Guide to Jackpot Deuces Progressive Video Poker

Jackpot Deuces Progressive video poker creates excitement for online gamblers with the introduction of a progressive jackpot to basic Deuces Wild play. When players make a royal flush hand with diamonds as the suit, they take home a hefty jackpot. They also can enjoy the typical benefits of Deuces Wild action even if they never hit the biggest payout.

Video poker has risen to the top of the heap in terms of casino entertainment. They know the game offers the kind of competitive payback one usually only receives from table games. And they understand that it comes in a package that’s easy to understand and play, which keeps them out of the high-pressure areas of the casino.

If you’re a video poker enthusiast, you might enjoy playing the game at your local casino. But you might also realize that video poker makes for the perfect game to play on online gambling sites. There’s really no difference in terms of the experience between playing video poker in a casino and playing online.

Jackpot Deuces Progressive video poker actually only exists in an online format. You can easily find it at many top gambling websites if you do a quick internet search. And the reason why it’s so popular is because gamblers understand its benefits.

On the one hand, Jackpot Deuces Progressive video poker recreates typical Deuces Wild video poker action. This means that the twos in the deck of 52 cards can be used as wild cards. Anytime you get one in your hand, you can turn it into whatever card makes your hand the best it can possibly be.

But Jackpot Deuces Progressive video poker goes beyond typical Deuces Wild action by utilizing a progressive jackpot. You can be eligible for this jackpot if you bet the maximum of five coins per hand.

If you’ve ever dealt with slot machines, you might be familiar with the concept of a progressive jackpot. It basically means that the payout for a certain event happening keeps rising until that event finally occurs. In the case of Jackpot Deuces Progressive video poker, the event in question is a royal flush hand consisting of all diamonds.

The payout for this hand is exaggerated to begin with compared to other Deuces Wild games. But if you happen to play the game at a time the jackpot hasn’t been hit for a while, it could be higher than it is at base level.

When the progressive jackpot rises to this level, the potential payback for the game rises in kind. And you have the opportunity to hit a one-time payout that’s rare in video poker. That goes for both online games and video poker machines found in actual casinos.

Yet you might play Jackpot Deuces Progressive video poker for a long time without ever actually hitting that jackpot. And without hitting it, your payback percentage will lag. In fact, even when the jackpot does rise to that impressive level, you still might not be able to recoup as much as if you were playing other casino versions of Deuces Wild.

In the following article, we’ll tell you all you need to know about the popular online gambling game known as Jackpot Deuces Progressive video poker. We’ll show you how to play basic video poker, explain how wild cards work, and demonstrate the impact of the progressive aspect of the game. Finally, we’ll talk about how you can learn strategy and what the pay tables and payback percentages for this game look like.

Why You Should Be Playing Video Poker

If you learn how to play video poker at its most basic level, you open yourself up to a world of variations on the game. That means you can play any of these games and the action will never get stale. Jackpot Deuces Progressive video poker represents one of the twists on basic gameplay.

And this versatility is just one of the reasons why video poker is one of the best casino-style games you can play. Video poker basically takes all of the best elements of slot machines and table games and combines them into one experience. On top of that, it pays back well.

You can compare video poker to slot machines in that they are both solitary experiences. No one else is needed for you to play a video poker session, either online or at a top gambling website. All you need is a bankroll and you can play at your own pace without any interruption.

4 Aces in Video Poker

But the similarities to slot machines really end at that point. Slot machines are problematic because you can’t have any control over your chances of winning. You just have to spin the reels and hope everything works out in your favor.

In addition, slot machines don’t let you in on your actual chances of making one of those winning spins. There’s no way of knowing how much a given slot machine will pay out. For all you know, the machine right next to you might be paying off several points higher than the one you’re currently playing.

For video poker, you get to implement strategy during gameplay. The best players are generally rewarded with the best payback over time.

You can also learn how much to expect to make from a given machine by doing a little math (or by running the pay table through a video poker calculator). Video poker is played with a simulated deck of 52 cards. That means the outcomes are limited.

When you play video poker, you can immediately tell how often you might be able to hit winning hands like two pair, a full house, or even a royal flush. When you understand these probabilities, you will be able to combine them with the payouts for winning hands to get a feel for the machine (or online game) you’re playing.

In terms of average payback, video poker comes on much stronger than the average slot machine. And it can hang in the same ballpark as the best-paying table games as well. As you can tell, video poker ranks pretty high on the list of casino games in terms of benefit to gamblers. You just need to learn how to play.

We’ll explain the special nature of Jackpot Deuces Progressive video poker in a bit. But for now, let’s take a look at how to play video poker in its most basic format.

Step by Step Video Poker Gameplay Guide

Step 1: The Bankroll

Your bankroll for Jackpot Deuces Progressive video poker will come from the account that you create at the gambling website that you’ve chosen. Keep in mind, this is an online-only game. Once you create the account, you’ll have to fund it to have money to bet.

The money that you allot for video poker will be registered as credits or coins. These are the units that you’ll use to bet, and it’s how you’ll be rewarded when you win. Your credits or coins will be connected to the denomination you choose to play.

Basically, each credit will be equal to the amount of the denomination you’ve chosen. The size of the denomination will depend on the online casino offering video poker you’re using. You might be able to play small amounts like a penny or a nickel, or you could end up playing for higher stakes like a dollar a credit.

Step 2: The Bet

Your bet will be the first part of your strategy when you play Jackpot Deuces Progressive video poker. Many people make the mistake of betting a different amount with each hand.

For example, if they haven’t won in several hands, they might think they’re due to win and choose to bet more. By contrast, they might be inclined to bet less if they’ve won a few hands in a row.

This is foolhardy thinking, and it will come back to haunt you when playing Jackpot Deuces Progressive video poker (or any form of video poker, for that matter.) Your chance of making winning hands never changes from hand to hand, no matter what happened before. Each deal and draw in video poker is random and independent of anything that has come before it (or will come after it).

In actuality, you should be betting the maximum amount on every hand. That means you’re playing five coins per hand. You have the option of wagering anywhere between one and four coins, but that would be a mistake.

Why? It all comes down to the royal flush hand.

For those who don’t know, a royal flush occurs when you end up with a 10, jack, queen, king, and ace of the same suit. It is the rarest hand in the game. As a result, it pays more than any other hand. But that can be affected by how much you wager.

If you bet one through four coins when playing Jackpot Deuces Progressive video poker, you will get paid at a ratio of 300 coins for even one that you bet when you hit a royal flush. But that ratio jumps to 800 to 1 when you bet five coins. And that doesn’t even take into account the progressive aspect, which we’ll explain in a bit.

If you find that you can’t afford to bet five coins at a time, you should consider switching to a lower denomination if you can. That way, you can bet your five coins per hand and keep the most advantageous ratios intact.

Step 3: The Hand

If you’ve ever played the table game known as Five-Card Draw Poker, you should have a good handle on how video poker works. Just like in Five-Card Draw, you’ll get a five-card deal. You then use a draw round where you discard cards in favor of others from the deck to make the best possible hand.

Five-Card Draw is usually played with multiple players. Although you’re trying to make the best hand at the table, you also have to understand the concepts of betting and bluffing to be a good player.

Video poker requires none of that. You just have to know the best ways of making good poker hands, since all you’re trying to do is make a winning hand as determined by the game’s pay table. That’s how you get paid.

What are the winning hands? Well, since Jackpot Deuces Progressive video poker is a wild card game, you have to make hands that are little bit different than if you were playing Jacks or Better or some other style of basic video poker. Here are the hands you’ll be trying to make.

  • Three of a kind
  • Straight (five cards in a row in rank, like 3-4-5-6-7)
  • Flush (five cards of same suit)
  • Full house (three of a kind and two pair in the same hand)
  • Four of a kind
  • Straight flush (straight with five cards of same suit)
  • Five of a kind
  • Wild royal flush (royal flush achieved with the help of a wild card)
  • Four wild cards
  • Royal flush (ten, jack, queen, king, and ace of the same suit)

On this list, the hands at the top are relatively easy to make and should occur often during gameplay. As you move down, the hands get harder and harder to achieve. The further you get down the list, the more you can expect the hands to play.

Once you make your bet, you will receive five cards, which show up on your screen. These cards are the same as you might get if you were playing with a deck at home. You will have to assess them for the possibilities of making a winning hand.

You might have a great, winning hand right off the bat. That might mean that you don’t want to change anything in your hand and will hold all five cards. But that is a relatively rare occurrence.

What will most likely happen is that you’ll see the potential for a winning hand or two based on the cards you have. But the hands will be incomplete. You might be missing one or two cards that are needed to complete the hand.

That’s where your decision-making and strategy will come into play. You will be able to discard any or all of the cards in your hand. That will give you one chance to improve your hand by having the discarded cards replaced on the draw by others from the deck.

Remember that this will be the same deck which gave you your original deal. As such, it will have 47 cards remaining. You won’t be able to receive any of the five you were dealt on the draw, even if you’ve chosen to discard them.

What often happens in video poker is that you will have to choose between making a safe but low-paying hand and going for a high-paying hand that might be hard to make. You will be judging your probability of making winning hands against how much they might pay. We’ll explain more about this when we get to strategy.

In any case, once you make your choice, you will press the buttons corresponding to the ones that you want to hold. Once you’ve done this, you will hit the “Draw” button to see what you’ll get. The draw signals the completion of the hand, and any winnings will be added to your total.

You can continue playing as long as you have credits in your bankroll. If at any time you run out of credits, you’ll have to allot more to continue. Or you can quit at any time and have the credits transferred back into money in your gambling account.

That is basically how all forms of video poker work. Now that you know that, you can move on to learn about Jackpot Deuces Progressive video poker. First, you have to learn how wild cards work.

Wild Card Video Poker Play

When you play a game with wild cards, you have the opportunity to make hands you wouldn’t normally achieve if they weren’t included. That’s because a wild card can turn into whatever card in the deck makes your hand the best.

Deuces Wild is the most popular form of wild card game in video poker. That’s the form that Jackpot Deuces Progressive video poker takes. The twos in the deck of 52 are designated as wild cards.

When you get those cards on the deal, you’ll have to assess your other cards to see how best to play the hand going forward. Once the draw is complete, any wild cards will be automatically transformed by the game software into whatever cards make your hand the most lucrative.

Let’s look at an example at how wild cards can transform video poker. Imagine you were playing Jackpot Deuces Progressive video poker and received the following cards on the deal:

Two of Hearts, Seven of Spades, Seven of Clubs, Jack of Clubs, Queen of Clubs

If you were playing this hand without wild cards, you wouldn’t have a winning hand right off the bat. Most likely you would keep the pair of sevens in the hopes of improving it on the draw.

But in Jackpot Deuces Progressive video poker, the twos are wild cards. That means that the two of hearts will be changed into whatever makes your hand the best.

The tricky part is that you can’t actually know what that changeover will be until you complete the draw. You have to look at the probabilities and see what your best path forward might be.

Since the two of hearts is wild, you technically already have a winning hand on that deal. That’s because the two can made into a seven, which would give you three of a kind.

You can hold those three cards and hope to make maybe a full house, four of a kind, or even five of a kind. Five of a kind is a hand which is only possible in video poker with wild cards in play.

But there are other possibilities. Note that you have three clubs in your hand. If you kept the wild card and the three clubs, you would be just one shy of a flush.

You might also be tempted to keep just the jack and queen of clubs along with the wild dard. That would put the wild royal flush into the mix. It might be hard to draw to that, but the other wild cards remaining in the deck could help you in that quest.

Let’s imagine that you choose that route and decide to keep the jack of clubs and queen of clubs as well as the wild two. Imagine that you received the following on the draw:

Two of Hearts, Jack of Spades, Queen of Spades, Jack of Clubs, Queen of Clubs

You had originally gone into the draw hoping the two would help you get a wild royal flush. But the draw went in another direction. The best hand requires changing the wild card into either a jack or a queen to make a full house.

That gives you an example of how flexible a wild card can be. You will always hold any wild card that you receive on the deal. And we’ll talk when we get to strategy about how to make the decisions on the other cards in the deal.

Jackpot Deuces Progressive Video Poker Pay Tables and the Progressive Jackpot

When you encounter a Jackpot Deuces Progressive video poker game on a gambling website, one of the first things you’ll see is the pay table. A pay table basically shows you what you will get paid for each winning hand.

But it really does more than that. The pay table will help you with strategy, since you’ll be aiming for the best-paying hands. And it will show you the style of play you might expect from the game as well.

In terms of style of play, you should be looking for the game’s volatility level. If the common hands at the bottom of the pay table pay better than other versions of the game, the game will be low in volatility. That means you’ll have the chance to play the game for a long session with a small bankroll.

Games that pay more at the top of the pay table and skimp on common hands are volatile in nature. You will be prone to bigger swings of winning and losing and have a greater risk of ruin. Risk of ruin is just a fancy way of saying you could lose all your bankroll in a hurry.

You should choose your game based on your tolerance for this volatility. If you’re looking for big payouts in a hurry, go with a high-volatility game. By contrast, if you want to grind out winnings and stay afloat for as long as possible with a small stake, look for a low-volatility game.

Deuces Wild-style games tend to be higher in volatility than Jacks or Better-style games, and Jackpot Deuces Progressive video poker certainly fits that description. Let’s take a look at the most common pay table for this game that can be found online.

Coins/Hands 1 coin 2 coins 3 coins 4 coins 5 coins
Royal flush 300 600 900 1200 4000
Four deuces 200 400 600 800 1000
Wild royal flush 25 50 75 100 125
Five of a kind 15 30 45 60 75
Straight flush 9 18 27 36 45
Four of a kind 4 8 12 16 20
Full house 3 6 9 12 15
Flush 2 4 6 8 10
Straight 2 4 6 8 10
Three of a kind 1 2 3 4 5

What this pay table doesn’t show you is the progressive aspect of Jackpot Deuces Progressive video poker. The only way you can get the progressive jackpot is to make a royal flush with only diamonds involved. It must be a pure royal flush, meaning that no wild cards can be involved.

The payout for the royal flush with diamonds at one through four coins wagered in Jackpot Deuces Progressive video poker is 300 to 1. In other words, it’s the same as with royal flush hands made with the other three suits. But if you bet five coins, you open up the progressive jackpot.

The progressive jackpot starts at 5,000 coins total. But it keeps rising until someone hits it at the site in question. Some sites might limit the maximum amount that can be won, but it generally is allowed to go as high as 50,000 coins or more.

Obviously, your potential payback for a Jackpot Deuces Progressive video poker game will depend on where the progressive jackpot stands. You should check out online gambling different sites to see which sites give you the chance for the biggest possible payout in this game.

Payback Percentage for Jackpot Deuces Progressive Video Poker

Money and Percent Sign
Payback percentage is a crucial concept for video poker players to understand. This is especially true if you’re looking to play the game often in an attempt to make an overall profit.

To win at video poker, you should be looking for machines or online games that offer a payback percentage of higher than 99%. What that means is that, on average, every $100 that you put through the machine will leave you with $99 in your payroll. You will have suffered a loss of a dollar in that span.

With such minimal loss, you could easily conceive of a profit playing the game. Casinos and top gambling websites offer bonuses that help boost the payback of a given game separate from what you actually take away. Those bonuses could push you over the 100% payback level when you factor them into the equation.

With Jackpot Deuces Progressive video poker, the payback percentage is a slippery thing to understand. That’s because it is dependent on whatever the progressive jackpot might be.

At its lowest, the payback sits around 95.2%, which is a bit on the skimpy side. Consider this Deuces Wild pay table by way of contrast.

Deuces Wild Pay Table

Coins/Hands 1 coin 2 coins 3 coins 4 coins 5 coins
Royal flush 250 500 750 1000 4000
Four deuces 200 400 600 800 1000
Wild royal flush 25 50 75 100 125
Five of a kind 15 30 45 60 75
Straight flush 9 18 27 36 45
Four of a kind 5 10 15 20 25
Full house 3 6 9 12 15
Flush 2 4 6 8 10
Straight 2 4 6 8 10
Three of a kind 1 2 3 4 5

Thanks to the fact that this game pays 5 to 1 for four of a kind (instead of 4 to 1 like the Jackpot Deuces Progressive game), its payback sits at over 100.7%. That’s nearly 5% higher than Jackpot Deuces Progressive video poker at the lowest level.

Yet the rising progressive jackpot can raise the payback for Jackpot Deuces Progressive video poker up around 98% depending on how high it gets. While that’s still a little lackluster, it might be enough for jackpot-seekers.

After all, the maximum payout that you can get for a single hand of Jackpot Deuces Progressive video poker is much higher than what you could expect from the Deuces Wild pay table above. That’s why you might not mind the fact that you’re giving up a bit in payback percentage.

Strategy for Jackpot Deuces Progressive Video Poker

You might think you can devise your own special strategy for playing video poker that will help you win a lot. But, in truth, there is only one right way to play every possible deal that you can get playing Jackpot Deuces Progressive video poker. You have to learn that right play every time.

The wild cards make it a little easier, since you go in knowing you’ll definitely be holding any wild cards that you receive on the deal. But you need to learn how to handle those other cards on the deal. And you’ll also need to know what to do if you don’t get any wild cards.

Many deals will present you with obvious choices. But others, like the sample hand above, will give you many different possibilities about how to go forward. Unless you’re a math genius, there is no way you can possibly calculate all of the probabilities in a short amount of time.

That’s why it’s a good idea for you to get some help when learning how to play a video poker variation like Jackpot Deuces Progressive video poker. We highly suggest you use one of the following two resources to help you out.

Video Poker Training Software

You can purchase software that will allow you to simulate play for just about any version of video poker you can imagine. In the case of Jackpot Deuces Progressive video poker, you would just need to learn how to play Deuces Wild. Since that is a common game, you might even be able to get away with free software that is tailored directly to Deuces Wild.

In any case, video poker training software works by giving you the ability to play sample hands of video poker. When you are confronted with a choice about which cards to hold and which to discard, you can ask the software for assistance. By doing this, you’ll learn all the correct plays over time.

Strategy Charts

A strategy chart works by listing all of the possible combinations of cards you might receive on a deal. It then ranks those combinations in terms of most valuable to least valuable. You can compare your own deal to the list to see which combination you have is the best to hold.

The best way to handle a strategy chart is to memorize it. Even though Jackpot Deuces Progressive video poker is an online game and you could technically consult it on every deal, that would slow down your play considerably. It’s best instead to memorize the chart so that you can instantly recognize what cards to play.

Conclusion on Jackpot Deuces Progressive Video Poker

Jackpot Deuces Progressive video poker gives you the chance to score big with a progressive jackpot. Although it takes a long-shot hand to get this reward, the possibility of a huge payout might just be worth it. Consider this game as one of the best online-only versions of video poker around.