Best Nunavut Gambling Sites for 2021

Nunavut is the newest territory in Canada. While it’s the largest, Nunavut
only has a population of 38,000 people. Many of the residents here actually love
to gamble. And with limited gambling options on land, more people are choosing
to make their bets online. Our team of experts will explain how you can find the
best online gambling sites in Canada currently operating.

To start, below are the very best Nunavut gambling sites
available today. Each one is unique and offers players safe payment options.

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Because Nunavut is not typically thought of as much of a gambling hub in
comparison to other Canadian territories, it’s not easy to find reliable
information on gambling here. But that’s what we’re here for! We’ll discuss the
specific legality of online gambling in CA. We’re also
going to provide a step-by-step guide on finding the perfect gambling website
for you.

Later on, our team is going to discuss some of the best options to gamble on
esports here. There’s a lot of information to unpack!

Don’t worry if you’re completely new to online gambling sites in Canada. Our goal here is to
provide everyone with enough information to find great Canada gambling sites.
Before we get into this, let’s look at the gambling laws set in place here.

Nunavut Gambling Laws – Can You Gamble Online Here?

Yes! Nunavut falls under the same general online gambling laws that the rest
of Canada does. Here, internet gambling is perfectly legal. Interestingly, it
can only be done through websites based overseas. Canada does not allow online
gambling companies to base their operations on Canadian soil.

In Nunavut, the Department of Community and Government Services is
responsible for monitoring all land-based and online gambling activity. This
government body is in charge of issuing licenses to casino operators, but for
now, no casinos are operating inside the territory.

This is why online gambling in Nunavut is growing so popular! There aren’t
many options to place wagers here. The only real way for those around the
territory to make casino and sports wagers is through online gambling sites
with foreign operators.

For years now, Canadian lawmakers have debated whether or not to regulate the
online gambling industry. Many politicians in the country feel it will help
bring valuable revenue and better protect players. Some provinces operate their
own gambling websites, but most people still prefer to play through sites based
in other countries.

The legal gambling age in Nunavut is 19 years old. This applies to land-based
and online gambling sites in Canada.

Finding great Canada gambling sites shouldn’t be difficult. As long as you
know what to look for, there’s a great chance you will find a perfect gaming
website that offers everything you’re looking for. Below is a step-by-step guide
that explains how to choose great online gambling sites in Nunavut.

How to Choose Great Nunavut Online Gambling Sites – Step by Step Guide

The majority of gambling sites that are operating in Nunavut today are
fantastic. There are a few qualities that separate a good gambling website from
a bad one. Below are the most important steps to take before joining any online
casino or sports betting website.

Best Nunavut Online Gambling Sites for Each Sport

Nunavut isn’t home to any major professional sports teams. This territory’s
weather isn’t exactly conducive to playing most sports. There are, however, a
huge number of passionate sports fans here. Many of them love to place bets on
their favorite teams and players! Below are some of the very best online
sportsbooks in Nunavut for each major sport.

Esports Gambling Sites in Nunavut – Why Are Esports so Popular in This Province?

There’s never been a better time for esports fans to take advantage of the
best Nunavut gambling sites. Thanks to streaming platforms such as Twitch, the
esports betting industry has grown immensely. This is especially true throughout
Canada. People in Nunavut love to watch and place bets on esports, and gambling
operators are beginning to take notice.

This territory does not have as many esports fans as provinces such as
British Columbia and Quebec, but there are still many in Nunavut that love
watching competitive video game competitions. Fortunately, many of the best
Nunavut gambling sites now offer a variety of great betting odds for esports.

It’s hard to say exactly why Nunavut has such a passionate esports fan base.
From what we have seen, none of the world’s top players hail from this
territory. Ultimately, this new form of sport is growing all around the world.

Below are a few of the very best online esports gambling sites in Nunavut
right now. If you’re interested in online gambling in Nunavut, give them a look

Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction is one of the most beloved online gambling sites in
Nunavut. It launched in 1997 and now boasts one of the largest user bases of any
Canadian gambling site. Members here can find odds on just about everything from
the NHL to MLB. In recent years, Esports betting has grown extremely popular
with this website.

Players will find the complete list of Esports odds directly on the site’s
homepage. Like most top sportsbooks, Sports Interaction provides odds on most
major Esports tournaments for League of Legends, Dota 2, and more.

From what we’ve seen, this popular gambling site offers more lucrative odds than most
other online sportsbooks.


Most online gambling fans in Canada have heard of Bodog. It’s one of the oldest and
most trusted gambling websites in the country. This site offers a huge range of
odds for just about every major sport, including esports.

Members of this website will find odds for tournaments and matches on Dota 2, Fortnite,
League of Legends, and many more popular games! This includes more than just tournaments within
North America. This site is offering betting odds on events taking place around
the entire world.

This might be, overall, the best online sportsbook in Nunavut right now.
There’s nothing bad to say about it. Check Bodog out today and see why it’s
growing more popular every single month.

Are There Land-Based Casinos in Nunavut?

One of the major reasons why Nunavut gambling sites are growing so popular in
this territory is the lack of land-based gambling options. As of now, there is
not a single licensed land-based casino operating here. None of the First Nation
Tribes in this territory have shown any major interest in opening a casino.

As we mentioned towards the top of this page, there are hundreds of fantastic
internet casino websites in Nunavut. Most of them offer even more gambling
options than the top casinos in Las Vegas. Whether you love slots or table
games, there’s a great site here offering the games you want to play.

Are There Mobile Gambling Sites in Nunavut Right Now?

Absolutely! All Nunavut gambling websites have mobile platforms.
Sometimes, these mobile gambling sites in Nunavut are actually better than the
desktop sites.

Mobile gambling is a new industry. Many internet gambling websites are now
competing to offer their players the best possible mobile experience. It’s also
significantly more convenient than gambling on a desktop. It allows you to make
casino and sports wagers using just your smartphone or tablet!

Check out the best online gambling sites that we list at the top of this
page using your mobile device. You can begin to see why so many gamblers now
prefer to make their bets on the go.

FAQ About Online Gambling in Nunavut

What Are Some of the Best Online Gambling Sites in Nunavut Right Now?

All of the internet gaming websites that operate in Canada are available from
within Nunavut. It’s not easy to say which ones are the best! The Canada
gambling sites that we list at the top of this page are all fantastic. Each one
offers players a range of safe payment options and solid games and betting odds.
Feel free to let us know which of these sites is your favorite!

Can I Play at Nunavut Gaming Websites Using Canadian Dollars (CAD)?

Of course! Just about every single gambling site that operates in Canada
today allows their players to make deposits and withdrawals using Canadian
dollars. The best Nunavut gambling sites won’t charge you high fees either. It
should be easy to find out which sites accept CAD. Head over to their cashier
pages and look at which currencies are accepted.

How Much Money Can I Win Gambling Online in Nunavut?

That all depends on how you gamble! Not very many internet gambling websites
in Nunavut set limits on how much their players can win. The more you bet, the
better your chances will be to cash out. It also helps when you place wagers on
casino games and sporting events that you know and understand.

When Will Lawmakers Here Decide to Regulate the Online Gambling Industry?

There’s no real way of knowing. For years, lawmakers in Canada have pushed
for better regulation of the gambling industry. Thus far, there’s been no real
progress made. Based on all that we know, Canada will begin the process of
revamping online gambling regulation within the next few years.

Conclusion on Nunavut Gambling Sites

Nunavut isn’t the first place that people think of when the word “gambling”
comes up. Nevertheless, there are a large number of gamblers here that love to
make bets online. We hope that by now, you have enough information to choose a
great, safe gambling site.

Make sure to check out the best CA gambling sites that we recommended at
the top of this page! They’re all renowned for offering safe payment options and
great designs. Feel free to check out our
industry news page for updates
to Canadian gambling laws. Let us know of any questions you have, and good luck
making your bets!