Recommended Hotels in Macau

Once a small trading post run by Portugal, Macau has risen to become the world’s biggest casino gambling destination.

Macau is the only Chinese territory where casino gambling is legal. Having access to a Chinese population of over 1.35 billion has helped Macau’s gaming scene explode to 35 casinos.

Like Las Vegas, Macau is constantly looking for ways to add entertainment beyond just gambling. With so much to do in terms of gambling and entertainment, Macau is a very desirable vacation area.

But what casinos should you consider if you’re going to stay here?

Find out as we discuss 7 recommended Macau hotels in terms of their aesthetics, amenities, casino, hotel, location, prices, and service.

Wynn Palace


Wynn Palace

Unveiled in August 2016, Wynn Palace is one of Macau’s newer properties. The outside of this $4.1 billion project has a very sleek image, with glass windows covering the exterior.

The overall look and feel of Wynn Palace has been compared to Las Vegas’ Bellagio, especially due to the Performance Lake located in front. The Performance Lake is a spectacle of water streams shooting in designed flows, drawing gazes from passing tourists.


The key amenities at Wynn Palace include a fitness center, Flower Shop, pool, salon, and spa.

The Pool at Wynn Palace is impressive, with floral patterns on the pool floor and great views of the nearby Performance Lake.

The Flower Shop is also unique with its all white interior, ornate Asian designs, and bounty of gorgeous flowers.

Wynn Palace also has several restaurants that range from casual to fine dining, and over 50 shops in the Wynn Esplanade mall.


As construction closed on Wynn Palace, Steve Wynn was angered to find out that the Macau government only approved 100 tables for the casino, with another 50 allocated by 2018.

“We thought 100 was the minimum, and we planned accordingly and we hired accordingly,’ said Wynn.

At 100 tables, this isn’t the largest casino in Macau, but it provides a solid place to gamble for Wynn Palace visitors.

Hotel Room

Wynn Palace’s hotel stands out because they have the largest regular rooms in the city. Each room comes equipped with a king sized bed, TV screen in the bathroom mirror, and bedside speakers.

Guests in the east facing rooms will have views of the South China Sea, while west facing rooms can see the Performance Lake and nearby hotels.

The hotel also features five garden villas, although staying at these posh dwellings requires an invitation.


Wynn Palace is the first resort to be built east of the Cotai Strip, so it doesn’t have a prime location. But that will change once MGM Cotai and Lisboa Palace are finished in 2017.

Also, the Macau Light Rail Transit, or LRT, will be finished around 2020, which will make it easier to get from Wynn Palace to the action on the Cotai Strip.

Free shuttles have routes that stop at Wynn Palace, while the airport and ferry terminal are less than a 10 minute drive away.


A double room at Wynn Palace costs $270, or HK$2,100, per night, with free Wi Fi included. This isn’t the cheapest price in Macau, but it’s not bad for the size and quality of rooms.


Wynn Resorts is experienced in the art of fine hotel service, so it’s little surprise that their newest property lives up to this reputation.

The pool staff is especially impressive because they deliver free drinks and snacks to visitors within the hour. You can also expect good service at the fitness center, salon, and spa.

The Venetian Macao



Launched in 2007, The Venetian Macao has become a poster child for grand casino resorts in Macau and beyond.

Spanning 10,500,000 square feet, The Venetian Macao is the world’s seventh largest building by area. This makes way for the world’s biggest casino, along with a large number of shops and restaurants.

The resort’s overall design is fashioned after Venice, Italy. Inside, you’ll see Italian style buildings, canals, and gondolas.


One area where The Venetian Macao really shines is its amenities. Beyond the canals and gondola rides, you’ll find a large spa, four outdoor pools, an indoor pool, the Qube kids’ club, and mini golf.

The Cotai Arena is a 15,000 seat venue that hosts basketball games, tennis matches, boxing, concerts, and televised award shows.

You can also look forward to 850+ stores in the Shoppes at Venetian, along with dozens of fine restaurants.


The Venetian’s gambling floor spans 546,000 square feet, making it the largest in the world. With 800 tables and 3,400 slot machines, this is truly a gambler’s paradise.

You’ll further enjoy how this casino is divided up into several distinct areas, including the Golden Fish, Imperial House, Phoenix, and Red Dragon.

Each room offers its own games and atmosphere, making this feel like several casinos under one roof.

Hotel Room

The hotel has over 2,900 suites, ranging from 70 to 335 square meters. Paiza suites are for VIP guests only, while the Presidente is the largest suite with four bedrooms.

The Famiglia is interesting since it offers a play area and colorful murals for children.

The obvious look that The Venetian is going for with its rooms is Italian elegance. But aside from the Famiglia, most of the suites here are too dark and drab for our tastes.


The Venetian Macao is on the northern end of the Cotai Strip, with a large lake separating it from the main road.

Free shuttle busses and taxis run by The Venetian Macao on a regular basis, giving you quick transportation anywhere in town.


A double room costs $180, or HK$1,400, a night, which includes free Wi Fi. This makes The Venetian Macao one of Macau’s cheaper high class resorts.


This is a 24 / 7 casino resort, so you’ll never be at a loss for room service, a drink, or something to eat.

The service is of course good. The main issue, though, is the swarms of visitors who flock to The Venetian Macao, making it a poor choice for when you want a relaxing getaway.

Four Seasons Hotel Macao


Four Seasons

Four Seasons Macao offers a grand entrance that includes a big outdoor fountain, huge chandelier, and opulent staircases leading to upper floors.

You’ll also see a number of limos parked outside, which tips you off to the elite clientele of this casino.

As for room décor, Four Seasons blends Chinese and Portuguese design with antique chandeliers, furniture, and artwork.


Four Seasons Macao has one of the best aquatic scenes in the city, with five available pools. One is a lagoon, two are regular adult pools, and the other two pools are for children.

The Shoppes at Four Seasons gives you a chance to shop for various name brands, while you’ll also find a few fine dining options here.

The most unique amenity at Four Seasons is Walk on Water. Popular for weddings, Walk on Water uses a shimmering pool and transparent platform to make it appear as if you’re truly strolling across water.

Two other amenities include a luxury spa and spacious fitness center.


Four Seasons Macao’s casino is called the Plaza, and it has 140 tables and 180 slot machines.

Spanning just over 100,000 square feet, the Plaza is modest in comparison to its behemoth neighbor. But just as with the casino, elegance is the Plaza’s true goal.

You can look forward to being served some of the finest wine and liquor while playing here. The only catch is that the stakes more than make up for the free top shelf liquor.

Slot machines begin at $1 coin denominations, while the low bets on the craps $100, roulette $200, and Caribbean Stud Poker $300 force everybody to be a high roller.

Hotel Room

This resort houses 360 rooms, with 84 of these being suites.

Starting at 50 square meters, these rooms aren’t giant like the ones that you’ll see at the neighboring Venetian. But Four Seasons’ rooms look impressive, with high ceilings, marble floors, and velvet furnishings.

You’ll also enjoy typical hotel room perks like a plasma TV, large bathtub, and rain shower.


Situated near the end of the Cotai Strip, Four Seasons is connected to The Venetian Macao through the Shoppes at Four Seasons. Buses, taxis, and even limos regularly go by this casino.

The east view lets you look out over the Cotai Strip at a number of casino resorts.


The price for a double room at Four Seasons Macao is $650, or HK$5,000. This is as pricey as you’ll find in Macau for a regular room, which represents Four Seasons’ biggest weakness beyond the high table limits.


Given that this is perhaps the most luxurious hotel in Macau, it’s no surprise that Four Seasons’ staff offers the right blend of hospitality without being overbearing.

Wynn Macau



Opened in 2006, Wynn Macau has the same modern glass look that fits in with Wynn’s other properties, including Wynn Palace.

You’ll see multiple artworks throughout the resort’s halls, including a fire breathing dragon, golden tree, large chandeliers, and life sized crystals.

Even if you don’t end up staying at the Wynn Macau, it’s worth walking through here for the huge pieces of art alone.


This casino resort features two spas, a fitness center, salon, multiple pools, 2 bars, convention space, several restaurants, and over a dozen shops.

The salon has a very clean look and offers incredible views of the pools and gardens at Wynn Macau.

The Wynn Tower and Encore Tower spas are highly regarded for offering luxurious Jacuzzis, saunas, and steam rooms. The Encore spa has the added bonus of a hydrotherapy bath, and synchronized six hand massages performed by three masseuses.


Wynn Macau features a large gaming floor that includes 501 table games, 289 for VIPs, 375 slot machines, and 205,000 square feet of space.

Much like the rest of the Wynn Macau, the casino is lavishly decorated with big chandeliers and marble walkways.

Hotel Room

The hotel offers over 1,000 rooms that are split between the Wynn and Encore towers. This is a similar setup to the Wynn Las Vegas, which also has two separate towers.

Each tower has its own look, feel, entrance, and reception. As for which is better, this is a matter of opinion.

The Wynn Tower offers a plainer look that’s reminiscent of Las Vegas hotels. The Encore Tower features oriental decorations and lots of red throughout the rooms.

It’s worth mentioning, though, is that Encore guests have access to more amenities than Wynn Tower guests. One example is that Encore guests can use both their pool and the Wynn Tower pool, but Wynn guests can’t use the Encore pool.


Wynn Macau is found by Macau’s historic district and the Grand Prix circuit. This gives you two interesting areas to check out when you’re staying at Wynn Macau.

This casino resort is close to the main ferry terminal and located 10 minutes away from the airport. You can also use one of the many buses, taxis, or hotel shuttles to visit different parts of the city.


Standard rooms at the Wynn Macau cost $250, or HK$1,900, a night, which includes free Wi Fi and breakfast.

This makes Wynn Macau a cheaper alternative to the Wynn Palace if you don’t mind staying in the older of the company’s properties.


Wynn Macau’s customer service has drawn many favorable reviews across the internet, especially with regard to fast check in / check out.

The staff also does a good job of maintaining the facilities, from the aquarium to the pools.

Mandarin Oriental Macau


Mandarin Oriental

Opened in 2010, Mandarin Oriental is one of Macau’s most recognizable resorts. The building is shaped like the bow of a ship, with the narrow base growing outward as you travel up the structure.

Upon entering, you’ll notice that the lobby offers a modest look, rather than the lavish spectacles presented in many other Macau resorts.

This is one reason why Lonely Planet described Mandarin Oriental as a “refreshing alternative” to many other casino hotels in the city.


Mandarin Oriental offers a spa, fitness center, convention space, ballroom, one restaurant, and one bar.

While the lone restaurant, Vida Rica, offers quality Asian and Western food, the lack of restaurant variety will bother some visitors.

Nevertheless, the state of the art spa, 25 meter lap pool, and relaxation lounges will be enough for most people.


The biggest drawback for gamblers is that Mandarin Oriental doesn’t have a casino. This resort focuses solely on the hotel rooms, amenities, food, and services.

Hotel Room

The hotel features 435 rooms, most of which have a nice view of the inner harbor. Rooms that don’t overlook the harbor at least give you a bustling city view of the traffic and nearby skyscrapers.

All of the rooms have a modern feel and are decorated with Portuguese fabrics and teakwood furnishings.


Mandarin Oriental is located at the edge of downtown Macau and next door to the One Central mall, offering you a wealth of things to do.

If you’d like to travel somewhere else in the city, buses, taxes, and pedicabs frequently make trips to and from Mandarin Oriental.

The views are also excellent because the Mandarin overlooks Nam Van Lake and the inner harbor.


Mandarin’s room prices start at $260, or HK$2,000, per night, making it average among the resorts on this list. Room prices include free Wi Fi, but breakfast costs extra.


Check ins are quick here and you’ll be staying in your room in no time.

The staff does a good job of taking care of guests, while you can expect top notch facilities that are regularly maintained.

Ritz Carlton Macau


Ritz Carlton

Ritz Carlton sets itself apart from other Macau casinos through an abstract carport in front of the entrance. This offers a unique greeting as you drop your car off to the valet.

Once inside, you’ll find elaborate chandeliers, marble hallways, and lovely flower arrangements. This all combines to offer the feel of a French chateau.


The spa at Ritz Carlton offers several services, including skin hydrating treatments, Jade Reviver skin treatments, reflex point massages, and a Macau body exfoliation ritual. Each of these exotic treatments are meant to appeal to the biggest of spa enthusiasts.

Visitors will also have access to the Galaxy Resort Deck, which features a wave pool, sandy beach, and rapids. Or, you can just use the two pools featured at the Ritz.

Other amenities include bars, restaurants, a club lounge, pool bar, convention space, kid’s playroom, wedding reception area, and the Ritz Health Club.


Ritz Carlton visitors can use the Galaxy Macau casino, which is one of the largest in the city.

Thanks to an expansion in 2012, Galaxy Macau now offers 650 tables and 1,900 slot machines. You’ll also find a poker room within this 400,000 square foot casino.

Hotel Room

The smallest suites are spacious at 517 square feet, while two bedroom suites span 1,385 square feet.

In either case, you can expect only the finest, including Rivolta linen, Nespresso coffee, and Asprey toiletries. You can also look forward to numerous channels on the TV, a whirlpool bath, and European décor.


The Ritz Carlton is located west of the Cotai Strip within the Galaxy Macau complex, which is growing in terms of popularity. If you’ve been to the Cotai area before and want to try something new, the Galaxy area is worth a shot.

The Ritz is a 10 minute drive from both the airport and ferry terminals, with plenty of taxis and shuttle busses making their way to this area.


Like the Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton is one of the priciest casinos in Macau, costing $650 (HK$5,000) for a small room.

If you want to spend time in the lap of luxury, you can rent a Sky Villa for $9,700 (HK$75,200) per night. All rooms include free breakfast and Wi Fi.


As with many luxury hotels, the Ritz Carlton Macau staff does a great job of serving visitors in a courteous manner. They’re also good at remembering your name, which offers a personal touch.

MGM Macau



MGM Macau features multi colored glass sections that look like they’re boxes stacked on top of each other.

This not only makes MGM easy to spot from miles away, but it also offers a visual spectacle of lights in the evening.

The lobby takes you into the Grande Praca, which is an Italian style piazza with a wavy marble floor, villa style walls, a fountain, and streetlights.

It’s tough deciding whether the exterior or interior outdoes the other at the MGM Macau.


MGM’s Grand Spa has 30 different rooms along with relaxation lounges, saunas, and whirlpools. You’ll also have access to a wide range of workout equipment in the fitness center.

If you enjoy golfing, then you should try MGM’s Topgolf, which is an indoor driving range that sees you score points with each shot.

Other amenities include bars, restaurants, brand name shops, and nightclubs. The nightclubs commonly feature world class DJs like Steve Aoki, DJ Hardwell, and Calvin Harris.


The casino is open 24 / 7, and you’ll have access to 345 tables and 1,035 slot machines.

MGM commonly offers slot tournaments with prize pools as high as $500,000. You can also play poker here and visit the race and sportsbook.

Hotel Room

The MGM Macau features 600 rooms, with 99 being suites and 15 being villas.

The lobby’s wavy floor design is seen throughout the hotel, including in the mirrors and walls.

If you have the funds to rent a villa, you’ll get two bedrooms, a kitchenette, and a karaoke room—all of which are great for groups and / or entertaining visitors.


MGM is found on the outskirts of downtown Macau near the Grand Prix circuit. You can walk to the downtown historic district, while the ferry terminal is a short drive away.

MGM Macau is located close enough to the outer harbor that most rooms will have great views of the water.


Rooms start at $210, or HK$1,600, per night, which is average for the casinos on this list. Room rates include free breakfast and Wi Fi.


The staff at MGM Grand Macau is very friendly and helpful, especially at reception.


With 35 resorts and counting, Macau is full of great places to stay while you gamble, visit attractions, and / or seek out family entertainment.

But if you want the absolute best, we recommend that you consider the 7 casinos we’ve discussed here.

While we rank Wynn Palace at the top, the other six casinos are worth a look based on what’s most important to you.

The Venetian Macao is great for gambling, Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton are perfect high class destinations, and the Wynn Macau, Mandarin Oriental, and MGM Grand are nice all around resorts.

Think about exactly what you’re looking for in a Macau resort and also consider your price range before booking a room.