Top NY Online Casinos for 2021

In recent years, New York has taken some huge steps to improve its casino
industry. The popularity of gambling in this state has never been higher, yet
many people still prefer to make their wagers online. Today, we’re going over
some of the best NY online casinos available to players right now.

We’re also covering laws surrounding online casino gambling in New York and
offering a few tips to keep yourself safe while betting online in this state.
There’s a lot of information to unpack. To make things easy for new players,
we’re listing five of the very best online casinos in NY directly below!

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What Should I Look for in Online Casinos in New York?

Over the years, our team of experts has looked through hundreds of different
online casino websites. There are a few things that we’ve found to separate a
good online casino from a bad one. We’re going to be listing four of the most
important things you need to look for in NY casinos online today.

All of these four website features are simple to find. NY online casinos that
provide members with these basic features will provide a secure and fun betting

Safe and Easy Payment System

Safety should always be priority number one when using a NY casino site.
There’s no better way to stay safe than making sure you find a site offering
quick and secure payments. There are a few things, in particular, you want to
make sure is being offered with the cashier system.

The first is to check out which deposit options are available. All of the
legit NY online casinos operating today will provide a range of different
depositing options. We highly recommend finding a website that allows you to
deposit money into your betting account using credit cards including Visa and

Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, is to check out what withdrawal
options are provided to members. Making sure there are secure payouts is one of
the most important things to look for in different New York online casinos. Many
online US casino websites
only offer Bitcoin payouts. Fortunately, this is one of the safest withdrawal
methods available today.

The last things you’ll want to look for is how long payouts actually take,
and what fees are included. If a New York casino website takes longer than a
week to process your winnings, it’s probably not worth joining. Safe payouts are
hugely important, so do some research into the cashier system of each site you
plan to join!

Wide Range of Available Casino Games

One of the coolest things about online casino websites is the wide range of
available games. Unfortunately, some NY online casinos don’t provide nearly as
many gaming options as others. Check out a few different websites and take the
time to explore the variety of gaming options available.

Online table games are growing more popular every year. All of the legit
online casinos in New York will offer online blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and
more. If you prefer playing just one table game, make sure you find a site that
actually offers it!

Internet slot games are gaining serious popularity as well. Online slots are
considerably more exciting than the basic slots you’ll find inside casinos.
Reputable casino websites will use software from major companies and offer a
huge range of online slot games.

In recent years, fun options such as live dealer games have become available.
Online live dealer games allow players to feel like they’re actually inside of a
casino, making wagers with the assistance of a real-life dealer! Always check
out the different gaming options available before joining a casino site.

Ny Online Casinos Slots

Website Design and Functionality

The design of NY online casinos may not seem like the most important thing
to check out, but a site’s design and functionality will impact your entire
playing experience. We highly recommend scrolling through a few different
websites to find a design and user-interface that makes your betting experience
easy and fun.

It’s important to note that every one of the NY online casinos currently
operating has a different design. Casino websites differentiate from each other
even more than online sportsbooks. Some can be a little complicated to navigate
through. Others are almost too simplistic.

The most important thing is that you can find the games you want to play
easily. If it takes you minutes just to place a bet, you may want to find a
different site. It’s also important to make sure the site you play at doesn’t
crash. This can completely ruin your gaming experience.

Fortunately, this is an extremely easy thing to look for. You can head over
to our online gambling site
reviews page
to find reviews on some of the best New York casinos online.
To make things easier, simply scroll back up to the top of this page and check
the top five sites that we recommend and check out their designs and overall

Honest and Transparent Promotion Offers

Promotions are some of the best ways to add money into your betting account.
Almost all of the top casino websites in the world provide both new and existing
members with these types of bonuses. It’s extremely important to make sure that
the promotions offered are actually worth using, though.

It’s common for bonuses to include a rollover requirement. This pushes
members to bet a certain amount of money in order to actually collect their
winnings. For many new to online casino gaming, this can be an extremely
frustrating experience.

All of the safe online casinos in NY will include terms and conditions for each
promotion they offer. Taking the time to read up on the details of each bonus is
the best way to avoid any major issues.

As we mentioned earlier, every site is different. Some will list the details
of each promotion for all members to clearly see. Others make these terms and
conditions difficult to find. Finding a site that provides completely
transparent promotional offers is hugely important.

Why Are More People Playing Through NY Online Casinos?

Back in 1993, New York lawmakers officially declared that tribal casinos
could begin legally operating. Within a few years, many of these Native
American-run establishments were spread around the state. In 2013, New York
opened the doors for commercial, Vegas-style casinos to begin operating inside
the state.

Today, there are many casinos operating throughout NY. The majority of these
casinos are located in the Upstate area. Most New Yorkers are simply unwilling
to make consistent trips to a casino just to put money on their favorite games.
NY casinos online are now more popular than ever. There are two primary reasons

1 – The Convenience of Making Bets from Home

We just mentioned that the majority of New York casinos are located in the
Upstate area. People located in New York City have limited nearby options to
make bets inside brick-and-mortar establishments. For that reason, many bettors
here prefer to play at new york online casinos.

New York casinos online allow you to play your favorite games from
the comfort of your own home. You can even play these games on-the-go using a
smartphone! There’s no doubt that the convenience of online gaming is why this
market is growing bigger every single year.

2 – Huge Range of Available Casino Games

The top online casinos in New York will always provide more betting
options than even the biggest land-based casinos. There are more betting options
made possible online than in-person, and this is certainly one of the biggest
reasons why NY online casinos are growing more popular than ever.

Whether you’re a fan of slots, blackjack, or online poker, there will be a
site offering hundreds of the games you want 24/7. Don’t believe us? Head back
up to the sites we recommend and check out the wide range of available games
being offered.

Are Online Casinos Actually Legal in New York?

New York’s legislators have worked hard to open up the land-based casino
market in recent years. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been nearly as much progress
made in the online market. Playing casino games is certainly looked down upon in
the eyes of lawmakers here, yet it’s the websites that are being focused on, not
individual players.

The New York State Constitution defines gambling as:

“A person “advances gambling activity” when, acting other than as a
player, he engages in conduct which materially aids any form of gambling
activity. Such conduct includes but is not limited to conduct directed toward
the creation or establishment of the particular game, contest, scheme, device or
activity involved, toward the acquisition or maintenance of premises,
paraphernalia, equipment or apparatus therefor, toward the solicitation or
inducement of persons to participate therein, toward the actual conduct of the
playing phases thereof, toward the arrangement of any of its financial or
recording phases, or toward any other phase of its operation. One advances
gambling activity when, having substantial proprietary or other authoritative
control over premises being used with his knowledge for purposes of gambling
activity, he permits such to occur or continue or makes no effort to prevent its
occurrence or continuation.”

In order for gambling activities to be legal here, the state needs to
specifically approve them. Lawmakers here have not yet regulated and approved
online gambling. Technically speaking, this makes playing through NY
online casinos illegal.

New York is one of the only states in the country to actively crackdown on
unregulated gaming websites. For a brief time, some of the most popular gambling
websites in the country, including
Bovada, left the New
York market. The majority of these websites have since returned.

Will I Face Legal Trouble for Playing Through Online Casinos in NY?

It’s highly unlikely. While online casino gambling is technically banned
here, there have been no reports of anyone being prosecuted for playing through
New York online casinos. Gambling laws in New York are changing constantly, and we
recommend following our industry
news page
for regular updates on these laws.

List of Land-Based Casinos in New York

New York is investing heavily in its casino industry. Governor Cuomo recently
legalized sports betting inside these establishments as a way to generate more
revenue. We’re listing the names and locations of each land-based casino inside
New York for those interested in playing a few hands in-person.

  • Akwesasne Mohawk Casino: Hogansburg
  • Batavia Downs Casino: Batavia
  • Del Lago Resort and Casino: Tyre
  • Empire City Casino at Yonkers: Yonkers
  • The Fairgrounds: Hamburg
  • Jake’s 58 Hotel & Casino: Islandia
  • Finger Lakes Gaming and Racetrack: Farmington
  • Lakeside Entertainment: Union Springs
  • Mohawk Bingo Palace and Casino: Akwesasne
  • Monticello Gaming and Raceway: Monticello
  • Point Place Casino: Bridgeport
  • Resorts World Catskills: Kiamesha Lake
  • Resorts World New York City: Ozone Park
  • Rivers Casino and Resort: Schenectady
  • Saratoga Casino and Raceway: Saratoga Springs
  • Seneca Allegany Casino: Salamanca
  • Seneca Buffalo Creek Casino: Buffalo
  • Seneca Gaming and Entertainment: Irving
  • Seneca Gaming and Entertainment: Oil Spring
  • Seneca Gaming and Entertainment: Salamanca
  • Seneca Niagara Casino: Niagara Falls
  • Tioga Downs and Casino: Nichols
  • Turning Stone Resort and Casino: Verona
  • Vernon Downs and Casino: Vernon
  • Yellow Brick Road Casino: Chittenango

Tips to Stay Safe Playing Through Online Casino Websites in New York

The US online gaming industry has improved massively over the years. There
was a time when only a few online casinos were available to players here. Today,
many of the world’s top online gaming companies are accepting players from the
United States. There are still a few simple precautions to take when playing
through NY online casinos.

NY Online Casinos

Find a Casino Gaming Site with a Good Reputation

Safety should always be your number one priority when gambling online. Make
sure that you join and play through a company that has a fantastic reputation
for offering quick and safe payment options to all members.

Don’t Bet More Money Than You Can Afford to Lose

Even with safe online casinos in NY, players can end up losing more money than
they anticipate. It’s never a good idea to bet more than you’re willing to lose.
Consider making small, incremental deposits into your betting account to keep
losses low.

Don’t Bet More Money Than You Can Afford to Lose

One of the best things about New York online casinos is that they make casino
gaming so easy! Unfortunately, this can lead to some players wagering money on
games they don’t understand. The best way to win money is by sticking to games
you actually know about.

Don’t Be Afraid to Change Websites

There are some incredible online casinos in NY currently available. Just
because you’ve signed up to one, doesn’t mean you’re stuck there forever! If you
find that a site takes too long to process payouts or doesn’t offer the games
you’re looking for, always be willing to move to another.

Understand the Details of Every Promotion

We talked a little bit about how promotions can be a great way to increase
your winnings. They can also make withdrawing your money a little difficult.
Take the time to read up on each promotion’s details before you choose to
utilize them.

FAQ About Online Casinos in New York

What Are the Most Important Things to Look for in New York Online Casinos?

Before signing up to a casino website, make sure it offers safe and secure
payment options, a wide range of different games, solid functionality, and
transparent promotion offers for all members.

Why Are Online Casinos Growing so Popular Here?

New York has a number of casinos, yet the majority are located in the Upstate
area. Many gambling fans prefer to play online due to the convenience of making
bets from home and the wide range of different gaming options available.

Are NY Online Casinos Legal?

New York has taken a tough stance on online gambling. Based on the laws
provided in the state constitution, all forms of internet gambling here are
banned. With that being said, there are no reports of any players being
prosecuted for playing casino games online in this state.

How Can I Stay Safe Playing Through Online Casinos in NY?

Following a few basic guidelines will ensure your online betting experience
is completely safe and fun. Only play through reputable New York online casinos,
don’t bet more money than you want to lose, stick to games you understand,
always be willing to change to another site, and read about each bonus details
before you use them!


In the past few years alone, laws towards New York’s gambling industry have
changed dramatically. There are many reports that indicate fully-legalized
online gambling may soon be on its way. In the meantime, there are a number of
incredible New York online casinos still available to players.

Take the time to look at each of the top online casinos that we recommend at the top of this page. Each
of these websites is different and provides thousands of amazing games to