Best Craps Online Casinos for 2021

Are you looking for the best online casinos offering craps?
If so, this is the guide for you. In our guide on the top craps online casinos, we’ll fill you in with all of the information you’ll need to start playing craps for real money online. For starters, we’ll be listing the best casino gambling sites. But there’s much more to this guide than just
that. In addition, we’ve included details on different craps types offered at craps online casinos, available
online game formats, additional resources, and so much more.

Below, we’ve included our recommendations for the top online casinos that
offer craps
. To come up with this list of suggested real money online casinos sites,
our team spent many hours investigating all of the possible options in the
industry. The few listed below are the clear best of the best. Be sure to visit
the following section below if you’d like detailed insight into why we picked
these operations over all of the other possibilities.

Rank Gambling Site Deposit Bonus Get Started
Las Atlantis
280% Up To $14,000 Visit Site
Wild Casino
250% Up To $5,000 Visit Site
Super Slots
250% Up To $6,000 Visit Site
BetUS Casino
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Bovada Casino
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We get it if you’re not ready to dive right into deciding which craps online casinos you’ll be playing at.
For those of you who are new craps online, be sure to continue
checking out the rest of the important details we’ve included on this page. Once
you’re ready to check out the best online craps casinos, just
remember to come back to our list of suggestions featured above.

Below, we’ve added a list of links to all of the portions of our guide about
the best craps online casinos. If you’re looking to get the most out
of this page, you’ll want to stick around to view everything we’ve included.
However, we understand if you don’t have a ton of time or are just looking for a
single piece of information. If you’d like to skip ahead, simply click on one of
the section titles below.

Why These Online Craps Casino Sites?

Craps Banner

For those of you who haven’t visited our website before, it’s probably
running through your head why you should trust our selections above for the top
online craps casinos. We understand where you’re coming from, which
is why we’ve added this section to our guide. Here, we’ll pull back the curtain
and give you a glimpse at what went into our detailed section process. As you’ll
see, this is something we take very seriously.

At the top of our list of essential things we looked for in casinos that
offer craps was safety and security. Because many craps online casinos websites are not safe
for players to use, we made sure to flush out any we didn’t trust, so you’ll
know you’ll be protected. Should you choose to play craps online at any one of
our recommendations included above, we’re confident you’ll be playing on one of
the safest operations in the business.

Once we confirmed all of the safe online craps casinos,
we then turned our attention to a long list of other criteria which helped us
identify which operations were the top options. In total, our team investigated
a dozen critical areas of each casino website still under consideration. Some of
these criteria included things like their bonuses, customer support quality,
years in business, and more. For every area we looked into, we removed any
options which didn’t offer what we’d expect from a top online casino.

There’s one last tidbit about our selection process which you should be aware
of. Each of the casino websites featured above earned their spot by proving they
were one of the best of the best in the industry for players looking to play
craps online. We didn’t allow any of them to buy their way onto our list. It’s
vital to us that we always provide you with independent and factual information
on our website, which is why we don’t accept money from online craps casinos sites in
exchange for them being featured.

Common Types of Craps

Moving on, we wanted to give you an overview of the different types of
games available in both land-based and real money online craps casinos. Many of you might be
surprised to know there’s more than one type of the game. But much like other
popular casino games like blackjack and roulette, different versions have
developed across the globe over the years.

Before we proceed, we wanted to note this section is geared at providing you
with high-level information about these types of craps and their key differences
from one another. Before you try your hand at one of these variants for real
money, be sure to research the game version in-depth to ensure you understand
all of the associated rules and regulations which come along with it.

Traditional Craps

When you think online craps or just when you think about craps in general, you’re probably thinking of the tables you’ve seen in
land-based casinos around the world. Most likely, the table you saw was a
version of traditional craps. Always filled with excitement and fast-moving
wagers and play, traditional craps is the game version which forms the basis for
all other types of the craps games described below. To learn more about traditional
craps and how to play it, be sure to visit our craps game guide included in the
additional resources page below where we detail the basics of traditional craps.

Crapless Craps

This format of craps is the one which offers players the lowest house edge
out of all possibilities. In fact, the house edge is so little, it’s challenging
to find the game both online or in brick-and-mortar casinos. The reason the
advantage for the player is so high is that this variant of the game is designed
in a way in which it’s nearly impossible for players to lose their money on Pass
Line Bets. If you can locate this version of the game in an craps online casinos, it’s worth trying your hand at it due to the
high possibility you’ll come out ahead.

Simplified Craps

If you can’t tell from the name, Simplified Craps offers a simpler form of
the game than other versions. This is accomplished by including a more basic
betting structure as well as providing only a single roll of the dice by the
shooter. Not only is this version of craps an excellent one for new players
looking to learn, but it also offers a relatively low house edge.

High Point Craps

Offering one of the lowest house edges of all versions of the game, High
Point Craps differs quite a bit from the traditional variant. In this form of
the game, the player wins if they roll an 11 or 12. On top of that, if 2 or 3
are rolled at the come out roll, they are ignored for the remainder of the
shooter’s turn. If you’re looking to have a good chance at making money while
playing craps, this version is worth a look thanks to its incredibly low overall
house edge.

Die Rich Craps

One of the harder forms of craps to find, Die Rich Craps is mainly unique for
one stand out point. Instead of using two dice for play, this format of the game
only uses a single one. On the come out roll, the player will win if they land
on a six and lose if they come out on a 1. Outside of that, the odds and payouts
differ slightly from others for this version of the game.

New York Craps

As the name implies, this version of craps was initially developed and
popularized in the state of New York. However, these days, you can find it in
other places around the world, including the Bahamas and the United Kingdom.
Some of the key differences with this variant of the game are that the table
layout is significantly different from standard craps tables and the house edge
is higher. The reason the house edge is higher is because New York Craps doesn’t
offer Come, Don’t Come, Place, and Space wagers like traditional craps games.

With so many different types of craps variants, you’re sure to never get
bored if you’re looking to mix things up. If you’re interested in exploring a
new kind of craps, be sure to try it out in a free practice mode online first.
This will allow you to ensure you’ve got a good grasp of the game flow and rules
before you wager real money.

Online Craps Formats

Luckily, there’s a variety of ways you can start playing online at craps casino sites we’ve featured at the start of this guide.
In this section, we’ll talk about each of the common online craps formats so you can gain an
understanding of the options you’ll have available to you.

Standard Online Craps

Up first is the standard version of online craps. If you’ve ever played
craps online below, this is most likely the type you played
since it’s been around for a while. In the standard version of the game, it’s
played through a digital game interface utilizing random number generation
technology. You’ll play this format of craps alone, and it feels much like
you’re playing a computer game. Below, we’ve included some snaps of what a
standard online craps game looks like so you can know what to expect when you
try it out.

Live Dealer Craps

One of the newest advancements in online casino technology relates to the
introduction of live dealer casino games. With this exciting format, you’ll
enjoy the game with a live video feed from inside a casino. Using this feed, you
can see the actual dealer and table and play along from home. For many
individuals, this new format of craps is much more engaging than the standard
variant discussed above. To provide you with an idea of how live dealer craps
looks, we’ve added some images below.

Mobile Craps

There’s one other format option you have at many online casinos offering
craps, and that’s a mobile version of the game. With this format of craps, the
software is specifically designed so you can play from mobile devices like your
smartphone or a tablet. Mobile-friendly real money craps online casino sites like the ones we’ve featured at
the top of this guide make it simple to play on the go or without the need to be
at your primary computer.

When playing craps online using a mobile device, you’ll still be able to
choose between standard and live dealer variants of the game. Just keep in mind
it’s rarer to find live dealer craps mobile options than it is to locate the
standard variant.

The choice is yours when it comes to deciding how you want to play
craps online
. If you’re new to online gambling formats, we’d suggest
trying out all three of the formats described above to see which of them you
enjoy using the most.

Additional Resources for Online Craps

If you’re looking to add more knowledge and skills to your gambling arsenal,
this is the section for you. Here, we’ve assembled some of our other popular
pages related to craps and other favorite topics on our website. Be sure to scan
these and visit any of the other pages which can help you take your gambling
skills and abilities to new heights.

Types of Craps Bets

Outside of the table design and layout, one of the other things which is most
intimidating to new players of craps are the kinds of bets you can place when
playing the game. However, you don’t have to fear the unknown thanks to our
guide we’ve developed about all forms of craps wagers available. Using the link
below, you can explore this page and learn everything you need to know about all
of your betting options.

Craps Game Guide

Craps, in general, tends to intimidate many players. Between the large and
often rowdy crowds alongside a massive table with tons of options, many players
avoid the game. However, we’re here to help you soak up all of the knowledge you
need to know about the game. Check out the link below to learn the basics of the
game, how to place bets, and much more. Our craps game guide will help get you
quickly up to speed so you can take your place at the table and begin enjoying
this fun way to gamble in a casino.

Online Casino Basics

If you have little or no experience with casino websites, then be sure to
check out the link we’ve included below. It will take you to our guide we’ve
designed that’s all about the basics of online casinos. On this
page, you’ll learn all of the essential details you need to know about playing
craps and other casino games online.

Frequently Asked Questions About Craps Online Casinos

Finally, we didn’t want to conclude our guide without providing you with
access to some of the questions we get from our readers most often relating to
playing craps online. If you don’t have all of the answers you need yet, be sure
to scan the ones below. Just click on one of the questions if you’d like to read
its answer.

Do I Have to Play Craps Online for Real Money, or Are There Free Options?

If you don’t want to play craps online for real money, there are some options
available to you which will allow you to play the game for free. Playing craps
online for free is an excellent option if you’re new to playing the game and
trying to learn or if you’re just simply trying to test out how online gambling
software looks and feels.

At many of the best online casinos, players will have an option to play craps
in a free practice mode. In fact, you’ll have the ability to do this at many of
our suggested craps online casinos at the top of this page.
Unfortunately, this won’t be the case with live dealer craps since this version
of the game involves real casino employees as opposed to just a computerized
game. However, you’ll find plenty of options for the standard variant of online

Is Playing Craps Online Allowed?

The answer to this question will depend on where you live and how old you
are. In short, the gambling laws in your country will determine if it’s legal
for you to play craps and other casino games online. To get a detailed look at
the most up to date gambling legislation for your country, visit this page. Here, we’ve assembled helpful information for countries from around the

What Form of Craps Is Easiest to Learn for Beginners?

Those of you who are new to playing craps will probably want to begin with
Simplified craps. This format of the game is much easier and faster to learn
than all of the others. And it builds an excellent foundation of knowledge which
you can use to build upon when you’re ready to begin learning about and playing
other forms of craps at a later date.

Is It Easy to Play Craps from a Smartphone?

Yes. If you don’t have experience with playing craps online with a mobile
device like your phone or tablet, it’s worth trying it out. Luckily, gaming
software providers have dialed things in to make it simple for you to play the
game from the palm of your hand. All of our suggested top online casinos
featured at the top of this page all have quality mobile-friendly websites with
excellent user interfaces. Don’t forget to take advantage of the free practice
modes to test drive playing craps online from your mobile device.

Is It Dangerous to Play Craps Online?

While there are some casino websites in the industry which should be avoided,
many of them out there are safe places for folks to gamble online. The biggest
thing you should consider as you look for an online casino which offers
is their trustworthiness. As our team worked to come up with our
list of the top online casinos recommended at the top of this guide, it’s this
criterion which we spent the most time on. Over the years, we’ve assembled a
list of the online casinos which we feel should be avoided due to their track
record of not keeping players safe. Be sure to visit our page on blacklisted online casinos if
you want to know which casino websites not to use.

Conclusion on Online Craps Casinos

Hopefully, this page has been able to help you locate all of the information
you were looking for in addition to pointing you in the right direction for a
casino website to use for playing craps online for real money. For those of you who are new
to our site, be sure to stick around for a few moments to see some of the other
ways we can assist with increasing your gambling-related skills and knowledge.
Our website has all sorts of game guides, reviews, and much more all geared at
helping gamblers become better at what they do. You can use the main menu to get
a taste of everything we have to offer. Thanks for reading and good luck with
all of your upcoming online craps adventures!