BetUS Bonuses and Promo Codes

BetUS bonuses provide an excellent way for gamblers at this popular gambling website to improve their betting bottom line. These bonuses are offered to those who are signing up to the site for the first time and to those who are already engaged with the site. And they apply to various aspects of the gambling experience.

Let’s get you started by showing you the bonuses available at BetUS for new and existing gamblers:

Promo Code Type Bonus Code Redeem Now
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Welcome Bonus
125% Up To $3,125 JOIN125 Redeem Now
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Crypto Welcome Bonus
150% Up To $7,500 SU150CRYPT Redeem Now
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Casino Welcome Bonus
150% Up To $3,000 CAS150 Redeem Now
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Reload Sports Bonus
Up to 50% (+25% With Crypto) No Code Needed Redeem Now
BetUS Logo

1st Crypto Deposit Bonus
150% Up To $7,500 RU150CRYPT Redeem Now
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Blackjack Bonus
50% Up To $500 PUMPKIN50 Redeem Now

If you’re an experienced gambler, you might be able to tell right away if one or more of these bonuses is going to be up your alley. But if you’re somewhat new to the process, you might need more in the way of details. Read on, and we’ll give you the information you need.

Experienced online bettors know that promo codes and bonuses offered by top casino and sports gambling websites can often be the deciding factor in which sites to choose. These BetUS sportsbook bonuses take your average gambling investment and amplify it. In the case of BetUS, they offer some excellent perks to entice prospective gamblers to sign up and play.

In the following article, we’ll take you through all the information pertaining to BetUS promotions and bonuses. We’ll explain the most popular ones and talk about all they entail. On top of that, we’ll also explain the benefits of these bonuses, give you a quick primer on how to use them, and then answer some of your most important questions about them.

BetUS Bonus Details

125% Signup Bonus

This BetUS bonus is unique because it allows gamblers to dally in both sports and casino gambling. You’ll get a 100% bonus on your initial sports wagers, and the other 25% is applied to the site’s various casino games. This is effective for up to $3,125 total ($2,500 for sports and $625 for the casino) with a minimum deposit of $100.

BetUS Bonus

Keep in mind that this deal expires within 14 days of when you activate it, which means that you should be ready to hit the ground running. The rollovers sit at 10x for the sports bets and 30x for casino bets. That kind of split is about what you could expect to see.

The casino wins are also from this BetUS bonus are capped at $5,000. And this one features a promo code: Be ready to type in JOIN125 when you sign on to set it all in motion. All things considered, this is an excellent incentive to get started with BetUS, provided you are serious about gambling enough that you can meet the requirements for the BetUS promo codes.

150% Crypto Bonus

BetUS BonusThis BetUS bonus has similarities to the one above, but you can tell by the name where it’s different. To qualify, your deposit has to be in some sort of cryptocurrency accepted by the site. More and more gambling sites are focusing on bonuses like these because they believe in the value of crypto coins, not just now but in the future.

In this case, the split is 100% on sports bets and 50% on casino games, so there is a little more oomph on the casino side. The minimum deposit is still just $100 to qualify. And the rollover splits are once again 10x for the sports side and 30x for the online casino at BetUS.

But this BetUS bonus gives you the chance to up the ante, as the max levels are $5,000 for sports and $2,500 for the casino. On top of that, there is no two-week expiry, so you’ll be able to get your wagers in at your leisure to meet the rollovers and eventually collect your winnings. Just be sure to remember the promo code SU150CRYPT to take advantage of this particularly juicy bonus.

150% Casino Bonus

BetUS Casino BonusBetUS does a nice job of splitting up its bonuses to appeal to specific players. Many casino enthusiasts might have no interest at all in wagering on sports. Hence, this bonus is effective in catering to those who only want to focus on the various games offered at the BetUS casino.

Your first step is to use the BetUS promo code of CAS150. That will unlock a bonus that offers 150% on top of your original deposit. The maximum total for the bonus is $3,500, while your minimum bonus just to qualify is only a $50 deposit.

Again, the rollover for casino games is 30x, and this is another BetUS bonus where you have to meet your requirements within 14 days, or the bonus expires. This means that you shouldn’t get involved with this BetUS casino bonus unless you’re serious about setting in to play. The max cashout for the bonus is a hefty $10,000, so you can really pick up a nice chunk of change here.

50% Re-Up Sports Bonus

BetUS, like many sports gambling sites, understands that sports betting can be a seasonal thing for some people. They might let their gambling account go a bit fallow in the months when their favorite sports are on hiatus. But this BetUS bonus wants to offer you something to get back to when your sport of choice is ready to roll again.

BetUS Bonus

The size of this BetUS sportsbook bonus rises depending on how much you deposit into your existing gambling account. The range runs from 10% on deposits from $100 to $299 to 50% for deposits of $10,000 or more.

Keep in mind that the rollover requirements also increase the more that you reload. But one way you can help to account for that is to reload your account at BetUS in cryptocurrency. That will add an extra 25% onto whatever the bonus percentage would normally be for the size of the deposit that you make.

First Crypto Deposit Bonus

BetUS BonusDon’t be fooled by the name, as this is essentially a re-up bonus. The idea is to reward existing gamblers who may have done their deposits in traditional currency in the past but are now making the switch to cryptocurrency. Once they make their first deposit in some sort of crypto, they’ll be eligible for the perks in this bonus.

First, make sure that you utilize the promo code RU150CRYPT when you make your deposit. That will entitle you up to $7,500 in bonus on sports bets and casino games. Again, the split on the bonus percentages is 100% for the sports bets and 50% for the casino.

This bonus does a nice job of offering a little something extra to experienced players who want to try something new. You’ll notice that the limits on payback and deposit bonuses are higher here than for those brand-new players using crypto. Consider this a bonus of a BetUS bonus for those who are already a part of the operation.

50% Blackjack Bonus

BetUS Blackjack BonusWhen it comes to players who play casino games online at real money gambling sites, one of their favorites is definitely blackjack. It has it all: ease of play, strategy, and payback that ranks among the best in the realm of casino games. On top of that, it translates very well to the online sphere, which isn’t something you can say for all casino games.

As such, this bonus, which gives you a 50% bonus on blackjack at BetUS for every $500 deposited, is quite valuable. And this is the kind of bonus which you can keep dipping into, as there are no limits on how many times you can claim it. Just remember that you have to meet the rollover requirements (30x your deposit plus your bonus) by the end of 14 days to collect any winnings you might have amassed.

You can take advantage of this particular BetUS bonus with a deposit as low as $50. BetUS will specify certain blackjack games as being available for this little perk. To take part in it, make sure to use the code PUMPKIN50 when you go to fund your account at the site with a fresh deposit.

Other BetUS Bonuses

Keep in mind, there are other bonuses that are more temporary that will pop up sporadically as you gamble at BetUS. On a recent check of their daily bonuses page, we found a different bonus tied into each day of the week. For example, they offered Slots250 Tuesday and Video Poker Wednesday.

What makes these BetUS bonuses so important is that they are often narrowed down to a certain game. Many casino-goers like to lock into a certain game when they play. These bonuses are ideal for more focused players.

The key with these BetUS real money bonuses, as with any bonus you might pick up from an online casino, is to make sure that you check all the details. Make sure that you know all the rollover requirements, the minimum deposit and the maximum amount rewarded, and the expiration, if there is one. That will prevent you from getting involved with a bonus that isn’t a good fit for you.

What Makes These the Best BetUS Bonuses?

When you first sign up with a site like BetUS, you’ll be inundated with different offers, so many that you might not know where to turn. But there are certain qualities that make specific bonuses more valuable in general. There are also certain specifics attached to each that might make one better than the other for what you require.

If you’re planning on choosing between BetUS sportsbook bonuses, here are the qualities you should be seeking.


A lot of gamblers search sites other than the one they’re going to use to find the best bonuses for online gambling. The problem with this method is that you might end up locking in a bonus that no longer exists. These bonus-gathering sites aren’t always kept up to date, so you could up getting information that is no longer relevant or—if the terms have been changed by the site—inaccurate.

These BetUS sports betting promotions and BetUS casino bonuses should be in place for a long time, as they are their standard offerings. You should always double-check terms and conditions to make sure that the terms are the same as we’ve listed above.

But you can be sure with these specific BetUS bonuses that what you see is what you’re going to get.

Biggest Bonuses

When you’re judging bonuses at BetUS or any other gambling website, looking for quantity is always a good way to decide. Quite simply, how much will you bet in terms of the total of the bonus? This will be based on both the maximum amount you can deposit and the percentage that you’re going to receive on top of that.

But another way to judge BetUS bonuses is to think of how much you can possibly win. Keep in mind that some of these bonuses will include the maximum amount that you are allowed to win from bets made with the bonuses. You should take the entirety of the bonus into consideration when you’re making your decision about whether it will be useful to you.

Wide Variety of Options

Variety is another way you might determine your top picks for BetUS bonuses. How many different casino games can you play when you use the bonuses you’ve been awarded? Is there a limit to which sports are involved in the BetUS sportsbook promotions?

BetUS Bonuses

These are important considerations to make if you’re all about using your BetUS bonuses for a specific game. Keep in mind that even in a bonus that is targeted to a single game, like the blackjack bonus above, there might be limits to which games within that larger family are available for the bonus. Basically, the more choices you have, the more ways you can hope to win. For a complete look at the gambling options offered at BetUS, check out our in-depth review of BetUS linked below.

Low Rollovers

You have to realize that rollovers are pretty much par for the course for bonuses at any gambling site, not just at BetUS. Without rollovers, gamblers could simply pocket the bonuses offered to them without actually playing anything at the site for real money. And that would be a sure way for them to go out of business quickly.

What you should be looking for is the size of the rollover attached to specific BetUS sports betting bonuses and BetUS casino promotions. When you apply rollover, does the betting amount required seem like something you would be comfortable with? Rollover amounts should be judged according to your own gambling practices.

Using Promo Codes at BetUS

When we talked about the specific bonuses at BetUS available to you above, we mentioned that some of them require the use of a promo code before you can activate the bonus. Keep in mind that these codes are also standard operating procedure at most gambling websites. And sites use them for a couple of reasons.

First of all, any time a customer uses promo codes for BetUS, it gives the site a way to track how well a particular bonus is doing. On top of that, it’s a marketing trick to some extent. Bettors see promo codes advertised, and they think they’re unlocking something that’s exclusive to them, even though everybody has access to it as well.

These BetUS bonus codes work very similar to how people shopping online can type in codes to get special discounts. The concept is the same, and the method of using them is pretty much the same. Here is a step-by-step guide to how the signup process at a gambling site will go and how you can use the best BetUS promo codes.

Sign up and Create an Account
This usually starts with some personal information and the creation of a username and password, or the site might simply assign you an account number. Many sites also require some sort of email or cell phone confirmation before you get access to the site.
Deposit Your Money
How this takes place depends on what method of funding you’re using. For example, you might have to type in your credit card number or some sort of cryptocurrency key code. In any case, it’s always wise to choose gambling sites that are flexible in terms of the funding that you’re allowed to use.
Head to the Promotional Page
Once you’re all signed up, you can then choose the games you want to play. Or if you want to use a bonus, you should go directly to the page advertising it. Once you click on the banner for the bonus, you’ll be directed to the space to enter the code.
Enter Your BetUS Promo Codes
You’ll then be ready to enter the BetUS bonus codes you have. Make sure you enter it correctly so that you can get the full extent of your bonus.
Start Gambling and Tracking Your Progress
When you enter the BetUS promo code, you might be directed to a specific casino game if the bonus requires it. The bonus will be recorded in your account. Most gambling sites like BetUS have a progress bar within your account page that allows you to track how close you are to achieving the rollover requirements. The closer you get to filling up the bar, the closer you are to collecting your winnings.

BetUS Bonuses FAQ

How Does a Percentage Bonus Work at BetUS?

Let’s say that you’ve been offered a 50% bonus on a deposit of up to $500 on a gambling site like BetUS. You choose to deposit $100.

  • 50% of $100 is $50.
  • $100 (Your deposit) + $50 (size of the bonus) = $150 (money you’ll have available to bet)

Basically, the online casino is giving you free betting money, and you’ll get more depending on how much you deposit. It’s a great way to get a little boost to your gambling bottom line.

What Is Rollover, and How Do I Calculate It?

As we said above, rollovers are necessary restrictions put into place by BetUS and other gambling sites. They are usually rendered in the form of a multiplier, like 10x (10 times). These rollovers are applied to the bets that you’ve made from your bonus to determine when you are able to cash out any winnings from the promotion.

Rollover is usually calculated by the equation R(D + B):

  • R = rollover
  • D = deposit amount
  • B = bonus amount

Let’s go back to our previous example, where you received a $50 bonus on a $100 deposit. In that case, D plus B equals $150.

Let’s say that the rollover is 10x. That means that your rollover requirement is 10 times $150, or $1,500. That’s how much you have to play through in bets made or winnings earned in order to fulfill the betting requirement and start collecting winnings.

What’s the Difference Between a Signup Bonus and a Re-up Bonus?

A signup bonus is one that will be earned when you are brand new to a gambling website like BetUS. By contrast, a re-up bonus—sometimes called a reload—is offered to you if you already have an account at a site and have made bets in the past.

Signup or welcome bonuses are used to attract new customers because the online gambling industry is quite competitive. In order to stand out, sites like BetUS must offer something to players, and introductory bonuses are the best way to do that.

By contrast, re-ups are useful in keeping players active. Having gamblers with accounts that have been stagnant isn’t doing the site any good. That’s why they offer reload bonuses to spruce up business.

How Can I Find About New BetUS Promotions?

BetUS makes sure to keep players up to date on any new bonuses that might be coming down the pike. Like all gambling sites, they’ll track your play, which allows them to know where your betting interests lie. And they’ll make sure you know about the BetUS bonuses that are most relevant to you.

They might do this by sending you emails or texts. It’s possible that a site rep may even reach out to you personally. The whole idea is to tailor bonuses to the players most likely to use them.

You should also keep checking the BetUS promotions page to make sure you find out any potential new bonuses that slip through the cracks. Here, we’ve focused on the standard BetUS bonuses. But they are always updating, which means you should be aware of it so that you don’t miss out.

Is It Okay for Me to Not Use Any Bonuses Offered by BetUS?

Of course it is. You might find that the rollover requirements are a little too steep for how much you plan to play. Or it could be that the expiration date on the bonus in question offered by BetUS comes before you think you’ll have the chance to get the necessary bets in to properly collect your bonus.

Still, if you plan to gamble often at a site like BetUS, you really should look into collecting the bonuses. You’ll find that the rollover requirements aren’t that difficult to meet if you play a lot. It’s hard to turn down getting something for nothing.


We hope that this page gives you a deeper understanding of the bonuses you can enjoy by either signing up for BetUS or betting again with them after you haven’t for a while. These bonuses offer a little something for every type of bettor and should be part of your gambling experience if you’re serious about making the most of it. Take advantage of them where you can while always keeping in mind the terms and conditions and whether or not they make sense for you.