Uptown Aces Bonuses and Coupon Codes

Uptown AcesUptown Aces present gamblers the chance to really make the most out of their gambling experiences at this particular gambling website. These bonuses can come in handy for both regular player and first-time players who are new to the site. By knowing all about these bonuses, you can really maximize your betting money and help your rate of profit at the site.

Like all top online real money gambling sites, Uptown Aces does an excellent job of offering their players a wide range of bonuses and promotions. This allows them to keep competitive in an online gambling market that is always growing. If you’re going to use this site, you should go in knowing which Uptown Aces Casino bonuses are ones that will be most useful to you.

In the following article, we’ll explain everything there is to know about Uptown Aces online casino bonuses and coupon codes.

We’ll detail the most important ones and explain what restrictions are on them, which players can use them, and which games they involve. In addition, we’ll tell you all about the reasons why you should be using these bonuses, while also answering some key questions about them.

The Best Uptown Aces Promotions and Bonus Codes

The best way to begin this discussion about Uptown Aces bonuses is to check them out on the surface. Each of these bonuses hold their own benefits and, in some cases, drawbacks. You should explore them in-depth at the Uptown Aces site. For now, take a look at some of the details for these real money bonuses.

$8,888 Welcome Bonus Pack + 350 Free Spins

This is about as generous a welcome bonus that you’re going to find in the online gambling sphere. Most welcome deposits give you a chance to get a percentage bonus on your first deposit. After that, your welcome bonus is essentially over.

At Uptown Aces, you get to spread those bonuses over your first six bonuses. At each point, there is a different percentage and a different limit. Take a look at the Uptown Aces welcome bonus.

Bonus Type Bonus Code Redeem Now
Uptown Aces Logo

Welcome Bonus (1st Deposit)
250% Up To $2,500 + 50 Spins UPTOWN1ACES Redeem Now
Uptown Aces Logo

Welcome Bonus (2nd Deposit)
150% Up To $1,500 + 50 Spins UPTOWN2ACES Redeem Now
Uptown Aces Logo

Welcome Bonus (3rd Deposit)
100% Up To $1,000 + 50 Spins UPTOWN3ACES Redeem Now
Uptown Aces Logo

Welcome Bonus (4th Deposit)
100% Up To $1,000 + 50 Spins UPTOWN4ACES Redeem Now
Uptown Aces Logo

Welcome Bonus (5th Deposit)
100% Up To $1,000 + 50 Spins UPTOWN5ACES Redeem Now
Uptown Aces Logo

Welcome Bonus (6th Deposit)
100% Up To $1,000 + 50 Spins UPTOWN6ACES Redeem Now

As you can see, the first Uptown Aces promotion features the highest percentage and limit out of all six. But the structure of this promotion is such that you’ll have incentive to keep going back in and depositing more. You just have to be aware that you have to complete the rollover/playthrough requirements for each one.

For this promotion, that rollover stands at 30x before you the bonus money gets converted to a withdrawable account. In addition to that, you have to complete a 5x rollover on the winnings amassed from each bonus. That means you should plan on playing somewhat regularly if you plan on really taking advantage of this bonus.

The best thing about this Uptown Aces bonus is that you get to go only to the level that you want. If you find that getting through all six deposit bonuses is too much, you’ll still be doing well with the perks you do end up using. That, along with the perk of the free spins, makes this a very flexible way to get started at a top gambling website.

Table Games Bonuses Up To $1,500

This Uptown Aces Casino promotion is labeled as a table games bonus, but you can actually choose between all the games at the site for it. Still, it’s likely that many people will use the table games portion of it because of the higher profit potential of them compared to slots or keno. In addition, some people prefer table games because it gives them some control over the action.

In the case of this Uptown Aces, you get to make two deposits. Take a look at the bonuses:

Bonus Type Bonus Code Redeem Now
Uptown Aces Logo

Table Game Bonus (1st Deposit)
150% Up To $750 TABLEACES1 Redeem Now
Uptown Aces Logo

Table Game Bonus (2nd Deposit)
75% Up To $750 TABLEACES2 Redeem Now

As stated above, the main lure of this promotion is the fact that you get to play table games, as opposed to the Welcome Bonus Pack above which is restricted to slots and keno. With slots and keno, you don’t really have any control over winning or losing. The table games give you a much different chance to control the action.

Keep in mind that the playthrough requirements for the table games will be more restrictive than slots or keno. Uptown Aces knows that the table games offer a higher payback percentage than the luck-based games. But their rollover requirements are certainly reasonable compared to other real money gambling websites.

One of the other beneficial aspects of this Uptown Aces promotion is that there is no max cashout amount. As a result, you can go on a table games roll and expect to collect every bit of your winnings. If you’re the type that likes your casino action on the strategic side, this is an excellent bonus offer for you.

Uptown Aces Weekly Promotions

Uptown Aces is also offering a slew of weekly promotions for February. This site offers a dizzying array of bonuses and promotions as a way to keep you coming back for more throughout the month of February! Check out the slew of Uptown Aces Casino bonuses below that can be applied to slots, keno, and scratch cards every single day:

Bonus Type Bonus Code Rollover Redeem Now
Uptown Aces Logo

Monday Promotion
100% on $30+ Deposits + 100 Spins MONDAYGHOST 30x Redeem Now
Uptown Aces Logo

Bitcoin Daily Promotion
77% on $30+ Deposits + 77 Spins 777BITCOIN 30x Redeem Now
Uptown Aces Logo

Monday-Friday Promotion
121% on $30+ Deposits WEEKLYMATCH 30x Redeem Now
Uptown Aces Logo

2x Daily Promotion
Up To 225% on $25+ Deposits + 77 Spins BIG7777TWIST 30x Redeem Now
Uptown Aces Logo

Weekend Promotion
250% on $35+ Deposits 250SHOWTIME 35x Redeem Now
Uptown Aces Logo

2x Daily Promotion
70% on $25+ Deposits (Easy-Win!) EASYACES 17x Redeem Now
Uptown Aces Logo

Unlimited Use Bonus
75% on $25+ Deposits + 25 Spins UANOLIMITS 25x Redeem Now
Uptown Aces Logo

2x Daily Promotion
100 Spins on $25+ Deposits BORNTOBEWILD 10x Redeem Now
Uptown Aces Logo

Monthly Pack
Up To 350 Spins on $25+ Deposits FORTUNESPIN-1 30x Redeem Now
Uptown Aces Logo

Monthly Pack (1st Bonus)
150% + Spins on $25+ Deposits LUCK&LOVE-1 30x Redeem Now
Uptown Aces Logo

Monthly Pack (2nd Bonus)
200% + Spins on $25+ Deposits LUCK&LOVE-2 30x Redeem Now
Uptown Aces Logo

Monthly Pack (3rd Bonus)
$100 Free 100LUCK&LOVE 40x Redeem Now
Uptown Aces Logo

1st Deposit Bonus
400% Up to $4,000 400CASINO 40x Redeem Now
Uptown Aces Logo

1st Deposit Bonus (Spins)
100 Spins on $25+ Deposits 100ADDEDSPINS 5x Redeem Now
Uptown Aces Logo

500% 1st Deposit Bonus
$100 Free 20EASYWIN100 40x Redeem Now

And here are even more Uptown Aces bonuses you can use to play blackjack for real money, video poker, and progressive jackpot games!

  • 25% bonus with 12x rollover with Uptown Aces coupon code: “25ACES
  • 50% bonus with 15x rollover with Uptown Aces bonus code: “JACKPOTACES

Uptown Aces Casino VIP Club

Like just about every top online casino you can name, Uptown Aces has included a VIP program to help incentivize constant play at their website. There is a comp program that kicks in automatically when you start to play, through which you can gather some extra cashback and prizes. But if you really want to take full advantage of your play at the casino, the VIP program is the way to go.

To get involved with the VIP Club, you have to accrue a certain level of play in a specific time period. As your play level rises, you’ll cycle through the various Uptown Aces levels for VIP’s: Neon, Downtown, Midtown and Uptown. And as you can see from this chart, the benefits rise at each level as well:

Neon – VIP Level 1

  • Account Age – Instant
  • Min Purchases – $5,000+
  • Comp Points Accrued – 500+
  • Neon Comp Level – 1 Point for Every $9 Bet
  • Instant Cashback – 30%
  • Weekend Cashback – 10%
  • Daily Bonus – 100% Up To $500
  • Extra Benefits – $25 Weekly Reward
  • 90 Days Min Activity – $100 in Deposits & 250 Accrued Comps

Downtown – VIP Level 2

  • Account Age – Min 30 Days
  • Min Purchases – $10,000+
  • Comp Points Accrued – 1000+
  • Neon Comp Level – 1 Point for Every $7.5 Bet
  • Instant Cashback – 35%
  • Weekend Cashback – 15%
  • Daily Bonus – 125% Up To $625
  • Extra Benefits – $50 Weekly Reward
  • 90 Days Min Activity – $200 in Deposits & 1,000 Accrued Comps

Midtown – VIP Level 3

  • Account Age – Min 90 Days
  • Min Purchases – $25,000+
  • Comp Points Accrued – 2000+
  • Neon Comp Level – 1 Point for Every $5 Bet
  • Instant Cashback – 40%
  • Weekend Cashback – 20% ($20 Minimum Bonus)
  • Daily Bonus – 135% Up To $675
  • Extra Benefits – $50 Weekly Reward, No Max Bet Rule, Higher Bet Limits and Expedited Withdrawals

Uptown – VIP Level 4

  • Account Age – Min 90 Days
  • Min Purchases – $50,000+
  • Comp Points Accrued – 5000+
  • Neon Comp Level – 1 Point for Every $4 Bet
  • Instant Cashback – 50%
  • Weekend Cashback – 25% Instant Cashback
  • Daily Bonus – 150% Up To $750
  • Extra Benefits – $50 Weekly Reward, No Max Bet Rule, Higher Bet Limits and Expedited Withdrawals

Obviously, there is a lot to digest there. But let’s take a look at the key points you should take away from this Uptown Aces perks program:

  • Comps accrued quicker: This is a big one, as it will allow you to move to different levels and earn more rewards faster. Basically, as you rise up the ladder, your betting dollars will essentially be worth a little bit more.
  • Cashback giveaways: Cashback is one of the ultimate goals of any gambler, because there are generally fewer strings attached to it. You don’t have to worry as much about rollovers or playthrough when you get cashback. Instead, you basically just put it in your pocket.
  • Daily bonuses: When you’re a common player at Uptown Aces, you get access to the basic bonuses that are afforded to everybody. But when you’re in the VIP Club, you get access to bonuses that aren’t available to all other customers. These daily bonuses are good examples of this situation.
  • Fewer limits: Once you get into the VIP Club, a lot of the restrictions attached to other bonuses fall away. This includes any limitations on how much you can bet on a bonus. That means you get can get more out of the bonuses you’re being offered.
  • Faster withdrawal: It’s nice to know that your withdrawal requests will go right to the front of the line. You deserve that privilege if you bet at the limits necessary to move up the Uptown Aces ladder.
  • More leeway: This refers to the amount of time that you have to reach the necessary limits to keep you at a certain level. As you reach the higher levels, you won’t feel the same amount of pressure to meet the necessary limits as you might at the lower points on the Uptown Aces VIP hierarchy.

When you add it all up, there is a lot to like about the Uptown Aces VIP Club. Obviously, it isn’t cheap to reach the various levels. But once you do, you’ll appreciate everything that’s coming your way.

Mermaid’s Pearls, Mermaid Queen and Crystal Waters Bonuses

Mermaid’s Pearls

Uptown Aces is home to some of the best slot games you’ll find anywhere in the online gaming industry. If you sign up and create an account right now, you can redeem a 100% match bonus on top of your first deposit along with 50 free spins on their popular slot, Mermaid’s Pearls! You can redeem both by typing in the Uptown Aces coupon code “COMPMERMAID1” at checkout! All you have to do is deposit at least $25 to redeem this bonus, which is also subject to a 30x rollover requirement.

Mermaid Queen

If you’re interested in playing Mermaid’s Pearls, perhaps we can also interest you in some free spins on another mermaid-themed game. This bonus applies to your second deposit on Uptown Aces. If you redeem the Uptown Aces casino bonus code “COMPMERMAID2” at checkout, you stand to earn a 200% match bonus on top of your second deposit plus another 100 free spins on Mermaid Queen! As is the case with the first bonus, this promo comes with a minimum deposit amount of $25.

Crystal Waters

Uptown Aces is really incentivizing you to deposit as often as possible. This next Uptown Aces bonus applies to your third deposit. You can grab an extra 200 spins on another popular slot machine, Crystal Waters, if you type the Uptown Aces promo code “200COMPMERMAID” into the promo code box before you make your next deposit on the site!

Low Playthrough Welcome Bonus

Here is one more welcome bonus for new players at Uptown Aces that might be a bit easier to comprehend than the others and might actually be more fitting for casual players. The gist of this one is that you don’t have as much of a rollover hill to climb as with some of the other bonuses listed here. That means that you won’t have to hustle as much to actually have the bonus perks come to you.

Low Playthrough Welcome Bonus

You’ll be getting a 100% bonus on top of what you deposit with this particular promotion. This is only a one-time offer, so it isn’t like the welcome bonus pack where you can keep depositing and getting more on top of it. But this bonus also includes playthrough of only 15x.

The limit is a bit lower as well, sitting at only $100. But that actually makes this an ideal way for you to try out Uptown Aces and see if you like the lay of the land. Games included at the levels listed are slots, keno and scratch-offs, and the Uptown Aces coupon code is 100ACES.

Why You Should Be Using Uptown Aces Bonuses

We’ve given you the details on the main bonuses available to you at Uptown Aces online casino. But if you’re a new player, you might not understand why these bonuses are beneficial to you. Here are some of the reasons you should be taking part.

Help Your Bottom Line

MoneyWhen you play at an online casino, or even at a land-based casino for that matter, the odds are set against you. There is something called a house edge that is always in place. The house edge ensures that the house, which is the casino, has an advantage in most games over the players; if it were set up otherwise, those casinos would go out of business.

Knowing that going into play, you should be looking for any type of edge that will help you combat against this phenomenon. Choosing your games wisely and learning proper strategy certainly help in that regard. But taking full advantage of bonuses offered by online casinos like Uptown Aces might be your most effective weapon against the dreaded house edge.

Every bit that you get from your online casino helps to work against the house edge. If you pick and choose your spots to take those bonuses in concert with the games you like to play and the amount of play you plan to have, you can really cut into that edge. All in all, your overall return on gambling investment will be the better for it.

Try Out Uptown Aces Online Casino

There are literally hundreds of online gambling sites fighting for your business. Choosing just one or a few to use can be a daunting prospect. But bonuses can help you with this process a great deal, especially the introductory ones that offer you the most robust perks.

Using these introductory Uptown Aces bonuses gives you an incentive to try out the site. When you’re getting so much of what amounts to free play, you’re going to be able to decide if the site works for you. Even if you fall short of the rollover requirements, you can at least tell from the play you used If Uptown Aces operates in the manner you want from a gambling website.

We expect that you’ll like the way that they do business. But even if not, having the bonuses in place is a great way to find that out. That’s why ignoring those welcome bonuses really doesn’t make too much sense.

Get Something for Your Efforts

No matter which of the bonuses or perks programs you end up using at Uptown Aces, they all boil down to pretty much the same idea. And that is, the more you play, the more you get. It’s really as simple as that, with the only variables being how much you get and how much you have to play to meet the rollovers.

Think about it in terms of a land-based casino.

When you play at the casino and don’t use one of their club cards, you’re basically giving money away. You’re turning down perks and bonuses that are pretty much owed to you.

The same is the case for Uptown Aces bonuses. If you’re going to be playing at the site anyway, why wouldn’t you hook on to one of the bonus offers and get something in return for that play? Once you choose a bonus that makes sense for your level of play, you’ll really start to see the benefits.

Something for Everyone

Some gambling websites don’t do the best job of spreading out their bonuses for every possible level of play. For instance, they might go heavy on the welcome bonuses at the expense of the ones for existing players. Or they might go the other direction and tip the balance too far that way.

What we love about the Uptown Aces bonuses is that they do a great job of touching all the bases. It’s hard to think of a site with more different entry points offered in terms of welcome bonuses. But they also have the VIP Perks which really dig deep for those who are heavy players at the site.

Once you have an account at Uptown Aces, you’ll also see that there are many offers that split the difference nicely between the welcome bonuses with the hefty rollover and the VIP Club which requires heavy play. You can pick and choose between these as they fit your needs. When you put it all together, Uptown Aces really has you covered with their overall bonus program.

Uptown Aces Bonus Codes

Coupon codes are sometimes called promo codes or bonus codes, depending on the site that you’re using. No matter what they’re named, they essentially all do the same thing. They open up bonuses to you when you enter them into the space provided by the site.

In a way, Uptown Aces bonus codes work in a kind of psychological fashion on gamblers.

When you use Uptown Aces coupon codes, you tend to think you’re getting access to something that nobody else has, even though everybody who visits or signs up for the site can get them as well. It’s kind of like when you get a bonus from an online store that unlocks a certain sale price.

In any case, Uptown Aces tends to use coupon codes frequently, which is why you should keep track of them. Many of them are tied into the bonuses that we mentioned above. We’ll explain how they come into play in the next section as we explain how to claim your Uptown Aces real money bonuses.

How to Claim Uptown Aces Bonuses

  1. Find the website “lobby.” This is essentially where you are taken when you hit the button to “Register.”
  2. Click on the icon for “sign up.” Type in your information. You’ll need to include your name and email address. This will also be the point where you create a username and a password, which will give you the ability to log in at any point.
  3. Fund your account. Uptown Aces has a nice selection of funding options from which you can choose: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Skrill, Neteller, ECO Card, Direct Money, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. Whichever one you choose, you’ll have to enter the pertinent data along with the amount you want to deposit into your gambling account.
  4. Choose your Uptown Aces Casino bonus. You’ll find yourself in a kind of gambling dashboard where you’ll be able to see all the different Uptown Aces bonuses available to you. At this point, you can choose which of them suits you the best.
  5. Enter your Uptown Aces bonus code. This is the point where you’ll need the code to get access to the bonus, whatever it might be. Make sure you type it in correctly, paying special attention to capital letters and the sequence.
  6. Play the casino games for real money. Remember that certain bonuses will be limited to certain games. Others will allow you to play different games, but the playthrough requirements might be different for each one.
  7. Track your progress on rollover. Uptown Aces will show you where you’re at with your promotional bonuses in terms of your proximity to the rollover requirement. That will help you realize if you need to speed up play in order to get there before the bonus expires.
  8. Collect your winnings. Once you hit the rollover, the money in the bonus account will be switched over to where you can withdraw it. At that point, you just have to make your request and you can expect the winnings to come to you shortly, depending on which withdrawal method you have in place.

Uptown Aces Casino Bonuses FAQ

Are There More Bonuses at Uptown Aces Than Are Listed Here?

Many of the bonuses that come to you at Uptown Aces will be ones that arrive periodically. The ones that we listed here are usually there. But they don’t represent all of the bonuses on the site.

Top real money online casinos like Uptown Aces know how important it is for them to keep their customers happy and engaged. That’s why you can expect to see many offers coming your way during your time spent there. It’s just a matter of checking in every now and again to see what might be new on the docket.

Why Does Uptown Aces Require Playthrough for Many of Its Bonuses?

There are two terms that you’ll often see in the terms and conditions of a gambling website: rollover and playthrough. They both essentially mean the same thing, and they are common to all gambling websites, not just Uptown Aces. Rollover/playthrough is necessary or else these sites wouldn’t be able to offer any bonuses at all.

Think about it: Without any requirements, you could sign up for a gambling website and the bonuses and then simply withdraw them from your account. By making you bet a certain amount before collecting the bonuses, the betting websites are preventing you from taking the money and running, so to speak. As a result, they can offer you these perks and bonuses without having to go out of business.

How Do I Calculate Rollover Requirements on Uptown Aces Bonuses?

Rollover/playthrough is generally established with a multiplier, such as 15x, which basically means 15 times. That amount is multiplied to the sum of the amount that you deposit and the amount awarded to you in the bonus. That establishes the rollover, which is the amount that you must bet before you can collect any of the money in the bonus account.

If you were looking at it in terms of a mathematical formula, it would look like this:

R = M (D + B)

R would be the amount you have to bet, or the rollover. M is the multiplier and D is the amount of the deposit. Keep in mind that B is the monetary amount of the bonus, not the percentage offered by the site.

Let’s use an example to illustrate this based on an Uptown Aces bonus. We’ll use the terms of the low-playthrough welcome bonus, which gives you 100% on your deposit up to $100. It has a playthrough of 15x. For the example, imagine that you deposited $50.

First of all, the monetary amount of the bonus would be $50, since 100% of $50 deposited is also $50. Now, we have all the numbers to plug into the equation, as M is 15, B is 50 and D is 50. Therefore:

R = 15 (50 + 50) = $1,500

That means you have to bet $1,500 before you can collect the bonus. Keep in mind that this doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to put $1,500 on the line. Any winnings you earn during the bonus period can be bet back into the site and count toward your rollover as well.

As a result, rollover requirements aren’t as scary as they might first seem. If you’re coming close to breaking even during your play, you should be able to actually make a profit once you reach your limit and collect the bonus.

What Is the Difference Between a Percentage Bonus From Uptown Aces and Cashback?

A percentage bonus is something that is tacked onto a deposit. For example, if you deposit $100 and are promised a 50% bonus, it means you’ll get $50 of free play. But the deposit bonuses are usually subject to playthrough requirements, and that’s the case at Uptown Aces.

Cashback is money that goes to you and doesn’t have that requirement attached to it. For example, if Uptown Aces offers you $50 cashback, that money is yours. That’s why cashback is so valuable to online gamblers.

Why Do Certain Games Have Different Rollover Requirements at Uptown Aces?

The rollover requirements are always adjusted according to the expected payback of a game. In general, games that are luck-based, such as online slots and keno, offer the lowest average payback. That’s why you’ll see the rollovers kept a bit lower for those games.

By contrast, table games like blackjack, which require you to use some strategy, tend to payback a little big higher. Uptown Aces isn’t alone among online casinos in the way they raise the rollover requirements for these games. They do this as a kind of balancing act so that the bonus provides roughly the same value regardless of which games you play.

Uptown Aces Online Casino Bonuses Conclusion

We hope that you now have a better handle on all the bonuses awaiting you at Uptown Aces. When you compare them to the perks and promotions offered by other top gambling websites, you’ll see that they compare very favorably. Try to choose your bonuses based on your favorite games and your level of play and you should do very well with them.