Top Android Casinos in 2021

Mobile devices have taken over our lives. While many people complain that
this is too invasive, most of us feel that the mobile phone has improved our
ability to function as humans. With so many activities and so much information
in the palms of our hands, it’s hard to imagine a time when we needed to
actually go to a computer to find the answer to a question.

While the Apple mobile products get the lion’s share of the press, you may be
surprised to find out that they are dwarfed in market share globally by devices
running the Android operating system. This means that more people use an Android
device than any other. From a gambling perspective, mobile devices have opened
the door to taking casino games on the move, which means the potential for far
more revenue for the operators and software suppliers. Android casinos have
become very popular in the last few years, so we thought we would spend some
time bringing you up to speed on that part of the industry.

After looking at all the criteria we use to evaluate Android casinos, you can
imagine we have a serious handle on which are the best casinos for our readers.
We are completely and brutally honest when we review a casino, as our reputation
is also at stake. So, if you want to find the best Android casino to play, you
need to look no further than the list below, which highlights some of our
top-rated brands.

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What Is Android and Why Is It on My Phone?

The devices that you have in your pockets and on your coffee table are
essentially all miniature computers disguised as phones and tablets. Similar to
PCs and laptops, these smartphones need an operating system to function,
controlling everything from the telephone operation to managing the memory, all
the apps downloaded, and accessing data from the internet.

The Android operating system was one of the first of its kind and was
developed in the United States in 2003. As the mobile market started to grow
exponentially, it attracted the attention of some of largest companies in the
tech world, including Google. Google decided that they wanted to enter the
market, but they realized that it was much easier to acquire than to try to
catch up building something of their own. In 2005, Google purchased Android for
an estimated 50 million dollars.

Now that it was in Google’s possession, the question was what to do with it.
There were several phone manufacturers out there, and companies like Blackberry
and Apple were building proprietary systems so they could focus on unique
features. Google had a crazy idea: what if the base functionality (everything
needed to run a smartphone from the back end) was the same across manufacturers
and all open source so that those manufacturers could build upon it whatever
features they wanted? It seemed like a great idea, so off Google went to present
this to multiple smartphone companies. The end result was an agreement between
Samsung, Motorola, and HTC to all use the Android base operating system, with
each individual company building its own personal front end.

This allowed Android to end up on the devices of more than half the mobile
users on the planet. Some other smaller manufacturers also came on board, and to
this day, there continue to be more Android users than any other operating
system (sorry, Apple).

What Types of Android Casinos Are There?

Casinos on Android really come in two different forms. In theory, the games
you see at each style of casino are the same, but there are some subtle
differences, so let’s break them both down for you here.

Browser-Based Android Casinos

All Android devices are equipped with browser software which allows you to
access the internet. There are also several third-party browsers that you can
download if you don’t like the default on your device or if you already have a
preference from a previous phone or tablet.

When you access a casino using a browser, what you are doing is logging into
a mobile-formatted version of the casino website. Now, to fit all the
information you find on a casino site onto the size of a mobile screen can be
difficult, so in many cases, the site will create a bare-bones version for
mobile users. This will typically have a log-in screen along with maybe a few
promotions pages, with all other information left on the main site.

The games lobby of a browser-based Android casino is also going to look
different than the version you may be used to on a PC. However, you are going to
see the majority of the titles in the mobile lobby, with perhaps only a few
exceptions. The casino software companies have been working for years to ensure
all their games are compatible with Android devices, and even though there are
new devices each year, the dimensions of the games remain pretty standard.

Once you have pulled up the casino site on your Android browser and have
confirmed your login credentials, you can bring up your favorite slot machine or
table game and start playing!

Android Casino Apps

These days, it feels like everything we do happens through an app on our
phone. While this is a slight exaggeration, the app world has taken off, and it
is truly the future of how we will interact with our devices and the internet.
Th gaming world has wanted to be a part of the app world for ages, but given the
nature of the business, companies like Android have been resistant to allowing
real money gambling apps in their app stores.

These days, Android is much more lenient when it comes to casino apps. In
fact, if you search for casinos in the Google Play store, you will be met with
dozens of options. Android has definitely been more proactive in this market
than their competitors. For the casino operators, that means that they will be
turning to their software suppliers to gain access to apps that may or may not
yet be built.

There are some restrictions on who can download casino apps to an Android
device. These are based on the individual regulations in the country from which
someone is trying to download. If you live in the United States, for example,
you will not find any real money apps in the Google Play store due to the
country’s stance on online gambling. UK residents, on the other extreme, will
find a ton of excellent gambling apps in their version of the store because
gambling is woven into the fabric of that nation.

An Android casino app differs from a browser-based casino in that you will
download a piece of software to your local device. This software contains many
of the graphical elements for the lobby and the games, which means that there is
less data that has to be passed back and forth over the internet connection. You
download the app you want, then when it is installed, you are brought to a
log-in screen, followed by a menu screen which will give you access to more
static information than you would find at the browser-based casino. The lobby
screen will reveal a list of available games, but when you get past all the
navigation, the games you play in an Android casino app will be the exact same
as those found in your browser. The games are built by the same suppliers; it is
just a different delivery method.

We think that apps are going to be the most popular way that gamblers access
games in the future, and with that in mind, we have done a deeper dive into the
app side of the Android casino business.

What to Look for in an Android Casino?

We review as many casinos as we can find, and during that review, we spend a
significant amount of time on the compatibility of the casino with Android
devices. Aside from determining what type of Android casino is offered, we also
take other factors into consideration when rating our casinos for Android users.

Game Selection

We discussed in the last section that most casinos fully replicate their PC
versions of the games on Android devices. However, there are instances where a
casino will only provide a selection of games to their mobile users, and we
wouldn’t want our Android readers to find that the games they love are not
available for their mobile phone. High marks are given to sites that have a full
roster of games when we check from an Android device.


Similar to game selection, the type of bonuses being offered at Android
casinos can have an impact on the overall player experience. The first thing
that we check for is whether or not players who use their Android devices for
depositing money get access to the same bonus codes as those who play from a PC.
If this isn’t the case, then we recommend a player try another casino or make
their deposits from a PC before logging in from the device.

When a casino launches a new mobile game, they often run a limited-time
promotion for players who play on Android devices.

This will typically be a
deposit bonus or set of free spins that are only valid for the new title.
Sometimes casinos don’t advertise these bonuses, and you need to log onto the
site from your device to be sent the message about the offer.

Finally, some Android casino apps will reward players just for opening the
app every day. These loyalty promotions come in the form of micro-bonuses, free
chips, or free spins. If you turn on the notifications from an Android casino
app, you may find that the site pushes you incentives to open an app on a
particular day.


When Android users are playing real money games on their devices, and
something goes wrong, they want to find someone who can help them as quickly as
possible. As they are likely not near a PC, a casino should have support methods
built into the mobile site or app. This starts with a series of frequently asked
questions that should be listed in the app or easy to find on the browser.
Failing that, all sites should have access to a live chat function that will
allow players to access an agent in real time via the device. Failing that, we
give high marks to sites that provide a telephone number (a bonus if that number
is toll-free!) so that players can just switch to their phone and call a support


Whether we like it or not, the mobile phone has changed the way the world
works. With the majority of mobile users on the Android platform, that means a
lot of potential online gamblers have casinos in their pockets now. Casino
software providers continue to develop with Android users in mind, and whether
it is via an app or through the mobile browsers, the is no slowing down the
growth of this segment of the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Android Casinos Safe?

The Android operating system has built-in security protocols that work to
protect user privacy, and these protocols work on the gaming side of the
business as well. Your casino of choice will have its own set of security in
place, and you will want to find a site that is licensed by one of the legal
online gambling jurisdictions to further protect yourself. No device is
completely safe, of course, so you should never save your password for your
casino account on the phone nor should you use banking information that isn’t
delivered through a secure layer.

Which Is Better: Browser or App?

There really is no right answer to this question, as it comes down to
personal preference. Some players swear that the games they play via Android app
are faster than the ones played in a browser. We don’t actually think that is
the case, at least not to a degree that is noticeable, because information still
has to pass through the same internet connection in both formats. The only thing
that we might say is that if you don’t want to take up space on your device with
the downloadable app, then you may be better off using the browser-based version
of the game.

Does using an Android Casino drain my battery faster?

Using any app on a device drains the battery. Because there is constant
communication between the casino and the server during gameplay, there may be a
higher-than-normal battery usage, but it won’t be as bad as the apps that are
constantly refreshing in the background even when the app isn’t being used.