Gambling Online in Prince Edward Island (2021)

Prince Edward Island, one of Canada’s three Maritime provinces, isn’t typically thought of as a major gambling hub. It’s the smallest province in the country in terms of land area and population, yet there are a few land-based gambling options. Today, we’re going to explain how you can find the best Prince Edward Island gambling sites currently operating.

We’ll also be going over the current set of land-based and online gambling laws in this province. Our team will let you know exactly what is allowed here and what isn’t.

Later on, we’re going to provide a step-by-step guide to help you find the best gambling sites in Prince Edward Island available. Finally, we’ll provide a list of the current land-based casinos in this province.

Some of you may want to skip over this information and get straight to the betting. No problem. Below are some of the top online gambling sites in Prince Edward Island right now. Check them out today!

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#2 Wild Casino Logo
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There are a huge number of great gambling websites available in this province. The PEI gambling sites listed above are well-known for offering safe payment options to their members and a wide range of fantastic gambling options.

Prince Edward Island Gambling Laws – Can You Gamble Online Here?

Prince Edward Island, like all provinces in Canada, has the ability to set its own laws on the gambling industry. A central set of Canadian gambling laws exists under the Federal Criminal Code, yet each province can set specific regulations on both land-based and online gambling. Fortunately, online gambling is perfectly legal in Prince Edward Island.

Prince Edward Island

Like several other provinces, the Atlantic Lottery Corporation is the main gambling regulator in Prince Edward Island. This government body runs its own online and land-based betting platform and is tasked with overseeing all other land-based and online gambling activities in the province.

Most individuals here prefer to gamble through Prince Edward Island gambling sites based overseas. Under Canadian law, it is perfectly legal to make wagers through websites that are based in other countries. Today, many of the top gambling sites in Canada offer a variety of services to Canadian players.

A majority of these websites are perfectly safe. Competition is extremely high in the Canadian online gambling market, and companies are constantly working to outdo each other. Any sites caught doing anything shady are blacklisted immediately.

There are also a few upsides to playing through sites based overseas. Many people enjoy the fact that they’re unregulated. This means you aren’t required to pay taxes on your winnings. Many also believe these sites offer better odds than some of the Prince Edward Island gambling sites that are run by different provincial governments.

The legal gambling age in Prince Edward Island is 19. This is the same legal gambling age across Canada with the exception of Quebec, where it’s 18.

That’s it! Online gambling is perfectly legal in Prince Edward Island. There are no indications that this will change anytime soon. Perhaps in time, lawmakers will take steps to better regulate the internet gambling market.

For those new to online gambling, it can seem a little daunting trying to choose which online gambling sites to join. In reality, as long as you know what to look for, it should be easy to find a good one. Below is a quick guide that explains what exactly you need to look for in different Prince Edward Island gambling sites.

How to Choose a Great Prince Edward Island Online Gambling Site – Step by Step Guide

As we’ve already mentioned, there’s a huge number of fantastic online gambling sites in Prince Edward Island right now. It’s clear that, despite its small population, many individuals love to gamble. Online gambling operators recognize this and actively work to capture their share of the market. Here are just a few tips to keep in mind when looking for an internet sportsbook in PEI.

Best Prince Edward Island Internet Gambling Sites for Each Sport

Prince Edward Island isn’t necessarily thought of as the sports capital of Canada. There aren’t many major sports teams based in this province. Of course, there is a sizable portion of the province’s population that loves watching and placing bets on different sports. Here are some of the top gambling sites in Prince Edward Island for different major sports.

Esports Gambling Sites in Prince Edward Island – Why Are Esports so Popular in This Province?

There’s never been a better time for esports fans. Thanks to streaming services like Twitch, this industry is more popular than ever before. Today, there are some fantastic esports betting sites in Prince Edward Island that offer you odds on every major gaming event taking place around the world.

This province has a large esports fan base. It’s unclear exactly why. Perhaps it’s simply the fact that there are more platforms for fans to watch events.

Esports gambling is easy and fun. Using different Prince Edward Island gambling sites, you’re able to make wagers on the biggest and best tournaments. It offers you the chance to win real money throughout the year.

Directly below are the best esports betting sites currently operating in PEI. Each one is known for its great odds and solid payment system. Feel free to give them a look today!

Spin Sports Logo

This site is fairly new in the online sports betting industry. The website launched in 2017 and has quickly amassed a loyal user base thanks to its amazing design and wide range of betting odds. There are more than 30 sports available to wager on here, including a variety of different Esports betting options.

This website’s design is similar to what you’ll find in many of the top European gambling sites. It has a modern, yet incredibly simplistic design. Clicking on the Esports tab on the homepage will bring up all of the upcoming and live gaming tournaments avaliable to bet on in Canada.

One of the coolest features here is the list of future betting odds. Unlike some Canadian sports betting sites, Spin Sports allows members to make Esports wagers weeks and even months in advance. We can’t recommend this site enough for fans of Esports gaming and for people looking to gamble online in Canada.

Sports Interaction

Sports Interaction is one of the most beloved online gambling sites in Prince Edward Island. It launched in 1997 and now boasts one of the largest user bases of any Canadian gambling site. Members here can find odds on just about everything from the NHL to MLB. In recent years, Esports betting has grown extremely popular with this website.

Players will find the complete list of Esports odds directly on the site’s homepage. Like most top sportsbooks, Sports Interaction provides odds on most major Esports tournaments for League of Legends, Dota 2, and more. From what we’ve seen, this popular gambling site offers more lucrative odds than most other online sportsbooks.

There is a wide range of different options to deposit and withdraw your money here. Members can make deposits using debit cards, credit cards, and a variety of E-wallets. The easiest way to collect your winnings is via direct bank transfer.

List of Land-Based Casinos in Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island gambling sites have never been more popular than they are right now. It seems like, every month, more people here decide to make their wagers online. With that being said, there are still many who prefer to make their bets the old-fashioned way inside of a land-based casino.

Interestingly, Prince Edward Island is home to a couple of these brick and mortar gambling venues! Below are the names and locations of these casinos. If you’re nearby, give them a visit!

  • Red Shores Racetrack and Casino: Charlottetown
  • Red Shores Summerside Raceway: Summerside

As you can see, there aren’t a ton of different land-based gambling options here. Prince Edward Island is small, however, and it’s possible to visit both of these gambling venues on the same day.

Are There Mobile Gambling Sites in Prince Edward Island Right Now?

Of course! Today, mobile gambling is even more popular than using a desktop. All of the top Prince Edward Island gambling sites offer mobile platforms to their customers. These mobile options allow players to make bets from anywhere using their phone.

As you might expect, mobile gambling in Prince Edward Island is perfectly legal. It falls under the exact same laws as other types of online gambling. There are no legal restrictions and there are many great options available.

There are a few reasons why mobile gaming is growing so popular right now. You’re able to make bets on the go! Oftentimes, these mobile sites are even better than their desktop counterparts. The software tends to be newer and designs more modern.

Each of the PEI online gambling sites we listed at the top of the page is known for offering fantastic mobile platforms. Check them out using your phone to see all of the different mobile gambling options available today.

FAQ on Gambling in Prince Edward Island

What Are Some of the Most Popular Gambling Sites in Prince Edward Island Right Now?

This province is home to many of the very best online gambling websites currently operating. It’s difficult to say which are the most popular. From what we’ve seen, the most popular gambling sites currently available in this province is Bodog. All of the top Prince Edward Island gambling sites that we list at the top of this page are extremely popular here, too.

How Much Money Can I Win Playing at PEI Gambling Sites?

The sky’s the limit! Generally speaking, the more you wager, the more money you can win. We recommend that you stick to betting on casino games and sports you’re familiar with. It will significantly raise your chances of winning. As time goes on, you can begin to expand your gambling horizons.

Can I Play at Prince Edward Island Gambling Sites Using Canadian Dollars (CAD)?

Absolutely! All of the gambling sites operating in this province will allow their players to make deposits and withdrawals using Canadian dollars. If you find a gambling site here that doesn’t allow you to play using this currency, we don’t recommend you join it.

Will Prince Edward Island Ever Begin Regulating Foreign Gambling Sites?

It seems very likely. Recently, several politicians in Canada have called for better regulation over the online gambling industry. It makes sense to believe that lawmakers in Prince Edward Island will choose to start regulating foreign gambling sites within the next few years. The provincial government will likely earn millions in annual revenue as a result.

Why Should I Play at Gambling Sites in Prince Edward Island?

The choice to gamble online is always yours! Many believe that online gambling is significantly easier and more convenient than wagering through land-based establishments. The Prince Edward Island gambling sites operating here also tend to offer significantly more gambling options as well.

Conclusion on Prince Edward Island Gambling

It’s a great time for gambling fans in Prince Edward Island. There are some fantastic gambling websites here, most of which work extremely hard to protect their players’ money. Make sure to check out the gambling sites in PEI at the top of this page to see the ones we, and many others, recommend.

Gambling laws change quickly. Feel free to take a look at our industry news page for updates to gambling laws here. Let us know if you have any questions, and good luck making your wagers!