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For most of us, our cell phones and mobile devices are much like an extra appendage that we take with us everywhere we go. Originally, we just used them to make calls, but now it seems like they are capable of doing just about everything under the sun short of cooking our food (though you can use them to order food to your exact location with a few buttons).

Over the past few years, the ability to play and gamble on your favorite slots, table games, and casino games has been added to that list of things your phone and mobile devices can do. You used to only be able to get action by going to your local casino. With the growth of the internet, that luxury spread to your home or office. Now with the growth of mobile phone technology, you can enjoy that experience ANYWHERE you have service on your phone.

As this luxury is fairly new to most people, we wanted to compile some useful information to help answer some of the biggest questions you might have about mobile online casinos. We'll also include our recommendations for the best and most reputable mobile online casinos so you can get started playing right now if you want to!

Our Recommended Mobile Sites

New technology is always exciting but brings with it some issues you need to be aware of. Most online casinos are trying to release their own mobile versions of their casino to try and cash in on this new technology. While this is awesome, they aren't all doing it correctly or doing it well. This means that the market is riddled with sites that are "giving it their best shot" but are falling short of the mark of excellence we have grown accustomed to.

Fortunately, there are a lot of sites out there that are ahead of the curve and are delivering a top of the line, easy and fun to use mobile platform with all the best game options available. Basically, there are some rock stars in the mobile online casino realm.

To help get you started, here is our current list of our favorite mobile online casinos. These sites rise above the rest in trustworthiness, reputation, game selection, user interface, cash out ease and speed, as well as a whole host of other factors that we deem important. We must also point out that we NEVER allow any sites to pay to be on our recommended lists. The only way they will ever find a spot on this list is by offering the best mobile online casino experience possible.

Are Mobile Casino Games Any Good?

Sometimes when a new medium is introduced for anything, the quality can suffer. This is understandably a huge fear especially for someone who might be used to playing their favorite games in the actual casino. How can the experience be anywhere close to the same in the palm of your hand?

The answer surprisingly is that the game developers and casino owners (the good ones) have done a masterful job at creating an immersive and captivating gambling experience in the palm of your hand. The game graphics and animations are top of the line and all the sounds, lights, and bells and whistles are expertly recreated on your mobile device.

With the risk of sounding overly cheesy, you will feel like you've been transported to the casino but with the comfort and convenience of being wherever you are and not having to travel. If you go with a good mobile online casino, you'll get the experience you're looking for.

Again, it's all dependent on the quality of the site you play on.

Top Tip

Don't let a site convince you that a subpar experience is ok just because the technology is new.

Remember, great sites do exist that have harnessed this technology well.

How is the Game Selection?

Again, this is going to be fully dependent on the provider that you choose to go with. Some sites currently only offer a few games and slots on their mobile platform while some offer literally the whole kit and caboodle. Even amongst the sites that offer good variety, you will have different levels of options.

Some sites will be heavy on the table and casino games and light on the slots. Others will be the exact opposite with tons of slot offerings but a limited selection of table and casino games. And your rock stars will offer everything under the sun neatly organized into a tight little package.

Frankly, unless you have a favorite game you're looking for, in particular, the all-inclusive rock star mobile online casinos are your best bet.

Who doesn't like more options?

This is, of course, as long as the site does have them organized well. Sometimes when sites get too many options, the user interface and navigation capabilities of the site suffers. This becomes especially important when you are not playing on a big computer screen but from a phone or a tablet.

Are Deposits and Withdrawals Easy?

No, they're impossible. KIDDING. The deposits and withdrawals are as easy and simple to use as the full online "computer" versions of the sites. You also have the same options that the full online casino offers at your disposal. We'd love to write more about this, but it's that simple. Cash outs and deposits are quick and easy. Just make sure that you read everything the site has to say about them to make sure that you do everything correctly. While it won't hinder your deposit or withdrawal, not following instructions can delay things and ain't nobody got time for that.

What Happens if I Lose Service During a Game?

The one fear that a lot of people have when using online mobile casinos is what happens if they happen to lose cell phone service or wifi during the middle of a game or hand. The good news is that the sites have already thought of this and put procedures in place to handle this instance. While it hopefully won't be common, if it does happen, the site will freeze and store everything that is happening.

For Example

If you spin the wheel of a slot and hit a big jackpot and then lose service while getting paid out, you won't lose your money. The site will automatically credit it to your account, and when you regain service, your winnings will all be there. The technology was built to accommodate these happenings in fairness to the player, so you have literally nothing to worry about.

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