Best Online Casinos for Arizona Players – Trustworthy Casinos in AZ

Gambling has taken place in Arizona for over a century. With its close
proximity to Nevada, officials here have decided to legalize most forms of
gambling. Today, our team of experts is taking a close look at some of the very
best Arizona online casinos currently operating.

There’s a lot of information to unpack! To make things a little easier, we’re
listing five of our favorite online casinos in Arizona directly below!

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Arizona gambling fans are lucky to have so many great options available
online. To help you choose a site to join, we’re going to break down some of the
most important features that casino websites in this state should offer. Later
on, we’ll be looking over the current laws and regulations surrounding the
online casino industry here.

What Should I Look for in Arizona Online Casinos?

Arizonans have access to some of the very best casino websites in the
country. Competition in this industry is higher than ever, and new sites are
popping up here left and right. There are a number of features you will want to
ensure a casino website provides before you decide to join one.

Our team has looked through hundreds of online AZ online casinos over the
years. We have narrowed down the most important things to look for when choosing
a site. Below are the features you should make sure the online casinos in Arizona
that you are interested in will always provide.

Secure and Easy Cashier System

Playing Cards with Arizona State Flag on Them

The cashier system of a website is what allows you to deposit and withdraw
money. The most important feature of any online casino should always be a safe
payment system. Without this, you’ll never really know that your money is
secure. Fortunately, it’s a simple thing to look into.

One way is to head over to our page of online gambling site reviews. In every
review, we dive into the available payment options for different websites. We
will be the first to let you know which payment options are accepted. Our team
will also report on any website’s shady dealings.

Another good way to look into an online casino’s available payment options
is to simply check them out for yourself. At the top of this page are our
top-five recommended Arizona online casinos. All of these sites will clearly list
which payment options are accepted.

Legit Arizona casino sites will always allow deposits to be made using
both debit and credit cards. Fees for deposits are generally fairly low. The
majority of casino websites in this state only allow for Bitcoin payouts.
Withdrawing your money with Bitcoin is great, as it comes with extremely low
fees and is processed to your account within just a few days.

Nothing is more important than your safety. The top AZ online casinos will
work hard to always provide their members with a high level of security. Never
settle on a website that doesn’t provide the secure payment options that they

Modern Design and User Interface

It’s incredible to see how much Arizona online casinos have evolved over the
years. There was a time when these websites provided outdated designs that make
it extremely difficult to place bets. Today, the majority of them use top-notch
software with incredible designs and features.

We highly recommend checking out the design styles of a few different casino
websites before deciding to join one. Each site is different. Some offer massive
homepages that list a wide range of different games and bonus offers. Other
online casinos in AZ are a little more simplistic and make it easy to find the
exact game you want to bet on every day.

The most important thing is that online casinos provide a user interface
that’s easy to navigate through. Check to make sure it’s easy to locate the
cashier page. Take some time looking through different pages. If the site
crashes at any point, it’s probably not worth joining.

The design of a website will impact your entire gambling experience. There’s
nothing worse than joining a site and finding that it’s incredibly confusing to
scroll through. Never underestimate how important the design of a gambling site
really is.

Helpful Customer Support Options

This should be a no-brainer. Modern casino websites should always provide a
number of great customer support options to their members. There’s a great
chance you will never actually have to use these features. If, however, you have
a question that needs to be answered, it’s important to know the site will help
you out.

The customer support system of casino websites tends to vary. Many of the
best online casinos in Arizona today are providing a live chat feature. This
allows you to speak directly with a website representative over text. It’s a
useful and simplistic way to have your questions answered instantly.

Many of the legit Arizona online casinos today will also provide members with a
direct phone line support option. This is another solid way to find help
instantly. If the website you’re looking at only offers email support, we don’t
recommend joining it.

You should only play through websites that will have your back when you need
it. The sites that we recommend at the top of this page are all known to provide
some amazing support options to members 24/7.

Wide Range of Casino Gaming Options

Everyone enjoys playing different casino games. Some love to play slots.
Other bettors will only play hands of blackjack. We highly recommend that you
join one of the top US online casinos that offer you a wide range of different
gaming options.

Generally speaking, the more games that an AZ casino website provides, the
better the site is. The top online casinos in Arizona that operate today provide
members with thousands of different gaming options. There are some notable
exceptions though.

Some online casinos are known to focus on specific games such as slots and
table games. A number of the top Arizona online casinos will also provide players
with unique betting features like live dealer games. The live dealer feature
makes it feel as if you’re actually playing games inside of a real casino!

It’s always a good idea to find a online casino that offers many different
games. Take some time to look at the different gaming options available online
today. As we mentioned before, most sites allow you to scroll through them
before you’ve actually signed up.

Are Arizona Online Casinos More Popular Than Land-Based Casinos?

It’s difficult to say. Arizona is known to have a number of incredible
brick-and-mortar casinos spread across numerous cities. There’s no doubt that
the online gambling industry here is more popular than ever, and it wouldn’t be
a surprise to hear that more people are playing casino games over the internet.

Why is this? We’ve asked a number of Arizonan online casino fans why they
enjoy playing online. Below are the two most common answers we hear.

Convenience of Making Bets from Anywhere

Lawmakers in Arizona have worked hard to completely open up the state’s
land-based casino market. Today, there are more than 20 tribal casinos operating
here. Despite this, many individuals in the state prefer the convenience of
making bets from home.

When you think about it, 25 casinos isn’t that much for a population of more
than seven million people. Many bettors here don’t want to make the long trip to
a casino when their favorite games are available online 24/7. Most Arizona casino sites even allow you to make bets using a smartphone.

Imagine driving miles to a casino, just to find that the games you wanted to
play are not available. This will never happen online. The top casino websites
provide the most popular games to anyone with an internet connection.

Huge Range of Different Gaming Options

Some of the casinos in Arizona are impressive. Even the biggest of these
land-based establishments will not offer as many games as the best Arizona
online casinos. There are simply more options available online.

Have you ever gone to a casino and found that the games you wanted to play
are not available? It’s a common issue that casinos sometimes cannot avoid.
Fortunately, this will never happen when playing at online casinos in Arizona.

Don’t believe us? Head back up to the top of this page and check out the
Arizona online casinos that we are recommending. Take a quick look at how many
incredible games are being offered. You’re sure to be impressed.

Land-Based Casinos in Arizona

We feel strongly that Arizona online casinos are better than land-based casinos
in almost every way. Not everyone agrees, and that’s completely normal! Many
individuals in Arizona still want to make their wagers inside a brick-and-mortar
establishment. Below are the names and nearest cities of each Arizona casino
operating today.

  • Apache Gold Casino Resort – San Carlos
  • Apache Sky Casino – Dudleyville
  • BlueWater Resort and Casino – Parker
  • Bucky’s Casino – Prescott
  • Casino Arizona – Scottsdale
  • Casino del Sol – Tucson
  • Casino of the Sun – Tucson
  • Cliff Castle Casino – Camp Verde
  • Cocopah Resort Casino – Somerton
  • Desert Diamond Casino – Why
  • Desert Diamond Casino, Sahuarita – Sahuarita
  • Desert Diamond Casino, West Valley – Glendale
  • Desert Diamond Hotel and Casino – Tucson
  • Fort McDowell Casino – Fountain Hills
  • Harrah’s Ak-Chin Casino – Maricopa
  • Hon-Dah Resort Casino – Pinetop/Lakeside
  • Lone Butte Casino – Chandler
  • Mazatzal Casino – Payson
  • Paradise Casino – Yuma
  • Spirit Mountain Casino – Mohave Casino
  • Talking Stick Resort – Scottsdale
  • Twin Arrows Casino Resort – Flagstaff
  • Vee Quiva Hotel & Resort – Laveen
  • Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino – Chandler
  • Yavapai Casino – Prescott

Is Online Casino Gambling in Arizona Actually Legal?

Arizona has updated its gambling laws consistently over the years. The State
Constitution defines gambling as:

“One act of risking or giving something of value for the opportunity to
obtain a benefit from a game or contest of chance or skill or a future
contingent event but does not include bona fide business transactions which are
valid under the law of contracts including contracts for the purchase or sale at
a future date of securities or commodities, contracts of indemnity or guarantee
and life, health or accident insurance.”

As we mentioned earlier, this state allowed tribal casinos to begin operating
here back in 1998. Strangely, lawmakers here have not yet taken the steps to
regulate the online gambling industry. Bill SB 1468 is currently awaiting
approval in the State Senate. If it passes, daily fantasy sports will be
completely legal and regulated here.

The legality of online casinos in Arizona lies in a gray area.
Fortunately, there are no laws here that specifically prohibit individuals from
making casino bets online. Most analysts feel the online casino market in
Arizona is open.

Will I Be Prosecuted for Playing at Arizona Online Casinos?

It’s extremely unlikely. No laws here exist that specifically prohibit making
casino wagers over the internet. Our team has not come across a single case of
anyone in Arizona facing legal trouble for playing casino games online.

Tips to Stay Safe Playing Online Casino Games in Arizona

Online gambling in the US is safer now than ever before. The majority of
casino websites available to players in Arizona have fantastic reputations for
offering quick, secure payments. Even the very best websites can’t protect
players from themselves though.

We have come up with a few simple tips that will help to protect online
casino players in Arizona. Following these steps will ensure that your online
gambling experience is nothing but fun. Check them out below!

Only Play Through Reputable Websites

The easiest way to stay safe playing casino games online is to play through
safe websites! There’s no easier way to make sure you have a secure gaming
experience. Check out our dedicated reviews page to find out more about the websites that we recommend at the top of this page.

Never Bet More Money Than You Can Afford to Lose

This is an obvious one. Online casino gambling is extremely fun. It’s so fun,
in fact, that some players accidentally bet more money than they can afford to
lose. Don’t let this happen to you! Depositing small amounts of money into your
AZ online casino account can help you track how much you are spending.

Stick to Games That You Understand

Most of the top Arizona online casinos offer members thousands of different
gaming options. This can push some players to bet money on games they don’t
really understand. We highly recommend only sticking to games that you actually
know how to play.

Reach Out to Customer Service, If Needed

You should always make sure that the site you want to play at provides a
range of great customer support options. If you ever need a question answered,
always be willing to reach out to customer support. It’s the best way to help
with issues you encounter during your gambling experience.

Keep Your Casino Account Information Private

You should think of your online casino account as a bank account. You should
never give this account information to anyone. Reputable websites will never ask
for the password of your betting account.

FAQ About Online Casinos in Arizona

What Should I Look for in Arizona Online Casinos?

Choosing an online casino in Arizona should be easy. Players in this state
have access to some of the best sites in the country. Always check to make sure
that the website you want to join provides a safe payment system, a modern
design, games that you want to play, and a helpful customer support system.

Why Are Online Casinos in Arizona Growing so Popular Right Now?

The popularity of online gambling is exploding around the country. Casino
sites in Arizona offer the convenience of making bets from anywhere and a huge
range of different gaming options.

Do Online Casinos in Arizona Offer Poker Games?

Almost always, yes. All of the reputable Arizona casino sites offer
members a huge range of different poker gaming options. You will find popular
forms of poker such as Texas Hold ’em, Omaha, and three-card poker.

Some online casinos even put on regular poker tournaments for their
members. These tournaments can offer massive payouts to the winners. It’s no
surprise that so many of the world’s best poker players choose to hone their
craft online.

Is Online Casino Gambling in Arizona Allowed?

Lawmakers in Arizona have not yet taken the steps to regulate and legalize
the online gambling industry. With that being said, there are no laws here that
specifically prohibit playing through Arizona online casinos. There are no
reports of any individuals here facing legal trouble for making casino bets
online here.

How Do I Stay Safe Playing at Online Casinos in AZ?

Most of the Arizona casino sites that are available today work hard to
provide members with safety measures. The easiest ways to protect yourself while
betting online is to only play through reputable websites, never bet more than
you can afford to lose, only play games that you understand, reach out to
customer service if you need it, and never give out your betting account


Casino fans in Arizona are very lucky. There are a lot of amazing land-based
casinos and even more Arizona online casinos that are currently available. Check
out the sites that we highly recommend at the top of this page and choose one
that fits your gaming needs!

States laws surrounding the online gambling industry in the US are always
changing. Make sure to follow our industry news page to stay up-to-date on all
changes to Arizona’s laws and regulations! Good luck making your bets!