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Free may or may not be your favorite word in the dictionary, but it is certainly ours. Free stuff can be great for a multitude of reasons. It can give you things that you would normally have to pay for at no cost. It can help you to try out things that you may want to pay for in the future. When free things are actually free, they're awesome.

The casino industry loves to use the word free, sometimes for a good reason and sometimes for questionable ones. If you're at a fair and reputable site that does business above board, free is going to mean free and should be something you get excited about. Some sites (that we don't recommend) will offer things for free that come with a ton of strings attached. It's fine for there to be stipulations, but we don't want to have to jump through thousands of hoops to get something. At that point, is it really free?

As we mentioned, free can be a great tool to help you get acquainted with something that you might want to pay for in the future. A growing trend in the casino industry is to have free casino games that you can play without depositing any money or in some cases even creating an account. This is going to serve two purposes for you:

  • It's going to be fun. You can play your favorite games without putting up any of your own money.
  • It's going to let you try out the games in case you want to gamble with real money at a later time.

Below, we've collected some of the most popular free slot games available for you to play right now! We've also included some important information about how things games will differ from their real money counterparts and how you can make the transition to real money if you should choose to do so.

How Free is Different From Real Money

Playing these popular casino games for real money instead of on free play is surprisingly similar and different all at the same time. Some of you may be considering making the switch to real money and may be wondering how things are going to be different. We want to address these similarities and differences so you can better understand how this plays out if you have aspirations of making the switch.

For Sports BetsThe Similarities Between Real Money and Free Play

As we mentioned, there are a lot of similarities between the real money and free play versions of the games you see here (and any other free versions you may find at online casinos). First, the games themselves are exactly the same. The game play, interface, graphics, sounds, and everything are exactly the same. The only difference that you will see is that instead of play money coins, you will be using real money.

More importantly, the random number generator is exactly the same. A lot of people think that online casinos will "juice up" their free money games to let people win more to entice them to make a real money deposit. This is not the case. The play-money-games for free and the real money games are run through the same systems, and your likelihood of winning is exactly the same.

Now, this does not mean that just because you won playing free money that you are guaranteed to win with real money. It also doesn't mean that just because you lost with play money, you are guaranteed to win with real money. The point here is that the game you are playing is the exact same game you would be playing if you were playing for real money.

For Sports BetsThe Differences Between Real Money and Free Play

Where the two are different has to do with the obvious. If you win millions playing with play money, you don't get a dime of actual money. On the same token, if you lose millions playing with play money, you never have to fork over a dime of actual money.

If you're a big winner with real money, it's off to a shopping spree for you. If you lose, though, that's actual money you've lost. While this all seems insanely simple, it's important that you understand this. People will be betting huge amounts with play money and then switch to real money and want to bet the same amounts regardless of what their bank roll is.

$500 in play money is NOT the same as $500 in real money.

Be careful that when you are playing with play money, you realize that it is not real money the entire time. Otherwise, when you switch to real money, you may feel the urge to bet larger amounts to get the same rush. Yes, we are repeating this simple concept over and over. And over. This is because we have seen people make this mistake too many times without even thinking that it could be a concern.

For Sports BetsThe Takeaway

None of this should scare you away from betting with real money. Gambling is a lot of fun as long as you stick to your rules and stay within your bankroll. We just wanted to make the point to make you aware of the temptation and make it a great experience. Remember, you can always keep playing games for free money and never have to switch to real money if you don't feel like it.

Making the Transition From Free Play to Real Money

For those of you cool cats that have had your fun on the free side of things and are ready to try your hand at these games for real money, we've got you covered.

It can be an exciting time to make the switch as you now will have some real money on the line which means a real chance to win big! In order to make the transition as smooth as possible, we have outlined some of the steps you need to make sure to check off below.

For Sports BetsTaking the First Step

The first step is finding the best site for you that has the games you want. Luckily, if you tried a game above that you like, you've already found a site that should be perfect for you.

If you haven't fallen in love with any of the games or sites above yet, we have this page put together for you to help you find the best online casinos. In this guide, we talk about who the top online casinos are, how we arrive at these conclusions, and how you can pick out the site that fits your needs best.

We also discuss the importance of reputation and reliability when it comes to selecting a new gambling home. Online casinos should be fun, and you can only have a great time if you're playing at a reputable and trustworthy casino that cares about its users.

If you're worried about the safety of your money and your bets, you're going to be too preoccupied to have a good time.

For Sports BetsCreate an Account and Deposit

After you find a site to your liking, all you have to do is create your account and deposit money. With most sites it only takes a few minutes to get your account created and then they have lots of different options for loading money onto the site. Typically, you can use any major credit card, ewallets (Skrill, PayPal, etc.) and a whole host of other options to make things easy on you. Basically, you should have zero trouble getting money loaded and most sites process the deposit instantly.

For Sports BetsHave Fun

After that, you're off to the races! It should only take you a few minutes to get set up and ready to play your favorite games and hopefully win big. If you do win big, each site will have a bunch of different cash out options so you can collect and enjoy your spoils of victory.

If you don't win big, you can always reload or go back to playing the games for free for fun until you're ready to give it another go.

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