Live Dealer Online Blackjack

Live dealer blackjack fuses the best elements of playing for real money at online gambling sites and enjoying the famous table game at a land-based casino. This creates a unique hybrid that offers players the optimal experience in terms of convenience and enjoyment.

Rank Gambling Site Deposit Bonus Get Started
Las Atlantis
280% Up To $14,000 Visit Site
Wild Casino
250% Up To $5,000 Visit Site
Super Slots
250% Up To $6,000 Visit Site
BetUS Casino
200% Up To $5,000 Visit Site
Bovada Casino
100% Up To $3,000 Visit Site

On top of that, live dealer blackjack can be played anywhere on your phone, desktop PC, or other device, but it combines a human element to the scenario in the form of an actual dealer who can be viewed via live video stream. The presence of a real person adds a touch of realism and authenticity to the interaction in what is otherwise a nearly virtual affair.

On this page, we will cover the criteria we used to discover these top-rated live blackjack casinos as well as how to get started, how to enhance your chances of winning some real money, and how gaming software can make a difference in the live dealer blackjack site you ultimately choose!

Best Live Blackjack Online Casino

Wild Casino – Best Online Casino to Play Live Dealer Blackjack

Wild Casino Live Dealer

  • Established: 1991
  • Welcome Bonus: 250% Up To $5,000
  • Bonus Code: WILD250
  • # of Banking Options: 15
  • Software Provider: Betsoft
  • # of Live Dealer Games: 19
  • # of Live Dealer Blackjack Tables: 9
  • Phone, Email, Live Chat Customer Support

Wild Casino Logo

Wild Casino is our top-rated online casino to play real money live dealer blackjack. Not only do they provide the best experience for live dealer blackjack online, but they offer one of the best welcome bonuses you’ll find on the internet. If you would like to know more about Wild Casino before getting started, check out our detailed review of Wild Casino linked below. If you’re ready to get in on the action, click the visit now button to get taken directly to Wild Casino where you can start playing live dealer blackjack online in a matter of minutes.

How We Rate Live Dealer Blackjack Casinos

Our goal was not to pick a list of top-rated live dealer blackjack casinos out of a hat at random. There was an intentional, methodical process behind assembling our compilation of the absolute best in live dealer blackjack. Each site was put through the fire and was expected to hit all the marks set forth in our criteria.

Here is how we gauged each live dealer blackjack casino to ensure we delivered you the finest and best on the market.

Trusted Reputation and History

To start, each of the live blackjack online casinos we have vetted are fully licensed by a reputable gambling authority and legal for use by US players. We do not want you to be wasting your time with sites with say one thing and do another. There are plenty of shady platforms out there with inaccurate payouts, misleading terms and conditions, and tons of fine print.

That’s why our team digs into the history and reputation of each site, reading customer reviews and user feedback online. Our recommended live dealer blackjack online casinos treat their customers well and operate under accurate and honest banking practices, top-rated service and support, as well as security measures that guard important personal and financial information against online threats.

Variety of Banking Methods

Wild Casino Banking MethodsThe best part about playing live dealer blackjack online for real money is winning some extra cash, walking away with more money after you have finished playing. Not only do you want to get your account set up quickly, but you also want your payouts to be processed and dropped in your account as soon as humanly possible. This is where quality banking options come in.

Our top-rated live dealer blackjack recommendations come with a highly detailed banking page, clearly setting out all terms and conditions and payout times for easy understanding. Not all people bank the same way. Each live dealer blackjack site we promote offers their customers great options ranging from credit cards and cryptocurrencies to money orders or bank wire transfers! No matter what banking method you prefer, one of our best live blackjack casinos will have you covered.

Reliable Connection for Live Games

This is a special consideration when reviewing live dealer games. A connection that will offer you no issues whatsoever is gold. This aspect is a no-compromise affair. If your live game is prone to cutting out, then what’s the point of playing? The goal is to have a simulation of the real table games offered at land-based casinos.

We made sure each live dealer blackjack site we reviewed offered the best technology in keeping their feed connections error-free. We looked at customer reviews and feedback, and we feel confident in each site’s ability to offer livestreams that will go uninterrupted.

Lucrative Bonus Opportunities

Bonuses are a great way of creating momentum from your bankroll when playing at live blackjack online casinos. They are especially helpful if you’re starting out with minimal funds. Live dealer blackjack sites offer a wide variety of welcome bonuses and special weekly promotions. Bettors can obtain real money cash bonuses as a reward for being new to the site. They can also get free money for reloading their accounts and depositing up to a certain amount, receive cashback for losses, and take advantage of special rebates. The bigger your account balance, the more opportunities and risks you can take at the tables! Bonuses raise the ceiling for your potential!

Fast Payouts of Winnings

This factor was most important as we conducted our review. Not only did the banking method variety have to be good, but the payout speed needed to be quick and effortless. Bettors and punters are on the hunt to make extra money and want their winnings to be placed in their accounts as quickly as possible. We realize this was a key factor for those playing real money live dealer blackjack online.

Each site we vetted for this review ensures quick payouts across all banking withdrawal methods.

The most popular methods, like credit cards and cryptocurrencies, usually drop winnings into customers’ accounts within 24 to 48 hours. Who wants to use a live dealer blackjack site that delays winnings for days and days on end?

Quality Customer Service and Support

If you’re lucky, you may never have to deal with this factor of live dealer blackjack. Many don’t even consider this aspect until something goes wrong. When players think about good customer support, they want quick responses and expect issues to be resolved without any obstacles.

Throughout your time as a real money online gambler, you will experience some sort of problem or issue at some point. This is especially true if you gamble online playing live dealer blackjack. One of the advantages to using our top-rated recommendations is the experience of professional and quick help from the customer service team. We took the time to test out each method (phone, email, instant messaging, live chat, etc.), and they passed with flying colors!

Easy-to-Use Live Dealer Interface

Nothing is more frustrating than playing at a site that isn’t user-friendly. If you need several minutes to learn the layout and have to haphazardly navigate each page and section, then it’s time to find another platform.

The best sites for real money live dealer blackjack should have a straightforward layout that leaves no questions about where to go for what you need.

Each site we recommend for live dealer blackjack offers the best in user-friendly navigation, clear drop-down menus and tabs, and a clean, minimalistic layout to reduce any clutter or confusion.

Mobile Compatibility

In today’s age, everything should allow access and availability through smartphones. Mobile optimization is often an indicator of the savviness of a business and how forward-thinking they are in terms of offering their customers convenience and an enjoyable experience.

We have found that each live dealer blackjack site we recommended can be used through a phone or other smart device. You can download the app or simply access the site with the use of a mobile browser. Everything else today is built for use on a phone, so why would real money live dealer blackjack be any different?

How to Play Live Dealer Blackjack

What is the objective of playing blackjack? To start, this is a game that is played against the dealer. You may be playing alongside seven or so other players, but they are not your competition. The goal is to beat the dealer. You must get a higher total card count than the dealer without going over 21.

Your best-case scenario in blackjack would be getting two cards that equal 21. However, this is a hard feat to accomplish. There are many more variations of hands you will see before you ever see the perfect blackjack hand. Casinos typically use eight standard 52-card decks. The cards two through 10 are worth exactly what they are numbered, face cards like jacks, queens, and kings are worth 10, and aces can be worth 1 or 11 depending on the scenario.

With all this in mind, let us get into the step-by-step breakdown of how to play live dealer online blackjack for real money.

  • Bet: Place a bet on who you think will win the hand.
  • First Card: The dealer will deal one card face up once all bets have been placed.
  • To the Dealer’s Left: The dealer will then begin dealing cards to the player furthest on his left side.
  • Second Card: The second card will be flipped. It is dealt face up for the players to see.
  • Card Value: Look at your cards to determine the value of the hand you hold by adding up the sum.
  • Blackjack: If the value of your cards is equal to 21, you have a blackjack and win the hand.
  • Another Card: In the case where neither you nor the dealer has hit 21, there is an option to be dealt an additional card.
  • Double Down: Players double their bet to get an additional card added to their hand.
  • Hit: The player is dealt another card to add to their hand and the total value.
  • Stand: The player is happy with their card value and decides to stay where they are.
  • Card Split: Your initial hand may contain two cards that are equal in value. Players have the option to “split the hand” to create two different hands.
  • Double Down: A second card will be dealt to both hands and players can choose to hit before taking the option to stand.
  • Stand: If you are splitting aces, the player can only get one card per hand.
  • Winning: All players have made their moves and the dealer will then flip their face down card over to reveal.

Additional Rules for Live Dealer Blackjack

  • The dealer must hit if their total card value is 16 or less.
  • The dealer must stand if their total card value is 17 or more.
  • The player cannot go over 21. This is called a “bust,” and the player loses their bet to the dealer.
  • Players win if their card value is closer to 21 than the dealer’s hand. The player also wins if the dealer has gone over 21.
  • A push occurs when both the player and the dealer have the same card value. The player will get their bet back.

Live Dealer Online Blackjack vs. Land-Based Casino Blackjack

These two forms of real money blackjack are quite different, but they also share a bunch of similarities, due in part to the presence of a living, breathing human dealer. Here are some ways playing at live blackjack online casinos are much like the experience you would find at traditional brick-and-mortar establishments.

Similarities Between Live Dealer Blackjack Online and Casino Blackjack

An Actual Live Dealer

Many people out there have their suspicions that online blackjack hands dealt using a computer program are “rigged.” While this is largely untrue, live dealer blackjack can put many of these uncertainties to bed by adding that human element that so many desire, namely that they can see the cards being dealt by an actual person!

The Speed of the Game

Whereas online blackjack is fully automated, making the pace of the game fast and instantaneous, live dealer blackjack for real money is more like traditional casino blackjack. The dealer is an actual person who is taking the time to work the cards and address any players’ questions.

Not only is the dealer a real person, but so are the people sitting at the table in your midst. They too are taking their time with placing bets and making other game decisions that eat into the time of the game, much like a traditional casino experience.

Waiting for a Table

Just like a brick and mortar casino, live dealer blackjack involves the element of waiting for a table to open as well as waiting for the game to begin once it is open for business. Playing at a strictly virtual online casino bypasses all these steps and allows players to jump into the action within minutes or seconds.

The drudgery, but also the realism, of waiting to play at a traditional casino can be felt when getting ready to play some live dealer blackjack. For some, this might seem like a disadvantage, but others might see it as more authentic.

Differences Between Live Dealer Online Blackjack and Casino Blackjack

The Game Selection at Live Blackjack Casinos

The cost of running an online live dealer blackjack casino is considerably high, which means that there will be fewer live dealer table games for players to enjoy. A land-based casino, by contrast, has far more resources and capabilities to offer customers a large variety of table games in a more cost-effective manner. Unfortunately, online live dealer blackjack options do not carry as many varieties of this popular table game despite the convenience of online platforms and other advantages.

The Minimum Bets Playing Blackjack Online

The higher cost of operating live blackjack online casinos also means that the minimum bets to get in on the game are going to be higher than those seen at the traditional casino. There are plenty of advantages to playing live dealer, but this is clearly not one of them, especially if you are working with a tighter bankroll.

The Convenience of Live Dealer Online Blackjack

Playing live dealer blackjack cannot simulate the true authentic feeling of being at a traditional, brick and mortar establishment, but it does offer the ultimate in convenience and comfort. You can play from the comfort of home, meaning you do not have to get dressed up, buy marked-up drinks, or use gas to run to the nearest traditional casino. Many enjoy live dealer table games when they have no accessibility to a real casino. What you lack in an authentic experience can be made up for with comfort and convenience.

Live Dealer Blackjack Software Providers

Depending on which live blackjack online casinos you use, you may see a change in providers. When you know a little bit more about each software provider, it could make decisions easier. Providers tend to create games that differ in house edge percentages and number of tables available.

For a complete breakdown, check out the table below!

Provider Tables Blackjack Pays Decks Dealer Hits Soft 17 Double Insurance Offered? Surrender Allowed? House Edge Best Online Casino
RealTime Gaming 100+ 3:2 6 Yes Any 2 Yes Yes 0.63% Vegas Casino Online
Betsoft 50+ 3:2 8 No Any 2 Yes No 0.65% Wild Casino
Microgaming 100+ 3:2 8 Yes Any 2 Yes No 0.64% Betway Casino
NetEnt 20+ 3:2 6 Yes Any 2 Yes No 0.44% TonyBet Casino
Visionary iGaming 20+ 3:2 6 No Any 2 Yes Yes 0.69% Las Atlantis

RealTime Gaming

RealTime Gaming LogoThis company has been active since 1998. And it’s especially reputable to US players because the company was founded and is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. They were known for being early to the online casino game because they jumped straight to producing software for online casinos, bypassing brick and mortar programs.


Betsoft LogoFounded in 1999, this company has had a stake in the market for many years and developed at solid reputation as a premier producer for high-quality gaming and other products. This company is know for its large and loyal fan base. They service major markets across Europe and the Americas.


Microgaming LogoThis company claims to be the developer of the first online casino software. They also hold the world record for the largest payout thanks to their progressive slot Mega Moolah. Founded in 1994, Microgaming has wild reputability coupled with drive for innovation that was seen in 2016 when they launched a virtual reality roulette game that could be used through a VR headset.


NetEnt LogoThis Swedish-based company has been operating since 1996, and they know their stuff! They are known for producing high-quality game content but making it accessible and available to a large market of consumers. Their focus is slot games, which include many iconic titles.

Visionary iGaming

Visionary iGaming LogoThis company provides games to players all over the world since they entered the scene in 2008. Their “calling card” in the market are their live dealer games that all have a story behind them. Players can be a part of a larger story as they make their journey though a series of games that give a little bit of the lore and tale along the way!

It’s important to research the software provider who is bringing you the live dealer blackjack game you are enjoying. Your experience might be lacking or unpleasant if the provider is not trusted or subpar.

Look for companies that have been working in the market for many years. That’s often an indicator that they know how to take good care of their clientele and stakeholders. Companies that are creative, innovative with their products, and have produced games that have paid out large sums of money to players are the ones who you may want to pay attention to or look out for when it comes to live dealer blackjack.

Get Started Playing Live Dealer Blackjack Online

Now that you know where to play live dealer blackjack online, it’s time to talk about how to get from point A to point B. Here is where you will learn how to set up for the game as well as the process to collect your winnings and cash out afterwards!

Find a Safe Live Blackjack Online Casino
Finding a safe online casino that offers live dealer blackjack is the first and most important step of this process. We’ve provided you with a list of the best live blackjack online casinos at the top of the page, so you don’t have to spend your time search for a safe casino site, and you can get started playing live dealer blackjack online as soon as possible.
Sign Up and Create an Account
Once you have chosen a top-rated, reputable live dealer blackjack site that you like, begin the process by setting up an account. This will typically include providing a username or email address and establishing a password. There may be some other basic information that the site will ask you for. Just follow the directions, and you should be ready to go within five to 10 minutes.
Fund Your Live Dealer Blackjack Casino Account
Now that your account is set up, submit an initial deposit to get your bankroll started. Here is the time to seek out any sort of welcome or beginner’s bonus offers that are available on the gambling site. There are usually a lot of opportunities for players to get extra free cash just for submitting their first deposit or just being new. It’s almost like a housewarming gift. Be polite, accept the free offer, and see your bankroll grow—all for little to no work!
Choose Which Live Dealer Blackjack Game to Play
Your account is now funded, and you are ready to get in on some live dealer blackjack action. Check out the table game options under the live dealer section of the website and find one that you will want to play. There is a chance you might not be able to play straight away as each game is a scheduled event for a set time. Once a table is open, the fun can begin! And it is all from the comfort and convenience of your home or wherever you may be.
Start Playing Live Dealer Blackjack Online for Real Money
You have made it to the live dealer table where you will enjoy a game of blackjack. The only thing left is to submit your minimum bet to get in on the game and begin playing! You will find different sized chips and a timer on the screen. This will allow you to bet various amounts and show you how much time you have before the bets close.

Live Dealer Online Blackjack Tips and Strategies

There are several strategies and techniques that professional blackjack players swear by that have helped them to increase the odds winning the game. Check out what you can do to up your gameplay and flex your live dealer blackjack muscles!

  • Hit and Stand When the Moment Is Right: There are solid mathematical probabilities to increase your odds of winning. Knowing when to hit and stand is crucial to succeeding against the dealer. Look at hit and stand strategy tables online to get a good idea of when to make these pivotal moves. They will greatly increase your chances of winning in almost any situation. Print one out and have it available as you play live dealer online blackjack. Because the dealer cannot see you, you can fly under the radar with your handy reference guide!
  • Double Down: Using this strategy can greatly increase your winnings, but be careful with when you choose to strike. Consider the fact that you will only receive one card for taking this action. Also, keep in mind the dealer’s up card and be sure to check for any extra restrictions that the variety of your game may carry.
  • Split Pairs: Be cautious when splitting pairs. Pay close attention to the dealer’s up card and only split pairs on certain card values. Do not make the rookie mistake of employing this strategy on a whim without checking all conditions first. This is another strategy where it may be advantageous to print out a reference table online and secretly keep at your side as you play. Strike when the moment is right!
  • Use Soft Total to Your Advantage: When you are dealt an ace in your initial hand, you are in business! You have a ton of flexibility because aces can be worth one or 11 depending on your strategy and what you need at the time. This can allow you to take more risks with hits before you ultimately must stand. There are strategies with using soft totals with many charts available online. Use these to your advantage!

Live Dealer Blackjack FAQ

Can You Win Real Money Playing Live Dealer Online Blackjack?

Yes, of course you can! Blackjack is one of those table games where the house already has a low edge, giving bettors the chance to make some decent money. There is that advantage and you can combine it with the use of gambling site bonuses to build up a bankroll. Now, you have a winning combination to indeed make real money playing live dealer blackjack online.

Is Online Live Dealer Blackjack Legal?

Legality can differ depending on the country or state. But you’ll be glad to know that the live dealer blackjack sites we suggested have all been fully licensed by a legitimate gambling authority in a reputable jurisdiction. These sites accept US players and allow them to play live dealer blackjack online for real money!

What Are the Best Sites for Live Dealer Blackjack?

Honestly, we recommend you try your hand at any of our listed live blackjack online casinos at the top of this page. We have found them to be the most exceptional platforms to enjoy the game. You can check out others if you want, but you will have to do your own research and vetting to ensure reputability and trustworthiness. With our recommendations, it’s all taken care of!

Can You Count Cards in Live Dealer Blackjack?

Yes, you can. The tables operated exactly as they would at any land-based casino which means, under perfect conditions, that this is the ideal way to count cards. This mostly due in part to the dealer not being able to see you. The livestream allows players to see everything the dealer does but not the other way around.

Is Live Dealer Online Blackjack Rigged?

No. You can see the dealer physically dealing the cards out and many live dealer sites will have the news running on a television in the background to reassure players that the game in not pre-recorded. It is indeed occurring in real time.