Learning the Uston SS System for Blackjack Card Counting

Blackjack CardsThe Uston SS system is one of the more accurate card counting systems available, which is why many folks turn to it. However, the increased accuracy comes due to a much more complex counting system than many others. But, if you’re up for the challenge of learning this advanced card counting system, you’ll be rewarded with higher accuracy.

For those of you thinking that the Uston SS system might be the one you’d like to use when playing blackjack, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve established this page to help you gather up all the knowledge you need on the system. Below, we’ll walk you through how the system works, how you can practice it, how you can avoid getting caught, and more!

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Understanding the Basics of the Uston SS System

To ensure you’ve got a good understanding of the system first, we wanted to cover some basics before we get into more advanced portions of the system. Below, you’ll find explanations of the core ideas behind the Uston SS system that will make it easier for you to understand and learn how to use this method.

Running Count

The central portion of the Uston SS system is what’s called a running count. This count is what will help you decide how to size your bets when it’s your turn to wager. To calculate the running count, you’ll add up the assigned values for each card as you see them. Don’t worry; we’ll go into more detail on how you’ll do this in the next section below.

Starting Value

With many other card counting systems, you simply start your count with a value of zero. However, since the Uston SS system is an unbalanced system, you’ll need to calculate your starting value. By doing this, it will avoid the need for you to calculate a true count later.

Luckily, calculating your starting count is very easy. To do it, you’ll multiply the number of decks you think are still in play by -2.

For example, if you believe there are 6 decks left in the shoe, your starting count would be -12 (6 multiplied by -2). You’ll then add each card’s value to this value to create your running count.

True Count

If you’ve studied other card counting methods before, then you’re most likely familiar with the idea of a true count. Many other systems require a true count calculation to be done in order to offset the number of decks in play. However, since the Uston SS system has users offset things with their starting count, there’s no need to worry with calculating a true count. Instead, your running count will be the figure that you’ll use for betting guidance.


In general, the goal of the Uston SS System is to help you know when you should bet a little or a lot on your blackjack hands. Whenever your count is low or negative, the system will signal to you that you should bet as little money as possible because it’s less likely you’ll get a blackjack. Alternatively, whenever your count is high, it will signal for you to bet more money since you have higher chances of getting blackjack.

Counting Cards with the Uston SS System

With the basics now out of the way, let’s dive into how you’ll use the Uston SS system to count cards. Up first, we’ve included a chart below that showcases the card values you’ll need to know to use this system. You’ll want to memorize these values as they’ll be vital to getting an edge over the casino.

Start with a count of 0, and when you see a:

  • A, K, Q, J, or 10: Subtract 2 from your running count
  • 9: Subtract 1 from your running count
  • 8: Do nothing (Worth 0)
  • 7: Add 1 to your running count
  • 2, 3, 4, or 6: Add 2 to your running count
  • 5: Add 3 to your running count

Before you begin card counting using this method, you’ll need to adjust your starting count. As a reminder, you’ll do this by multiplying the number of decks estimated to be in the shoe by -2. Once this is calculated, you’ll simply begin to add the card values to it per the figures in the chart above. Continue this process until the cards are shuffled.

As we mentioned above, one of the great selling points of the Uston SS system is that it doesn’t require users to make a true count calculation. Since it’s an unbalanced system, this step is not necessary and saves folks from needing to do often difficult division in their head. Instead, you’ll use your current running count to give you guidance on how much you should wager.

In the next section, we’ll give you detailed instruction on how you’ll use the running count to size your bets.

Finally, there’s one last thing you’ll need to keep in mind when using the Uston SS system. Whenever the dealer shuffles the cards, you’ll need to reset your running count. To do this, multiply the number of estimated decks being used at the table by -2. Then, continue to tabulate your running count using the values in the chart above.

How to Size Your Bets Using the Uston SS System

Unlike many of the other card counting systems in existence, the Uston SS System doesn’t require you to calculate a true count to size your bets correctly. Instead, you’ll use your current running count to give you guidance on how you should wager. Below, we’ll discuss two different ways you can size your wagers when using this method.

Up first, the easiest route is simply to use your current running count as a multiplier of the table minimum. For example, if you’re playing at a $20 minimum table and your running count is at 3, you’d bet $60 on your next hand. Using this path, you’d bet the table minimum if your count is +1 or less. It’s only when it gets to be +2 or higher that you’d begin to multiply the table minimum bet amount.

Another way to size your bets with the Uston SS system is to create a tiered system. With this format, you’ll create buckets.

For example, you might say that if your count is +2 or +3 that you’ll wager 2x the table minimum. Then, if your count is +4 or +5, you’ll wager 3x the table minimum.

Under this setup, your betting won’t be quite as aggressive as the idea we provided in the paragraph above.

It’s ultimately your call how you’d like to size your bets. You can use one of our suggestions above or create your own betting system that works for you. Just don’t forget the general idea that you want to bet higher amounts as your count gets higher and lower amounts as your count is lower.

How to Practice the Uston SS System

In this section, we’re going to provide you with practical tips you can use to begin practicing the Uston SS system. If you’ve never counted cards before, it’s essential you take some time to practice before you head off to the casino to use it in real life. By following our practice tips below, you’ll be ready to use this method very quickly.

Start Counting a Full Deck

To begin your practice of the Uston SS system, you’ll first need to start with counting a full deck. Here, you’ll deal yourself one card from the deck at the time. As each card is exposed, you’ll assign it the value from the chart above and then add that to your running count. You’ll repeat this process until you’ve run through all 52 cards in the deck. By executing this process many times over, you’ll get yourself used to the proper use of the Uston SS System.

Time Your Counts

After you’ve run through an entire deck a couple of times, try timing yourself. The goal will be to record the time it takes you to count the whole deck and then work to improve your time. See if you can reduce your future time to less than half of your initial time. By doing this, you’ll track your progress of learning how to use the Uston SS system.

Count Cards in Pairs

Once you feel like you’ve got the hang of counting a deck one card at a time, try your hand counting two cards at a time. By perfecting this level, you’ll speed up the time at which you can count a deck. Overall, this will make you more efficient when counting cards at a casino.

Instead of dealing one card, deal out two. Then, quickly add up their combined values in your head. Finally, you’ll add that value to your running count and move on to the next two cards. Repeat this practice step until you feel like you’re smooth with the new process.

Add Some Distractions

To up your card counting skills even more, it’s time for you to add in some distractions. Since casinos are not quiet and calm places, you’ll want to introduce some distractions at home while you count to help prepare yourself for what’s coming in a casino.

First, try turning on the radio while you count cards. See how long it takes for you to count an entire deck with the radio on in the background. Then, also try turning on your television. Time yourself again and make sure that it’s not taking you too long to run through the entire deck.

Have a Friend Watch You

Next, you’ll want to have a friend help you out. The goal of this round of practice is for them to help you identify any tells you might be giving off while you practice the Uston SS system. For example, if you’re furrowing your brow or counting under your breath, these are both things that a dealer will most likely catch on to. Whatever your friend identifies, work to eliminate that tell so that it’s less likely for you to get caught by casino employees.

Count at a Casino

Once you feel like you’re in a good spot with your counting ability, head on over to your nearest casino. For this next round of practice, you’ll count cards in a real casino setting. The goal here is to help you ensure that you’re able to keep up with the running count despite all the casino distractions around you.

You won’t be playing the game for money yourself yet. Instead, you’ll watch a table of other players. As the action happens, practice your running count. Once you feel like you can execute everything smoothly in this setting, you can move on to the next step.

Find a Low Stakes Table

Once you feel comfortable enough to the point that you’re ready to wager money using the system, head back to one of your local casinos. To get started, be sure to find a low stakes table.

It’s a great idea to begin with lower stakes so you don’t have much on the line if you make mistakes while you’re implementing the system. As you get more comfortable using the Uston SS system, you can then work your way up to higher stakes tables.

Top 10 Ways to Not Get Caught Blackjack Card Counting

Up next, we wanted to give you some pointers so you don’t get caught by the casino when you’re counting cards. Below, you’ll find our top 10 tips to help you not get caught when using the Uston SS System.

  1. Don’t forget to tip: A classic signal to dealers of a potential card counter is non-tipping. To help fly under the radar, be sure to toss the dealer a tip here and there so you are not put under added scrutiny. Try to tip at least once or twice every hour you’re playing.
  2. Play at different casinos: Instead of playing at the same casino all the time, aim to play at different ones as much as possible. While this may be difficult for some folks with a limited selection of casinos near their home, it’s worth practicing if you can. By doing this, you’ll play with many more casino employees, which will lessen your chances of getting caught.
  3. Play at different times: It’s also an excellent idea to play at different times. Even if you’re playing at various casinos, different times will allow you also to lessen the likelihood of getting caught. Using this tip, you’ll expose yourself to a much broader assortment of casino employees.
  4. Change up tables: If you’re going to play at a casino for an extended period, be sure that you change tables every once and awhile. The goal here is to change up the casino staff that’s got eyes on you so that it lessens the chance they catch on to your card counting.
  5. Never play with one dealer for too long: While you might have a select few dealers that you love playing with, you should never play with them for an extended period. The longer that you play with one dealer, the higher the chances are that they can catch on to one of your body tells while counting cards.
  6. Limit your alcohol consumption: While you don’t have to be stone cold sober, you should ensure that you’re not heavily under the influence of alcohol. If you’ve had too much to drink, you’ll be more likely to make poor decisions and have a hard time keeping up with your counts while using the Uston SS system. We’d suggest one drink or less per hour if you’re planning to count cards.
  7. Don’t overthink: While implementing the Uston SS System, it’s vital that you don’t think too hard. If you do, you’ll be more likely to give off body tells like a furrowed brow. Don’t forget to practice with a friend to ensure you’re not giving off tells while counting cards.
  8. Don’t advise other players: Even if you feel like you’ve got the Uston SS system dialed in correctly, something you should never do is advise the other players at your table. If you give out advice, it will immediately draw the attention of the dealer. By keeping the tips to yourself, you’ll be less likely to get caught while card counting.
  9. Are you being watched?: If you ever feel like you’re being watched by casino employees more than is typical, it’s probably time to call it quits for the day. This could be a sign that they are on to you as a card counter. Wrap things up and try again on another day.
  10. Watch your bet spread: When using the Uston SS system, it’s possible that your count may suggest a massive bet whenever your chances are high to get a blackjack. However, it’s smart not to make your bets too large. In general, we’d suggest always keeping your most massive bets to less than 5x the table minimum. By wagering more than that, you’re likely to get extra scrutiny from the dealer.

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Uston SS System FAQ

Some of you might still have some unanswered questions after reading all the information that we’ve provided above. If that’s you, then be sure to scan the FAQ section below. Here, we’ve gathered up a small collection of questions that we commonly hear from readers about the Uston SS system. Just click on the question if you’d like to view the answer to it.

Can I Use the Uston SS System for Online Blackjack?

If you’re planning to play live dealer online blackjack, then you most likely will be able to implement the Uston SS system. Since you should have visibility to the table, cards, and the shuffler, you’ll be able to count cards using this system.

Folks planning to play traditional online blackjack will not be able to utilize the system. Since this format of the game often includes an automatic shuffle of the cards after every hand, it’s impossible to establish a pattern in the deck of cards.

Is the Uston SS System the Best Card Counting Method?

The Uston SS system is one of the more accurate methods of card counting available. If you’re looking for a precise system, this one might be right for you. However, you need to make sure that you can keep up with the complex counts required for this system.

Is It Illegal to Use the Uston SS System?

As long as you’re only using your mind to execute the Uston SS system, you’re not doing anything illegal no matter where you live. That said, if you do use a device like a calculator or your phone to help you use the system, you might be breaking the law depending on where you’re playing.

Keep in mind that while not illegal, casinos don’t like card counting. The reason behind this is that casinos are more likely to lose money to card counters. So that you don’t get asked to leave for suspicion of counting cards, be sure to read our ten tips above on how you can avoid getting caught using the system.

Will I Definitely Win at Blackjack Using This System?

Unfortunately, the Uston SS doesn’t make you a sure winner. The same can be said about any card counting method. What’s important, however, is that proper use of the Uston SS system will give you the opportunity to get a leg up on the casino. Over the long haul, this means you’ll have a higher likelihood of making a small profit while playing blackjack. .

Is This the Right Card Counting System for Me?

The Uston SS system is a good fit for individuals looking for a more advanced blackjack card counting system. Due to the more complex counting required, it’s not the best method for individuals looking for a simple system to use. However, if you’re up for the slightly more challenging count, you’ll benefit from a higher level of accuracy compared to other more straightforward card counting systems.

If this is the first blackjack card counting method you’ve investigated, we’d urge you to learn about some other options before deciding if this one is right for you. By checking into some other options, you should be able to get a feel for which system you’ll be able to quickly learn and actually implement in a real-life casino.

Conclusion on the Uston SS System

Hopefully, you’ve learned everything you were hoping to and more about the Uston SS card counting system. For those of you that are new to our website, what you’ve found here today is just a small sampling of the great content we have to offer you.

This website is filled with tons of helpful gambling guides that will allow you to elevate your skills. Be sure to check out the site and see how else we can help you get more out of your gambling.

Thanks for reading, and best of luck with your future use of the Uston SS system!