Best UK Casino Sites for 2019

The odds are that if you've ended up on this page that you're a UK resident interested in wagering at an online casino. The great news is that you have a very easy path to betting online thanks to the fact that the UK government has made online gambling legal with the passing of The Gambling Act of 2005. Thanks to the clear legislation surrounding online gambling, you'll find a massive selection of online casinos willing to work with UK residents.

We've developed this site as a trusted resource for gamblers. On this page, you'll find some great tips regarding online casino criteria, tips, and a list of our most trusted UK casino sites. Our entire site is filled with much more information including site reviews and how to guides. With that all said, let's dig into it!

Most Trusted UK Online Casinos of 2019

RankUK Online CasinoSign Up BonusGet Started
#1Cherry GoldCherry Gold200% up to $10,000Visit Site
#2Vegas Casino OnlineVegas Casino Online100% up to $11,000Visit Site
#3Golden Lion CasinoGolden Lion Casino300% up to $3,000Visit Site
#4Las Vegas USALas Vegas USA200% up to $5,000Visit Site
#5Slots.lvSlots.lv200% up to $5,000Visit Site

Above, you'll find a list of our most trusted UK online casinos. We've spent countless hours analyzing each one of these to make sure that they pass all of our stringent criteria. In short, these online casinos provide quality customer service, fast payouts, great variety, and can be trusted. We've done the homework for you so that you can get to gambling sooner.

If you're not quite ready to dive right into gambling online yet, we've got plenty more below for you. We're here to be an honest and reliable source of information for all things relating to online gambling. Be sure to check out all of our tips below as well as some of our in-depth site reviews.

Important UK Online Casino Criteria

If you're searching for a UK online casino home, you'll want to make sure that you check out the six key criteria below. These six key criteria are strong indicators of an online casino being a great site or a garbage one. We utilize these same six criteria when we're working on our in-depth online casino reviews. Below, we'll give you more information on what to look for in regards to each key criteria.

Bonus and Promotions

Online casinos are notorious for offering big bonuses and promotions to clients in an effort to attract and retain them. While these bonuses and promotions are common, the actual offers themselves vary greatly between online casinos. In order to maximize your bonus earning potential, you'll need to find a UK casino site that offers you the best bonus for your gaming and deposit preferences.

Initial deposit matches tend to be one of the most lucrative bonuses out there. Under these promotions, online casinos will offer to match your initial deposit dollar for dollar up to a certain capped amount. Depending on how large of an initial deposit you are considering to make, you'll need to find an online casino that is willing to match as much of it as possible.

For Example

If you're planning an initial deposit on only $50, you should not have an issue finding a deposit match. However, if you're planning a $1,000 initial deposit, you'll want to find an online casino with the highest match possible.

From our experience, initial deposit bonuses tend to be capped around $300 on average. You'll be able to maximize your bonus cash by finding the right online casino with a good initial deposit match.

While doing your homework on potential UK online casinos, also be on the lookout for sites that offer you promotions and bonuses on the games that you like to play. If you're a big slots fan, seek to find an online casino that offers frequent slot promotions. Different online casinos tend to focus their promotional efforts on different games, so it is important that you locate one that offers promotions on the games that you will be playing.

Customer Service

In your quest to locate a UK online casino home, seek a site that offers top notch customer service. Finding a site that offers you good customer service will help you tremendously if and when you need it down the road. Top not customer service is one of those things that you don't realize you need until you hit a significant issue or jam.

We suggest that you test out the customer service on a potential online casino yourself while you're doing your homework. One of the fastest and easiest ways to do this is to ping their customer service team on live chat if they offer this functionality. Ask them a question and see how quickly they answer you and how quality the help is. If they answer you fast and get you all of the information that you need, you've probably found a good one. You can also test the waters by placing a call into their customer service line in order to see how helpful they are.

We're huge fans of online casinos that offer multiple ways for you to reach them. In an ideal world, seek an online casino that offers the trifecta of customer service:

  • Telephone
  • Email
  • Live Chat Support

If you can locate this and their customer service team is helpful, you've probably found a place offering top notch customer service.

User Interface

When searching for a UK online casino, look for one that offers a user interface that you like. While poking around on a site to determine if it might be the one for you, take note of how easily you can find things and make your way around the site. Your goal should be to locate a site with a user interface that makes it easy for you to find what you need when you need it.

Banking Options

You'll need to locate an online casino that offers you banking options that fit your needs so that you can move your money on and off their site. Without this, you won't be able to do much gambling! While doing your homework on a potential online casino, check out the types of withdrawal and deposit options that they offer.

Banking options can differ greatly between online casinos. From our experience, most online casino will accept major options such as bank wires and credit cards. Outside of those major options, things get mixed between online casinos. Ultimately, if you'd like to bank via Bitcoin, simply locate a UK online casino that offers you that ability. It's as simple as that!

Graphics Quality

Another key criterion to look for in an online casino is the quality of their game graphics. From our years of experience, we can tell you that all site graphics are not created equal. In general, we tend to see graphics fall into three buckets: poor, average, and awesome.

Ideally, seek an online casino that offers you awesome game graphics. The better that a game's graphics are, the more engaged that a player tends to feel. For most of us on staff here, we enjoy playing a game much more when it offers quality graphics.


Lastly, be sure to look for a UK online casino that offers you a wide variety of games. By finding an online casino with a wide variety, you'll have plenty of room to grow with the site. Even if you're only interested in playing a handful of game types now, you may always change your mind later.

From our experience, some online casinos tend to be a bit lopsided when it comes to their game selection. For example, one site might be super heavy on slots but light on their overall selection of table games. Ideally, seek a site that offers you a broad selection across a wide variety of games so that you limit the likelihood that you outgrow that site in the future.

Why Bet Online?

Many folks who have never wagered online are not sure why they should consider doing it in the first place. We've got three main reasons why we like to bet online as opposed to in person. Below, we'll take a look into each one of the three reasons why we like to bet online.


The variety of online casinos available to you is much greater than anything you have available in person unless you happen to live in Las Vegas. For most of us, we don't have many options (if any) nearby our home. If you do have something close, it may not have everything that you want, but you're stuck dealing with it as you don't have anything else to turn to, right?

Not any longer! With online casinos, the world is your oyster.

Having so many online casinos available to you means that you can find exactly what you're looking for and you won't have to settle for good enough.

The beauty on online casinos is that you can just hop over to the next website if you don't find something you like about the one you're on. There is value in variety and for that; we're huge fans of the variety available to us through online casinos.

Bonuses and Promotions

When's the last time that your favorite physical casino gave you free money to match part of your deposit? We're assuming your answer is never. What's amazing about online casinos is that most of them will match a portion of your initial deposit along with also offering other frequent promotions.

It's tough to top the bonuses and promotions available at online casinos. You're getting paid for doing what you already planned to do anyway, and it doesn't get much better than that! The fact that online casinos offer so many chances for players to earn bonus cash is one of our favorite reasons why we like to bet online.


Our last reason why we like to bet online is due to just how convenient it is. With online casinos, you can now play from just about anywhere in the world as long as you have a device with an internet connection. Most online casinos now even offer mobile apps for your smartphone that makes playing a breeze.

Unless you're one of lucky few that have a casino within a short drive of your home, you don't really have it easy when it comes to gambling. You'd have to hop in a car for a long ride or on an airplane to get to your nearest casino. With online casinos, you can spare yourself all of that wasted time and gas money and get straight to gambling whenever and wherever you want.

Yes! If you reside in The United Kingdom, you're lucky that you live in a country where online gambling is fully legal. The United Kingdom is one of the rare countries in the world that has properly addressed the issue of online gambling and has not left their residents in a cloud of confusion. Many other countries like The United States and Canada have not yet made clear laws about gambling online.

The piece of legislation that governs online gambling in the UK is The Gambling Act of 2005. This legislation created the UK Gambling Commission which now oversees all things online gambling for the entire UK. The UK Gambling Commission helps approve any online gaming site that wants to cater to UK residents. Without the approval of the UK Gambling Commission, a site cannot offer its services to UK residents.

If you reside in the UK, you can rest easy when it comes to the legality of things and focus your efforts on finding an online casino that best fits your needs. Our list of most trusted UK online casinos above offers you a list of solid online casinos that welcome UK players. Use this list as a launching pad for your search.

Staying Safe Online

Assuming you do your research and try out one of our most trusted online casinos listed above, you should be in good hands. That being said, one can never be too careful when gaming online. We've compiled a short list below of our top tips relating to staying safe when playing at an online casino.

Top Tips to Stay Safe When Using Online Casinos:

  • 1Follow your gut. Find a new online casino for yourself if you ever don't feel right where you are.
  • 2Research, research, research. By doing some research, you'll come out less likely to end up in trouble.
  • 3Stay informed. Make sure that you're in the loop on emerging trends in the industry so that you can stay ahead of them.
  • 4Don't over deposit. Only keep as much in your online account as you need to play with.
  • 5Take charge. It is your money, and you're the boss of what happens to it.


For your added convenience, we've added some frequently asked questions that we get regularly below:

I'm new to using casinos online. Where do you suggest I start?

Our suggestion is that you always start by doing some research before just diving right into gambling on an online casino. As exciting as it is, there are many potential pitfalls out there. You can use this site as a great starting point for your research.

Here, we offer tons of information including site reviews, tips, and recommended sites. Be sure to read this page in its entirety and then check out some of our reviews for our most trusted UK online casinos. Each of these trusted casinos would be a great place for you to start your online gaming adventure.

Are online casinos safe?

Most online casinos are safe. However, there are some out there that cannot be trusted. As we mentioned above, with a little bit of research, you can end up on a trusted site where you should be able to have a very safe gaming experience.

As a starting point, check out two of the sections above. First, start with our list of criteria for UK online casinos. Make sure that you find a site that checks all of those boxes. Secondly, try out one of the casinos on our most trusted UK online casinos list above. We've done the heavy lifting and made sure that each of these sites will provide you with a solid and safe online gaming experience.

How can I move money onto and off of online casinos?

Most online casinos will offer you a wide selection of banking options for withdrawals and deposits from the site. Banking options do vary between online casinos, so it is important that you locate an online casino that offers you the types of banking option that you need.

From our research, most online casinos offer what we consider to be basic banking options. These include bank wires and credit and debit cards. Other online casinos will take banking options such a PayPal, Bitcoin, and Neteller.

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