Best Canada Online Casinos for Slots

Canada slots provide citizens of the country the opportunity to win real money at the machines in casinos throughout the country. But even if you can’t make it out to the casino, you can play online Canada slots at top gambling sites to give you the same kind of action. Choosing the right sites can make your experience a positive one even when the reels aren’t spinning your way.

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    • Best Canadian Online Casino
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    Betway Casino

    First of all, the Betway bonuses are robust, beginning with a 100% match on your initial deposit. You'll also like the fact that they provide an outstanding selection of private, live dealer games. Such games bring out the kind of casino atmosphere that gamblers prefer in a Canada casino site.

    Betway Casino
    Deposit Bonus
    100% Up To C$1,500
    Visit Site
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    Bodog Casino

    Bodog Casino's reputation precedes itself in the best possible way, as it has established one of the most trusted brands in the Canadian online casino industry. Not only is the website sharp and useful, but Bodog has also developed an app for mobile casino gambling with all of those same characteristics. Its selection of casino options is also second to none.

    Bodog Casino
    Deposit Bonus
    100% Up To C$600
    Visit Site
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    Casino Tropez

    When you visit the Canadian online casino, Casino Tropez, the first you'll notice is their 100% up to $3,000 welcome bonus. Along with 400+ exciting casino games and tons of other promotional others for new and existing members, this online Canada casino stands out as one of the best.

    Casino Tropez
    Deposit Bonus
    100% Up To C$3,000
    Visit Site
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    Jackpot City Casino

    Right off the bat, you'll notice that the sign-up bonus limit of up to $1,600 is one of the most generous in the entire industry. You'll also love that Jackpot City is very strong in terms of the progressive jackpots they have in play via different games. In other words, if you want to win a lot in a hurry, this is undoubtedly one of your best choices to play real money casino games in Canada.

    Jackpot City Casino
    Deposit Bonus
    100% Up To C$1,600
    Visit Site
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    Spin Casino

    Online gambling newcomers can only benefit from having a long list of banking methods and 24/7 customer support. Available in over a dozen languages, Spin has a larger variety of games and sports than the average Vegas casino. You may just be one lucky spin away from massive winnings!

    Spin Casino
    Deposit Bonus
    100% Up To C$1,000
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Canadians have long enjoyed the pleasure of slot machines. The country has a robust casino scene, and many of these establishments have made their reputation by providing players the widest variety of slot machines. The online slot industry has also been rapidly growing, giving players more flexibility in how they enjoy their slots for real money.

In the following article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about playing slots in Canada. Specifically, we’ll give you the lowdown on some of the best Canada online slots and we’ll also tell you what makes these sites the best. We’ll also talk about slots bonuses, tell you about the process for signing up and playing online, and answer some of the most-asked questions about Canada slots.

Best Canadian Slots Sites for 2021

There are literally hundreds of different websites that will offer you the chance to play online slots in Canada. But we’ve narrowed that list down to just a few that will really bring you the best possible experience in playing the game for real money. Above we have included five that stand above the rest. Let’s break these casinos down a bit more with some of the details related to their online slot operations:

Online Casino Betway Logo Bodog Casino Logo Casino Tropez Logo Jackpot City Logo Spin Casino Logo
Year Established 2006 1994 2003 1998 2017
Welcome Bonus 100% Up To C$1,500 100% Up To C$600 100% Up To C$3,000 100% Up To C$1,600 100% Up To C$1,000
Rollover 50x 25x 30x 70x 70x
Payout Time 1-3 Days 1-7 Days 3-10 Days 1-5 Days 1-5 Days
Canadian Players? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
# of Slot Games 297 450 164 300 300
Free Play? No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Live Chat? Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Phone Support? Yes Yes Yes No No

How We Rate Canadian Online Slots Sites

Obviously, we took just a snapshot of the best Canadian slot sites above, just giving a quick line about what makes them the best. But there is a whole process that takes place when you use online slots gambling sites. Knowing what this process is all about can help you make the right choice for you among these possibilities.

All of the Canada online casinos with slots listed above rank very well in the following categories. These categories pretty much cover the whole gamut of the online slots process, from signing up through playing the games to collecting what you’ve won. And if you understand this, you’ll have a better idea of how to select from among the choices available to you.

Safe and Secure Gambling

When you gamble online on slots, other casino games, or on sports, you are essentially putting a lot of trust into the site that you’re using. The best Canada online slots sites will reward that trust with an outstanding experience.

But if you choose without taking the time to do your research, you could end up at a site that is less than trustworthy and puts your gambling investment in jeopardy.

For example, lesser sites might try to take advantage of the personal information and financial data you provide to them. Others might not pay you winnings that you’ve rightfully earned. You need to be able to trust that a Canadian slots site will be on the up and up, and these sites can certainly say that for sure.

Reputation of Excellence

Bodog LogoMany of the websites that you encounter when you search for Canada online slots will be ones that have just started out. Some of them might turn out great, but it’s impossible to tell in the earliest stages. The math of it is that many of them will fail not too long after they open up shop because online gambling is an extremely competitive industry.

That’s why we suggest that you try to stick with the sites that have been around a while and have proven themselves to Canadian slot players. It’s sort of like survival of the fittest, in that only the best sites will be able to stick around for years. If you choose one of those sites, you can feel pretty good that they’ll be able to fulfill their promises.

Bonuses for Real Money Slots

Online casinos have an edge on land-based casinos in that they can offer richer bonuses to players because of the lack of overhead. As a result, even lesser gambling sites offer you some kind of bonus for creating an account and playing games for real money at their site. You, as the gambler, have to know how to distinguish the best bonuses from the ones that are just okay.

Casino Tropez Bonus

For example, you should be looking at the size of the bonus and the percentage you get added to what you deposit. But you also need to be aware of the size of the rollover, which is what you have to bet with the bonus before you can collect any winnings. When you combine all of these factors, you’ll see that the bonuses offered by the best Canada online casinos stand out for slot players in a crowded field.

Slot Game Variety

When we mention variety as it pertains to the games offered at the top Canadian slots websites, there are a number of ways that it can be measured. First of all, you should be looking for the widest breadth of slot varieties possible. This means online slots that have special features that boost the payback, slots that give you jackpot opportunities, and slots that are attached to entertaining themes.

But beyond that, we know that not every gambler in Canada will stop at just slots. For those who want to branch out beyond that, consider the sites that offer even more casino games, such as blackjack, poker, or roulette. Or you might want to try the Canadian slots sites that also provide a sportsbook element as well.

Wide Selection of Banking Options

This can be a somewhat underrated part of the online slots experience. You might think that it’s just as simple as picking your favorite credit or debit card and using that to fund your account. But that might not be possible if a site restricts the methods for deposit and withdrawal that you can use.

For that reason, you should be aware of all the different methods of banking that a Canada online slot machine site lets you use.

Maybe they’ll go beyond credit cards to include other payment systems that you find more efficient. Or maybe they’ll include enough possibilities that you can find a good fallback option in case your preferred one isn’t available.

Mobile Slots Apps

Betway iPhoneCanadian mobile gambling apps let you take all of the action from your computer with you wherever you go. This is a crucial quality to have, as it will mean that you’re keeping up with the times. After all, everybody loves doing things on the go, which you can’t do if your Canada gambling site for slots doesn’t let you do so with some sort of mobile option.

Many sites have Canadian slots apps that can be downloaded onto your phone for easy access. Others might instead give you a version of their site that can be found on an internet browser that is a better fit for the small screen. No matter how it’s achieved, Canadian online slots apps should give you everything that’s on the main site, from the variety of the games to the bonuses offered.

Simple User Interface

The user interface, when it comes to Canada online slots, is the process that goes on when you’re using the app. This should be something that even someone who struggles with technology should be able to do with ease. You should be able to maneuver around the site and get where you need to go without any issues.

Beyond that, user interface also refers to the game action and if it actually works the way that it’s supposed to work. You would get frustrated if you were playing a game for real money and find out that a glitch has interrupted it. If you end up at one of the top Canada slots sites, you won’t have to worry about any of that happening.

Customer Service and Support

It’s important to have peace of mind that any problems that you encounter at online Canada slots sites will be addressed and solved by customer service. That will allow you to play games without having to worry that something might go awry. For that reason, customer service should be on the top of your must-have list when you start searching for Canadian slots gambling sites.

When Choosing a Canada Online Casino to Play Slots…

Make sure that there are a number of ways to contact the customer service department, ideally at all hours of the day. When you do make contact, you should feel strongly that their response to you will be prompt and effective. Otherwise, you could find that you’re spending more time dealing with problems than actually winning money on your favorite real money online slots.

Fast Payouts of Winnings

At different times during your stint at a Canada online slots site, you’re going to want to withdraw some of your money. When you do that, you should be able to feel confident that you’ll receive your money in a prompt fashion. The best online slots sites in Canada can give you that confidence.

First of all, they do this by offering you clear guidelines about what you can expect when you do make a request from them for your money. At that point, they should be able to live up to their promises of quick payback. In that way, you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your winnings at Canada online slot machine sites.

The Popularity of Slots in Canada

There are a number of different theories as to why slots are sort of like a national obsession in Canada. First of all, the country has always been more leisurely in its gambling laws than its neighbors to the south. As a result, the familiarity with slot machines is a bit more embedded in the Canadian culture than what we know in the US.

One other simple explanation might be the climate in Canada. It’s much colder on average than the United States with a lot more frozen precipitation. Perhaps it makes sense then that people are looking for hot entertainment in warm locations, and casinos, particularly slot machines, provide that to them.

Regardless of why it happens, it’s undeniable that the popularity is there. And the prevalence of online slots in the country has only strengthened that dynamic. As a result, you should expect to see a good list of the best online slots Canada has to offer that will continue to enthrall the public for years to come.

Data Provided by: Statista

This graph tells you a little bit about the prevalence of slot machines in Canada. It makes sense that the province of Ontario, home to Toronto—the country’s biggest city—stands above all else. After all, it has a bustling casino scene, and slots are a big part of that.

But beyond that, you can see that there are a pretty significant number of slots to be found even as you move down the list to some of the smaller provinces in the country. That proves that there is a countrywide love of slot machines. It really doesn’t matter where you’re located because you’ll have access to slots in person or, if you want real convenience, online slots.

Best Online Slots for Canadians

Below you’ll find a collection of some of the best slots you’ll find at Canada online casinos based on RTP and how exciting it is to play the specific slot game.

Slot Game Online Casino RTP Provider Play Now
Breakaway DeluxeBreakaway Deluxe Betway CasinoBetway Casino 96.88% Microgaming Play Now
Wolf GoldWolf Gold Casino TropezCasino Tropez 96.47% Pragmatic Play Now
FortuniumFortunium Jackpot CityJackpot City 96.01% Microgaming Play Now

Best Canada-Themed Slots

It makes sense that some of the most popular slot brands in the country are ones that are have a tie-in to Canada. These games at the best Canada online casinos for slots aren’t just shameless ploys to grab the attention of the faithful. They are exciting and lucrative games in their own right, which anyone, even non-Canadians would enjoy.

Ice Hockey Slots

Ice Hockey Slots

Speaking of Canadian passions, it doesn’t get any stronger than the love the country has for the national sport of hockey. This slot machine ties into that brilliantly with its smart graphics and clever innovations. Choose your favorite team, start spinning, and hope that the puck stops in the right place.

Canadian Wild

Canadian Wild

Since you’ll be playing this game indoors, it’s okay for you to indulge vicariously in some Canadian cold weather. You’ll hear the wind blowing and see the snowy features of the Canadian Rockies as you spin. And you can win big with some of the bonuses offered up by this game.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls

This one will please not only Canadian nationals but also those tourists who like the visit this famous attraction. Niagara Falls is based on the natural wonder that has enthralled thousands over the years. Here, you get to visit it and win big without having to worry about getting sprayed.

Best Bonuses for Slot Games in Canada

It’s time now to focus on the betting bonuses that will help you get a boost for playing at Canadian slots sites. These bonuses all have the kind of balance that we described above: high percentages, high limits, and reasonable rollovers. Take a look at the best of the bunch.

Betway Casino – 100% Up To C$1,500

Betway offers all new customers a Casino Welcome Bonus. If you opt in, you will get the following bonuses with your first three deposits:

  • 100% Match Bonus up to €/$250 on your first deposit.
  • 25% Match Bonus up to €/$250 on your second deposit.
  • 50% Match Bonus up to €/$500 on your third deposit.

Below is an example of how this slots bonus would work:

  • Make a 1st deposit of €/$250 and you will receive a €/$250 bonus.
  • Make a 2nd deposit of €/$1000 and you will receive a €/$250 bonus.
  • Make a 3rd deposit of €/$1000 and you will receive a €/$500 bonus.

In the case of this bonus offer from Betway, it’s one that you can earn for slots without having to put in a deposit for it. The bonus is actually earned when you’re playing a roulette at Betway. You’ll get the bonus whenever you make a straight bet (one number on the wheel) and you hit it during the given time period, after you’ve first opted into this promotion.

If all that takes place, you’ll get a bonus of $5 (or euros or pounds) to use at the site. This bonus will be attached to a 30x wagering requirement. But we like it because Betway is letting you use this for slots even as a kind of sidelight to your roulette play. And it doesn’t require anything added on your part in terms of more money deposited.

Bodog Casino – 100% Up To C$600

Welcome bonuses are generally the most robust offered by Canada online casinos, since those sites will be trying to get your business. As a result, they’ll usually offer you something right off the bat that you can’t really get once you’ve been at a site for a whole. Bodog does something similar to that its welcome offer to its new customers.

Bodog Bonus

Bodog does a nice job letting you hit the ground running with a 100% bonus on initial deposits up to $600. It can be used anywhere in the sportsbook or casino. As a result, if you wanted to earn a little bit of a boost to your Canada slots bottom line right off the bat, this is an excellent way to do that.

Casino Tropez – 100% Up To C$3,000

At Casino Tropez, there are a number of ways that you can indulge in a Canadian slots bonus. First of all, you can earn a 100% bonus on your first deposit up to € 100. From there on out, you can get another 100% match on deposits of up to € 150 for the next 11 months, which, with loyalty bonuses factored in, makes it worth up to € 3,000.

If you’re looking for something that’s more specifically tailored to Canada online slots, try out the Free Spins Tuesday promotion at Casino Tropez. With this one, you get up to 60 free spins to be used on their wide variety of online slots each week. It’s great for online slot players no matter how you slice it.

Jackpot City – 100% Up To C$1,600

Jackpot City also does a fine job with slot promotions, especially those tailored directly to Canadian customers. They also give you a great incentive to get started with a robust welcome bonus. And it will give you up to $1,600 in free bets over the span of it.

Jackpot City Bonus

How it works is that you can use the Jackpot City welcome bonus over the course of four separate deposits. For each one, you can deposit up to $400, and the casino will match every cent of it. Even with a relatively high playthrough requirement of 70x, you can still get a lot of free slots play on the house, so to speak, with this promotion.

Spin Casino – 100% Up To C$1,000

Again, here is a casino that knows the importance of its Canadian slots players and includes a link on their page just for promotions to those customers. That should make Canadian players feel right at home and welcomed. And when they see what they can get from Spin Casino for nothing, they’ll likely be getting ready to fire up some slots play in the very near future.

The Spin Casino also yields a match bonus for up to three deposits, coming out to a total of $1,000.

Obviously, there are rollover requirement that you’ll have to fulfill. But you don’t have to worry about that if you’re going to be a regular player, as you’ll have no problems meeting it, and you also don’t lose anything if you don’t quite get to the playthrough total.

How to Get Started Playing Online Slot Machines in Canada

If you’re new to online gambling, the process can me a little scary at first, but you’ll find it’s actually quite easy to get rolling. These Canada slots sites want your business, and they’re not going to make it hopelessly hard for you to get your action. Still, if you’re a bit unsure of yourself, we’re here to help you with this handy, dandy guide to get you every step of the way.

Answering Questions About Playing Slots Online in Canada

Is It Legal to Play Online Slots in Canada?

The key here is the word “play.” If you were to try to operate an online casino in the country of Canada without a license, you could be prosecuted under the Criminal Code of Canada. But online players need not worry about gambling at Canadian slots websites since the bettor is never the target of any criminal investigation. If you’re interested in learning more, check out the page linked below.

What Are the Best Sites of Online Slots in Canada?

We suggest using sites that have been personally recommended by online gamblers and have developed an excellent brand name in the industry. And we think that you should check for all the qualities listed above in the section about choosing Canadian slots sites and head back up to the the top of this page to see our top Canada online casinos for slots.

Should I Join Multiple Sites for Canadian Online Slots?

We think it’s a good idea if you join multiple sites, as long as you’re vetting any site that you decide to use very carefully. The perks of choosing multiple online slots sites in Canada is that you can take advantage of more bonuses that way. And that in turn can help you minimize the house edge evident in online slots games.

What Are the Most Popular Slots Games in Canada?

While the numbers tend to fluctuate, popular slots games in the country tend to be those that offer the highest payback and most lucrative jackpots. As we told you above, some slots with a Canadian connection include Ice Hockey Slots, Canadian Wild and Niagara Falls. For those looking for the geographical tie-ins, it’s hard to top this trio of games.

Can I Play Online Slots for Free in Canada?

You can find many sites that offer free play for Canadian online slots, but you have to realize that you can’t win any payback at such sites. If you want to win real money, you have to bet real money from a gambling account. One reason people like to play free slots is that it lets them get a feel for games that they might want to try for real sometime down the line.

What Is Rollover When It Comes to Canadian Slots Bonuses?

Rollover is the amount that you must bet from your bonus before you get to withdraw anything related to the bonus. To calculate it, simply multiple the rollover multiple by the sum of the bonus and the deposit. For example, a 30x multiplier on a $100 deposit matched with another $100 would be 30 X (100 + 100), which comes to $6,000.