The Best Live Dealer Sic Bo Casinos in 2021

Sic bo is a classic staple found at land-based casinos and real money online casinos across the world. An exciting variation on this Ancient Chinese casino game is the live dealer format where players can bet against a real live croupier using real dice. The prime difference with live dealer sic bo is that each player is participating remotely from the comfort and convenience of their desktop or mobile device.

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There are several real money online casinos that we can point to that offer the best in live dealer sic bo action! In our comprehensive review, we’ll give you a feel for the game and discuss rules, bet types, and payouts. We’ll also discuss the benefits of playing the classic version of sic bo and some of the criteria we looked at in picking out these top-rated live sic bo sites.

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How Did We Select These Sic Bo Casinos?

Our top recommendations for the best live dealer sic bo casino were not random or arbitrary by any means! There were specific features and aspects we looked at with each real money online gambling site to determine which would make the top of our list. The right factors needed to be in place to ensure that those who play live dealer sic bo at these sites have the best possible experience playing this interesting variation on the classic dice game.

Example of a Live Dealer Casino In Action

Trustworthiness and Reputability

This is the most important factor when it comes to choosing a site. Customers need to know they can trust their online casino, and that’s why we only recommended live sic bo casinos that are fully licensed by a legitimate gambling authority in a reputable jurisdiction and are legal for use by US players. We also made sure each site employs the best safety software and security protocols to protect the privacy and confidentiality of customers’ personal and financial information. Each of the live dealer sic bo sites we recommend also conducts procedures like Know Your Customer (KYC) and Personal Identifiable Information (PII) when vetting new customers.

Variety of Live Dealer Games

We know that you will probably want to play more than just live dealer sic bo at your online casino of choice. That is why we sought real money online casinos that had a wide variety of games aside from this beloved, classic game. Each site we recommend carries several table games, specialties, and video poker options. There are also extensive sections for traditional poker varieties and a whole slew of top-rated real money slot titles that are sure to satisfy the most avid slots connoisseur out there!

Lucrative Bonuses and Promotions

Sic Bo

There are more ways to make real money playing casino games online beyond the games themselves. Players can earn a ton of extra coin by capitalizing on the real money bonuses and promotions that live dealer sic bo casinos extend to their customers. Each site we promote includes many of these types of offers, including generous welcome packages, deposit matches, daily promotions, rebate, and reload rewards. We want to be sure our customers have access to additional real money funds as they look to build up their bankrolls!

Wide Variety of Banking Options

Banking has never been, nor will it ever be a “one size fits all” affair. Different banking is needed for different kinds of players which means we only recommend online casinos with a wide variety of banking methods for both depositing and withdrawing funds. Not only do players need access to the class methods like credit cards and cryptocurrencies but they also need the options to use money orders, checks by mail or courier, bank wires, PayID, Person to Person, and others!

Mobile Compatibility

We made sure each real money live dealer sic bo casino we added to our list included either an app or a great mobile version of their site for their customers. It’s one thing to enjoy playing live dealer sic bo for real money from the large screen of a desktop PC with excellent graphics, sound effects, and handling. But it’s also another thing to have that same experience replicated for a small screen format! Each site we promote does just that with their top-rated apps or their versions of the site for mobile. It makes for a seamless experience that can be enjoyed from the comfort and convenience of a mobile device like a smartphone or tablet!

Top-Rated Customer Service and Support

We made sure each of our recommendations for live dealer sic bo for real money had a helpful and professional customer service team. There is nothing quite like a smooth and painless experience with customer service when you have a major problem on your hands. We tested out each channel (phone, email, and live chat) at these online casinos to make sure their departments were able to deal with issues and problems with professionalism and in a timely. We are glad to report that each site exceeded our expectations!

How to Play Live Dealer Sic Bo Online

Rules, strategies, bets, and payouts aside, sic bo is an easy game to describe in terms of how it’s played in a live dealer setting! Here’s what you can when looking to play live dealer sic bo:

  • Look for a sic bo table for betting limits that are in range for your budget.
  • Place your bet (or bets) at the table. We recommend placing the small/large bet to start.
  • The dealer will roll the dice once all bets are placed and the box is opened.
  • All winning bets will be immediately paid out and will be tallied to your bankroll electronically.

For a more in-depth explanation of the game and how it is played online, check out our sic bo casino game guide here. To see a tutorial of a live dealer sic bo game, check out this video:

Bets and Payouts for Real Money Sic Bo

When it comes to sic bo, there are a ton of ways to place your bets and wagers. It’s no wonder that this is one of the most exciting and engaging casino games when it comes to wagering! You will also find plenty of paytables in this section as well as the applicable bets to which they are connected.

Small/Big Bet

This is the most basic even-money bet in the game and is the total of the three dice rolled. Small bets are totals that fall between 4-10, and large bets are totals that fall between 11-17. If the dice come up all the same number, the bet loses. The payout is 1:1.

Number Bet

This is a bet on a specific number. Payouts are 1:1 if one dice comes in, 2:1 if two dice match your number, and 3:1 if three dice match your number.

Pair Bet

This is a bet on one of 15 two-dice combinations. Players win when both number appear. The payout is 5:1.

Total Bet

This bet is on the total sum of all three dice. 3s (1+1+1=3) and 18 (6+6+6=18) do not count. The payouts can range from 6:1 to 60:1.

Double Bet

This is a bet placed on a specific pair. Payouts are 10:1.

Triple Bet

This is a bet placed on three of a kind. Payouts are 180:1.

Any Triple Bet

This is a bet placed on three of a kind. It does not matter what it is so long as it is a three of a kind. Payouts are 30:1.

Odd Bet

This is a bet that wins on an odd total. It loses on three of a kind. Winning Probability: 48.61%. House Edge: 2.78%

Even Bet

This is a bet that wins on an even total. It loses on three of a kind. Winning Probability: 48.61%. House Edge: 2.78%

Domino Bet

This is a bet involving a roll hitting on two unique numbers chosen by the player. Winning Probability: 13.89%. House Edge: 16.67%

Other Bets for Live Dealer Sic Bo

  • Total of 4 and 17: Payouts of 60:1 and a house edge of 8.33% to 29.17%
  • Total of 5 and 16: Payouts range from 18:1 to 32:1 and a house edge of 8.33% to 47.22%
  • Total of 6 and 15: Payouts range from 14:1 to 19:1 and a house edge of 7.41% to 30.56%
  • Total of 7 and 14: Payouts range from 10:1 to 12:1 and a house edge of 9.72% to 23.61%
  • Total of 8 and 13: Payouts range from 7:1 to 8:1 and a house edge of 7.41% to 18.98%
  • Total of 9 and 12: Payouts of 6:1 and a house edge of 12.50%

Number Bets Paytable

Numbers Payout House Edge
7 and 14 12:1 9.72%
8 and 13 8:1 12.50%
9 and 12 6:1 18.98%
10 and 11 6:1 12.50%

Double and Triple Bets Paytable

Bet Type Payout House Edge
Double Bet 10:1 18.52%
Triple Bet 180:1 16.20%
Any Triple Bet 30:1 13.89%

Sic Bo Strategies and Betting Tips

Sic bo is largely a game of luck as there is a dice roll involved. There are a few things you can do to minimize your losses, mostly through smart, prudent playing, but by and large, sic bo is one of those games that comes down to the luck of the tumbling dice.

Leisurely Play

This method is great if your bankroll is modest or meager. It will only allow you to experience some small wins, but it will also keep your total losses low as well. We recommend using only 10% or less of your bankroll to employ this strategy. There is no need to put a ton of your money at risk, especially if you do not have the luxury of a larger account. Set to work placing bets of small/big bets or odd/even bets which will ensure you the best odds and returns. Do not expect huge payouts using this tactic!

Best Returns

You can get a bit crazier with this technique. You will still want to place most of your money on the small/big bets or the odd/even bet where your odds of winning are far greater than others. But you will also want to spread some of your bankroll out to some middle-of-the-road bet types that pay out better money than the small/big or even/odd. There may be the chance of you hitting on something like a double bet or any triple bet which could be key to getting your bankroll growing.

You will still need to be smart with your bankroll management and only stake a minimal amount on bets like these that do not hit as much.


These kinds of bets involve much more risk. But if you’re serious about growing your bankroll, look for the bets to involve the best multiplier. This strategy will involve the player covering most of the board to get paid out on multiple positions when the dice combinations come. This will help you to hit the multipliers far more often!

Benefits to Playing Live Dealer Sic Bo

The Human Element

In almost every aspect, live sic bo is extremely like the experience of playing the same game at a land-based casino. In this case, the only difference is the remote participation of the players and the electronic betting table where gamblers place their wagers and receive payouts.

Play on Your Time

You can participate from almost anywhere (so long as you have a web browser and reliable internet connection) and at any time.

There’s always a game going on somewhere in the world. You don’t have to spend money traveling to the land casino near you or spend money on food and drinks. This is a great way to play live dealer Sic Bo and avoid the crowds!

A Personalized Experience

Players can customize everything and anything from the color of the chips to the layout of the table. The dealer alone holds a possibility of various options and choices from gender and hair color to hair length and skin color. You can truly tailor your live dealer sic bo experience to exactly what you want!

Online Sic Bo vs. Live Sic Bo

The benefits really begin to pile up when playing at live dealer sic bo sites, many more so than just gambling online. Here are some of the pros and cons of each version of this classic game!

Live Dealer Sic Bo Pros

  • Real dice are used. There is no need for the use of a random number generator.
  • The pace is comparable to the pace of a land-based casino game.
  • Live dealers add a human element to the game.
  • The chat box features allows players to talk with the dealers and other players.
  • All live dealer games happen in real time.
  • Random bonuses are offered from time to time.
  • Players have control over their bets. Wins are automatically added to each account.
Live Dealer Sic Bo Cons

  • The pace is much faster, meaning your losses will stack up quicker.
  • The dice are shaken by a random number generator.
  • There is no human element to the game. The entire experience is produced by computer graphics and computer programs. This means no dealer or other players to chat with.
  • Bonuses are not available every time you play.

Live Dealer Sic Bo FAQ

What Is Live Dealer Sic Bo?

Live dealer sic bo is the perfect fusion of land-based casino sic bo and online sic bo for real money. Players participate from their computer or mobile device, placing bets and receiving winnings from a computerized betting table, and they interact with a live dealer in real time. The dealer, or croupier, handles everything on the table including the dice roll. They do not handle players’ bets. When players win, their winnings are automatically processed by the computer software and funds are immediately deposited in the players’ accounts.

Can I Play Live Dealer Sic Bo for Real Money?

Yes, check out any of our five recommended online casinos with live dealer sic bo. Those who win while playing the game win real money as the prize.

Are There Any Strategies for Increasing my Odds of Winning?

Check out our strategies for sic bo above. This game is largely the luck of the dice roll, but there are some subtle ways to maximize your wins and minimize your losses, including choosing casinos online that offer higher payouts and playing the big/small or odd/even bets that carry the lowest house edge you will find in the game.

Can I Play Live Dealer Sic Bo From My Tablet or on Mobile?

Absolutely! Each site we recommend for real money live dealer sic bo has an app or a mobile version of the site available for download which allows players to enjoy live dealer sic bo from the comfort and convenience of any or all mobile devices.

How Are the Dice Rolled in a Live Dealer Sic Bo Game?

Unlike online sic bo which has the computer simulating a dice roll using a random number generator, live sic bo involves the live dealer performing this function much in the manner of land casino sic bo.