The Complete Guide to Online Blackjack

If you ask a handful of people what their favorite casino game to play is,
chances are a lot of them are going to tell you blackjack. The game provides a
fun and exhilarating betting experience coupled with one of the lowest casino
house edges. In the old days, if you wanted to play blackjack you had to go to
the casino. Unfortunately, this limited a lot of people from being able to play
due to proximity, lack of convenience, and sometimes just overcrowded tables.

The game changed when online casinos burst onto the scene several decades
ago. Now, anyone in the world with access to a computer or smart device and an
internet connection can play blackjack without stepping foot outside of their
home, school, or office. This newly utilized technology provides a top-notch
blackjack experience available within seconds to anyone, anywhere in the world.

If you’ve never tried online blackjack before and are curious what it’s all
about, you’re in luck. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide detailing
everything you could ever want to know about online blackjack and more. We’ll
walk you through how to get started and what sites are the best to play at, the
different types of online blackjack you have to choose from, strategy tips for
playing online, and information on playing from the US and the different
software providers worldwide.

The Top Online Blackjack Sites

Without a doubt, some of you are just making a quick stop here to find the
best places online with blackjack action. If you’ve already made your decision
to give it a go, awesome! We don’t want to hold you up, so what we’ve done is
compile a list of our favorite online blackjack sites. These sites are the top
providers available with the best action, the top bonuses, and the most
trustworthy and reliable sites. No site can ever pay to be on this list, and we
never allow any site to do anything for a better recommendation. You can
confidently trust that these sites are just the best the web currently has to

We also want to point out that we regularly update this list as better
options present themselves or as current options start slacking. We want to make
sure that you are always playing at the best online casino possible and getting
the most out of your online gambling experience.

Getting Started with Online Blackjack

Picking out an online casino to play at is your first step to getting
started. Typically, that can be the most exhaustive part of the process as there
are hundreds of sites to choose from. Luckily, we’ve provided an awesome list
above that should already have this squared away for you. Yes, we think our list
is awesome!

What’s the next step after you pick out a site to play at? Well, we want to
walk you through that now to make sure that you’re getting the best possible
experience possible. Here is the complete list of steps to getting started
playing online blackjack today.

Step 1 – Select a trustworthy online casino to play at

We’ve already covered this
in the step above. Any of the options on that list will provide the best action,
the nicest graphics, and most importantly a trustworthy and safe experience.

Step 2 – Create an account and make sure to take note of any bonus offers

Most of the sites on that list will offer you a bonus just for signing up and making a
deposit. The links above will automatically credit you with these bonuses; you
just need to make sure you understand how they work and how to take full
advantage of them. We recommend taking a few minutes and just reading through
the bonus information on the site before you get started.

Step 3 – Start with play money

Even if you came here to play real money blackjack
online, you need to start with play money for at least a few minutes. Why? Well,
you need to become accustomed to how the software works especially if this is
your first time playing online. You need to know how to hit, how to stand, how
to surrender, and how to split. You also need to know how to bet and how to
change your bet amount. Thankfully, most of this will be very self-explanatory,
but you’ll be much more relaxed learning that where a mistake won’t cost you any
money. Hit the play money tables for a few minutes until you are comfortable
with all of the controls and then you can move to the real money tables when you
are ready.

Step 4 – Start with small bets for real money

We’re not here to tell you how much
to bet or anything like that. What we will recommend, though, is that you start
out small and work your way up to your normal bet size. This will allow you to
become more accustomed to the experience and make sure you’re getting as much
fun out of betting online as you hoped you would.

Step 5 – Win!

Of course, the house will always have the edge, but that doesn’t mean
that you can’t walk away a winner. Get your favorite lucky rabbit’s foot or four
leaf clover and have some fun and hopefully win some money!

Types of Online Blackjack

When you play blackjack online, you have several different options for the
format you choose to play. Each format is going to offer you something a little
different in terms of experience. No option is really better than the other. It
all comes down to your personal preference and which experience lets you have
the most fun.

We’ll discuss the four main types of online blackjack below. You’ll notice
that we are referring to experience types and not game variations. Each site we
recommended above has tons of different game variations that fall within these
four different types of experiences.

Traditional Blackjack

When we refer to traditional blackjack, we’re usually referring to what most
people think of when they think of online blackjack. You’ll have your very own
table, and you’ll have your cards dealt to you by a machine. The graphics will
usually be pretty good, and this will mirror a “basic” online blackjack

One of the biggest perks of this format is that you typically have your own
table and can play at your own speed. You don’t have to wait on other players,
or you won’t feel rushed to go any quicker than you want to. If you want to play
100 mph to get those gambling juices flowing, go for it! If you’re looking to
relax or maybe learn basic strategy by looking everything up on a chart, that’s
okay too.

Live Dealer Blackjack

For those of you who want to experience the social interaction of a real
dealer that you would get in the land-based casino with the conveniences of the
online casino, you’re in luck. Online casinos have begun setting up tables with
dealers in real casinos around the world. They then connect those tables to the
internet via cameras and streaming technology.

When you log into your online casino from your house, you’ll see a real
table, with real cards, and a real dealer. You’ll make all of your decisions
from your computer and then get to see them play out in real life via the camera
streaming technology. In addition, if you’re someone who enjoys people who are
easy on the eyes (attractive), most of the dealers employed by the online
casinos fit that bill. In other words, the dealers are hot.

Mobile Blackjack

For some of you, you love the idea of being able to gamble on the go. Maybe
you’re sitting and waiting for a meeting, waiting at the airport, or sitting on
the couch at a buddy’s house and you want to get your gamble on. This is where
mobile blackjack comes in. Not only can you now play blackjack from home on your
computer, but you can now play on mobile phone or tablet anywhere that you have
an internet connection. You can sneak a few hands in or put in a nice long
session from anywhere in the world that you have access to the internet and a
smart device.

Free Online Blackjack

If you’re just looking to get a little free practice in before hitting the
brick and mortar casino or you want to give online blackjack a try for free
first, you’re in luck. All of the sites that we recommended above offer free
online blackjack. You can play for as long or as short as you want without
depositing a cent or having to put in any payment information.

This is a great way to get acclimated to the online gambling process and see
if it’s something that you might be interested in playing for real. It’s also a
great way to practice your strategies and systems for when you play for real

Online Blackjack Strategy

Even though the house will always have the edge when it comes to blackjack,
this doesn’t mean that you can’t walk away from the tables a big winner. There
are systems, tips, and strategies that you can employ that can significantly
lower the house’s advantage and give you a much better shot at making some
money. In the guide below, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know to
give yourself the best chances at winning online blackjack. We highly recommend
that you take a few minutes and read through this guide before you sit down at
the virtual tables for real money.

Online Blackjack from the US

If you’re a gambler from the US that is interested in playing online, you may
have some specific questions. There is always a lot of information floating
around about what is legal and what is not as well as where the best places to
play are and what options you have available to you. A large majority of these
questions we receive come from players within the United States. Because of
this, we’ve put together a dedicated online blackjack guide specifically for
players from the US.

Blackjack Software

Some of you out there love to do a lot of homework before you get involved in
something new. We totally get that and fully understand why you do it. One of
the things that you may be curious about is the different software providers who
provide the online blackjack games to the online casinos. You may be curious who
has the best experience, the best graphics, and the most highly respected games
in the industry. To help with your curiosity and quest for knowledge, we’ve
compiled a list of bios of the top companies offering blackjack games to the
online industry.

The Big Picture

By now, you should feel like an expert on the online world of blackjack.
We’ve given you all of the tools needed to successfully get started playing
blackjack online. Remember, gambling is all about entertainment and having fun.
As long as you are enjoying your time playing and getting your money’s worth,
you’re doing it right. This, of course, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be
trying to walk away a winner! The only thing that can make online blackjack more
fun is winning at online blackjack.

With the tips, tricks and information we’ve
given you in this guide, we’re confident you’ll have the best shot of walking
away from the virtual tables a winner.