Mobile Video Poker Apps Availability and How They Work

The first video poker machines featured a TV-like monitor, central processing
unit, and wooden cabinet. As you can imagine, these machines were eyesores and
unpopular with players.

Luckily, video poker has advanced over the years and become available through
various channels. The most-convenient of these channels is mobile video poker
since you can play through your smartphone or tablet.

Given that smartphones and tablets are the handiest way to play video poker,
let’s cover everything you need to know about this subject.

Specifically, we’ll discuss finding mobile video poker apps on each device,
different options for playing mobile poker, and the pros & cons of playing on
mobile devices.


How to Play Android Video Poker

  1. Visit the Play Store.
  2. Type in “video poker” or “video poker app” in the search engine.
  3. Choose one or more of the available apps to install.
  4. You’ll be notified when installation is finished, and you can open the
    app and start playing.

These steps will give you access to a wide range of free video poker apps on
your Android phone or tablet.

The one catch is that you can’t find real money casinos this way when you
live in an unlicensed market (i.e. most of US, Canada).

If you’re interested in playing for real money, you’ll need to visit casinos
directly and download their app (if required) or play directly through their

What Android Video Poker Apps Are Available?

We downloaded four different video poker apps on our Android phone, including
Drake Casino, Super Lucky Casino, Tapinator, and Twin Dragons Casino.

Here’s a look at our experiences with each one:

  • Drake Casino

    Drake is a real money online casino that serves US
    players, so you need to visit their site for the app. The good news is that
    you don’t need to download an app or even sign up to play. The downside is
    that Drake only offers Deuces Wild for mobile play. If you want their full
    range of games, you need to visit through a PC or Mac.

  • Super Lucky Casino Video Poker

    This is a social video poker app that
    starts with you collecting 100 free chips. You then have the option to
    choose between Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild. The payouts are a bit
    different with both games, and the royal flush jackpot is worth 792,066
    coins at the time of this writing. We found it strange that the Bet All
    option is locked until you reach Level 5.

  • Tapinator Video Poker Classic

    This offers classic video poker
    variations that make you feel like you’re playing in a land-based casino. If
    you’re looking for something different, this game isn’t for you. But if you
    want an authentic casino video poker experience from a mobile device, then
    Tapinator’s version is nice. This product also features the largest number
    of variations we’ve found, offering almost 40 games.

  • Twin Dragons Casino Video Poker

    You can pick up 500,000 coins by
    logging into Twin Dragons through Facebook during your first visit. You’ll
    have access to Jacks or Better and Joker Poker, and you must unlock Deuces
    Wild and Tens or Better. Twin Dragons’ interface is interesting, and you get
    a reasonable number of starting chips (200,000). But you’ll need all of
    these chips considering that the minimum bet is 100.

Advantages of Android Video Poker

The Play Store gives you access to numerous video poker apps when you type in
any term related to the genre.

Most of the apps are of the social gaming variety, which will appease anybody
who’s looking for something unique. But you can also find standard video poker
action, like the Tapinator version we played.


How to Play iPad Video Poker

  1. Visit the App Store.
  2. Type in “video poker” or “video poker app” in the search engine.
  3. Click the desired video poker app(s) to install, just like with an
  4. Open the app and start playing.

If you read the Android instructions, you’ll notice that playing through an
iPad is very similar. The main difference is that they have the App Store,
instead of the Play Store.

One thing we noticed about the search function is that more standard video
poker games are featured at the top of the results.

But you can still find plenty of social video poker apps if you keep
scrolling down.

What iPad Video Poker Apps Are Available?

We also downloaded four video poker apps on the iPad, including Bovada, Ruby
Seven, Video Poker Jackpot, and Video Poker Multi. Here’s our experiences with

  • Bovada Casino

    Bovada is another US-friendly casinos, and you need to
    visit their site directly because they’re not found in the App Store. You’ll
    find 8 video poker variations through Bovada’s mobile site, including Bonus
    Deuces Wild, Double Double Bonus, Jacks or Better (JoB) 1 Hand, JoB 3 Hands,
    JoB 10 Hands, Joker Poker 1 Hand, Joker Poker 3 Hands, and Joker Poker 10
    Hands. Just like Drake Casino, you don’t have to create an account to play
    for free.

  • Ruby Seven Video Poker

    Ruby Seven features a flashy interface with a
    cartoon female dealer, dazzling lights, and a purple background. You’ll also
    find a leaderboard where you can compare your bankroll size to other
    players. They offer a dozen games, which is more than most social poker apps
    we’ve seen. This app also has the multi-strike feature, where you advance up
    levels towards larger multipliers when you win hands.

  • Video Poker Jackpot HD

    This social video poker app features seven
    different games, all of which are available immediately. You start with 200
    coins, which isn’t much at all when considering the 10-coin minimum bet. The
    interface is nice because you’ll see a purple diamond patter in the
    background. But overall, Video Poker Jackpot doesn’t grip us like other
    social apps.

  • Video Poker Multi

    This is a lot like the Tapinator version that we
    played with the Android since it involves classic video poker. You can also
    look forward to playing plenty of different variations through Video Poker
    Multi. As the “Multi” implies, this app allows you to play multiple hands
    per turn.

Advantages of iPad Video Poker

The big advantage that an iPad has over the iPhone and Android phones is a
larger screen.

Some players may not like the video poker experience through a smartphone
screen. But an iPad screen can be up to four times larger than the average phone
screen, which adds a lot to your video poker experience.

Many consider Apple products to be better than most tablets that run Android
OS. This makes the iPad a handy device even when you’re not playing video poker.


How to Play iPhone Video Poker

Both the iPhone and iPad run through iOS, and the process for finding and
playing video poker is the same. Again, you won’t find real money casino apps
when searching for video poker in unregulated countries.

What iPhone Video Poker Apps Are Available?

We tried BoVegas, King of Video Poker Multi Hand, Triple Star 2000, and Video
Poker Plus on the iPhone. You can read about each app below:

  • BoVegas Casino

    BoVegas features a large mobile video poker section
    with 17 games. But if you want to play them, you have to create an account
    first. This only takes a few moments, though, and it gives you access to one
    of the bigger mobile video poker selections available.

  • King of Video Poker Multi Hand

    The King of Video Poker is a social app
    that lets you choose from almost a dozen variants. You start with 5,000
    coins, and your bankroll will really last thanks to the 1-coin minimum bet.
    Of course, you can also purchase more coins just like any other social
    gaming app.

  • Triple Star 2000 Video Poker

    Triple Star 2000 looks like an older app,
    and the graphics are much worse than other social video poker games we
    played. You only have one game to choose from, and your starting bankroll is
    just 100 coins. We honestly can’t see why anybody would play Triple Star
    2000 with all of the other available options.

  • Video Poker Plus HD

    This is a classic video poker app that creates an
    authentic casino experience, while also including social gaming elements.
    You start off with 100 coins and can purchase more if you need to. But we
    don’t see the point when you can play similar games that don’t require
    purchasing additional coins.

Advantages of iPhone Video Poker

Just like an Android phone, the iPhone offers supreme convenience because you
can put it in your pocket and go anywhere. This makes it handier then the iPad,
which needs to be carried or put in a bag.

The iPhone also gives you the advantage of using the reliable iOS for your
non-gaming needs.


How to Use Video Poker Software

  1. Visit the App Store or Play Store (depending upon device).
  2. Type “video poker trainer” or “video poker tutor” into the search
  3. Click the desired app(s) to install.
  4. Open and start using the software.

The term video poker software is commonly used to describe apps that improve
your video poker play.

Unfortunately, you won’t find as many of these available in mobile app stores
as you will regular games. But it’s still worth looking for video poker software
if you need help in the strategy department.

If you’re looking for more options, search Google because you’ll find more
video poker trainers this way.

What Video Poker Software Apps are Available?

Again, video poker software isn’t widely available through app stores. But we
did manage to try the following two trainers:

Video Poker Tutor

Complete with a green background and wooden table,
this software is glossier than the video poker trainers that we’ve found
through websites. Every time you’re dealt a hand, you’ll see a smaller
version at the top which shows what cards to keep. You can either look at
the correct version right away, or play hands on your own. Any time you’re
about to make a mistake, the Tutor will warn you.

Video Poker Trainer

You get the best of both worlds because this game
features colorful graphics and helpful strategy suggestions. Video Poker
Trainer doesn’t offer a guiding hand like Video Poker Tutor. Instead, you
play hands like normal, and the software will show what you did correctly
and incorrectly.

Advantages of Video Poker Software

What’s nice about training software is that it prepares you to play winning
video poker.

Games like Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild offer high payback. But you can
only achieve optimal payback by making the correct moves over and over again.

Video poker software will help you do so, and give you the added advantage of
practicing anywhere via a smartphone or tablet.

What’s more is that mobile video poker software often includes social
elements that make it more fun than the average video poker trainer.

Ways to Play Mobile Video Poker

The most-common way to enjoy mobile poker is by visiting an online casino and
playing real money games.

But this is a complex subject that involves social gaming apps, regulated
markets, unregulated markets, and free video poker. That said, let’s discuss
information on each type of video poker.

Social Gaming Video Poker

From online casinos to Texas holdem, social gaming has a large reach. And
video poker is included in this phenomenon, with app developers including many
fun elements in games.

Some of the aspects that you can expect with the average mobile video poker
app include: colorful graphics, coins, leaderboards, and the ability to share
results with your friends.

The latter is what truly makes social video poker exciting because you can
enjoy the experience with others.

The drawback is that you may have to pay to earn enough coins to impress your
buddies. What’s more is that the coins have no monetary value.

Some players don’t see the point in paying for coins when you can’t use them
to win more money.

Real Money Video Poker in Regulated Online Casinos

The ideal situation for playing video poker on your smartphone or tablet
involves visiting regulated online casinos, which operate in
government-sanctioned markets.

Examples include: Belgium, Denmark, Greece, France, Italy, the Netherlands,
Romania, Spain, the UK, and the state of New Jersey.

What’s great about regulated markets is that licensing bodies are backed by
federal laws. If an operator tries cheating players, they’ll face stiff
penalties and probably lose their license.

The downside to regulated markets is that you may not have as many casino
options, and geolocation technology doesn’t always work perfectly.

New Jersey had major problems with geolocation in the beginning, where
players who were located in the Garden State still couldn’t access video poker
and other games.

Real Money Video Poker in Offshore Casinos

If you don’t live in a country with regulated mobile video poker, then you’ll
have to opt for offshore casinos.

While offshore casinos often hold licenses, these don’t hold much weight
because the licensing jurisdictions can’t legally enforce rules. Examples of
offshore licensing jurisdictions include: Alderney, Antigua & Barbuda, Costa
Rica, Curacao, and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

The best these jurisdictions can do is screen operators before issuing a
license, then try to convince them to practice fair gaming.

Of course, it’s in casinos’ best interest to offer fair gaming because if
they’re caught doing otherwise, their reputation will be tarnished.

The upside to playing mobile video poker at offshore casinos is that they
serve unregulated markets. The downside is that they don’t inspire as much trust
as casinos in regulated iGaming markets.

Free Mobile Video Poker at Online Casinos

No matter whether you play at regulated or unregulated online casinos, you
can always enjoy free video poker on your mobile device.

Many casinos require you to create an account before you can play free games.
But it only takes a few minutes to sign up, and this clears you to play as much
as you want.

Some casinos don’t even require that you create an account to start playing.
Instead, you simply click the desired video poker game and it’ll be ready for

Free Mobile Video Poker at Websites

Some video poker websites have software that allows you to enjoy the game for
free. You can find these sites by searching through Google, instead of searching
at an app store.

These websites are just like free video poker offered at mobile casinos. The
main difference is that you don’t have access to other gaming options offered
through online casinos.

The upside is that you don’t have to sign up for anything to play for free at
websites. Nevertheless, most players will sign up at mobile casinos so they have
more variety in video poker and other gaming categories.

Pros & Cons of Mobile Video Poker

  • Convenience
  • Mobile video poker means that you don’t have to
    worry about lugging a laptop computer around or visiting a brick-and-mortar

  • Fun Social Elements
  • Many mobile poker apps include entertaining
    elements that you won’t find in standard video poker, including vibrant
    graphics, unique settings, and colorful backgrounds.

  • Countless Games
  • Aside from giving you the opportunity to play
    different video poker variants, social apps also differ greatly in the
    experiences that they offer you.

  • Easy to Find New Games
  • As we covered with the different apps, it’s not
    hard finding new video poker games to try. All you do is visit the
    appropriate app store and search for video poker.

  • Real Money Play Is Available
  • You can play real money video poker
    at mobile casinos. Just visit them directly, or download their mobile app
    (if required).

  • Smartphone Screens Are Small
  • While smartphones may be the
    most-convenient way to play video poker, you’ll also struggle more to see
    the screen. We suggest an iPad or Android tablet if you don’t like the
    smartphone view.

  • Real Money Apps Aren’t Available in Certain Countries
  • Given that the App Store and Play Store want to stay above the law, they
    no longer offer real money casino apps in unregulated markets. This means
    that users from America, Canada, and some other countries must visit online
    casinos directly to play real money video poker.

  • You Have to Wade Through Too Many Apps
  • Having variety is nice, but you may find the number of mobile video poker
    apps to be overwhelming. Searching by rating is a nice way to narrow things down,
    although this still leaves plenty to sift through.

  • Some Apps Make Little Sense
  • We played one iPhone video poker game that was too classic to be a good
    social gaming app. Nevertheless, the developers tried incorporating social
    elements and coaxing you to purchase coins. This makes no sense to us, and
    there are likely other apps like this in existence.


The mobile gaming world is filled with interesting video poker apps for you
to try. We particularly like the social apps because they create new experiences
through the use of colorful interfaces and leaderboards.

Our only problem with social video poker apps is that you can’t win real
money. Imagine getting a royal flush – which is normally worth 4,000 coins – and
only having play money to show for it!

Of course, you can also play mobile video poker at online casinos.

This is nice because the money you bet and win actually counts, thus raising
the stakes and excitement. But the downside is that online casinos don’t
incorporation amusing social elements.

Yet another way to play mobile video poker is through software. These apps
are great for anybody who wants to learn perfect video poker strategy on the go.

Once you’ve sharpened your skills, you can test yourself on real money video
poker apps or social games. The choice will all depend upon what you’re looking
for from your video poker experience.