RealTime Gaming Casino Software

RealTime Gaming software is one of the biggest in the business. They are
known to have user-friendly, fast, and reliable software. Also known as RTG,
they are one of the few software developers to supply gaming software to US

RealTime Gaming casino games can be played without having to download any
software on their instant play platform. They also offer the option to download
their casino games. This gives players the flexibility to customize their gaming
experience. For Mac users, they offer compatibility with iOS systems on their
instant play platform.

One feature employed by RealTime Gaming is configurable options for casino
operators. This means that casino operators can choose which options to include
in their RealTime software games. What this means for you as the player, is that
you will see a variety of differing payouts and rules. One casino might offer
better payouts on the same game when compared to a different casino.

Some Background on RealTime Gaming

When Was RealTime Gaming Founded?

Having been founded in 1998, RealTime Gaming has been around since the early
days of online gambling.

Where is RealTime Gaming Based Out Of?

Realtime Gaming originated out of Atlanta, Georgia. By 2007, they had moved
all their development to Costa Rica. They currently have a base of operations in
both locations.

They also have some activity coming out of Curacao, where Hastings
International is based. RealTime Gaming was acquired by Hastings international
in 2007.

What Does RealTime Gaming Software Do?

In 2006 when many software providers left the United States after the passing
of the UIGEA, RTG decided to remain in the American market. Over time, it has
strengthened its position there and powers most of the top US-facing online

Not only do they supply software to US casinos, but they also seem to base
all their operations around US policies. Although deposits can be made in many
different currencies, it is always converted into US dollars. All casino
wagering is done in US currency. In addition to this, they only offer their
casino software in English. This is outside the norm for most software companies
who offer their gaming software in multiple languages.

The US affiliation RTG has maintained has hurt their reputation in some ways.
Many people did not approve of their willingness to offer their services to the
US, where online gambling is illegal (in most places). However, their software
has continuously been proven to be fair and compliant in all areas of gaming
compliance. The random numbers generators used by RTG are tested every year by
independent organizations. The results are made public, which speaks highly of
the company’s desire to maintain a reliable image.

Why is RealTime Gaming Relevant?

RealTime Gaming offers over 120 casino games. Their set odds, game model and
frequently paying progressive jackpots, have made them a favorite among casino
players. They tend to pay in higher percentages than many of the competing
software programs.

The goal of RTG and of the casinos who utilize their software is to have a
more balanced relationship between the players and the casinos. Basically, this
means that players are losing less in one sitting. This benefits the players who
lose less money, as well as the casinos.

Players are less willing to return to a casino if they have a huge loss on
their first visit. RTG wants to avoid this. The players accept numerous small
losses over time and the casinos get more returning customers. Odds prove that
the casino will be making more money in the long-run.

One of the biggest factors contributing to RTG’s growing popularity is their
progressive jackpots.

These jackpots are completely random, with no specific
slot symbols needed to trigger them. They hit very frequently compared to
similar progressive jackpots from other software providers.

The table games category is dominated by their variations of poker and
blackjack. Another popular table games choice from RealTime Gaming is their
series of Caribbean Poker games. These are linked to a progressive jackpot,
giving players the option for a big payout. If you’re looking for a particular
table game, chances are RealTime Gaming will have it. Craps and roulette are
some other table game favorites. They also offer specialty games like keno and
scratch cards.

Popular Games from RealTime Gaming

As with most online casino software providers, RealTime Gaming is known most
for its slot machines. Some of their most popular selections are Aztec’s
Treasure, Diamond Mine, and Incan Goddess. They also have a popular series of
crossover Star Wars/Christmas slots, with titles like Return of the Rudolph and
Santa Strikes Back.

RealTime Gaming has table games that are known to feature extremely high
payout percentages.

Some video poker machines have player odds around 98%. This
means you can play a lot longer on the same amount of money.

Two newer features found in the Real Series slots are the Feature Guarantee
and the Win-Win Feature. These are rapidly becoming popular additions to their

The Feature Guarantee does just what it sounds like. You are guaranteed to be
given the bonus feature after a certain number of spins. This means no more
absurdly long periods of time waiting for your bonus.

The Win-Win Feature compensates players if they had an extremely poor paying
bonus in their free spins. This is usually a set amount of credits depending on
your bet amount.


While RGA has fallen in the ranks of gaming software providers, they are
still currently one of the biggest. Despite their reputation as a wild-card
company for allowing their software within the US, they have proven themselves
to be reliable and safe.

They are dedicated to bringing their software to the American facing casino
crowd. The number of places allowing legal gambling in the US is slowly

We might once again begin to see advancement in RGT’s place among
the top casino software providers.