Betsoft Casino Software

Betsoft is a company that provides cutting-edge gaming software for online
casinos around the world. Unlike some of their competitors, they supply online
casino games and online casinos that feature these games to players from North
America, including the United States. Penetrating such a rare market was key to
their success once they managed to get their foot in the door in 2014.

This level of location leniency might be a result of the fact that they are
licensed by the Curacao eGaming commission, which is known for its loose
standards. However, they are also licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority ever
since 2014 which has an extremely strict reputation.

It is quite rare to see a company have this specific combination of licenses,
but it is comforting to know that there are two different entities watching over
the business ethics of Betsoft. In case those licenses are not enough to impress
you, consider the fact that Betsoft games have all had their random number
generators evaluated for fairness by a company named Quinel. A copy of the
report that this company produced during 2017 concerning Betsoft can be found


What Does Betsoft Do?

Betsoft focuses exclusively on creating casino games such as video poker or
slot games. We counted their creations and ended up with 26 variations of video
poker, 71 three-dimensional slot games, 21 table games, six classic slot games,
3-D poker and a 3-D virtual racebook. These games can be found in 169 different
online casinos which is pretty impressive.

They’re most famous for their three-dimensional slot games and
three-dimensional poker games that are known as Slots3 and Poker3, respectively.
In 2010, Betsoft broke new ground by offering their first 3D slot game. This was
one of the first of its’ kind because it features breathtaking 3-dimensional
graphics which make playing the slot a lot more fun.

In 2011, Betsoft began to offer their first ToGo games. These games are
specially designed for players who wish to play Betsoft’s coveted casino games
from their mobile phone. Currently, every casino game in their library is not
available to play from their mobile platform, but a great number of their most
popular games are.

When Was Betsoft Founded?

Betsoft was originally founded in the year 1999. However, they did not start
to enjoy a noticeable amount of success until 2010 when they released their
Slot3 series.

Where is Betsoft Based Out Of?

Betsoft has been based out of the country of Malta since 2006, but before
that, they were based in a small town in northern England called Lytham St.
Annes. If you would like to write them a letter, their street address is the

  • Suite 19, 4th floor Valletta Buildings, South Street Valletta, VLT 1103, Malta

Why is Betsoft Relevant?

Betsoft is a relevant gaming software company for several reasons. The top
reason, in our eyes, is because they have been trailblazing the path for 3D slot
games ever since 2010 when they released their first Slots3 game.

As long as they continue to produce imaginative casino games that use the
latest technology available, we do not see their relevance fading anytime soon.

The fact that they offer a wide variety of table games, slot games, and other
products of the highest quality and reliability is what keeps online casinos
interested in getting ahold of some of their games. It also does not hurt that
they have their foot in the door of many different region’s online casinos,
including the US.

Popular Games from Betsoft

Besoft Slot3 Game Collection


If you are tired of gambling in two dimensions, Slots3 games are here to save
the day! These games offer amazing three-dimensional graphics as well as fun
themes attached to each one. They will generally include tons of options for
bonus winnings and even include some mini-games inside of the original game.

Some examples of titles that qualify as Slots3 games are Giovanni’s Gems, The
Magic Shoppe, The Angler, and Sin City Nights. With over 71 to choose from, it
will be nearly impossible to get bored of playing these realistic looking games
anytime soon.


Another game for those who scoff at gambling in the second dimension is known
as Poker3. In this game, you will be playing heads-up poker against an animated
character at a poker table that is based in a virtual world. However, the
currency being used is not virtual at all.

We love to see innovative ideas like this in the poker world because that
means that we are one step closer to having a virtual reality casino. This is an
exciting prospect for those who enjoy gambling from the comfort of their own
home, and when it is applied to poker rooms around the world it could change the
whole poker scene.

Virtual Racebook 3D

For gamblers who love to bet on horses but do not live next to any casinos or
horse tracks, Virtual Racebook 3D is going to be your next best option. This
three-dimensional race simulation will allow you to bet on the outcome of each
virtual race while providing the same insanely advanced graphics that their
other products offer.


Over the last 11 years, Betsoft has managed to earn a reputation as one of
the world’s biggest gaming software providers. Not only do they feature a large
selection of breathtaking 3-dimensional games, they feature a full array of
casino games such as video poker and slots.

With innovative ideas such as the Virtual 3D Racebook and Poker3, Betsoft
projects to be a staple of the online gambling community for quite some time.

They also feature some of their advanced 3-dimensional games for the mobile
phone which will give these mobile users a gambling experience that is unlike
any that they have ever had before.