NetEnt Casino Software

NetEnt has taken its place among the biggest casino software companies in the
world. They have climbed their way to the top with an emphasis on creativity and
original game content. NetEnt has over 1000 employees, with most focused on
research and development.

Their popularity and growth are proof of their software quality. They have
gained loyal supporters in casino owners and players alike. This is further
proven by their staggering 21.4 billion gaming transactions in 2014. Their
popularity has only grown since that time. In fact, NetEnt reported a 28.5%
sales growth in 2016.

NetEnt now serves over 170 casinos. This number is growing rapidly due to the
player demand for their software. Their gaming software library consists of 220
games. Most of these have been improved to include mobile-friendly versions
through their Touch software platform.

When Was NetEnt Founded?

NetEnt was founded in 1996. This was at the beginning of the internet boom,
which allowed them to be at the forefront of online gambling implementation.

Where is NetEnt Based Out Of?

NetEnt originated in Stockholm, Sweden. Their headquarters is still located
there to this day.

What Does NetEnt Software Do?

Their dedication to innovation and quick strategic advances have propelled
their company to the top of the rankings quickly. NetEnt knows the value of time
and strives to get their software on the market fast.

According to their website, they were one of the first casino software
providers to enter the regulated Italian market in 2011. They then altered their
systems to meet regulatory requirements in Denmark in 2012. In Spain in 2015,
NetEnt was able to launch their software the very day regulators granted
licenses to do so.

The casino software NetEnt provides is truly top of the line.

The graphics
and sound within their software are premium quality. In addition to that, they
have a large portion of their staff devoted to research and development. This
means that they are always on the cutting edge of technology and innovation.

NetEnt offers an instant-play platform. Doing this allows people to access
their casino software games without needing to download them. It’s also a
benefit to casino operators to have an instant play platform. Using instant play
software allows NetEnt to easily update their casino games. This also allows
them to offer casino operators the ability to easily add NetEnt software to
their selection of casino games.

In addition to an instant-play platform, NetEnt also excels in their mobile
gaming software. They have created the same high-quality software products for
their mobile selections. The number of casino games they offer on their mobile
platform is one of the biggest in the industry. Their mobile platform offers
compatibility with iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Why is NetEnt Relevant?

One of the least impressive aspects of NetEnt’s portfolio is their Live
Dealer game selection. While their Live Dealer software follows their
high-quality standards, the number of games offered is fairly limited. They will
most likely have a Live Dealer option for any table game that you’re looking
for, but you might have to settle on the variation.

To improve their Live Dealer branch of software, NetEnt recently launched a
new program called NetEnt Engage. The purpose of this program is to offer Live
Mobile Casino players promotional features to add to the excitement of their
gaming experience. There are random jackpot payouts, along with prizes and
incentives. Casino operators are able to tailor the program to fit the needs of
their casino.

Another area of development for NetEnt’s Live Mobile Casino is in the area of
virtual reality gaming.

NetEnt is the first game developer to launch virtual
reality slot machine software.

We can expect to see many more of these games in
the future, as there is already an incredible amount of interest in their VR

NetEnt has also focused on improving their mobile casino options. They
introduced their NetEnt Touch games in 2011, with the game Gonzo’s Quest Touch.
They have since added a lot of their games to the Touch lineup. These games are
specially formatted for mobile devices. All are able to include all original
gameplay features like bonuses, wilds, scatters, free spins, sticky spins, and
expanding wilds.

The NetEnt Touch lineup has been highly regarded among mobile casino players.
It is available on Apple iOS, Android, and Windows systems. The software is
known to provide the ultimate experience for mobile gaming, and has earned them
a multitude of awards.

Popular Games from NetEnt

NetEnt has a large selection of licensed software games. According to Casino
Reviews, one of their most popular series of licensed slot machine games is
their “NetEnt Rocks” collection. This series includes games featuring Guns
N’Roses, Motorhead, and Jimi Hendrix. These slot machine games have become some
of NetEnt’s most successful games.

Their newest release in their licensed gaming collection is Planet of the
Apes. This game was released in October 2017. It is expected to be another big
hit for NetEnt. Some of their most popular games are Hall of Gods, Arabian
Nights, Mega Fortune, South Park, Aliens, and Dracula.

Some slot machine games created by NetEnt have original features within the
games. NetEnt’s innovation and creativity have made for some hugely popular
casino games. NetEnt has even created a slot machine game called Reel Rush that
can offer 3,125 pay lines.


NetEnt has maintained the highest standards of quality throughout their
entire gaming library. They have not sacrificed quality for quantity, but rather
have found a way to execute both. You can also look for their software to be on
the forefront of virtual reality gaming.

Casino players have consistently chosen NetEnt’s software as a favorite.
Their game selection and superb quality software keeps players coming back.
Another highlight of the slots is the high RTP percentage.

Each game delivers a
payout of between 95 – 98%, making them some of the most player-friendly slots