sustainable force was a live fight between KSI and Joe Weller on February 6th. The two YouTubers had a combined following of at least 22 million subscribers and it was unofficially dubbed “the Mayweather-McGregor of YouTube.”

Their beef started a few years ago over video games and it eventually spread to numerous vlogs of each fighter dissing each other. Their subscribers ate up the drama and this feud became a real life boxing match. However, there were still many doubters who believed that this was all manufactured to make money. Even if that were the case, it still doesn’t prevent this feud, and others, from being entertainment. Just ask their 22 million subscribers.

The KSI vs Weller fight proved to be a smash hit. According to reports, nearly 8,000 people crammed into Copper Box Arena at London’s Olympic Park. Additionally, the fight was estimated to have made close to $750,000 at the gate with another 1.6 million viewers during the live stream. Since the fight stopped live streaming, it’s gone on to generate 20 million views.

In all honesty, this fight was better than I expected as they both showed more boxing skills and athleticism than I and others assumed. Additionally, I was impressed with the entire production of the fight as it had a “big fight” feel and a “big fight” look.

In the end, KSI was too much for Weller to handle. He was able to effectively use his jab, show better stamina and endurance, land bigger punches and dictate the pace for almost the entire fight.

Following his win, KSI called out Logan Paul and challenged him to a fight. If you thought the KSI vs Weller bout was a huge success, the upcoming Paul vs KSI fight will be even bigger.

Logan Paul vs KSI

It didn’t take long for Logan Paul to accept KSI’s challenge. Once accepted, the war of words began. Both YouTube and social media has been on fire over this fight. Additionally, Logan’s brother Jake will be taking on KSI’s brother Deji in the undercard of the night. So, we get two fights, two feuds, and two more months of so-called YouTube entertainment.

Combined, these four YouTubers have nearly 60 million subscribers. Not only do they have a massive following, but Jake and Logan Paul are practically real world celebrities with their online and offline roles. Logan Paul’s global recognition came from being in films, writing songs, making YouTube videos, and his atrocious filming of a suicide victim. And yes, it created a backlash of criticism unlike anything we’ve seen before or since.

In 2017, Logan reportedly made over $12.5 million with roughly $3 million coming from YouTube alone. He’s a YouTube rock star and will bring a global following to this fight. His brother Jake made over $11.5 million last year.

KSI is no slouch either, as he actually has more YouTube subscribers by nearly 2 million and has a bank account close to the Paul’s. KSI is an actor, comedian, rapper and vlogger with a degree of athleticism as seen in the Weller fight.
About the Fight

KSI and Logan signed a deal for two-fights against each other. The first fight will be on August 25th at the Manchester Arena. The second fight will be in the United States sometime before the end of February 2019.

More fight details will emerge as we get closer to this event.

Logan vs KSI Betting Odds

For many, this fight still seems like a farce. But, the reality is, it will draw more views and attention than most pro boxing matches in 2018. Additionally, it will generate millions of dollars at the gate and venue, while also generating millions of dollars online.

With that in mind, you can see how sportsbooks are jumping on board by offering odds and taking bets on this event.

KSI (-150)

At -150, KSI is the favorite in this fight. With his dominance over Weller, it’s easy to see why the oddsmakers view him as the favorite. KSI has a 60% chance of winning based on these odds and is favored at home.

Logan Paul (+125)

Paul comes in as the underdog with a +125 line and a 40% chance of winning based on these odds. Logan doesn’t have any boxing fights on his resume, but has looked good so far in training.

Draw: (+1000)

At 10/1 odds or +1000, there’s the betting option of a Draw. In my opinion this wager has early value considering there will be a rematch within 6 months after the August 25th fight.

Stay tuned for my betting prediction, which will come out closer to the fight.

Best Logan Paul vs KSI betting sites

Since this is a fight between two amateurs with no real background in the sport, many people view it as entertainment and not sport. Well, like the WWE, there are sportsbooks and betting sites setting odds and taking wagers on this fight. However, because this fight is considered a fringe sport, or entertainment, we’ve taken the research out of your hands and have provided you with a list of criteria for choosing the best site to bet with:

  • Has a solid reputation
  • Excellent customer service and feedback
  • Offers wagers on this fight
  • Has multiple withdraw and deposit options

See our list above to find the best sports betting sites with all of these criteria and more!

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