Cafe Casino Bonuses for 2021

Cafe Casino bonuses provide gamblers with extra cash that can make a huge difference to their gambling fortunes. These perks can affect every type of player, from beginners to those who bet often. Knowing which of these bonuses fit what you need can really improve your experience at this site.

Let’s skip to what gamblers want to see. Here are what we believe are the best bonuses that you can find at Cafe Casino:

Promotion Type Bonus Rollover Redeem Now
Cafe Casino Logo

Credit Card Welcome Bonus
250% Up To$1,500 40x Redeem Now
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Bitcoin Welcome Bonus
350% Up To$2,500 40x Redeem Now
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Weekly Mystery Bonus
Visit Site for Details N/A Redeem Now
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Referral Bonus
$100 + $25 if your referral deposits with Bitcoin 35x Redeem Now

Most top casino gambling websites offer bonuses as a way of drawing in business. But it’s important to be able to separate between bonuses and promotions that are run of the mill and those that can really make a difference when you’re gambling. Luckily, Cafe Casino offers the kind of real money bonuses that will make an impact that you’ll be able to feel.

In the following article, we’ll tell you all about the top bonuses available at Cafe Casino. We’ll also explain what makes these bonuses effective, while also talking about the various promo codes available (or lack there of). Finally, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the bonuses and promotions available to gamblers.

Best Cafe Casino Bonuses Available

If you’re new to the world of online gambling, the Cafe Casino bonuses that we’ve listed might not mean that much to you. That’s why it’s important to give you all the details. Once you know them, you’ll be able to tell if they’ll be the right fit for you.

250% Match Welcome Bonus

Cafe Casino Welcome BonusCafe Casino understands, obviously, that many people have not yet made the dive into cryptocurrency options like Bitcoin. That’s why they have a version of their welcome bonus that’s based on a credit card deposit. Because they are trying to incentivize Bitcoin use, the amounts aren’t quite as high for the credit card deposits, but they are still quite substantial.

When you make your initial deposit at Cafe Casino, you’ll be eligible for a 250% bonus on that amount. Your limit with that bonus is up to $1,500, which is $1,000 less than what you can get with the Bitcoin. The playthrough requirement stays at 40x the deposit and the bonus.

Keep in mind that this bonus (as well as the Bitcoin bonus) is only available upon an initial deposit. You should also check out Cafe Casino’s contribution chart, which will show how much playthrough is achieved by different games on the site. Doing this little bit of due diligence can help you reach your playthrough goals quicker, which means you can collect your winnings from the welcome bonuses faster.

350% Match Welcome Bonus

Cafe Casino Welcome BonusIf you encounter a real money online gambling site that doesn’t offer you something for signing up, it’s a site that you don’t want to utilize. But not all of these welcome bonuses are created equal. Cafe Casino really stands out because of the sheer size of what they’re offering you right out of the gate.

This is the big one in terms of welcome bonuses at Cafe Casino. You’ll be getting 350 percent of what you put in your initial deposit added into to your account up to $2,500, courtesy of Cafe Casino. The key to unlocking this promotion is that you must make your deposit in Bitcoin.

When you consider the privacy and quick settlement times offered to you by Bitcoin, the bonus is like the icing on the cake. The bonus is subject to 40x playthrough requirements, which isn’t all that daunting when you consider all you’re getting. In terms of magnitude, it’s hard to beat this one.

Mystery Bonus at Cafe Casino

Who doesn’t love a nice surprise? If you can say that you like to get a little bit of a pleasant shock, the Mystery Bonus you’ll get from Cafe Casino will cause you some great joy. It shows up in your account every week on Thursday.

All you have to do is wait for it show up on your gambling dashboard at the site. There might be times when the bonus doesn’t really do much for you, either because the playthrough might be too hefty for you or the games involved aren’t your favorites. But the bottom line is that you’re getting something for nothing.

It’s always nice to get a bonus to gamble online for real money without even having to make a deposit. That’s what Cafe Casino does with its Mystery Bonus. This is one mystery that you’ll be thrilled to solve week in and week out.

$100 Referral Bonus

Betting websites are always searching for ways to bring new customers into the fold. And one way to do that is to have existing customers sing its praises to other gamblers that they know. At Cafe Casino, you’ll get a nice little perk for doing that in the form of a referral bonus.

How it works is that you get someone you know to sign up for Cafe Casino using a referral link. Once that person makes a deposit that is accepted by the site, you get a $100 bonus. It’s as simple as that, without having to make an actual bonus on your own.

Cafe Casino Bonus

And if you’re friend makes their deposit at Cafe Casino in Bitcoin, the bonus you get is bumped up to $125. It might not seem like a lot, and there are playthrough requirements in place (35x playthrough, 10 times bonus max win). But you can’t help but like a bonus that only requires you to tell a friend.

Cafe Casino Perks Program

Perks programs are something that the top real money casino websites regularly offer. In a way, they mimic the rewards programs offered by land-based casinos. But when they’re as stout as the program offered by Cafe Casino, these perks are actually more lucrative than what a casino can give you.

Like most online casino loyalty rewards programs, Cafe Casino’s perks awards you at different levels. The higher the level that you reach, the less you have to play to earn cashback. And once you reach a certain status level, you won’t lose it if for some reason you don’t play as much for a certain stretch of time.

Take a look at the different levels of Cafe Casino perks waiting for you:

Orange Bar
Level 1

  • Points Required = 0
  • Redemption Rate = $1 for 2,500 Points
Two Yellow Bars
Level 2

  • Points Required = 2,500
  • Redemption Rate = $1 for 2,250 Points
Three Green Bars
Level 3

  • Points Required = 10,000
  • Redemption Rate = $1 for 2,000 Points
Level 4

  • Points Required = 60,000
  • Redemption Rate = $1 for 1,750 Points
Level 5

  • Points Required = 250,000
  • Redemption Rate = $1 for 1,500 Points
Level 6

  • Points Required = 1,000,000
  • Redemption Rate = $1 for 1,250 Points
Level 7

  • Points Required = 2,500,000
  • Redemption Rate = $1 for 1,000 Points
Level 8

  • Points Required = 5,000,000
  • Redemption Rate = $1 for 1,000 Points

What you don’t see listed there are the hidden Cafe Casino bonuses you get for reaching each level. Depending on what level you’ve reached, you might end up with weekly bonuses coming your way. Another possibility is that you might get special, exclusive promotions that wouldn’t go to a player at another level.

Game Wager Amount Point Per Dollar
Table Games $1 1
Video Poker $1 1
Slot Games $1 5
Specialty Games $1 51

To move up the ladder, you need to achieve a certain level of play over a specific amount of time. In addition, you should keep in mind that certain games will earn you more points for the same amount of money bet as others. Reading the terms and conditions will help you with understanding this.

The bottom line is that getting cashback that you can pocket and not have to play through is invaluable at a betting site. Cafe Casino’s perks are especially lucrative. It’s just a matter of your commitment to play enough to kick them into gear.

Why Should You Use Bonuses at Cafe Casino?

As we mentioned above, bonuses are pretty much standard operating procedure for casino gambling websites. Even lesser sites offer them, although, with the lesser sites, you always have to worry about them fulfilling their promises. What makes a gambling website stand out is when the quality of their bonuses is such that it is hard to match anywhere else.

Cafe Casino can definitely claim that their bonuses meet that standard. Here are just a few of the reasons why.

Good Variety in Cafe Casino’s Promotions

You’ll find that many websites frontload their bonus opportunities. They offer a lot of bonuses to those who are signing up for the first time in an effort to secure them. But once those folks are in the fold, there isn’t much follow-up to give them incentive to keep playing at the site.

But as we’ve seen with the Cafe Casino bonuses we just highlighted, they run the gamut. Yes, there are the welcome bonuses that give you a great start. But the mystery bonuses weekly and the perks program are specifically targeted at the everyday player who has been with the site for a while.

On top of that, the nod to Bitcoin players is another example of that variety. No matter your level of play or your preferred method of payment, Cafe Casino has you covered with a bonus that’s just right for you. Only the finest casino sites can make claims such as that.

Robust Value

2,500 DollarsIf you’re looking at the bottom line only, Cafe Casino has bonuses that can stand with anybody. Both in terms of the size of the deposit amount allowed and the percentage on top, the welcome bonuses are very strong. Giving bettors that kind of a running start on their wagers will keep them coming back for more.

With the perks program, the value of those Cafe Casino promotions is practically unlimited. Keep playing and you’ll keep racing up rewards and cash back. The latter is an especially useful perk, since it’s not something that you necessarily have to bet back into the site (although you can if you choose to).

You can get carried away with signing up for any casino gambling site just because you’re anxious to get started playing. But you’re actually short-changing yourself if you’re not getting the most out of your bonuses. Cafe Casino assures that you do.

Manageable Rollover Requirements

To the uninitiated, seeing rollovers of 40x and 50x might make it seem like bonuses aren’t really something worthwhile. Who could possibly gamble that much? In truth, those numbers get reached much faster than you would think, especially if you play even semi-regularly.

The concept of churn is what makes that happen. As you’re playing slots, for just one example, you’re winning and losing at probably around an equal rate most of the time. While you’re doing that, you’re betting both your winnings and losings, and that all counts toward the rollover totals.

The other thing to consider with the Cafe Casino rollovers is that you’re getting percentage rates so high that it can help offset the cost of the rollovers.

You have to look at the bonuses from every angle when comparing them to those from other gambling websites. When you do that with the bonuses and perks from Cafe Casino, they come out looking pretty well.

Reliable Response

Anybody can promise big bonuses to gamblers. But actually delivering on them is another matter entirely. In the case of Cafe Casino, you know that they will indeed do just what they say they’re going to do with their bonuses.

How do you know that? Well, first of all, the site has an excellent reputation in the online casino industry. It has gained this reputation through the testimonials of other gamblers, who have used the site and found that it delivers a top-notch experience.

On top of that, you can easily find the rules and regulations for all of their different Cafe Casino bonuses on the site. This means they aren’t trying to hide anything or put anything over on you. With a Cafe Casino bonus, you’re going to get exactly what it says you will.

How to Claim Cafe Casino Bonuses

Head Over to Cafe Casino
To get things started, the first thing you need to do is to head on over to Cafe Casino. Once you head the site, you can continue through the process.
Sign Up and Create an Account
The first thing you’ll have to do is provide some personal information. In addition, you’ll come up with a password so you can always get into your account, and you might also need to verify your account with email or text.
Fund Your Cafe Casino Account
Most sites will give you the option to use a credit card, but as we’ve talked about, Cafe Casino allows—and even encourages—Bitcoin as a funding method. Whatever you use, you’ll be able to enter the information at this point.
Choose Your Cafe Casino Promotion
Sites like Cafe Casino will have a menu that shows you the bonuses for which you’re eligible. You can pick one or maybe a few that you think suits you, based on what games you want to play or what kind of value you’re seeking.
Play Games and Collect Your Bonus
As you play, the site will keep track of how far along you are in your playthrough requirements. Make sure to keep track of these to make sure you meet them in case there’s a time limit of some sort. Once you’ve met your playthrough/rollover, you’ll be able to collect whatever is still left of your initial bonus, along with any winnings you may have amassed from it. Make the withdrawal request to complete the process.

Cafe Casino Promotions FAQ

Should I Always Look for the Highest Percentage Bonus When Deciding on Cafe Casino Bonuses?

While the percentage added on to your deposit is certainly something you should be watching, it’s not the only thing that matters when it comes to bonuses. There are many other factors that come into play that need to be taken into consideration. Think of it as a complete picture, and the percentage is just one puzzle piece.

You also have to consider what kind of limit you have on those bonuses. A bonus that offers a high percentage won’t matter too much if the maximum amount you receive is low. Make sure you don’t fall into that trap if you’re looking for big impact from the bonus.

Also, the rollover requirements for a bonus can severely limit its impact if they’re too high. When you become more experienced with online casino bonuses, a lot of this will become second nature. But when you first check out Cafe Casino bonuses, you should try to keep all of these factors in mind and not get carried away with percentages.

What Is a Rollover and How Do I Calculate It?

A rollover, also sometimes called a “playthrough,” is a technique by which betting sites like Cafe Casino ensures that you bet with the bonus you receive. Without it, you could simply take the monetary amount of the bonuses and run with them. Not too many online casinos would be able to stay in business for long if that were the case.

We mentioned above that there was a 40x multiplier in place for the welcome bonus at Cafe Casino. That means that you have to bet 40 times the amount of the total amount of the bonus and the deposit before you can start collect winnings from the promotion. Here is the formula:

  • Rollover = Multiplier (Deposit plus Bonus), or
  • R = M(D+B)

Let’s break that down with the 40x multiplier we spoke about, along with the 250 percent multiplier you get with initial credit card deposits at Cafe Casino. Imagine that you wanted to deposit $100. First you have to figure out the size of the bonus in dollars:

  • 100 x 2.5 (for 250%) = 250

Now that you have all the variables, you can plug them into the equation:

  • R = 40 (100 + 250)

The rollover here is $14,000. That is how much you have to play through before you can withdraw any winnings associated with the promotion.

How Do I Play Through Such a Large Amount?

Many people are scared off by big rollovers because they don’t think they’ll be enough to cover the necessary amount, and thus, won’t get the bonus. But they’re forgetting that they most likely won’t have to put a lot of extra money at stake. In fact, they might not have to put up any of their own money to collect real money Cafe Casino bonuses.

As you play online casino games, like slots or video poker, you’ll be betting on every spin or hand. If you lose that bet, it goes to the playthrough. But so too does the money you wager when you win, which will keep your bankroll afloat.

On top of that, you’ll be betting that money that you won, which goes into the rollover total even though you technically are playing with house money. When you combine all of that, reaching a high rollover total at Cafe Casino isn’t that scary. In fact, you’ll find that you reach it much faster than you might think.

Will My Cafe Casino Bonuses Be Good for All Games?

Questions like these are why it’s always important to read the terms and conditions for whatever bonus you’re thinking of activating. Everything will be spelled out there for you. A reliable site like Cafe Casino will always make that information easy for you to find.

Some of the Cafe Casino bonuses, like the welcome bonus, are good for any game at the site. Others that come up periodically might be tied to a certain game or group of games. Online casinos will often use a promotion as a way to hype certain offerings.

You should also be aware that certain games might be judged differently for rollover requirements. But, again, you don’t have to guess on any of that. It’s all laid out in the fine print at Cafe Casino.

Can I Expect Bonuses at Cafe Casino That Aren’t Listed Here?

A site like Cafe Casino does a really nice job of keeping its players happy. That means it will constantly be adjusting its slate of bonuses. Most of these bonuses might be more of the temporary variety, but that doesn’t make them any less valuable.

We told you about how the site offers mystery bonuses every week. Then, there are the bonuses that start to come your way once you start to ascend the perks program levels. On top of that, Cafe Casino will often tie bonuses into new casino offerings or even seasonal events and holidays.

The bonuses we listed here are the ones that you can be assured of being there no matter when you visit. But don’t be surprised if more comes your way. You have to be vigilant in checking in on Cafe Casino so you don’t miss out.

Why Aren’t There Any Cafe Casino Bonus Codes Listed?

The bonuses that we’ve talked about so far are ones that will show up in your account without having to do anything special on your part. But Cafe Casino will try to keep its bettors happy with occasional bonuses that pop up from time to time that might not be permanent fixtures. On some occasions, that will require you to enter Cafe Casino bonus codes.

Bonus codes are a marketing ploy that really came to the forefront with the internet. Most online sellers use them as a way of giving customers access to sales. In the case of Cafe Casino bonus codes, you’ll be using them to earn access to promotions and bonuses that would stay locked because of them.

Luckily, it’s not a secret to find these Cafe Casino real money bonus codes, nor is it hard to enter them. Yet they’re an important process when it comes to collecting bonuses. Be on the lookout for them if you’re visiting the site or happen to be on a third-party site that promotes online casino bonuses.

Cafe Casino Bonuses Conclusion

We hope that you understand a little bit more about the system of bonuses and promotions at Cafe Casino works. These are real money Cafe Casino bonuses that will really help you make the most of your gambling at the site. If you take advantage of them, you’ll see the difference in your gambling profit margin.