Best Newfoundland Gambling Sites – Updated 2021

Newfoundland and Labrador, the Eastern-most province in Canada, is home to
just over 525,000 people. This small province differs from many of the other
Canadian provinces. But like the rest of the country, there’s a massive gambling
fan base here. Today, our team of experts is going to explain how you can find
the best Newfoundland gambling sites currently operating.

Below are a list of the very best online gambling sites in Newfoundland
available right now. Check them out today!

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BetOnline Sports
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Bovada Sports
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It can be hard to find reliable information on gambling laws in different
Canadian provinces. That’s what we’re here for! We’ll be going over the specific
legality of online gambling sites in Newfoundland. Later, our team is going to provide
a step by step guide to help you find the perfect online gambling home.

There are certainly a lot of online CA gambling sites to choose from. Many
of the very best online gambling websites in the world are available here, most
of which provide many different casino and sports betting options. As long as
you know what to look for, finding the perfect site to place wagers through will
be easy.

We want to provide the best information possible that helps you to have a fun
online gambling experience. Newfoundland is known to have a passionate gambling
fanbase and more people are choosing to make their bets online every single
month. Let’s look at the specific legality of online gambling in this province!

Newfoundland Gambling Laws – Can You Gamble Online Here?


Yes, you can! Newfoundland, like all other provinces, allows all forms of
online gambling. Under Canadian law, every province can set its own gambling
laws. This province is one of the few to not run a government gambling website,
yet lawmakers allow players to make wagers through all of the online
gambling sites that operate here.

The Atlantic Lottery Corporation is responsible for monitoring all gambling
activities in the province. This group actually operates their own gambling
site, but it’s notorious for offering a very limited number of games. Today,
most people prefer to play through gambling sites that are based in
other countries.

Lawmakers in Newfoundland allow these foreign gambling sites to offer more.
Strangely, there have been no attempts to regulate and tax these sites. It’s
unfortunate, as the government could earn millions in additional revenue every
single month by doing so.

Fortunately, most of the Canada gambling sites are perfectly
safe. Competition is extremely high in the Canadian gambling industry and sites
work hard to provide the safest payment options and best games/odds in order to
stand out.

The legal gambling age in Newfoundland is 19 years old. This applies to both
online and land-based gambling.

For those new to online gambling in Newfoundland, it can seem a little
daunting trying to choose which website to play through. You don’t need to be
scared, though. There are a few simple things you can look for to ensure your
gambling experience is nothing but fun. Below is a guide to finding the best
online gambling sites in CA!

How to Choose Great Online Gambling Sites – Step by Step Guide

More gambling websites are entering Newfoundland’s market every single year.
As we mentioned above, most of these online gambling sites are fantastic.
There are some, however, that are a little shady. It’s important to know exactly
what to look for in an online gambling website. Here’s how you can tell apart a
good website from a bad one.

Best Newfoundland Online Gambling Sites for Each Sport

Newfoundland is different from the rest of Canada in a number of ways. One is
in the sporting fan base. Ice hockey is extremely popular here, much like the
rest of the country, yet many in Newfoundland also love to watch and bet on
soccer and rugby. There was even a huge cricket fan base here at one point.
Fortunately, nearly all internet sportsbooks in Newfoundland allow their members
to place wagers on these sports. Below are some of the top gambling
sites for each major sport.

Esports Gambling Sites in Newfoundland – Why Are Esports so Popular in This Province?

The rise of esports can be seen around the world. Much of it has to do with
streaming platforms such as Twitch. More esports tournaments are being held each
year, many of which offer huge payouts to the winners.

We’re not exactly sure why esports are so popular in Newfoundland. Based on
what we’ve seen, there are many esports bettors from all over Canada. There are
also a large number of people that have no idea how or where to bet on this
popular new form of sport.

We want to help these people out! We’ve come up with three of the very best
esports gambling sites in Newfoundland right now. Each one provides gamblers
with safety and an amazing set of odds for different esports events.


This website has grown extremely popular in the United States recently. It’s
one of the newer online sportsbooks in Newfoundland and is already accumulating
a huge user base here. Much of this probably has to do with its amazing design.

MyBookie has an incredible overall design and user interface. It’s one of the
sleekest online gambling sites currently operating. There are also more
sports betting and Esports betting options here than almost anywhere else.

You can find a huge collection of esports gambling odds at MyBookie. There
are also a variety of fun entertainment betting odds for things like movie
outcomes! Take a look at this website today and check out all of the incredible
betting odds available.


BetOnline Sportsbook isn’t the flashiest gambling site you’ll come across. At
first glance, it looks a little bit outdated in comparison to other gambling sites. That doesn’t mean it’s bad, though. We love this website thanks
to its simplicity.

Those new to online gambling claim to love this site. It was one of the
easiest user interfaces of any website operating today. The site doesn’t focus
on major promotions to attract new players. Instead, it offers the same reliable
betting odds that its user base has come to love.

When it comes to esports betting, this is one of the best Newfoundland
gambling sites out there. The odds for these events can be found directly on the
homepage. If you want a clean, simple betting site for esports, this might be
the best option for you.

List of Land-Based Casinos in Newfoundland

Online gambling is quickly taking over Canada’s gaming market. With that
being said, there are still many here that prefer to make their bets the
old-fashioned way. There’s only one land-based gambling venue in this province.
Below is the name and location of this small casino.

  • St. Johns Racing and Entertainment Centre: St. Johns

Newfoundland is a small province. It’s still strange to see only one
land-based casino here. This is a key reason why so many people love to make
their bets online. Canada Gambling sites allow you to place wagers from
anywhere with an internet connection.

Are There Mobile Gambling Sites in Newfoundland Right Now?

Of course, there are! Just about every single gambling website that operates
in this province offers a mobile platform. Gambling over a mobile device is
growing to become one of the most popular ways to make bets right now.

Many people claim it’s far more convenient than playing on a desktop. For
one, mobile gambling sites in Newfoundland let you place wagers from anywhere at
any time. As long as you have access to a smartphone, you can play casino games
and make sports bets on your favorite teams.

Mobile gambling is relatively new. This means that many of the mobile gaming
sites look and perform better than the websites designed for a desktop. Each of
the online gambling sites that we recommend at the top of this page
provides amazing mobile platforms. Check them out today!

FAQ About Online Gambling Sites in Newfoundland

Why Doesn’t Newfoundland Regulate Online Gambling Websites?

It’s not entirely clear why the government here does not choose to regulate
foreign gambling sites. In recent years, we’ve seen many countries create a
legal framework for foreign gambling sites to legally operate. Most of these
countries are earning huge amounts of money by taxing these websites. Some
lawmakers in Canada are pushing for better regulation over the online gambling
industry. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see online gambling sites regulated
and taxed within a few years.

Can I Play at Newfoundland Gambling Websites Using Canadian Dollars (CAD)?

Absolutely. Gambling sites that operate here should always allow deposits and
withdrawals to be made using Canadian dollars. Some only accept Bitcoin for
payments, but we generally advise you to stay away from these websites. Each of
the best online gambling sites we feature at the top of this page accept
Canadian dollars.

What Are Some of the Best Gambling Sites in Newfoundland Right Now?

Canada is emerging as one of the most profitable online gambling destinations
in the world. Companies are realizing this and are working to break into
different provinces. There are now many incredible online gambling sites in
CA, most of which offer safe payment options and different odds. The
websites that we recommend at the top of this page are, in our opinion, the best
ones available here right now.

How Much Money Can I Win Playing at Newfoundland Gambling Sites Online?

That all depends on you. Not many of the gambling websites here set limits on
how much their players can win. That means the more you bet, the better your
chances will be to win big. You will always have a better chance at cashing out
by only wagering on games and sporting events that you understand.

Why Should I Gamble Online in Newfoundland?

The choice to gamble online is always yours! As of now, there aren’t many
other options in this province. As we mentioned earlier, there is only one
land-based gambling establishment here. The provincial government’s Gambling
Authority operates a gambling site, yet it only offers a limited set of casino
and bingo games. Most gambling sites provide thousands of different
betting options every single day. If you want to gamble in this province, the
online route is the best option.

Conclusion on Newfoundland Gambling Sites

Gambling fans in Newfoundland have access to some of the very best gambling
websites in the world. We hope that, by now, you have the knowledge to pick a
great online gambling site that offers the types of games and betting odds
you’re looking for. It’s important to understand that safety is always the first
thing you should look for in a gambling website.

We feel strongly that the online gambling sites listed at the top of
this page are safe and offer some great chances to win big. Check them out today
and feel free to follow our industry news page for updates to gambling laws in Newfoundland. Let us know
of any questions you have, and good luck making your bets!