Manitoba Online Gambling Sites for 2021

Manitoba is home to just 1.3 million people. It’s not generally thought of as
one of the biggest gambling hubs of Canada, yet a huge portion of the population
claims to gamble regularly. Unfortunately, it can be a little difficult to find
information on how to find the best Manitoba gambling sites available online

That’s what we’re here for! Our team of experts is going to provide
informative, up-to-date information on how the find the top Manitoba gambling
sites operating throughout the province. We’ll also be discussing a few easy
steps that you can take to find the perfect betting site for your gambling
needs. Later on, our team is going to talk about the best online
gambling sites for esports and mobile

There’s a lot of information to unpack. Those that want to skip this
information and get straight to the betting can check out the sites listed
below. Each of these internet gambling sites in Manitoba provides a wide range
of different gambling options and quick, safe payment options every single day.

Let’s get into it!

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#1 Las Atlantis Logo
Las Atlantis
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#2 Wild Casino Logo
Wild Casino
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#3 BetUS Logo
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#4 BetOnline Logo
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#5 Bovada Logo
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Some fantastic gambling websites are operating in this province. As you’d
probably expect, there are some great land-based gambling options, too! With
this in mind, let’s take a quick look at the legal status of online gambling in

Manitoba Gambling Laws – Can You Gamble Online Here?

Manitoba Flag Inside Manitoba

To put it simply, of course you can! Online gambling is legal throughout
Canada. Under the country’s laws, every province can set their own laws on
internet gambling. Here in Manitoba, there are both government regulated and
unregulated gambling websites available, both of which are legal.

Manitoba was one of the first provinces to launch a provincial-run gambling
website. In 2013, lawmakers here realized they were missing out on a huge amount
of money. Individuals in the province were gambling online through different
sites that were not required to pay taxes to the government. The province
launched its own Manitoba gambling site, called PlayNow. It
provides a range of both casino gambling and sports betting options.

Interestingly, there are still many here that prefer playing through the
unregulated Manitoba gambling sites for several reasons. First, these sites are
oftentimes operated by the world’s top online gambling companies. The best ones
will provide an incredible design and enough odds to keep even the busiest
sports gambler occupied.

Secondly, these Manitoba gambling sites tend to provide more favorable odds
to players. Obviously, the government is going to offer odds and casino games
that increase their chances of earning tax money. Unregulated sites do this as
well, just not quite as heavily as the province-run online gambling platform.

The legal age for online gambling in Manitoba is 19 years old. To legally play
through any gambling websites here, you must be over this age. 19 is also the
legal age to play at any land-based gambling venues in the province.

Under Canadian gambling laws, there is nothing illegal about these
unregulated Manitoba gambling sites. As long as they are based in other
countries, they are perfectly fine to play at. Only websites that attempt to
base their operations within Canada are banned.

There are a huge number of amazing online options available right now for
gamblers. With so many sites to choose from, it can be a little daunting to try
and choose which website to play through. Below is a step-by-step guide that you
can follow to make sure you find the perfect Manitoba gambling website!

How to Choose a Great Site to Gamble Online in Manitoba – Step by Step Guide

It seems like every single year, a new gambling website in Manitoba begins to
operate. How do you know which ones you trust? Well, there are a few basic
features that all of the best Manitoba gambling sites provide. If the site that
you are interested in offers these features, it’s probably worth playing at.

Best Manitoba Internet Gambling Sites for Each Sport

Manitoba is home to a number of sports teams, including the Winnipeg Jets,
who compete in the NHL. It makes sense that such a major sports province would
have one of the largest sports betting fan bases in Canada! The great thing is
that there are many different online sportsbooks in Manitoba, most of which
provide odds on just about every sporting event taking place around the world.
Below are some of the best sports betting websites in Manitoba
for different sports.

Esports Gambling Sites in Manitoba – Why Are Esports so Popular in This Province?

Esports are growing all over the world! This applies in Canada as well and
has not been overlooked by Manitoba gambling sites. Today,
there are a lot of esports betting sites in Manitoba that provide odds on all of
the top gaming tournaments.

In case you don’t know, esports are multiplayer competitive video games that
competitors play against each other in. Some of the most popular video games in
the world are played competitively for real money. In some cases, these
tournaments can offer huge payouts for the winners.

It’s hard to narrow down exactly why esports in Manitoba is growing so
quickly. This province isn’t the largest, yet more and more people are
interested in esports betting every year. In our opinion, the rise of streaming
services like Twitch is helping this industry grow as fast as it is.

Anyone that’s looking to bet on esports in Manitoba has access to some
incredible websites. This market is still relatively new, yet it’s proving to be
a hugely successful one for these sites. Directly below are the three websites
that we feel offer the best esports betting odds in Manitoba right now.


MyBookie is growing extremely fast throughout North America. It’s grown to
become one of the largest internet gambling sites in the US. In recent years, it
has begun to focus heavily on the Canadian gambling industry. That’s great news
for sporting fans in Manitoba, as this site is one of the greatest operating
right now.

When it comes to design, you’ll be hard-pressed to find better Manitoba
gambling sites over this one. MyBookie uses state-of-the-art software that gives
the entire site a modern feel. Finding the sports you want to bet on is
incredibly easy.

MyBookie is also established as one of the top esports betting
websites in Manitoba
. This site provides its members with odds on all
of the biggest tournaments. If you want a clean, modern site with safe payout
options, this is a solid choice.

BetOnline Sportsbook


Some feel this one doesn’t provide the type of design that modern-day
gambling sites should. We disagree. BetOnline’s interface may not appear as
sleek and sophisticated as others, but overall, it’s one of the very best
internet sports betting websites in the world.

The simplicity is part of what makes this site so great! It’s extremely easy
to find exactly what you are looking for at Manitoba gambling sites like
BetOnline. All of the sports betting odds, including esports, are available
directly on the homepage.

Our team feels this is a fantastic option for both new and experienced sports
gamblers. It has enough betting options to keep everyone busy, yet it provides a
simple interface that’s perfect for the new bettors. Of course, this website
also provides amazing odds on all esports events taking place across Asia,
Europe, and North America.

Bodog Sportsbook


There’s a pretty good chance you’ve heard of this site for online gambling in Manitoba. Bodog has established
itself as the biggest and most popular gambling website in Canada over the
years. It’s known for offering lucrative odds, a great user interface, and safe
payment options available all day, every day.

This is one that we recommend to those new to online sports betting. It has
one of the easiest to use designs of any site that’s operating today. Whether
you only plan to bet on esports or want to place a variety of different bets,
this website has got you covered.

That isn’t to say that this site lacks in complexity and scope. Bodog
provides more esports odds than almost any other sites to gamble online in Manitoba
we’ve come across. From what our team has found, the odds here are also better
than nearly every other site operating today.

List of Land-Based Casinos in Manitoba

Not everyone in this province is jumping on the internet gambling train.
There’s nothing wrong with that! Many individuals here still love to make their
bets inside brick-and-mortar casinos. To help out those looking to find new
casinos, we’re going to provide a list of all eight land-based casinos in
Manitoba operating right now.

  • Aseneskak Casino – Opaskwayak
  • Niichi Oasis Gaming Centre – Ginew
  • South Beach Casino and Resort – Scanterbury
  • Sand Hills Casino – Carberry
  • Swan Lake First Nation Gaming Centre #7- Headingley
  • Swan Lake First Nation Gaming Centre #8 – Headingley
  • Club Regent Casino – Winnipeg
  • McPhillips Station Casino – Winnipeg

The popularity of online gambling is undeniable. More Manitoba
gambling sites
begin operating each year, and more individuals in this
province are choosing to place their wagers over the internet. Of course, there
will always be an allure to gambling inside a real casino. Most of the casinos
listed above provide some great gaming options all year round.

Are There Mobile Gambling Sites in Manitoba Right Now?

Of course there are! Mobile gambling is quickly becoming the preferred method
of gambling amongst many individuals. This certainly makes sense. Most Manitoba
gambling sites offer perks that desktop gambling simply can’t.

It’s significantly more convenient. Mobile gaming gives players the
opportunity to make their bets from anywhere in the province with a smartphone.
There’s nothing better than placing bets on your favorite games and sports teams
from the comfort of your couch!

Mobile gaming sites are also oftentimes more complete than their desktop
versions. This is because mobile gaming is a newer industry. Manitoba gambling
sites online work hard to provide the most modern software for these mobile

These sites provide all of the same gambling options that desktop versions
do. You can play a variety of different casino games and make a huge number of
sports wagers. The possibilities are endless.

Mobile gambling in Manitoba is extremely popular and will
only get better as time goes on.

FAQ About Online Gambling in Manitoba

How Much Money Can I Win Gambling Online in Manitoba?

The sky’s the limit. Almost none of the Manitoba gambling
sites set limits on how much their players can win. The truth is, the more you
bet, the better your chances will be to win big. It also helps to place wagers
on games and sporting events that you understand.

Why Doesn’t Manitoba Regulate Its Online Gambling Market?

In a limited sense, it does! The Liquor and Gaming
Authority of Manitoba is responsible for regulating this market. As of now, this
group only regulates the province-run gambling site that’s operating. Lawmakers
here have shown no real willingness to regulate offshore gaming sites. This
could (and likely will) change in the near future.

What Are Some of the Best Manitoba Gambling Sites Right Now?

There are so many to choose from. Our team has looked
through hundreds of Manitoba gambling sites, and we have a process of choosing
which ones are the best. For now, we feel that Bodog and MyBookie are two great
options. Both provide a range of great casino and sports betting odds. They also
offer safe, secure payment options all day, every day.

Can I Gamble Online in Manitoba Using Canadian Dollars (CAD)?

Of course! As you might assume, most of the Manitoba
gambling sites allow their members to make deposits and withdrawals using
Canadian dollars. The best gambling sites in this province charge low fees for
these payment processes.

Why Should I Play at Manitoba Online Gambling Sites?

Online gambling is growing extremely popular in Canada.
Most individuals here will claim it’s far more convenient than making wagers
inside of land-based casinos. With mobile gambling, things get even better! If
you want to place some wagers but don’t want to make the trip to a local casino,
online gambling in Manitoba is probably the best option for you.

Conclusion on Gambling Online in Manitoba

Manitoba was one of the first Canadian provinces to really embrace the
internet gambling industry. The provincial government launched their gaming site
in 2013, and a huge number of other amazing Manitoba gambling sites
are available as well. It’s not all that surprising to see these other sites
growing more popular than the government-run gaming site.

Gambling fans here are extremely lucky. There are literally hundreds of sites
available that offer everything from poker gaming to sports betting odds. Make
sure to check out the Manitoba gambling sites that we recommend at the top of
this page. Each one is well-known in the industry for providing safety and
amazing gambling options. Feel free to follow our
industry news page for updates
to Canadian gambling laws as they happen.

Good luck making your bets!