Best Alaska Online Casinos

Alaska is not known as the gambling hub of the United States. Lawmakers in
this state have implemented strict laws towards the gaming industry, despite a
large number of individuals here that love to play casino games. Fortunately,
our team of experts is here to list some of the very best Alaska online casinos
that are available right now.

This state may not offer any land-based casinos, yet a huge number of amazing
online casinos are available here 24/7. To make things easy for those new to
online gambling, we’re listing our top-five recommended online casinos in Alaska
directly below!

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The online gambling industry is growing in the US every single day. We’re
going to be explaining some of the most important features that online casinos
should always provide. Finally, we’ll go over the current laws and regulations
surrounding online casino gaming in Alaska.

Important Things to Look for in Alaska Online Casinos

For many years, the US online gambling market was almost non-existent.
Unlike sites operating in Europe, the only US casino websites available offered
just a few games with poor graphics. Today, the US online gambling industry is
incredible, and the majority of casino websites operating here provide some
incredible features.

As this industry grows, more websites are becoming available. For that
reason, it’s extremely important to make sure you sign up to a site that
provides some basic features. Below are the four most important things to look
for in the Alaska online casinos you’re thinking about joining.

Safe and Easy Payment System

There’s no doubt that safety is the most important thing that all gambling
websites should provide. If an AK online casino doesn’t provide a secure and easy
cashier system, it’s not even worth looking at. The good thing is that this is
an incredibly easy thing to look into.

The simplest way to find more about a website’s payment system is to head
over to our list of gambling site reviews. We’ve looked at hundreds of different
online casinos over the years. In our reviews, we dive into the payment system
of every website. If these casinos have any reports of shady dealings or
unnecessary fees, we will let you know about it.

Another easy way to look into the cashier system of online casinos in Alaska is
to simply check them out for yourself. You can scroll up to the top of this page
and head over to the websites that we recommend. Reputable gambling sites will
always clearly provide the details of their payment options.

All online casinos should allow deposits to be made using both debit and credit
cards. Withdrawal options differ from site to site. Most US gaming websites only
allow for Bitcoin payouts. Don’t let this scare you, though. Bitcoin withdrawals
generally come with hardly any fees and are processed within just a few days.

Blue Poker Chip with Alaska State Seal

There’s nothing more important than your safety when betting online. Never
join a online casino unless you’re sure that it provides completely safe and
transparent payment options.

Good Design and Overall Functionality

On the surface, the design of a website may not seem hugely important. In
reality, though, the design will impact your entire gaming experience. We highly
recommend looking at a few different Alaska online casinos to find a design that
fits your needs.

What does this mean exactly? Every website is different. Some online casinos
have busy homepages with a wide range of different gaming options provided.
Others are simplistic with just a few betting options available to players.

Check to make sure it’s easy to find the games you want to play. All of the
Alaska casinos online will feature a complete list of their games
directly on the homepage. We also recommend making sure that it’s easy to
deposit and withdraw the money you gamble with.

Competition in the online gambling market is higher than ever. In order for
sites to succeed, they have to provide great designs that make it easy to
navigate through. Unfortunately, not every casino website operating today
provides a user interface that fits the times.

Once again, the easiest way to look into this is to simply check out our
top-recommended AK online casinos at the top of this page. Each of the five sites
we’re featuring are well-known to provide amazing designs and overall

Wide Range of Different Casino Gaming Options

It’s well-known that most online casinos provide players with many more games
than even the top land-based casinos. Some sites, however, don’t offer nearly as
many gaming options as others. It’s always a good idea to ensure that the casino
sites in Alaska you’re thinking about joining will actually provide the games
you want to play.

This might seem obvious, but many players new to online casino gaming sign up
to a website before even looking at the available games. It can be a major
disappointment to find that the games you want to play aren’t actually there.
Don’t let this happen to you!

Some websites are known for offering hundreds of different slot games. Others
focus heavily on their table gaming options such as blackjack and roulette.

It’s a good move to look into the modernity of the games provided. Casino
websites today should only feature games with great graphics and a seamless
betting experience. Take some time to check that the games being offered are as
up-to-date as they should be.

Helpful Customer Service System

Some might argue this is the most important thing to look for in
Alaska online casinos. Lawmakers in this state have yet to regulate the online
casino industry. If an issue arises with your betting experience, you’ll want to
make sure you have a website that will help you out.

The top casino websites in the United States will always provide a range of
different customer support options. One of the best available today is a live
chat feature. This allows you to speak directly with a website representative
over text chat. Check to see if this is available.

Some websites offer a direct customer service phone line. This is another
great way to have any questions answered. Some of the casino websites with shady
reputations only allow for email support. We don’t recommend playing at these
sites. Email support can take weeks to actually help you out.

More often than not, the customer support system of a website reflects the
site as a whole. It’s massively important to make sure that if you need a
question answered, the website you’re gambling at will help you out. Never
overlook this important feature!

Most of the Alaska casinos online operating today are completely safe. If
you look out for these four features, your entire gambling experience should be
nothing but fun.

Why Are So Many People Playing at Online Casinos in Alaska Right Now?

It’s unfortunate that Alaska has taken an anti-gambling stance over the
years. Unlike other states such as New York and Pennsylvania, Alaska hasn’t
shown any desire to begin regulating or expanding its casino gambling market.
For that reason, many individuals here are choosing to make their bets online.

In reality, there are a huge number of reasons why so many people are
gambling online. We’ve listened to many Alaskans state the reasons why they love
to play casino games over the internet. Below are the two most common reasons
that people are choosing to play at Alaska online casinos right now.

Easiest and Safest Option Available

Without regulation over the casino industry, players in this state are left
to play at their own risk. It’s likely that a number of small, illegal casino
establishments are operating here. Obviously, the majority of casino fans aren’t
going to want to visit one of these venues just to place a few bets.

Online casinos in Alaska are without a doubt the easiest and safest
options right now. Many of these sites have been running for years and have
fantastic reputations for offering completely safe payment and betting options.
They are also extremely easy to play at.

Alaska casino sites allow you to play hundreds of different games from the comfort
of home. You will never have to worry about driving miles to an illegal gaming
hall just to play your favorite games. Most of these sites even allow you to
play on-the-go using a smartphone!

Huge Range of Different Games Available

Without any legitimate land-based casino options available, it’s going to be
difficult to find a land-based establishment offering more than just a few
casino games. All of the top Alaska online casinos operating today provide
hundreds of different games 24/7. Whether you love slots or table games, there’s
a site out there for you.

This is especially true of the AK online casinos that we recommend at the top
of this page. The very best casino websites operating today provide a massive
number of different gaming options all day every day. As long as you have an
internet connection, you’ll have the ability to throw down some money.

Many of the best Alaska casino sites even offer features to make it feel
as if you’re playing inside a real-life casino! The live dealer games
that some online casinos provide feature an actual dealer located inside a
casino to take your bets. Until lawmakers in Alaska decide to open this
industry, online casinos are the best option available.

Are Online Casinos in Alaska Allowed?

As is the case throughout most of the US, the legality of Alaska online casinos lies in somewhat of a gray area. Lawmakers in this state have made it
clear they don’t allow land-based gambling. Section 11.66.280 of Alaska’s
current statues states that gambling is illegal when an individual:

“Stakes or risks something of value upon the outcome of a contest of
chance or a future contingent event not under the person’s control or influence,
upon an agreement or understanding that that person or someone else will receive
something of value in the event of a certain outcome.”

As we’ve already mentioned, Alaska seems determined to ban all forms of
gambling. The laws here seem pretty clear. There is, of course, some debate over
the exact legality of gambling online.

Will I Be Prosecuted for Gambling Online in Alaska?

It’s unlikely. The state government here has worked hard to stop illegal
gambling establishments from operating. They’ve shown little interest in
cracking down on individuals looking to place a few wagers through Alaska casino
sites. We have not come across any reports of a player facing legal trouble for
gambling online here.

Laws surrounding the online gambling industry are changing throughout the
country. It wouldn’t be a major surprise to see lawmakers here open the online
casino market over the next several years. Make sure to follow our industry news
page to stay up to date on all changes to Alaska’s online gaming laws.

How Can I Stay Safe Playing Online Casino Games in Alaska?

The US online casino market is not the chaotic mess it was a decade ago. The
vast majority of Alaska online casinos that are available today provide their
members with a wide range of secure payment options and gaming systems.
Unfortunately, even the best websites can’t protect you from yourself.

There are times when casino players make choices that hurt themselves in the
long-run. This should never be the case. Online casino gambling is safer now
than ever before. To help out those new to online casinos, we’re listing five
tips that should keep you perfectly safe while gambling online.

Make Sure to Play Through Reputable Websites

The easiest way to protect yourself online is to only play through sites with
great reputations. Take the time to check out a few different site’s payment
options. The websites that we are recommending at the top of this page are all
known for their safety.

Limit Your Betting

The one lies in your hands! Only you can decide to not gamble more money than
you should. Online casinos are incredibly fun, and it can be tempting to bet big
every now and again. There’s nothing wrong with that. Just make sure that you
aren’t wagering more money than you can afford to lose.

Understand the Rules of Every Game Before You Play Them

The top online casinos in Alaska will provide members with hundreds of
different games every single day. It’s never a good idea to bet money on the
games you don’t actually understand. Learn the rules of every casino game before
you decide to play them. This will significantly increase your odds of winning.

Always Be Willing to Reach out to Customer Support

It’s very possible that you’ll never have an issue arise with your betting
experience. If, however, you need a question answered, always be willing to
reach out to customer support. This makes it extremely important that you only
play through online casinos in AK that provide members with a solid customer
service system.

Read the Details of Every Promotion Before You Use Them

If you’ve already looked at a couple of Alaska online casinos, there’s a good
chance you’ve stumbled across a promotion. In case you’re unaware, these are
bonus offers that Alaska online casinos will provide to their members. Promotions
can be a great way to add some money into your betting account. Occasionally,
they can also include rollover terms that make it difficult to collect your
winnings. Make sure to read the details of every promotion offer before you
decide to use them.

FAQ About Online Casino Gambling in Alaska

What Are the Most Important Features to Look for in Alaska Casino Sites?

The great thing about online casino gaming is that every website is
different. Before choosing to join a site, make sure it provides safe and easy
payment options, a great overall design, the games you want to play, and a solid
customer support system.

Why Are Online Casinos in Alaska Growing so Popular?

Many people in Alaska, and around the entire US, are beginning to realize how
fun online gambling really is. Alaska gambling sites are growing particularly
popular due to the fact that they’re the only legitimate option available and
provide hundreds of different games every single day.

Is Online Poker Available Inside Alaska?

Unsurprisingly, this state has not yet legalized poker gambling. Without any
casinos here, it’s going to be difficult to find an establishment offering this
popular game. Fortunately, almost all of the online casinos in AK that are
available today provide a range of different poker games.

Some online casino companies even put on regular poker tournaments. These
events can offer players massive payouts. Take a look at a few different sites
and check to see if the poker games you want to play are available.

Are Online Casinos in Alaska Lawful?

Alaska has implemented some of the strictest gambling laws in the country.
Section 11.66.280 of the state’s statutes seem to indicate online casino
gambling is forbidden. With that being said, we have not come across a single
case of anyone being prosecuted for playing casino games online here.

How Can I Stay Safe Playing at Online Casinos in Alaska?

Safety is our number one priority. We highly recommend that you only play
through reputable Alaska online casinos, never bet more money than you can afford
to lose, understand the rules of every game you decide to bet on, reach out to
customer support if you have a question, and always read up on the details of
every promotion offer before you decide to use them.


Unlike many states around the country, Alaska has not shown a willingness to
begin regulating its online casino industry. Fortunately, there are still some
fantastic Alaska online casinos available right now. As time goes on, we may see
lawmakers here begin pushing for better regulation over this hugely popular

If you decide that online casino gambling is for you, make sure to check out
the Alaska casino sites that we recommend at the top of this page. Our
experts have chosen these sites due to their safety and tremendous betting
options. Good luck placing your bets!