Common Mistakes to Avoid in the Casino

Here at, we are big believers that everyone should give
casino games a try. These days, it is easier than ever before. With all the
online casinos that you can access from your own home, you don’t need to go to a
live property to try some games. In fact, our review section has you covered
with reviews of all the best casinos you can find online.

You can also learn about any of the games online, through a series of guides
and tutorials. We have a full team of casino experts on our staff who have built
a section devoted to teaching players about casino games.

However, there are still some common pitfalls that can occur when gambling
both online and live, and that is what this page is all about. We are going to
cover some of the most common mistakes made by players so that you can watch for
them when you or your friends are playing. This way, you can ensure you are all
going to have fun, which is the main reason to play these games in the first

Following Systems

Let’s start with the idea of systems when gambling. Now, you may talk to
players at a table or anywhere about gambling, and they will give a speech about
the “system” they use when playing a particular game. They’ll tell you it is
fool-proof and that they have been using it for years, etc. What they won’t tell
you is their overall profit and loss numbers at those games.

There is a big difference between strategy and systems. One is based on math
and probabilities to try to give you an edge against the house. You can read all
about casino strategies here (insert link to strategy page). Systems are nothing
like this, tending to be more about superstition than anything else.

Following a system may be something you choose to do, but we are certain that
it will not give you a mathematical edge against the casino. These are games of
chance, and playing to the perfect strategy is the best way to give yourself a
chance of winning.

Chasing Losses

One of the most common “systems” that someone will use is to chase losses by
doubling bets. Well, this is certainly a recipe for disaster. First of all, you
will have to have a significant bankroll to continually double your bet. Also,
the table you are playing at will likely have a betting limit per hand, which
means you may max out and not be able to double until you are even. These
casinos aren’t stupid; they know that this math would give anyone who has the
money and stomach to make it through a tough stretch the chance to end up
winning it all back in the end.

Chasing your losses is a terrible way to manage your bankroll.

You should be starting with a number in your head that you are comfortable (if unhappy)
losing. From there, back things up to how you are playing, and remember that
each game has a set of odds…if you play consistently, and by the proper
strategy, you will get to that number in the long run.

Misplaying Hands

This is a mistake that can be made by all players, regardless of what level
of gambling experience they may have. Every hand you play in a casino is
spending your hard-earned money, so you definitely don’t want to make a simple
error that could cost you cash, right?

Now, misplaying hands can be due to a couple of main reasons. First, you may
not know the rules of the game. This can easily be fixed by reading our games
guides, or if you are confused during a hand, then you can likely ask the dealer
for an understanding of the rules. However, the dealer cannot give you strategy,
outside of what the house rules are for playing hands.

The other main reason that players misplay hands is distraction. You need to
focus on the hand you are playing, not on things like the other players at the
table, the game on the TV, or whatever is going on around you. This is real
money we are talking about here – stay focused, and be distracted when your turn
to play is over. There is a lot of downtime between action, so you should be
able to stay in the moment when it is your turn to play.

Betting Too Large

This is another big mistake that players make both online and in land-based
casinos. As we mentioned above, managing your bankroll is crucial to your
longevity as a player and also to your state of mind. When you decide what your
bankroll is for a session, then you need to adjust your stakes levels
accordingly. One simple rule of thumb when it comes to your bankroll is this:

Never bet more than 10% of your bankroll on one hand.

Now, you can adjust this up and down a little, but we think you should feel
comfortable with only 10% of your bankroll in play at any given time. This gives
you a chance to play unless you happen to lose 10 straight hands, and if that
happens, then maybe it wasn’t your day in the first place. All too often, we see
players with a couple hundred dollars playing hands of $50 blackjack, not
realizing that you need a bankroll to be able to survive the downswings.


We talk a lot about managing the amount of money you are comfortable losing
at a casino, but we rarely discuss how much you are willing to stop and walk
away with! Gambling is tough – the odds are against you as soon as you sit down
at the table. However, there will be moments when you are ahead of the house,
and this is when greed takes over. You have all heard about it or even
experienced it yourself – getting up a big amount, then doubling down to try to
win the big score, only to give it all back and then some.

We think that as a general rule, when you walk into a casino, you should have
a “walk away” number for both losses and wins. Yes, this means you may end your
gambling session early if you go on a hot streak to start, but isn’t the pocket
full of cash incentive enough to end the gambling portion of the evening? Give
it a try – you will be pleasantly surprised at the results.


This is far more likely in a land-based casino, as when you are playing
online, you will be heading down to your own fridge or bar. When you are playing
in places like Las Vegas, you can easily be over-served, and this can lead to
major losses at the table. Having some cocktails to loosen up is one thing, but
having enough to impair your judgment can end up in adding more losses than you
may have had in a clearer state of mind.

Try to stick to a limit of cocktails when you are at the tables – your head
and your wallet will thank you in the morning!

Berating Players and Dealers

Playing casino games is meant to be a form of entertainment (as we mentioned,
the odds are not in your favor), but we also get how stressful it can be when
you are on a losing streak. However, this does not excuse poor behavior towards
fellow players and dealers. Let’s face it – no one put a gun to your head and
forced you to gamble, so there is no blame to be placed except internally. Also,
the games are played between the house and the individual, so blaming other
players at the table is just petty.

When you are on a losing streak, you need to use some self-control. We have a
full page on how to implement some self-control strategies, which would come in
very handy in situations like this.

Overall, we want all of our readers to have an enjoyable experience, whether
you choose to play your casino games from your PC or in a live casino
environment. Knowing how to avoid common mistakes like the ones we have outlined
above will go a long way in promoting a positive experience, and that will keep
you a happy gambler for many years to come!

If you have thoughts on casino mistakes that you would like us to add to this
page, please email us and let us know! We are a community, and everyone helping
each other will make us all the better in the long run.