Bodog Promotions for 2021

Bodog bonuses put you in the driver’s seat in terms of getting something extra for wagering at the popular sports and casino gambling site. The site offers excellent bonuses to get you to sign up. On top of that, if you use cryptocurrency, you can earn rewards the more you play while picking up extra perks.

Promotion Type Bonus Code Rollover Get Started
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Sports Welcome Bonus
100% Up To$200 No Code 5x Sports 5x Horses 40x Casino Redeem Now
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Casino Welcome Bonus
100% Up To$600 No Code 25x Redeem Now
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Poker Welcome Bonus
100% Up To$1,000 No Code No Rollover Redeem Now
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Bitcoin Sports Bonus
100% Up To$300 BOSBITCOIN100 5x Sports 5x Horses 30x Casino Redeem Now
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Bitcoin Casino Bonus
150% Up To$900 BOCBITCOIN150 25x Redeem Now

When you choose to play at online gambling websites, you’re going to find that just about every site worth its salt will throw bonus possibilities at you. And you have to know how to navigate between these offers and find ones that are actually going to fit what you want and really benefit you. At the Bodog online sportsbook and casino, you’ll find many of these valuable rewards waiting for you.

In the following article, we’re going to look into the various Bodog casino bonuses and Bodog sports betting bonuses that you’ll be able to earn. We’ll talk about the bonus codes you’ll need, the restrictions on these bonuses, and the process by which you can claim them. On top of that, we’ll answer the questions that you may have about the Bodog promo codes available.

Bodog Bonuses Explained

When you’re signed up at the Bodog casino or sportsbook, you’re likely to find a bevy of offers that will seem valuable. But there are certain ones that stand out as being the best of the best, so to speak. You should know as much as possible about them so that you can see how well these Bodog casino bonuses and sportsbook bonuses fit what you’re seeking.

100% Up To $200 Sports Sign-Up Bonus

Welcome bonuses are the best way to get involved with a gambling site. You can find out if the site is the right fit for you and you can take advantage of a nice head start to your wagering. And in the case of the Bodog bonus for signing on to the site, you’ve got a pretty good one to get rolling.

Bodog Bonus

The site will match 100% of your initial deposit up to $200. In other words, if you put in $50 to get rolling, that means Bodog will add another $50 into your online sports betting account. It can seem too good to be true, at least until you remember that there will be restrictions in place.

In this case, the restrictions on this Bodog online sportsbook bonus comes in the form of a 5x rollover. We’ll explain how rollovers work in the FAQ below. But what we can tell you right now is that 5x is not that daunting in terms of playthrough restrictions, making this welcome bonus one of the most effective in the online sportsbook industry. This is just one of many Bodog sports betting promotions available to you.

100% Up To $600 Casino Welcome Bonus

You’ll usually find different limits and restrictions when comparing online casino and sportsbook bonuses. That’s because real money online gambling sites like Bodog understand that betting habits and house edge for these two different types of wagering are quite different. The Bodog casino bonus is illustrative of this.

Bodog Bonus

You’re still getting 100% bonus, just as is the case with the Bodog real money sports gambling bonus we mentioned above. But the difference here is that your bonus can be up to $600, three times as much as the sports version. And the rollover requirement is also much higher, sitting at 25x.

Still, as we’ll explain when we get to talking about rollovers in the FAQ, you can meet rollovers much quicker than you might expect. This is especially true with casino bonuses. Because the churn that you create as you bet, win, then put the won money back in for bets, will get you there quickly. As a result, this Bodog casino welcome bonus can really put you on solid footing right off the bat at the site.

100% Up To $1,000 Poker Bonus

Players new to Bodog looking to get in on some online poker action should look no further than the site’s 100% poker bonus. At the time you make your first deposit at Bodog, you stand to double your bankroll right off the bat if you take advantage of the aforementioned poker bonus.

Bodog Bonus

Once you have created your Bodog account and made your first deposit, you can earn bonus points simply by playing poker online! You earn bonus cash by playing as much poker as you can in the 30 days after your initial deposit. The more poker you play, the more Rewards Points you can earn. For instance, you can earn up to $1,000 in cash bonuses if you rack up 30,000 Rewards Points within your first month after signing up!

You will unlock bonus funds in $5 increments for every 150 Rewards Points you earn playing poker at Bodog. There is no rollover requirement attached to your bonus funds, and the total amount you can earn in bonus funds is $1,000!

Bodog Bitcoin Bonuses

It seems like the value of cryptocurrency is rising all the time. For that reason, online casinos and sportsbooks such as Bodog want to get involved with it because it can be lucrative for them. Meanwhile, for you the gambler, the benefits of gambling with Bitcoin include the privacy it affords you, along with the quick settlement times that allow you to realize your winnings much faster.

You’ll notice that Bodog online casino and sportsbook will offer higher limits and more lucrative bonuses with their Bitcoin offers. Take a look at a smattering of what they have to offer.

  • Bitcoin Sports Bonus: 100% Up To $300
    • Use Code: BOSBITCOIN100
  • Bitcoin Casino Bonus: 150% Up To $900
    • Use Code: BOCBITCOIN150

You’ll notice that with the Bodog Bitcoin sports bonus, casino gambling is also available to you. But the casino bonus cannot include sports wagers as well. Just be aware of the distinction when you sign on for any Bodog casino promotions.

Bodog Bonus

In any case, each of these Bodog real money bonuses can make a real difference to you as you start to wager with them. If you’re not yet involved with Bitcoin, these kinds of deals might make you want to get started. These digital coins are becoming increasingly popular in the online gambling realm.

Referral Bonus

When you take advantage of the Refer-a-Friend bonus at Bodog, you can get bonuses without actually depositing money yourself. These kinds of bonuses are among the most useful you can find. And all you have to do is get a friend or someone you know to sign up at Bodog as well.

Bodog Bonus

The first time that happens, you get 200 percent of any amount of your friend’s initial deposit up to $100. In other words, if your friend starts out with a $25 deposit at Bodog to get rolling, you’d get $50 in a bonus account of your own. And that’s without any need to replenish your account by putting more money into the mix.

And it doesn’t stop there. For every friend you can get to sign up at Bodog online sportsbook and casino after that first one, you’ll get $25 every single time. Keep in mind that there are still rollovers in place for these Bodog online casino bonuses and Bodog online sports betting bonuses, even though you technically aren’t initiating them. Those rollovers are 5x for sports and 40x for casino, which really aren’t too bad when you consider you’re really getting something for nothing here.

Bodog Rewards Program

Bodog BonusUp to now, we’ve been focusing on bonuses that are mostly centered on first-time players at the Bodog betting site. Even the referral bonus requires a sign-up of someone else for you to take advantage of it, even if you’re already on the site itself. But Bodog wouldn’t be much of a site if it didn’t offer something to its loyal customers.

Luckily, Bodog features a reward program that really does a nice job of giving players who bet frequently perks that mean something to them. There are many different levels you can reach as you bet more and more, both in the casino and the sportsbook. Each time that you each one of those levels, different bonuses await you.

In some cases, the bonuses take the form of money placed into your special accounts, just as in the bonuses above. But you might also get to the point where these specific Bodog real money gambling bonuses take the form of cashback. Either way you slice it, Bodog certainly doesn’t forget about its loyal players when it comes to the bonus department.

How to Earn Bodog Rewards Points

  • Sports & Racebook
    • Sports Singles – $1 = 3 Rewards Points
    • Sports Teasers – $1 = 15 Rewards Points
    • Sports Round Robins & Parlays – $1 = 25 Rewards Points
    • Racebook Singles – $1 = 40 Rewards Points
    • Sports Exotics & Multiples – $1 = 60 Rewards Points
  • Casino
    • Video Poker & Table Games – $1 = 1 Reward Point
    • Slot Games – $1 – 5 Reward Points
    • Speciality Games – $1 = 15 Reward Points
  • Poker
    • Poker Cash Games – $1 in Rake = 15 Reward Points
    • Poker Tournaments – $1 in Fees Paid = 15 Reward Points
    • Jackpot Sit & Go – $1 in Fees Paid = 1.5 Reward Points

Bodog Reward Levels and Benefits

Level Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3
Bodog Bronze 0-2,500 Points – Casino & Sports Redemption Rate: 2500/$1
Bodog Silver 2,500-4,900 Points Casino & Sports Redemption Rate: 2500/$1 5,000-9,999 Points Casino & Sports Redemption Rate: 2500/$1 10,000-24,999 Points Casino & Sports Redemption Rate: 2500/$1
Bodog Gold 25,000-39,999 Points Casino & Sports Redemption Rate: 1666/$1 40,000-59,999 Points Casino & Sports Redemption Rate: 1666/$1 60,000-149,999 Points Casino & Sports Redemption Rate: 1666/$1
Bodog Platinum 150,000-249,999 Points Casino & Sports Redemption Rate: 1250/$1 250,000-499,999 Points Casino & Sports Redemption Rate: 1250/$1 500,000-999,999 Points Casino & Sports Redemption Rate: 1250/$1
Bodog Diamond 1,000,000-1,499,999 Points Casino & Sports Redemption Rate: 1000/$1 1,500,000-2,499,999 Points Casino & Sports Redemption Rate: 1000/$1 2,500,000-4,999,999 Points Casino & Sports Redemption Rate: 1000/$1
Bodog Black 5,000,000+ Points – Casino & Sports Redemption Rate: 1000/$1

Why You Should Use These Bodog Promotions

We’ve talked about some of the bonuses that are available to Bodog players, both those signing up for the first time and those who are on the site as regulars. There are other bonuses and promo codes for Bodog that may pop up from time to time, which could be tied into the changing seasons or holidays, big sports games or events, or even new casino games being spotlighted.

In all of these cases, we can say that these bonuses really are worth your while. Here are some of the reasons why you should check out the real money Bodog bonuses that could come your way.

Good Value

When you’re talking about the value of a particular online casino and sportsbook bonus, there are many ways that you can judge it. The first and most obvious way is to look at the percentage that you’ll be getting on top of what you’ve deposited. That is usually listed right up front.

But that’s really only one part of it. You should also be looking at the limits placed on the promotion that might keep its overall impact down.

For example, a 1000% bonus might seem great, but not if you can only use it up to $10.

Luckily, the Bodog online gambling bonuses that we’ve profiled come out looking very strong in both departments. The percentages are among the most competitive around. And the limits aren’t so low that they constrain he overall impact of what the bonuses can do for you.

Reasonable Rollover Requirements

It can be frustrating when you sign up for an online casino or sportsbook bonus without first looking at the restrictions placed on it. If you’ve never dealt with rollovers before, you might think that they’re some sort of a scam. But when you think about it, they are a necessary part of it if online gambling sites like Bodog are to offer bonuses.

After all, what do you think would happen in the absence of rollover requirements? Chances are, a lot of people would put the money in to collect the bonus, then take the money back out—bonus and all. Once that happens enough times, the site in question would no longer have the money to stay in business.

When it comes down to it, the rollovers attached to Bodog welcome bonuses are quite reasonable. You can quickly find that out yourself by doing a little shopping around and seeing what other sites have to offer. If you sign up with Bodog and are really planning on making it your regular site for your gambling practices, you shouldn’t have too much trouble meeting the rollover requirements they put in front of you.

Variety of Betting Bonuses

Bodog BonusesYou can see above that the bonuses that we’ve listed aren’t just narrowly focused on one aspect of the gambling process. First of all, as we’ve stated, Bodog bonuses are pitched towards every possible gambler. That includes the beginner and the holdover, everyone from the casual part-time player to the hardcore gambler who’s at it all the time.

On top of that, as both a sportsbook and an online casino, Bodog covers the entire gamut of gambling opportunities—and so do their bonuses. You can be a sports gambler, a casino gambler or both, and these Bodog online gambling bonuses will have something for you.

When you throw in the ability to collect bonuses based on your deposit method, specifically Bitcoin, it adds another element to the variety of real money bonuses at Bodog. By broadening the horizon of what constitutes a gambling bonus, Bodog really does have something for everybody. And that’s a crucial element to consider.

The Latest Bodog Bonuses

For the most part, we’ve been focused on the Bodog gambling bonuses that are what you might call standbys. In other words, these bonuses don’t come and go. They are pretty much a standard part of the operations of the site, and you can expect that they won’t be going anywhere soon.

But there are also Bodog bonuses that are more of a temporary nature. These are often tied into something going on in the world, like a top sporting event that will likely garner a lot of betting attention. Or on the casino side, they could be ways of highlighting new games.

Come to think of it, they could be for no particular reason at all other than to give gamblers something extra that they might want to try. In other words, Bodog bonuses aren’t simply carved in stone and unchanging. You don’t have to worry about things ever getting stale at the site or the chance that you might run out of gambling bonuses to excite you.

What You Need to Know About Bodog Bonus Codes

Bonus codes are something that exist on most gambling websites, and Bodog is no exception. For the most part, they’re a marketing tool that allows sites to track how promotions are going. Meanwhile, they act as gateways to these promotions for gamblers.

If you’ve ever done a lot of online shopping, you’ll know how these bonus codes for Bodog promotions work. You’ll be asked to enter the Bodog welcome bonus codes at some point during the process of signing up, and you can then see the money promised in your account. If you’re a returning customer, these Bodog bonus codes will come into play sometimes when you make a new deposit.

In any case, the Bodog gambling bonus codes can basically give you the feeling that you’re unlocking something special. Of course, these bonus codes aren’t usually hidden and they can generally be unlocked by anyone who wants them. But it still is a fun way to get something extra and make it seem like you did something special to make it happen.

How to Claim a Bodog Bonus

  1. Locate the site online at You might also want to find the Bodog mobile gambling app, since being able to gamble on the go can be really helpful. In addition, you’ll find that there are Bodog mobile betting bonuses that reward you for using the app.
  2. Sign on with the site. This process usually requires you to give some personal information and create a password. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to use the password to get you logged in so you don’t have to go through the whole signup process over and over again.
  3. Fund your account. There are many banking options available to you at Bodog, ranging from credit cards to direct bank transfers to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Depending on what method you choose, you’ll have to enter the necessary information at this point.
  4. Choose your Bodog promotion. At this point, you’ll be able to choose between the sign-on and welcome bonuses that we talked about. Make sure to look at all rules and restrictions before you decide.
  5. Enter your Bodog bonus code. Not all of the Bodog real money bonuses that we told you about require bonus codes, so you might not need to do this step. But if a code is required, you’ll enter it, making sure you have all the numbers and letters right in the space required.
  6. Check your account. You should see a special account with the promotion amount that you earned included in it. This will let you know that it is separate from any normal account that you have and that it is indeed subject to the rollover requirements that are included.
  7. Start gambling for real money at Bodog. From that point, it’s just a matter of allotting some (or all) of the money form the bonus into whatever wagers you want to make at the Bodog betting site. As we mentioned above, some of the bonuses might be casino-only or sports-only, so you’ll have to make sure to stay within the boundaries that were stipulated.
  8. Collecting your winnings. Once you’ve met the necessary rollover or playthrough requirements, you’ll be able to take the money from your Bodog bonus account and put it into your regular gambling account. From there, you’ll be able to make a request for a withdrawal at any time.

Bodog Promotions FAQ

Are There Only Welcome Bonuses Available at

While welcome bonuses probably get the most publicity from the site—since the site prioritizes drawing in new customers—they are not the only options available. There are many bonuses available to existing players at the site. Some of them we’ve detailed above, and some are the type that might come up at different times.

The key for existing players is to keep track of the bonuses coming down the pike. Stay in touch with your customer service rep or just check the site or its social media component as often as possible. This will keep you in the loop of what’s in store at any time so you don’t miss out.

How Do You Calculate Rollover Requirements?

Rollover requirements keep you from collecting any winnings associated from a Bodog gambling promotion until you meet them. The easiest way to think of it is with this equation:

  • If x = the required rollover amount
  • And d = the amount deposited
  • And b = the amount awarded by the bonus
  • And r = the rollover multiplier
  • Then x = r (d +b)

As an example, imagine that the rollover is 20x, the deposit that you make is $100, and the percentage bonus is 50%. 50% of 100 is 50, so that means the amount awarded by the bonus is $50. Now, fill in the equation:

  • X = 20 (100 +50)

After doing the math, the rollover total is $3,000. That would be your requirement to play through before you can collect anything associated with this bonus.

How Can I Meet a Rollover Requirement Depending on What I Bet?

Let’s take a look at the previous example. It says that the rollover is $3,000. That means you have to bet $3,000 before you can collect any winnings.

But you have to remember that bets also include the money you won along the way and bet right back. For example, let’s say that you bet $100 on something and won $100. The next time out, you bet the $100 that you won and lose it all.

Technically, you’ve broken even to that point. But you’ve already accumulated $200 towards your rollover. That process is sometimes called “churn” in the online casino and sportsbook business, and it’s why you can meet your Bodog bonus rollover requirements much faster than you might expect.

Should I Worry About the Terms and Conditions of Bodog Betting Bonuses?

You know that old saying that claims you should always read the fine print? Well, that certainly applies to gambling bonuses as well. Even though Bodog is a trusted site and keeps their bonuses on the up and up, they still will include terms and conditions that you should check over before committing to them.

Obviously, the particulars of the rollovers are the most important parts of the terms and conditions. But you might also find that there is a time limit or a cap on how much you can win from the Bodog betting promotion in question. The only way to know that is if you take the time to learn it.

Can I Win Real Money Using Bodog Promotions?

As long as you meet the requirements as listed by the terms and conditions and put money at stake, you can win real money in return from Bodog bonuses. Most of the bonuses above require you to make a deposit to collect them. Even though the referral bonus doesn’t require a bonus from you to activate it, you still need to have an existing account to claim it, which means that you would have made a deposit at some point.

The lure of bonuses is that you are essentially being allowed to bet with the house’s money. That can really add something to your bottom line. And when you do win real money, your profit margin will be greater because you used the bonuses in the first place.

Final Words on Bodog Bonuses

We hope that this article has given you a foundation of knowledge that will let you utilize Bodog gambling bonuses. As we’ve said, you should always check the details of each bonus to make sure it’s up your alley. Once you do that and check the competition, you’re likely to find that Bodog bonuses are among the most beneficial bonuses of any that might be available to you.