Top Cashback Bonuses for Online Gambling – (Updated for 2021)

Nobody likes to lose. But losing doesn’t sound so bad when you know you’re getting some of that money back. Cashback bonuses for online gambling sites allow you to recoup a percentage of your losses automatically. If you’re winning, some online betting sites will still let you in on some cashback! Instead of giving you a percentage of your losses, they will give you a percentage of the rake you’ve paid. You could be winning big, and thanks to a cashback bonus, you are still raking in the bonus money!

If you’re looking for the top cashback bonuses for online gambling sites available, we have them for you here. The chart below has the best cashback bonuses at online casinos, sportsbooks, and other gambling sites.

Rank Gambling Site Deposit Bonus Get Started
Wild Casino
250% Up To $5,000 Visit Site
Las Atlantis
280% Up To $14,000 Visit Site
Super Slots
250% Up To $6,000 Visit Site
BetUS Casino
200% Up To $5,000 Visit Site
Bovada Casino
100% Up To $3,000 Visit Site

What Makes These the Best Cashback Bonuses for Online Casinos and Sportsbooks

If you’ve spent any amount of time looking for top real money cashback bonuses online, you already know that there are a million different options out there. We can tell you that some of these promos are incredible while some are less than desirable.

How do you tell the difference, though?

Well, that’s where we come in. We have teams of dedicated professionals who are masters at finding the best cashback bonuses for real money online gambling. While there are hundreds of different factors our teams look at, we wanted to draw your attention to the top six qualities we feel are the most important.

The Percentage of Cashback You Receive

The most basic thing we look at is also one of the most important, the cashback percentage you receive. Typically, we will see percentages all over the board, but usually, they are in the 1% to 10% range. As long as the bonus cap is high enough, higher percentages will always be better.

We’ll talk about bonus caps in just a second, but here’s something important to note. There are times where we will deem a cashback bonus better even though it has a lower cashback percentage. This will happen when the higher percentage bonuses have a low cap, meaning the maximum you can earn is too low. If that’s confusing, you don’t need to worry about it. Just know that we’re doing the heavy lifting and making sure we only list the best cashback bonuses for online real money gambling sites available.

The Bonus Caps on the Cashback Reward

As we’ve already alluded too, most online cashback bonuses will have some sort of maximum or cap attached to it. Basically, this will be the maximum amount of reward you can receive. For example, let’s say that you get online casino cashback offers with 10% back on losses up to $100 a week. This means that the most you can get off this promotion every week would be $100.

So, let’s say you had a tough week and lost $1,000. You would get $100 (10%) kicked back into your account as a cashback bonus. If you had a worse week and lost something like $1,500, you would still just get the $100 cashback. If you had a better week and only lost say $100, you would get a $10 cashback bonus. If this were a weekly promotion, it would reset at the end of the week, and you would be eligible for another $100.

Sometimes, we will see cashback bonuses for online gambling sites (especially the ones that are calculated on losses) with no cap whatsoever. This can also be the case with rakeback promotions as well, but not quite as popular (unless it’s on the poker side of the house). Unlimited promotions will always be at the top of our list, and after that, it’s still a size game.

The Reputation of the Online Gambling Site Offering the Cashback Bonus

Out of all the elements we look at when determining the quality of a real money online cashback bonus, the most important is the reputation and trustworthiness of the gambling site offering the bonus. We refuse to list any cashback bonuses at gambling sites that we have not fully vetted for safety, security, reputation, and trustworthiness. You’re playing these games with your hard-earned money, and you don’t deserve to have to worry if the games you are playing are fair or if your money is safe. You can be sure that the cashback bonuses here never get listed until we have done a full review of the betting site offering the bonus.

What Games or Bets Are Included in the Cashback Bonus

Cashback LogoCashback bonuses sometimes come with limitations in regards to the games, bets, or wager types that qualify. For example, you might see a cashback bonus that is only for slots. If you’re an online slot player, this is awesome, but if you primarily play other casino games, this doesn’t really do you much good. When we are looking for the top cashback bonuses, we like to try and get a mix of different bonuses that cover bet types and real money online casino games all over the place.

Ideally, we love cashback bonuses at online casinos that cover multiple types of games, but we are not upset when we see a great bonus that is specialized. Expect to see a healthy mix of these different bonus types in our listings on this page. We will make sure to specify any cashback bonuses for online real money gambling sites that are limited to specific casino games or sports.

Any Limiting Language in the TOS

The most “exciting” part of reviewing cashback bonuses is the terms of service. This is the multi-page document that sounds like it was written by a lawyer, breaking down all the details of the cashback bonus. While it might be dry reading, it is important. The TOS lets you know the exact rules and details of the online casino cashback offers.

Our team takes the TOS very seriously and spends quite a bit of time reading through it before we promote any bonus. Specifically, we’re looking for any limiting language or predatory terms that might be tucked in there. No one likes to be surprised thinking they are getting money from a cashback bonus only to find out that they missed an important detail. We take care of that heavy lifting for you.

They’re Active Cashback Bonuses

These cashback bonuses for online gambling sites are actually going to work! If you’re brand new to online gambling, this might not seem like much of a big deal. If you’ve been around for a few years and are just looking for a new online betting site, this is probably music to your ears. You see, part of the search for the best online cashback bonuses involves going through a lot of bonuses that are expired or don’t work properly. The problem is that most sites listing bonuses don’t take the time to test them or ensure that they’re still active.

Our team actively tests and reviews all of the cashback bonuses at gambling sites that we listed.

Best Cashback Bonuses Online

Sloto Cash Logo

Casino Site Cashback Bonuses

While cashback casino bonuses may not be as prevalent as first-time deposit bonuses, they still come in handy, especially if you’re relatively new to playing casino games or betting on sports online. For a casino cashback bonus, be sure to check out

Players can choose 25% instant cashback casino bonuses on any deposits made from Mondays through Wednesdays. They can earn a 35% cashback bonus on deposits made from Thursdays through Sundays, as well. The instant cashback offers at the site may be requested as many as 48 hours in advance upon any deposit without a bonus attached. Players also must have no balance in order to be eligible for the cashback bonus offer.

Bovada Logo

Sports Betting Cashback Bonuses

You can also earn cashback offers if you want to bet on sports online. At Bovada online sportsbook, you can get cashback on your lost bets every day if you’re a member of the Bovada Rewards program. With Bovada Rewards, players with a balance under $10 as of midnight every day are eligible for cashback. That means all funds deposited into the site since they last issued an online sportsbook cashback bonus to you will be reissued into your account for use on the site!

Frequent bettors can earn points in order to level up in the rewards program for this online sports betting cashback bonus. Players will be eligible for a higher percentage of cashback when the level the achieve is higher.

The Two Types of Cashback Bonuses – Rake Cashback and Loss Cashback

Not all casino and sportsbook cashback bonuses are the same. Specifically, there are two main types of real money cashback bonuses you will see. There are some smaller variations of each of these, but for the most part, they will all fall into two main categories. Let’s take a quick look at them now.

Rake Cashback

The “sweeter” of the two cashback bonuses for online real money gambling sites is the rake cashback bonus. With this promotion, you can receive a percentage back of what the casino or sportsbook makes on your bets or your play. The small percentage that they take out of every bet to facilitate the games is known as the house rake. With a rake cashback bonus, you can get some of this money kicked back to you at the end of the day, week, or whatever time period the promotion dictates.

Now, not every game out there has a rake. In fact, most casino games and slots do not. This sort of promotion is more common with poker and sports betting. Depending on where you get this bonus, you may have a cap for the maximum you can earn in a specified timeframe, or it may be unlimited. Unlimited is more common with poker, but less common with sports betting. If you get this with some sort of raked casino game (like Pai Gow), it will typically have a cap as well.

Loss Cashback

The more common cashback promotion you will see is one where you get a percentage of your losses returned to you. Sometimes, you can get this promotion with an unlimited cap for the duration of the promo and, other times, it will be capped with a maximum. Either way, it’s a great way to get some of your losses back and ease the sting of a few bad sessions. You will receive a specified percentage of your total losses back after a specified period of time.

For Example

If it is a weekly promotion and your total wins and losses for the week come out to a loss, you will get a percentage of those losses back.

If you have a few losing sessions but ultimately end up a winner for the week, you typically will not receive any bonus funds. While that sounds cruddy, it’s a good problem to have. You don’t get bonus funds when you are winning. But you’re winning. Get the hint? Never complain in a casino environment when you’re winning.

If you absolutely need bonus funds when you’re already winning, you may want to check out a deposit bonus.

I Don’t See Any Bonus Codes. Where Do I Put in the Cashback Bonus Code?

Bonus codes are becoming extinct. Don’t worry, though! This doesn’t mean you can’t still get the same awesome bonuses. The difference is there is now a much more effective and efficient way for you to guarantee you get your cashback bonus connected to your existing or new account.

Online betting sites are now using dedicated links to give new customers bonus code benefits. Instead of having to copy down a code, look for where to put it in, and hope to not mess it up, the code is automatically attached to your account by clicking on a dedicated link.

If you want any of the cashback bonus codes listed on this page, all you need to do is click on the button next to that code. It will take you directly to that online gambling site, and the cashback promo will automatically be attached to your account. No codes, no filling in blanks, no risk of missing out. All you have to do is click the link, create your account, and the code will be applied to your account. As soon as you make your first real money deposit and start playing, you will start earning.

Why Do Online Casinos and Sportsbooks Offer Cashback Bonuses

Why on earth would an online casino or sportsbook want to give you back some of the money they just made off of you? Well, it all comes down to retention. Smart online betting sites are looking to keep you around as a client for a long time. They don’t just want to hit you for a few quick bucks and have you run somewhere else. No, they want to deliver an awesome entertainment experience and, hopefully, make some money in return.

One of the ways they manage customer retention is through online cashback bonuses. By kicking you back some extra cash when you have a bad week or just as a loyalty perk, it makes the experience better. These betting sites know that you can leave at any time and play somewhere else. To try and keep you from doing that and reward you for your loyalty, they use cashback bonuses.

Most other online gambling bonuses you’ll get are aimed at customer acquisition. Basically, their goal is to get you in the door. While cashback bonuses at gambling sites can accomplish this, their main goal is to keep you around once you’re already in. To be honest, we think they do a great job. There is nothing like some free money in your account to motivate you to stick around and not move your action somewhere else. When it comes to gambling online, you have the power, and the casinos know this. The gambling sites we recommend react to this and do what is necessary to enhance your experience and keep you around.

How Often Do You Update This List of the Top Cashback Bonuses?

We check these listings almost daily. Why? Because we are obsessed with ensuring we are actually recommending the top cashback bonuses for real money online gambling sites and that they are all active and working properly. Any less in the due diligence department and you run the risk of compromising quality. You can always be confident that the list of the best cashback bonuses listed here are actually the best bonuses available on the market. We do the heavy lifting for you, so you can just relax, enjoy the games and bets you like, and know you’re getting the most free money out there.