Top Massachusetts Online Casinos – Updated for 2021

Massachusetts is well-known for having one of the biggest gambling fan bases
in the country. Strangely, this state did not allow any casino operations for
many years. That’s changed now, and casino gaming is more popular here than
ever. Today, our team of experts is going to explain how you can find the
top Massachusetts online casinos currently operating.

Internet casino gaming is more popular here than ever before. Of course,
choosing a great site to play at for the first time can seem a little daunting.
To help out, we’ll also be breaking down the four most important features that
all MA online casinos should provide. Later, we’re going over the current laws and
regulations surrounding online casino gaming here.

There’s a lot of information to unpack! To make things easy, we’re listing
our favorite online casinos in Massachusetts directly below. Check them
out today!

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Here’s What to Look for in Massachusetts Online Casinos

There are a huge number of amazing casino gaming sites around the US. Gambling fans have access to some of the top online casinos
in Massachusetts operating today. With so many great options, how do you choose a website to play

It’s easier than you might think. Over the years, our team has looked at
hundreds of different online casino sites. We have come up with
the most important features to look for in these sites. If the Massachusetts
online casino websites you are interested in provide the features below, they’re probably

Safe and Easy Cashier System

Massachusetts Flag Inside Massachusetts Outline

Safety is always the most important thing to look for in MA online casinos.
With this in mind, we highly recommend that you look for a casino website
providing a safe and easy cashier system. What does that mean? Essentially, it’s
the way that a gambling website processes deposits and withdrawals.

Fortunately, this is an easy thing to look into. One great way to learn more
about the payment options provided at different online casinos in Massachusetts is
to head over to our
casinos reviews
page. Here, we provide information on whether or not
different sites have safe cashier systems. If we find that these Massachusetts casino sites do
anything shady, we will let you know about it.

It’s also a great idea to look at these internet casinos for yourself. Almost
all of the reputable Massachusetts online casinos operating today provide a full
list of their available payment options. These websites should also indicate the
fees they charge for both deposits and withdrawals.

We recommend that you only play at Massachusetts gambling sites that allow deposits to be made
using both credit and debit cards. Withdrawal options in the US online gaming
industry are a little limited. At the moment, almost all of the casino sites
here only allow for Bitcoin withdrawals. Fortunately, Bitcoin payouts come with
extremely low fees and are generally processed within just a few days.

Nothing is more important than safety while gambling over the internet.
Before joining any site, be positive that it provides a safe cashier system.

Solid Customer Support Options

The next thing that you should probably look at in all online casinos
in Massachusetts
is a great customer support system. Unfortunately,
this is one of the most overlooked aspects of gambling sites today. If the Massachusetts casino sites
you are looking into don’t offer this basic feature, we don’t recommend joining

Why is this so important? For one, the state of Massachusetts does not
currently regulate its online casinos market. If you encounter an issue with
your betting experience, you will need to rely on the website you play at to
help you out. Make sure that they actually will!

There are a few different support options that we love. The best, in our
opinion, is a live chat feature. This allows you to speak directly with a
website representative over live chat. It’s the quickest and easiest way to have
your questions answered in real-time. Some websites also provide a direct phone

It’s never a good idea to join Massachusetts online casinos
that only provide email support. As you might expect, this form of customer
service will often take weeks to actually answer any questions you have. Find MA online casino
sites that provides quick support all day, every day.

Modern Design and Functionality

So, let’s assume that you’ve found a site with safe payment options and a
great customer support system. Great! Now it’s time to look for some Massachusetts online casino sites that offer a fantastic, modern design.

Website design may not seem tremendously important. In reality, though, the
style and interface of these sites will affect your entire gambling experience.
Everyone has a different design preference. The trick is finding one that makes
it easy to place bets and navigate through the website.

This is another extremely easy thing to look into. You can head back up to
the top of this page and check out the design styles for the Massachusetts online
casinos that we recommend. Each one provides a fantastic style and user
interface. Check that these websites do not crash and that they make it easy to
find the games you want to play.

There was a time not long ago when casino websites provided basic designs.
Today, the majority of online casino sites in Massachusetts provide incredibly modern
design styles that offer members a fantastic gaming experience. Never
underestimate how important this feature is!

Wide Range of Different Gaming Options

The final thing you will want to look for is that the games you want to play
are actually provided! Surprisingly, many who are new to online casino gambling
completely forget about this. Don’t make that mistake.

The online casinos in Massachusetts that we highly recommend
provide members with thousands of different games every single day. This
includes variations of the most popular casino games being played around the

Do you love blackjack? Find great Massachusetts gambling sites that provide different blackjack
tables throughout the day. Are you a big slot fan? Look for Massachusetts online
casinos with hundreds of different slots from the top gaming software

Generally speaking, the more games that a casino website provides, the better
the entire website is. We feel that it’s important to only join sites that offer
a wide range of different gaming options. At the very least, look for a betting
website that allows you to put money on the games you want to play!

Why Are Online Casinos in Massachusetts Growing so Popular Right Now?

Online casino gambling is growing extremely popular throughout the country.
Today, a number of different states have legalized at least some form of online
gambling. Lawmakers in the country seem to realize that this is a hugely popular
and highly profitable industry.

We wanted to know exactly why Massachusetts casino fans love to play online.
This market has been growing exponentially over the past few years. Our team
reached out to some online players here. We’ve gathered two explanations from
these players for why online casino sites in Massachusetts are more popular than ever

Most Convenient Option Available

We’re going to get into the specific legality of online casinos in
MA later. For now, all you need to know is that these sites are
unregulated. Even saying that, almost everyone agrees that Massachusetts casino
sites are considerably more convenient than playing inside a real land-based

These land-based casinos only became legal a couple of years ago. Not many of
these gaming establishments are actually operating. Imagine driving miles to one
of these casinos and realizing that the games you want to play aren’t even

This will never happen when playing online. Online casinos in
allow you to play games from anywhere in the state with
an internet connection. The ones we recommend at the top of this page even allow
you to play on the go using a smartphone!

Huge Range of Betting Options

Even the biggest land-based casino in this state doesn’t provide as many
gaming options as the best casino websites here. As we mentioned earlier, most
Massachusetts casino sites provide members with thousands of different games
every day. For this reason, many people are choosing to play online.

The great thing is that these games are available every single day. Plus, you
don’t need to go through the hassle of finding a good table inside a casino.

A number of these casino sites in Massachusetts also offer fun, unique casino
games. Right now, live dealer games are becoming extremely popular. These make
it feel as if you’re playing inside a real casino with an actual dealer
collecting your wagers.

So, Are Massachusetts Online Casino Sites Allowed?

Not long ago, Massachusetts completely modernized its gambling laws. Now,
casino establishments are able to operate inside the state after obtaining a
license from the government. Unfortunately, lawmakers here have shown little
willingness to regulate online casinos in Massachusetts.

The laws towards gambling are somewhat straightforward. There seem to be two
regulations for gambling, both of which seem to have been written decades ago.

Chapter 271: Section 1: Forfeitures of the State Statutes claims:

“Whoever, on a prosecution commenced within eighteen months after the
commission of the crime, is convicted of winning at one time or sitting, by
gaming or betting on the sides or hands of those gaming, money or goods to the
value of five dollars or more, and of receiving the same or security therefor,
shall forfeit double the value of such money or goods.”

Chapter 271: Section 2: Fines & Imprisonment describes the punishments for those caught gambling illegally:

“Whoever, in a public conveyance or public place, or in a private place
upon which he is trespassing, plays at cards, dice or any other game for money
or other property, or bets on the sides or hands of those playing, shall forfeit
not more than fifty dollars or be imprisoned for not more than three months; and
whoever sets up or permits such a game shall be punished by a fine of not less
than fifty nor more than one hundred dollars or by imprisonment for not less
than three nor more than twelve months.”

Strangely, there are no laws here that specifically mention the legality of
Massachusetts online casinos. Obviously, the current set of gambling laws here
were written before online gambling was taking place. It’s important to note
that no laws in this state claim that online gambling is illegal.

Land-based casinos were legalized here just a few years ago. A number of
Massachusetts lawmakers claim that they are interested in legalizing the
internet casino market, but need to learn more about the industry first.

Will I Be Prosecuted for Playing at Online Casinos in Massachusetts?

It’s very unlikely. The State Statutes does not seem to cover the specific
legality of playing casino games over the internet. Some analysts believe this
market is completely open for business. Our team has not come across a single
case of anyone facing legal trouble for playing at Massachusetts casino

How Do I Stay Safe Playing at Online Casino Sites in Massachusetts?

The internet in the US is safer than ever before. It’s incredibly easy to
stay perfectly safe playing at casino sites in Massachusetts right now. In fact,
most of these sites take steps to ensure their members have secure gambling

Even the most experienced bettors can use a few tips from time to time. We
have come up with five easy steps you can take that will make your online casino
gaming experience nothing but fun. Check them out below!

Massachusetts State Seal Inside Red Poker Chip

Only Play at Trusted Websites

The easiest way to protect yourself while betting over the internet is
playing at trustworthy sites! By now, hopefully you understand what separates a
good gambling website from a bad one. Make sure to only play at reputable
Massachusetts online casino websites. The ones we recommend at the top of this page are
known to provide safe payment options and solid customer support options.

Reach out to Customer Service If You Need to

There’s a very good chance that you will never even need to use this customer
service. If, however, you need a question, it’s important that you’re always
willing to ask for help. top Massachusetts online casino are
happy to help their members with any issues.

Read the Details of Every Promotion You Come Across

If you’ve already looked at a few online casinos, there’s a good chance a
promotion has been thrown your way. In case you’re unaware, promotions are bonus
offers that gambling sites offer to their members. These can be a fantastic way
to boost betting money. Unfortunately, these offers can sometimes come with
frustrating terms that make it difficult to collect your winnings. Make sure to
read the details of every single promotion before you decide to use them.

Never Bet More Money Than You Can Afford to Lose

This may seem completely obvious. You might be surprised to find how many
bettors spend more money than they can even afford to lose. It’s a great idea to
track exactly how much money you are wagering. If you realize that you’re
spending too much, take a break for a while.

Only Bet Money on Games You Know How to Play

The final tip we can offer is to understand every game before you wager on
it. The majority of casino sites in Massachusetts provide thousands of different
gaming options every single day. With so many games, it can be tempting to throw
money on something you know nothing about. We feel it’s a good idea to only put
money on games that you understand. This will significantly increase your
chances of winning.

FAQ About Online Casinos in Massachusetts

How Much Money Can I Win Playing at Massachusetts Online Casinos?

Most of the casino websites in this state set no limit! The
more you wager, the better your chances are to cash out. Generally speaking,
your chances to win big will go up with experience playing different games.

What Are Some Popular Casino Games Available in This State?

Massachusetts has a huge gambling fan base. Like most of the country, people
here seem to play blackjack, poker, and slots the most. The casino sites in
Massachusetts that we recommend all provide their members with these games and

Which Online Casinos Are the Most Popular Right Now?

Casino fans in Massachusetts have access to some incredible internet casino
websites right now. There are a huge number of different websites here, most of
which provide safety and amazing gaming options. From what we have found, the
two most popular casino sites in Massachusetts right now are and

When Will Casino Sites in MA Become Fully Lawful and Regulated?

It’s hard to say. Lawmakers here have clearly shown interest in opening up
the online gambling industry. Unfortunately, they want to wait a few years to
learn more about the industry before regulating it. For now, bettors will need
to play at websites based in other areas.

Why Should I Play Casino Games Online?

The choice to gamble online is always yours! Most people that do so here
claim it’s the most convenient option available. Online casino sites
here also provide a massive range of gaming options every single day.

Conclusion on Massachusetts Online Casinos

Massachusetts is in an interesting position. Just a few years ago, land-based
casinos became fully legal here. It would not be a surprise to see online MA
as well as all other online gambling in Massachusetts, fully regulated within just a few years. Make sure to follow our industry news page to stay
tuned for updates on the legal situation here.

If you decide that online casinos are for you, head back up to the top of
this page
and check out the Massachusetts online casino that we recommend. Each
one is fantastic. Good luck making your bets!