How to Find the Best New Casino Sites in 2021

Humans crave novelty. We’re attracted to shiny new things. We’re hardwired to
– it’s a survival instinct.

So, it’s no surprise when people take to a new online casino like a moth to a

For others, it’s less about survival and more about being the first to try
something. That way, if the new casino takes off and becomes popular, they can
say they were among the first to check it out. They were an early adopter.

But, similar to being the first to eat that berry …which just happened to be
poisonous …there are risks to being a casino’s beta tester.

Doing so may not kill you, but it can drain the life out of your bank

The point being, you want to be selective about which casinos you decide to
try. You have to learn how to pick your spots.

That’s what this page is going to show you how to do – how to find and join
the safest new casino sites.

Before we get to that, though – if you’d like a shortcut, you can choose from
our list of new casinos below. They’re not perfect – no casino is – but they’re
vetted to be the most fun, rewarding and safe.

As much as a new casino can be, anyway.

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Why Established Online Casinos are Often Better Than New Ones

I wouldn’t be shocked if some of our readers feel as though it’s not a big
deal to join a brand-new casino. Many individuals think that there’s little, if
any, difference in risk compared to joining an older, established casino.

But I Beg to Differ…

In fact, I’d argue that most people are better off joining an existing casino
with a few years experience under their belt, rather than a brand-new casino who
just took the plastic off.

I’m going to take a few minutes now to share why.

Fewer, Less Attractive Offers

One big difference I’ve noticed between new and older casinos are their

Older casinos often have a laundry list of offers – these range from welcome
to reload bonuses, to comps and VIP programs.

Most deposit bonuses will be in the 4-figure range, too. VIP programs will
have multiple tiers, which are fleshed out with a variety of offers and perks.

Newer casinos tend to be the opposite. Their bonuses are smaller. They don’t
have fleshed out VIP programs. And they usually have fewer offers overall.

Few casinos come out the gate strong in all areas. Promotions tend to be one
of the weakest areas for a new casino.

Otherwise their weak area is their game selection.

Smaller Game Selection and Less Variety

Another area many new casinos are weaker in compared to established casinos
are their game selections.

Established casinos often – not always, but often – work with multiple
software companies. The result is a library with 150+ casino games to choose
from, if not several hundred (700+).

This also often means a better variety of games to play. An older casino is
more likely to offer live dealer games, progressive slots (with larger
jackpots), and several blackjack, roulette and video poker variants.

Many new casinos start with smaller game selections. I think the idea is to
get their casinos launched, then add games a few months down the road.

The problem – in my opinion – is that first impressions matter. And with how
saturated the online gambling industry is, it’s more important than ever to show
players what you’re all about.

That’s much harder to accomplish when you launch with Real Time Gaming
software – 130-ish games, none of which have live dealers.

New Casino Sites Often Lack a USP

This is one of the worst problems of all.

You get a couple of ‘entrepreneurs’ who hear that “online casinos are hot.”
So, they get their paperwork in order, choose a white-label solution, and think
they’re going to quickly stamp out an ATM that prints them money day and night,
with little, if any effort.

The biggest mistake here – other than thinking business is easy – is they
don’t develop a USP (unique selling point). There’s nothing different about
them, other than maybe their name. Sometimes they offer unique promotions.

This isn’t a problem you’ll find in Las Vegas. Even though most casinos offer
the same games, every casino is different in terms of their theme, shops,
restaurants and overall experience.

New casino sites drop the ball here. And the result is, they don’t give you
any reason to check them out over an already established – and arguably safer –
online casino.

So, most people don’t.

New Casinos Lack Stability

Let me get one thing clear – there aren’t any guarantees for online gamblers.
The exception to this rule may be legal online casinos in the USA. Maybe in
the United Kingdom or Europe. Otherwise, no dice.

That said, new casinos are new businesses. New businesses fail more often
than they succeed. Established casinos are just that – established. Which, to me, signals that
they have their stuff together. They’re more stable. This applies to all areas, but none more so than cashflow.

New casinos will often have smaller banking limits, as well as shorter
ceilings on weekly and monthly limits. These limits may also apply to
progressive jackpot winnings.

Here’s an Example

Imagine that for a second. You win a 6+ figure progressive jackpot, but this
casino – a brand-new casino – has a rule that you cannot cash out more than
$10,000 per month.

Considering how often new casinos fail, I would be fearful that I wouldn’t
collect every penny I was owed.

The opposite is often the case (not always, of course) with an established,
more reputable casino.

Now, The Point of All This Isn’t to Scare You

I know, I know. I just spent the last few minutes being a Negative Nancy. So,
I want to be clear about a few things.

  1. I don’t point all this out to scare you from trying a new casino site.
    Because that would take a lot of fun out of gambling online.
  2. The list above is no way a reflection of every single new casino that
    launches. There are exceptions to the rule on both sides. Some new casinos DO
    HAVE lots of offers, games and cash reserves. They have all their ducks in a

It’s sort of like saying not every type 2 diabetic developed diabetes through
a bad diet. Some truly have had bad luck in that they’re in some way predisposed
to it (genetics and family history, for example).

But I AM playing the odds here. Like most type 2 diabetics who got where they
are through bad dietary decisions and no exercise, the truth is that most NEW
online casinos suck for a variety of reasons.

For that reason, I recommend that most of our readers choose an established
casino over a new one 9 times out of 10. I truly think most people will be
happier this way.

But if you really want to join a brand-new casino, then the next section will
help you out. I’m going to give you a few tips, tools and resources you can use
to increase your chances of joining a top-shelf casino instead of a junky one.

7 Tips to Avoid Junky New Casinos Online

As I said earlier, there are no guarantees when it comes to choosing ANY
online casino, new or old. Nor is there anything I can say or do that will help
you choose the safest new casinos with 100% accuracy.

No one can. Beware of anyone who tells you otherwise.

What I CAN do is give you a few tips and resources you can use to make better
choices more often than not. And, like making a +EV play in poker, if you can
pull this off more times than you don’t, in the long run you should come out

So, what can you do?

1. Make Sure the Casino Isn’t Listed on Any Blacklist

This might sound strange. Because after all, this is a new casino we’re
talking about.

What can I say? Some casinos screw up right out the gate – they do something
stupid and unethical, and find themselves blacklisted.

Anyway, this is something that takes only a few minutes to check. You just
need a few legit sites who have blacklists. You can check out our list of blacklisted sites or find others below.

Here Are Some Recommendations:


There might be a few discrepancies between each list. Sometimes only one site
will blacklist a casino. You’ll have to use your own judgement in those cases.

But when a casino is on one or more blacklists, you know without a doubt you
should avoid them.

2. Find Out Who Owns/Operates the Casino

This is important because some rouge gambling brands have been known to start
a new company and casino, and then continue with their shenanigans – such as
accepting deposits, but refusing to cash anyone out.

This is tough to catch, and may require some detective work on your part.
Google is your friend here. Type in the casino’s name, as well as any company,
parent or subsidiary name to see what you can dig up.

Blacklists and forums will often help you out here, too.

3. Join and Research Casino Forums

I like forums because they’re far less biased than reviews. While they still
existing to make money (which tends to create SOME bias), the conversations
you’ll find in forums are usually member-driven.

This means that if a casino is good, or if a casino is bad, you’ll hear about
it – and you can be pretty confident the information you’re getting is honest
and legit.

You should also check in with these forums even after you join a new casino.
That way, if the casino ever changes its tune, you can find out before it’s too

4. Ensure The Casino Has Enough Banking Options and Reasonable Limits

For reasons I’ll never understand, some casinos launch with only a handful of
banking options.

This limits how many players can join, for one thing. But it can also create
an issue for players who can easily get money on the site, but struggle to get
money off – or vice versa.

For that reason, I recommend only joining new online casinos who have at
least 2 banking options you can and/or want to use for both deposits and
withdrawals. And preferably more than that.

I also recommend you check and compare fees. Nowadays they’re more or less
unavoidable, especially for American customers. But that doesn’t mean you have
to pay more than you should.

You’ll also want to double check their cash out limits. Don’t worry so much
about their transaction or daily limits as much as their weekly and monthly
total cash out limits. You want to make sure you can cash out big chunks of your
bankroll, if necessary – especially if you’re lucky enough to win a progressive

I recommend sticking to casinos that let you cash out at least $10,000 per
month. That’s a bare minimum, too. In fact, I hate suggesting such a low number,
but that’s fairly normal for an online casino.

And I’d give extra points to any new casino who makes (cash out limit)
exceptions for progressive jackpot winners or VIP members.

5. Contact Support

If a brand-new casino can’t manage stellar, next-level support, it’s hard for
me to justify playing there. Because it makes you wonder how much their support
is going to degrade if/when they take off.

So, I recommend you send them an email or three. Then try them on live chat.

You want to gauge how fast they respond, how friendly they are, and whether
they answer your questions.

6. Try Their Games

This is a pretty easy problem to fix, as most online casinos let you play
their games for free. Often you can even play their games without having to
create an account first.

This is a best-case scenario.

I recommend doing this to make sure you like the casino’s software, and that
it works well.

You also want to make sure the casino has all the different types of games
and variants you want to play. Double check the rules and payouts, too, as they
vary from one software provider to the next.

Last, you want to make sure you can play the games on the device of your
choice, be it your laptop, browser, phone or tablet.

7. Don’t Fall For Large Promos

This should be common sense, but I’ve found from my limited time on earth
that common sense isn’t as common as you’d think.

Some new casino sites think they have to offer you the moon in order to get
you to join their casino and make a deposit.

The problem with these offers is that they’re HUGE, and when combined with
(often) crappy rollover terms, aren’t worth the time, money or risk to claim

Especially coming from a brand-new casino.

I recommend you think about a new casino’s promos last, if at all. Make sure
everything else is taken care of, from their reputation to licensing to banking
options and games.

Then, and only then, does it make any sense to think about their promos. Even
then I’d opt for a smaller bonus with decent terms than the other way around.


Finding and joining a new casino can be tricky. Scary, even. But it doesn’t have to be. Use the tips above. They should help you find the best and safest new casinos
more often than not.

And if all else fails, use your gut. If a new casino doesn’t feel right – if
you’re at all unsure whether you should join – just cut your losses and walk

That’s much better than joining anyway, and then finding out a few months
later your deposit and/or personal information was stolen.

You won’t be missing out on anything, either. There will always be a new
casino launch. ALWAYS.

Keep that in mind while using some of our tips and recommendations above, and
you should have no problem staying safe and having a good time at every new
online casino you decide to check out.