Las Vegas USA Casino Promotions and Bonus Codes

Las Vegas USA Casino bonuses allow players to get something extra to help make their casino gambling at the site more profitable. With these online promotions, you can get additions to your deposits as well as perks tied into the frequency of your play. All of these bonuses can make a major impact on your bottom line at this real money gambling site.

Bonus Type Bonus Bonus Code Redeem Now
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Welcome Bonus
150% Up To $11,000 LASVEGAS150 Redeem Now
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Welcome Bonus
400% Up To $10,000 400BONUS Redeem Now
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Welcome Bonus
150% Up To $3,000 IDBVEGAS Redeem Now
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Welcome Bonus
200% Up To $7,000 SLOTS200 Redeem Now

In the world of online casinos and gambling websites, you have to be aware of what you’re getting from. Most sites will let you gamble for real money and offer bonuses to try to interest you in staying with the site. But not all sites offer you the kinds of bonuses put forth by Las Vegas USA Casino, which can help your bankroll in the short term and over the long haul.

In the following article, we’ll take a look at the best Las Vegas USA Casino bonuses offered to you. We’ll explore what these specific promotions offer, and we’ll also look at the terms and conditions surrounding each one. On top of that, we’ll examine the coupon codes you’ll need to know, talk about why these bonuses are worthwhile, and answer some questions about the process.

The Best Las Vegas USA Casino Bonuses and Bonus Codes

What makes these Las Vegas USA Casino promotions so worthwhile? Let’s walk you through them one by one.

150% Welcome Bonus Up To $11,000 (LASVEGAS150)

Las Vegas USA Casino BonusLas Vegas USA Casino is offering users the chance to redeem a special bonus offer for a limited time. With the Las Vegas USA Casino bonus code “LASVEGAS150” at checkout, you can earn a bonus of 150% on top of the amount of your deposit up to $450!

All you have to do is deposit at least $25 into your Las Vegas USA Casino account with the aforementioned bonus code. You can redeem this bonus up to 11 times, which means you have countless opportunities to boost that bankroll! The maximum bonus amount of $450 can be achieved if you deposit the maximum amount of $300 using any of the site’s accepted payment methods.

You can then use those bonus funds on all valid games, including real money blackjack, video poker, poker, slots, roulette, baccarat, and more! A 30x playthrough is required before your winnings are available for withdrawal, with a maximum cashout of 20 times the deposit amount. You can find more info on this and all of Las Vegas USA Casino’s bonuses by clicking the Promotions tab on the main site.

400% Welcome Bonus Up To $10,000 (400BONUS)

Las Vegas USA Casino BonusWelcome bonuses are an integral part of the casino gambling website experience. If you’re not getting one or if you’re getting one and it’s not substantial, you’re not doing it right. Luckily, Las Vegas USA Casino comes through in that department in a big way.

400% is a nice starting point, as it would turn a $100 deposit into $500 just like that. The $10,000 limit rises much higher than the average online casino welcome as well. This really gives you a nice head start.

Las Vegas USA Casino is big on including coupon codes, or bonus codes as some people call them, with their various promotions. As a result, you should make sure you remember the Las Vegas USA Casino bonus code, “400BONUS“, when you sign in so that you get the full extent. The rollover is 40x, and this bonus can be used for online slots, keno, and scratch-offs at the site.

150% Bonus Up To $3,000 (IDBVEGAS)

Las Vegas USA Casino BonusUpon looking at this bonus as it reads above, you might think that it’s not quite as valuable as the 400% bonus that we’ve already described. But this is one case that proves how important it is to read the fine print on all bonuses. Where this bonus separates itself is in the scope of games involved.

Whereas the Las Vegas USA Casino 400% bonus is limited to games of chance like slots, keno, and scratch-offs, this bonus allows you to delve into games where strategy is used, such as blackjack or video poker. First of all, these games appeal to people who like to have a little bit of control over their gameplay. This is in contrast to games like slots where all you can do is spin and hope.

On top of that, games like video poker and blackjack offer you a better overall payback than the other games which are completely luck-driven. Granted, the rollover rises to 90x for these games with this promotion. But getting 150% can be worth it considering that your payback percentage will allow you to have a legitimate chance of eking out a long-term profit. Remember to enter the Las Vegas USA Casino bonus code, “IDBVEGAS“, at checkout.

200% Double Match Bonus Up To $7,000 (SLOTS200)

Las Vegas USA Casino BonusThis bonus gives you double whatever you deposit into your gambling account, and it splits the middle ground between the previous two bonuses we listed using the Las Vegas USA Casino bonus code, “SLOTS200“. It certainly makes sense for people who are going to be regular gamblers but maybe not as hardcore as those who would take the 400%.

One thing that we haven’t mentioned that applies to all of these promotions is that you can get involved with any of them for a minimum deposit of $25. That means you don’t have to be a high roller to take advantage of them. In addition, you can use this minimum requirement as a way of trying out Las Vegas USA Casino without a lot of risk involved.

These three main sign-up bonuses basically give you the chance to enter into the gambling site at your preferred level. Many gambling sites don’t give you those kinds of options. As a result, Las Vegas USA Casino is an excellent choice for first-time online casino gamblers.

Las Vegas USA Casino Bonuses for Regular Players

Up to this point, we’ve focused on the bonuses meant for new players. But don’t think for a second that Las Vegas USA Casino has forgotten about the players who are already have accounts at the site. In actuality, they do a nice job of keeping you in the fold with a variety of promotions, giving you the opportunity to utilize the ones that make the most sense to you.

Las Vegas USA Casino BonusesLas Vegas USA Casino makes this happen with a schedule of real money bonuses that come to you at different times throughout the week. You can use them on an a la carte basis, or you can go after them all if you’re so inclined. Take a look:

  • Double Match Up Monday = 200% Bonus
  • Cashback Monday = $500 No Playthrough
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays T-Blend = New Games, Free Spins and Extra Chips
  • Wild Wednesday = 300% Bonus
  • Triple Weekend Winner = 250% Bonus

Keep in mind that these various bonuses will all have rules, restrictions, and rollovers which apply to them specifically that you should make sure to know before you take them up. They also might be attached to certain games and will have coupon codes as well. You’ll find out all of this when you’re at the site and these offers show up in your gambling dashboard.

The bottom line is that you will get a lot of bonuses coming at you all the time when you check into your Las Vegas USA Casino account. This will make you feel like you’re just as important to them as the new customers. And they provide a good reason to stick around.

Las Vegas USA Casino VIP Program

This is another area where Las Vegas USA Casino rewards its regular players. If you’ve ever gone to a casino and signed up for a club card, you know how this works. The more that you play, the more that you get for free.

In the case of Las Vegas USA Casino, here are the perks you’ll receive for joining their program:

Silver Plus

  • VIP Bonuses
  • Special Player Promotions
  • Customized Player Accounts
  • Bonus Prizes
  • Special Comp Points
Gold Class

  • Special Player Promotions
  • Customized Player Accounts
  • Bonus Prizes
  • Special Comp Points
  • VIP Support Team Access
  • VIP Loyalty Bonuses
  • Weekly Cashback every Thursday
Platinum Pro

  • Special Player Promotions
  • Customized Player Accounts
  • Bonus Prizes
  • Special Comp Points
  • VIP Support Team Access
  • VIP Loyalty Bonuses
  • Weekly Cashback every Thursday
  • Bonuses with Superior MCO and PTR
  • Monthly Loyalty Bonuses
  • Access to Exclusive VIP tournaments
  • Priority In-Game Session Review
Diamond Elite

  • Special Player Promotions
  • Customized Player Accounts
  • Bonus Prizes
  • Special Comp Points
  • VIP Support Team Access
  • VIP Loyalty Bonuses
  • Weekly Cashback every Thursday
  • Bonuses with Superior MCO and PTR
  • Monthly Loyalty Bonuses
  • Access to Exclusive VIP tournaments
  • Priority In-Game Session Review
  • Higher Bet Limits
  • Larger Cashouts
  • Speedy Withdrawals

Keep in mind that this is a monthly program, so you can keep earning as you go each month. It will give you incentive to play with regularity. Las Vegas USA Casino also occasionally picks out players at random for an extra $50 bonus.

Those bonus amounts might not seem like much at first glance. But when you’re earning them every month, they can really start to add up. They are indeed a nice perk for you if you choose to make Las Vegas USA Casino the center of your online gambling activities.

Other Bonuses at Las Vegas USA Casino

To get the full feel of what Las Vegas USA Casino has to offer you, both as a new and an existing payer, you should check out their website for their full listings of promotions. But to give you just an idea, here are some of the other real money gambling promotions and perks waiting for you at the site:

  • Special holiday bonuses: A nice way for you to celebrate, these bonuses will come around right when the various holiday seasons kick into gear.
  • Seasonal bonuses: Again, it’s a good way of marking the calendar, as you get rewarded when the seasons change.
  • Birthday bonuses: Las Vegas USA Casino gives you a birthday gift of their own for a welcome boost.
  • Anniversary bonuses: With these bonuses, you’ll be rewarded each year on the date that you first signed up with the site.
  • Weekly cashback: Gamblers love cashback because it goes into their pockets instead of having to be bet back into the site.
  • Refer-a-friend promotions: If you get somebody else you know to sign up with Las Vegas USA Casino through a promotional link, you’ll get gambling money in your account.
  • Slots tournaments: Instead of just grinding away at a particular online slots game, these tournaments let you compete against others at the site for substantial prizes.

As you can see, there is a bonus for just about every occasion when you sign up for Las Vegas USA Casino. Read all the terms and conditions before you jump. You’re bound to find plenty among these that you’ll like.

Why You’ll Enjoy the Bonuses at Las Vegas USA Casino

When it comes to Las Vegas USA Casino bonuses, you’ll find similarities between them and those that are offered by other top gambling sites. As a novice gambler, you might have a hard time distinguishing one from another. But if you know how to tell them apart, you’ll start to understand which ones make the most sense for you among Las Vegas USA Casino’s real money promotional offerings.

Here are some of the key characteristics that make these Las Vegas USA Casino promotions and bonus codes valuable.

Something for Everybody

Too often, lesser gambling sites go too far in catering to one aspect of their audience. They might be tied too heavily into those signing up for the first time. Or they might be all skewed towards high rollers. But as you can clearly see from the list of Las Vegas USA Casino bonuses above, they do an excellent job of being all-inclusive with their offers.

There are some that make sense for beginning players to the point that they can really help you if you fall into that category. And then there are others that will really help you out if you gamble a lot at the site.

What this means is that Las Vegas USA Casino will be there with something for you as you progress through the stages of being an online gambler. If you stay at a casual level, you’ll do just fine with their bonuses. But if you become someone who plays often, you’ll be covered there as well.

Different Casino Game Options

We mentioned this a little bit above when talking about the specific bonuses, but it bears mentioning again because it’s really important. There are some people who have a narrow focus when it comes to their casino games. These are the folks who, if they were playing in a land-based casino, would lock into a specific machine or table game and sit there for hours.

By contrast, there are some people who like to bounce around the length of the casino. Or they might gamble depending on what they want to get out of that session. Are they trying to grind out a solid profit or are they looking for the kinds of games where they could win big in a hurry?

That’s where having the variety of bonuses that Las Vegas USA Casino offers really comes in handy. Instead of getting bonuses that are attached to just one of a few games, these offers run the gamut through the games at the casino. And that will give you a complete experience if you’re one of those types who likes to spread their gambling investments around.

Acceptable Rollover Requirements

The rollovers that we listed for Las Vegas USA Casino above might seem rather foreboding to you if you’re a new gambler. In truth, they are certainly within the realm of the acceptable. This is especially true when you consider which games they designed to help.

You have to realize that rollovers are a necessary part of the real money online gambling business.

Any site that is offering bonuses without any restriction is either doomed to fail or not being truthful with you. What you need to do as a gambler is to judge if the rollovers are within the bounds of what’s reasonable.

And Las Vegas USA Casino certainly can boast that. The higher rollovers are attached to games with higher paybacks, which is pretty standard. And it’s also standard to expect higher rollovers if the initial bonus offered is higher than normal as well.

Current Bonus Offers

Many sites stick with the same three or four bonuses that never change. They might have the typical welcome bonus, some kind of rewards program, and one or two others that they can boast. But if those bonuses are never adjusted or embellished with newer ones, it can all grow quite stale.

Las Vegas USA Casino is solid in this department in that it keeps coming at you with something new all the time. The Las Vegas USA Casino bonus codes we’ve listed above are just the tip of the iceberg. You’ll want to make sure you touch based with their customer service department to get the full breadth of the offers.

You’ll have something new and exciting coming down the pike to keep you on your toes. It’s far less likely that you’ll get bored or feel the need to shop around for other gambling websites to get what you want out of the experience.

How to Use Bonus Codes at Las Vegas USA Casino

Above, we listed the coupon codes that are used for Las Vegas USA Casino’s main bonuses. Las Vegas USA Casino tends to use these coupon codes (which are the same as bonus codes or promo codes) frequently. Other sites might have the bonuses automatically incorporated through direct links.

Keep in mind that coupon codes for Las Vegas USA Casino are used primarily as a promotional and marketing tool.

They let the site know which promotions are working. And they often grab the attention of online gamblers more than an average bonus offer would.

It’s important that you keep track of these codes so that you can use them when necessary. Granted, the Las Vegas USA Casino website will list them as well. But it’s still a good idea to have them at your disposal in a pinch just in case you can’t access the main site and want to activate a bonus.

Now we’ll breakdown exactly how to claim and use Las Vegas USA Casino bonus codes.

Visit and Sign Up
Fill in your name and birthdate, then confirm that you’re of legal age. In addition, you’ll tell the site which currency you’re planning to utilize. It’s important to come up with a unique password so that no one you know can get into your gambling account.
Fund Your Online Casino Account
You can use a Visa card or, if you’re familiar with cryptocurrency, use Bitcoin. No matter what method you choose, you’ll have to provide your banking information.
Choose Your Bonus and Enter in Your Las Vegas USA Casino Bonus Codes
You’ll see the different Las Vegas USA Casino real money bonuses that are available to you. You get to pick which one makes the most sense for you using the dashboard on the site. If there is a Las Vegas USA Casino promo code, type it in. Once you do, you’ll see that the promotional bonus, whatever it might be, gets added.
Start Playing Casino Games for Real Money
You can then begin gameplay at Las Vegas USA Casino. Choose games that count toward your bonus offer requirements.
Collect Your Winnings
Once you meet the rollover amount, you’ll be able to withdraw the amounts associated with the bonus. At Las Vegas USA Casino, you can withdraw via mail, courier, direct deposit, or Bitcoin.

Las Vegas USA Casino Bonuses FAQ

Can I Win Real Money From the Bonuses at Las Vegas USA Casino?

If you’re putting real money up for grabs by funding your account, you can indeed get real money in return. The bonuses will be entered into your betting account once you activate them at Las Vegas USA Casino. Once you do, you can wager with that money on any of the games included in the promotion.

To actually collect money from your bonus, you must meet any rollover restrictions that are listed. Once you do, the money will be released from the bonus account back into your normal account. At that point, you can withdraw it if you wish.

Do I Need to Worry About the Terms and Conditions for Las Vegas USA Casino Bonuses?

If you don’t read the terms and conditions, you might miss out on important information that could affect your bonus. Ideally, you should read the terms and conditions before you sign up for the Las Vegas USA Casino promotion. Then, you’ll know if it’s the right one for you.

You can also check on the terms and conditions while you’re playing with your bonus. They can answer any questions you might have about the process. But don’t go into the bonuses blindly or else you could be surprised in an unpleasant way.

How Do Rollover Requirements Work With Las Vegas USA Casino Promotions?

Rollover is the amount that you must wager with the money you’ve been gifted by a betting site before you can collect money associated with it. It is expressed as a multiplier. This multiplier is applied to both your bonus and your deposit.

If you think about it in terms of an equation, it works like this:

  • R = Amount of rollover
  • M = Multiplier
  • B = Bonus amount
  • D = Deposit
  • R = M (B + D)

To calculate, first you have to calculate the bonus amount, which is the percentage times your deposit:

B = P times D

Let’s take a look at an example to see how this all works. Imagine that you signed up for the 400% bonus at Las Vegas USA Casino and wanted to deposit $200. First, figure out the amount of the bonus:

B = 4.00 times $200 = $800

Now, you can fill in the rest of the equation to figure out your rollover, knowing that 40x is required:

R = 40 (800 + 200) = $40,000

How Do I Reach the Rollover When It Seems So High?

Using that last example, you need to complete $40,000 of rollover before you can collect any winnings. That definitely might seem like a lot of gambling. But you’re not considering the concept of gambling churn, which makes it much easier for you to reach big numbers more than you think.

You shouldn’t think of it as needing to bet $40,000 when using Las Vegas USA Casino bonus codes. Remember that you’ll be winning some as you play as well.

Every bit that you win and then back into the game goes toward your rollover amount. When you think of it that way, you’ll realize that it really doesn’t take too much to get to a high rollover total.

Is There Any Benefit to Collecting Bonuses From Multiple Sites?

Las Vegas USA Casino is just one of many online casino sites which can be considered reliable and offers solid bonuses. You might find that the bonuses they offer are more than around. But you might also be enticed to try other sites and try to get something out of those bonuses as well.

It can be tempting to try out as many sites as possible, especially because the welcome bonuses are often the most robust. Just make sure that these sites are on the level and that you’re not straying to online casinos that could be problematic. You should also be wary of spreading yourself too thin by using too many sites at once.

Conclusion on Las Vegas USA Casino Bonuses

We hope that you now have a better handle on the various real money bonuses available at Las Vegas USA Casino. You should have the information you need to decide if these bonuses are worth your time and energy. Research the site on your own and you’re likely to see many of the positives we’ve mentioned here.