Real Money iPhone Casinos

iPhone casinos are more popular than ever before! Players can now experience the comfort and convenience of playing their favorite slots, video poker options, and table games from anywhere through the power of their mobile phone.

The great news for those looking to win real money mobile gambling is that nearly all iPhone casinos are compatible with both Android-operated phones as well as iPhones. Check out our list below of the best real money iPhone casinos for 2021:

Rank Gambling Site Deposit Bonus Get Started
Las Atlantis
280% Up To $14,000 Visit Site
Wild Casino
250% Up To $5,000 Visit Site
Super Slots
250% Up To $6,000 Visit Site
BetUS Casino
200% Up To $5,000 Visit Site
Bovada Casino
100% Up To $3,000 Visit Site

Let’s get into the weeds with iPhone online casinos! On this page dedicated to the best iPhone casinos that pay real money, we’ll cover the criteria our team used to determine the best in the market. Readers will also be made aware of what games are available for use at these iPhone casinos as well as discussing bonuses and the pros and cons of using in-browser variations of these real money online casinos.

Without further ado, here is everything you should know about our top-rated mobile iPhone casinos.

Best iPhone Casinos for 2021

This is our list of the absolute best online casinos for iPhones. If you’re one of the 113 million people in the US who have an iPhone, you’ll be able to head to these mobile iPhone casinos and start gambling for real money within minutes. If you’re wondering what makes these the best iPhone casinos, check out the section below where we break down our ranking criteria.

What Makes These the Best iPhone Casinos?

We have a whole set of criteria that each real money iPhone casino needed to meet before it could be included on our top recommendations list. We believe this process of vetting has led to a list of true all-stars in the world of iPhone casino. Here are some of the things we looked at to make sure each site measured up to our standards.

Reputation and History

Gold Ribbon

This may be the most important factor to consider when picking out a good iPhone mobile casino. You are in a disadvantaged position if you don’t know whether you can trust a site; it may very well be a site that scams you out of your money. There is no doubt as to the reputability and trustworthiness when you go with any of our site recommendations.

Our team has made sure that each iPhone casino we promote is fully licensed, allows US players, uses safety protocols to guard customer information, and vets their customers using Know Your Customer (KYC) and Personal Identifiable Information (PII) protocols. If you’re trying to play real money casino games on iPhone, you have to ensure you can trust them.

Interface Designed for iPhone


We wanted to be sure our recommendations were compatible for iPhones. Coming off of the desktop computer screen, each site needed to transfer seamlessly to the smaller screen of the phone, including handling, navigation, visuals, and sound effects. The whole idea is for the experience on the iPhone to be just as good as on a desktop computer.

We took the time to play on each real money iPhone casino and found that all of these great features worked well with the setup on a mobile phone. You get a crisp, colorful picture, convincing sound effects, and reliable, sound handling as you navigate each page, section, and casino game.

Extensive Selection of Gambling Options

Casino Games

Everyone loves a little variety, and options are great because they can keep consumers occupied and engaged for weeks or even months. This principle was extremely relevant as we sought out the best in iPhone mobile casinos. Each of our recommended sites offers customers many lines of games with tons of variations under each genre.

Each iPhone online casino contains at least 100 slot titles as well as a large assortment of blackjack, poker, keno, roulette, craps, and baccarat options available. And this is only a short list! If you’re looking for good game variety, don’t hesitate to visit our favorite real money online casinos for iPhone.

Lucrative Bonuses and Promotions


Aside from playing online casino games for real money, a great way to add more onto your current bankroll is to take advantage of welcome bonuses and promotional offers. We made sure each iPhone casino site offered an ample supply of welcome bonuses as well as no deposits, reloads, free spins, and rebates in order for customer to gather additional fund for their arsenal.

Some iPhone mobile casinos offer tens of thousands of dollars to their customers. The more money in customers’ accounts means the ability to make bigger bets and take bigger risks to gain bigger rewards! If you want to get your bankroll jumpstarted, bonuses on iPhone casinos are the perfect thing for you.

Wide Variety of Banking Options

Money and Coins

Each of these real money iPhone casinos have been vetted to make sure they allowed their customers a wide variety of banking options. Banking is not a “one size fits all” ordeal. That’s why our favorite iPhone casino sites offer credit card and cryptocurrency options for deposits and withdrawals, in addition to other methods like bank wire transfers and money orders.

There are plenty of ways for customers to make customized account deposits and withdraw their winnings. No matter what option you want to make a deposit or withdrawal with, you can find an online iPhone casino that will offer that to you, but you must ensure that the iPhone casino you choose meets the other criteria we have set forth.

Responsive Customer Service and Support

Text Bubbles

Every online iPhone casino that has the honor of being on our top recommendations list also had to have excellent customer service. This term was nonnegotiable for us. We took a good amount of time to test out all the customer service and support channels at each of these online iPhone casinos.

This included emails, instant messaging, phone lines, and the live chat features. We were dealt with professionalism and expertise in every instance! Good customer service is what can create a loyal customer for life. Naturally, this was an aspect of our review process that we took quite seriously.

Games You Can Play on iPhone Casinos

There is a large handful of gaming content to be found at our best iPhone casinos. For the simplicity of our review and for the readers, we have narrowed it down to the chart below with the most popular games amongst online players. If you are new to the iPhone mobile casinos, this is a terrific place to begin!


Baccarat is one of the most popular table games you’ll find at any land-based casino. Fortunately, thanks to your iPhone, you don’t actually have to travel to your nearest casino in order to enjoy a realistic baccarat experience.

BaccaratYou can play baccarat by yourself or with your friends on your iPhone. While the mobile experience may lack the ambiance of a real casino, you likely won’t be able to tell the difference between the actual game if you play it using an iPhone.

As is the case at a casino, every player at the table and the banker are each dealt two cards face-up. The player whose cards come the closest to nine is the winner. You can bet on any hand at the table, including that of the banker. If the banker’s hand is the winner, you will receive 95 percent of your original wager.

If the two cards total a number greater than nine, you simply drop the first digit of the total number to get the real value. For example, if you get a pair of nines for a total of 18, you ignore the “1” for a total value of 8. Baccarat is one of the most fun and simple games you can play at a real-life casino, and you can enjoy a comprehensive baccarat experience on your iPhone!


If you’ve been to a casino in the past, the odds are good that you’re familiar with blackjack. Sometimes called 21, the premise of blackjack is awfully similar to that of baccarat.

With blackjack, the object of the game is to beat the dealer’s hand without the total value of your cards exceeding 21. Each player in the game starts with a pair of cards, while one of the dealer’s two cards remains hidden until the end of the game.

If your first two cards add up to 21, you win right away.

Otherwise, you can add to your total by asking the dealer to “hit” you with another card. You can keep hitting in an attempt to get as close to 21 as possible without going over. If you exceed 21, you lose.

A dealer will hit his or her hand until their cards total 17 or higher. The player at the table whose cards come closest to 21 is the winner at the end of the round.

Blackjack is a simple game with easy-to-understand rules, and you can easily play as many rounds as you want on real money iPhone casinos.


Craps on iPhoneIn craps, the object of the game is to literally place a bet on the outcome of a dice roll. You can wager on the outcome of a single roll, a series of rolls, or a pair of dice rolled at the same time. The game dates back to the 1700s, which makes craps one of the oldest casino games that still gets plenty of mainstream action today!

There are a variety of different variants of the traditional craps game, so you will have no shortage of options if you opt to play the game using your iPhone. Each person at the table takes their turn rolling the dice. While one person takes a turn as the “shooter,” the other players at the table may wager on the dice roll by placing chips in the appropriately marked sections of the table. Players may place their own chips accordingly or ask the dealer to do so for them.

Playing craps on your iPhone may not provide the same cordial thrill that comes with playing so in a casino crowd, but the mobile craps experience is still the next best thing.


While some casino games may have an element of skill involved, keno is a true lottery-style game. Some state lotteries even offer keno to residents, while you can also find games at most land-based casinos. These days, the best way to play keno is through your iPhone!

In most versions of keno, players are asked to guess a number between 1 and 80.

After each player has picked a number, 20 numbers are randomly drawn. Each player is paid a certain amount of winnings based on how many numbers were chosen, the number of matches out of those chosen, and the total bet.

The more numbers one player chooses and the more numbers that hit, the greater the ultimate payout. The probability of guessing multiple numbers correctly is incredibly low, but the risk is baked into the odds.

Because most games use random number generators, keno is one of the most convenient casino games to play on your iPhone.


While games like keno involve luck, poker is a game many will argue is more skill-based. While there is still some fortune involved in poker outcomes, players can actually influence the game with their actions and decisions. Some players have better poker faces than others, though the odds are more even in a virtual setting akin to the one you’ll find playing poker on an iPhone.

Poker on iPhoneThere are several different poker variations out there, but Texas Hold’Em and five-card stud are the most common. Poker is a card game played with a 52-card pack, typically without jokers.

In Texas Hold’Em player at the table is dealt two cards face-down. There is a round of betting after that, with most players deciding whether to wager based on the values of those two pocket cards. Three community cards are then dealt face-up. This is known as the flop. Another betting round ensues after those cards are revealed to the table. Players may choose to fold at any time, which means quitting mid-round as opposed to continuing to wager. Players that fold typically know they will not have a winning hand at the end of the round.

A fourth community card is dealt after that betting round, while a fifth card comes after that. After the fifth card is revealed, each player reveals the best possible five-card hand they can make using a combination of their pocket cards and the five community offerings.
“Five of a Kind” is the highest possible hand one player can make, followed by a “Straight Flush,” “Four of a Kind,” “Full House,” “Flush,” and “Straight.” It’s possible to win a hand with an ace-high if nobody else has a better hand, as well.


Roulette is another game of chance that features a roulette wheel that revolves around the bottom of a bowl. Most iPhone versions of roulette use random number generators.

Before the roulette ball is rolled, each player in the game places a bet on which number will come up by laying their chips on the virtual betting mat. Players may wager on the ball landing ona single number, a few different numbers, the colors red or black, whether the number is odd or even, or whether the numbers are low (1-18) or high (19-36).

The croupier (spinner) then spins the wheel in one direction before spinning the ball in the opposite direction around the circular track. The ball will eventually stop in one of the colored areas on the wheel. Anyone that correctly guessed where the ball would land is the winner.
Unlike poker, roulette is largely a game of chance, which makes for a fun mobile experience if you opt to play on an iPhone.


Slots on iPhoneIf you picture a casino, slot machines are probably among the first things that come to mind. Nowadays, though, you don’t have to fight your way through a smoke-filled casino floor if you want to enjoy a comprehensive slot machine experience. Thanks to your iPhone, you can play slots from the comfort of your couch, if you so choose.

There are countless slot machine games and variants offered online nowadays, but most have a similar premise. The most common slots feature a screen that shows three or more wheels that will spin when the game begins. If you play slots on your iPhone, the game will use a random number generator to generate results.

Your winnings are based on the results of your spin. If your spin results in the right combination of icons on the screen once the game stops spinning, you will win. Slot machines are easily the most popular attractions at most land-based casinos around the world thanks to the simplistic gameplay and low buy-ins. There are hundreds of thousands of slot games you can play right now on your iPhone!

Video Poker

Video poker started to become popular back in the 1980s in casinos in the Las Vegas area. Video poker is simply an alternative to standard poker, with the entire game taking place on a screen. Rather than dealing with actual cards and people, video poker is a quick and easy way to play the game.

As you may expect, video poker easily translates to real money iPhone casinos, as well.

You can play all sorts of different poker styles, including Texas Hold’Em or five-card stud. Some video poker games offer better odds, which makes video poker an attractive option for some than the standard version of the game.

Bonuses You Can Claim on iPhone Casinos

Every iPhone online casino a customer will find on our list includes a good variety of helpful bonuses to expand their bankroll to that next level. Here are some of the best kinds of bonuses available for players to feast on and savor at an online casino near you!

Welcome Bonuses

These are offers that are geared toward newcomers to an online casino and should be considered when trying to pick where to play casino games for real money on iPhone. Often times, they take the form of a match bonus where a player has to deposit up to a certain amount in their accounts and become eligible to receive a percentage of that deposit back in the form of a free cash bonus!

Here is a good example of a welcome bonus in action at Las Atlantis.

Las Atlantis – 280% Welcome Bonus Up To $14,000

  • Bonus Code: LASATLANTIS
  • Minimum Deposit: $10 Neosurf/$20 BTC/$25 IGC/$30 credit cards/$30 PayID
  • Valid five times on the first five deposits
  • Maximum Bet: $10
  • Maximum Payout: 30x deposit amount
  • Wagering Requirement: 35x
  • Eligible Games: Slots, Real-Series Video Slots, Keno, Scratch Cards, and Board Games

Reload Bonuses

Neither the player nor the online casino benefits from an account that is sitting depleted or neglected. That’s why there are incentives in place for players who reload their accounts up to a certain amount. These are known as reload bonuses.

Super Slots is currently offering a reload bonus for their customer which will serve as a perfect example for our purposes.

Super Slots – 50% Reload Bonus Up To $500

  • Bonus Code: SSVIP50
  • 50% bonus up to $500
  • Minimum Deposit: $100
  • Valid multiple times every Sunday
  • Wagering Requirement: 20x bonus + deposit
  • Eligible Games: Slots, table games, and video poker

No Deposit Bonuses

This is probably the easiest bonus to get your hands on. You do not have to put in any work besides signing up for an account. In this scenario, you qualify for a bonus just for being a new member. It almost acts as a housewarming gift!

Red Dog Casino is offering a no deposit bonus in the form of free chips on their real money iPhone casino!

Red Dog Casino – $25 No Deposit Bonus

  • Bonus Code: 25GIFT
  • $25 Free Play
  • New players only
  • Max Cashout: $75
  • Wagering Requirement: 50x
  • Eligible Games: Board games, keno, slots

Free Spin Bonuses

These are a fun and popular bonus form where players can spin reels without any money leaving their account! Any time they hit the “spin” button, their account balance remains untouched and the funds to pay for the spin only kick back in once the number of free spins has been reached. There is opportunity to access free bonus rounds, but it all depends on your bonus.

Wild Hog Luau is a prime example of a free spin bonus in action!

Las Atlantis – 170 Free Spins on Wild Hog Luau

  • Bonus Code: ANCIENTSPINS
  • 170 Free Spins on Wild Hog Luau
  • Minimum Deposit: $30 Neosurf, BTC, IGC, CC, and PayID
  • Valid three times per day
  • Maximum Bet: $10
  • Wagering Requirement: 20x free spins winnings
  • Eligible Games: Slots, Real-Series Video Slots, Keno, Scratch Cards, and Board Games

iPhone Online Casinos vs. Real Money iPhone Casino Apps

There are advantages and disadvantages to using iPhone casinos through a mobile browser as well as for iPhone casino apps. We’re going to focus on the advantages for using iPhone casinos in-browser for this particular review. We’ll show our reasoning and let you be the judge.

Automatic Game Updates

iPhone casinos apps do not automatically update. The sites, however, do. It’s just another advantage to using your browser to visit the best iPhone casinos.

No Download Required

There will be no wait for an app to download when you use iPhone casinos through a web browser. It is the fastest way to initially get into such a site.

You Do Not Need a Powerful Device

It takes less power to run three or four real money online casinos for iPhone on the browser compared to running the same amount of apps. Using in-browser casinos will use less of your phone’s battery and allow you to experience much less lagging.

It Does Not Affect Your Storage Space

When you use an iPhone casino app, it will cut into your storage space and could slow your phone down. This spells trouble especially if you use multiple sites. In-browser use causes none of these issues.

How to Get Started Gambling on iPhone Casinos

Find a Safe iPhone Casino
The part should be the easier part of the process as we have already vetted a handful of iPhone mobile casinos for your convenience. It is of the utmost importance that you are able to trust the site you are using.
Sign Up and Create an Account
The part usually take five minutes or less. You must create a username and password for your new account, as well as answer a few basic information questions. Once your information is complete, it will be verified. Go ahead and log in using your username and password.
Fund Your iPhone Casino Account
Before you begin playing your favorite casino game, fund your account. Check out the banking pages at real money iPhone casinos for an idea of what can be used to deposit or withdraw payouts.
Enter Bonus Codes or Select Promotions
You have an opportunity to bulk up your bankroll before you hit the casino floor. Look for any applicable bonus codes and apply them to your account as well! Newcomers especially can take advantage of no deposit and welcome offers on their first visit.
Choose Your Games and Start Winning
Head over to the casino floor and check out the game selection. There’s always a ton to choose from, whether you are into video poker, baccarat, keno, roulette, craps, or a variety of slot titles! The adventure begins once you hit the “play” button. Enjoy your time playing at real money online casinos for iPhone and here’s to hoping you earn some winnings!

iPhone Casinos FAQ

Are iPhone Mobile Casinos Legal?

Absolutely! Each online casino for iPhone is fully licensed and legal for use by US players. We have not been made aware of any cases or instances in which a person has gotten in legal trouble for using such a site.

What Casino Games Can I Play on iPhone?

There are a ton we could name! The most popular iPhone casino games are slots, video poker, blackjack, craps, keno, baccarat, poker, and roulette.

Do I Have to Download iPhone Casinos?

You can, but you certainly don’t have to download any. Mobile iPhone casinos can be used and operated with a good internet connection and a web browser. Check out our section outlining the benefits of using iPhone mobile apps vs. online casinos through mobile browsers.

Can I Play on at These Casinos on My iPad?

Yes! As long as you have an internet connection and a web browser, this should be no issue! It would be no different than using your iPhone.

How Safe Are Real Money iPhone Casinos?

It depends on which sites you use. In general, iPhone online casinos are safe to use. They are usually licensed, accessible for US players, use special software to protect customers’ personal and account information, and practice Know Your Customer and Personal Identifiable Information protocols to vet their new customers. Just make sure to choose a reliable site with a longstanding reputation of trustworthiness.

What Is the Best iPhone Casino?

Check out the table at the top of the page featuring our top-rated iPhone casinos to get a good idea! Each one is reputable and treats their customers like gold. Only you can answer this question. Every casino will offer something different to each person who visits. The benefit with choosing one of our recommendations is that the reviewing and vetting has already been done by our team, which means you can hit the casino floor immediately!