Mobile Online Casinos 2021

Doesn’t it seem like ages ago when we could only use our mobile phones for
making telephone calls? Those days, it seemed like we were living in the future,
but as the technology improved, the number of tasks we could perform with our
phones increased. It was only a matter of time before the devices were called
“smartphones,” and these devices, along with tablets, slowly started to replace
personal computers in people’s homes.

With each passing day, it seems like there is yet another part of our daily
routine that can be performed or assisted by our mobile devices. Does anyone
even have an alarm clock anymore? One area of the mobile industry that continues
to be in growth mode is mobile gaming. From video games to educational games to
social casino gaming, there are lots of options for those who want to entertain
themselves on their devices for free.

However, the real-money online gambling industry has also taken roots in the
mobile world. Between mobile sites and downloadable apps, players no longer have
to sit in front of their computers to make a bet on a sporting event or spin the
roulette wheel.

As much as this industry has grown in recent years, there is still a lot of
trepidation from players when it comes to spending real money on gambling on
their mobile devices. Our team of experts has been in the online gambling
industry since the beginning when players had the same concerns about putting
their credit card information on a website. So, let’s take a little time here to
talk about what we look for in a mobile casino and the advantages and
disadvantages of playing from your mobile device.

Recommended Mobile Casinos

Before we begin, if you are just looking for the best places to play mobile
casino games and don’t need all the details about the industry, then you don’t
need to look any further than here. Our review team looks at the mobile version
of every casino that they come across, and when factoring in all the items
below, we come up with a list of highly recommended sites. Some of these casinos
will have apps depending on where you are trying to play from, but all of them
will be available in the browsers of your phones or tablets.

Rank Gambling Site Deposit Bonus Get Started
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Las Atlantis
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#3 Super Slots Logo
Super Slots
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Vegas Casino Online
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What We Look for in a Mobile Casino

There are many things to consider when choosing a mobile casino to make a
deposit and play your favorite games. At, we look at each site
in detail, and when we come up with our ratings and rankings, we look at the
following attributes.

Native app or not

The app world is growing every day, with companies from all walks of life
fighting for the memory space on your device. The casino industry is involved in
the app game as well, so we look first to see if a casino that we are reviewing
has a native app to download for iOS or Android.

A casino doesn’t have to have an app to be considered excellent. In fact, due
to restrictions in some countries with regards to online gambling, some casinos
simply aren’t allowed to post their apps for download in an app store. For the
sites that do not have apps or aren’t allowed to promote them, the remaining
option is to create a mobile version of the site and games to be accessed from
within a mobile browser.

Browser-based online casino games have been around for well over a decade.
While the coding language has changed over time from Java to Flash to HTML5, the
concept is still the same – you don’t need to download a piece of software to
play the games. After checking to see if a casino has an app available, we then
test the mobile version of the site. The highest rated sites are those that have
completely converted their websites to be mobile-friendly and that have the most
game options available for players (more on that to follow).

Games Selection

After we look to see how compatible a casino site is with mobile devices, we
then turn our attention to the game selection in the mobile casino lobby. Now,
this may not matter for many of you – maybe you are only looking for one
particular game like blackjack when you are playing from a mobile device.
However, we want to make sure an operator can provide the full casino experience
for players who may want to move from slots to table games and elsewhere.

Mobile Devices Displaying Casino Games

When a casino software builds games today, it typically builds them with
mobile in mind, so they are easily convertible from PC to mobile. However, there
are some legacy games even from large software companies that either don’t fit a
mobile screen properly or that haven’t been repurposed for some reason. When we
look at the lobby of a mobile casino, we cross-reference the games with the PC
version to see how many games are missing. If it is enough to tell you about, we
mention it in the review. If it is one or two slots games in a list of hundreds,
we don’t consider that to be much of an issue at all.

Mobile Casino Banking Options

Playing online casino games is one part of the business, but getting money to
and from the sites is the part that differentiates real-money sites from play
money counterparts. Now you can make a deposit from your PC and then log into
your account on a mobile device, where you should then be able to see your
balance and play the games you want. If you want to make a deposit or a payout
request from your phone or tablet, we want to make sure you don’t run into a
brick wall.

A good mobile casino will give you all the same options for payments from
your mobile device that you would find when playing from a PC.

In fact, in some
cases where an app is downloaded and you are playing in a jurisdiction where
online gambling is legal, you may be able to make a deposit with one touch
directly from your Apple or Android account.

These days, you can access all your banking and the e-wallet solutions from
your phone, and you may have those details stored, so when it comes time to make
a payment, you don’t have to fumble around looking for a card number. This makes
depositing from your device even more convenient than trying from your PC. As
more and more people become comfortable with mobile payments for all types of
transactions, we will see an increase in gaming payment options as well.

Mobile Casino Customer Support

This is an area that we find still needs a little bit of work, given the
nature of mobile gaming and the support that is necessary.

Here’s an example:

When you have an
issue with your mobile casino site, you don’t want to have to go back to your
computer to try to contact someone from the site.

We look for sites that offer
live chat right in the screen of your device, or at least a telephone number.
This way, you can reach a real person in real time as you panic about what
happened with your blackjack hand. Top-rated casinos also have social media
accounts that allow you to contact them via the Twitter or Facebook apps on your
device. Finally, all casinos have email addresses which should directly link to
your mail app when you click on the link from the mobile site or within the app


We hope that this page has given you some insight into what we look for in a
good mobile casino and where you should start your journey if you have never
tried one before. The industry is changing rapidly, so the information on this
page will always be updated to reflect the most recent technological advances or
regulatory changes. You may want to bookmark this page and come check it out
every once in a while, even if it is to see if our list of recommended mobile
casinos has changed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Mobile Casinos Safe?

The fact that you are playing a casino on your mobile device doesn’t change
whether or not it is safe to play. This tends to come down to the reputation of
the casino operator itself rather than the delivery method. Our reviews won’t
steer you in the wrong direction – we give you all the information on an owner,
good or bad. Our independent reviewers are only tasked with bringing you honest
reviews of every site.

Now, we recommend you maintain the same security levels as you would for any
other mobile site. For example, we don’t suggest you pass your banking
information to a site over an open wifi connection. The gameplay itself will be
safe, especially if the site you are playing on is licensed by one of the top
gaming jurisdictions like Malta or the UK. This information is readily available
in each of our site reviews.

What Happens If My Connection Goes Down During a Hand?

This is a problem that concerns many players and with good reason. Let’s say
you just hit a big win on roulette, and then the game freezes. Most people tend
to panic and shut the app when this happens – we want you to stay calm. The
first thing you should do is take a screenshot of the frozen game. Then, see if
you can find a hand number and jot that down. In most cases, when the connection
comes back up, the game will simply continue from where it stopped. In the event
of something going wrong, you should contact customer service and give them all
the information you have gathered. The agent will be able to see your gameplay
on their screen and update you on the situation.

Can I Use Debit Cards at Mobile Casinos?

If your casino allows debit cards as a payment method, then it is likely that
you will be able to use them from both your PC and your mobile device. Every
casino is different, and that means that the payments methods differ between
operators. Check our reviews for all the available payment methods at a site.
Then you can head to the mobile site to see if debit cards are an available
method from your mobile device.

Are Apps Better Than Browser-Based Casinos?

This really comes down to personal preference. There is something a little
cleaner from a presentation standpoint when you play a casino game in an app,
but the games themselves will have the same features regardless of which method
you use to access them. Some people swear by app games, but there are others who
don’t want to waste the memory on their devices. We welcome your feedback on
which games you prefer and why.