Best French Gambling Sites for 2021

Resident of France? Visiting France? Temporary resident? It doesn’t matter
which of these categories you fall into; if you like to gamble, you’re probably
here looking for the best French gambling sites available. While legislation and
regulations are strict in France, there are still plenty of high-quality,
trusted online casinos and betting sites for you to choose from. To get started
now, check out any of the top French gambling sites we’ve recommended for you

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Still not ready to pull the trigger and get in the action? We get that. If
you need some more information about gambling in France and what makes these
France gambling sites so awesome, we have all of that and more for you below.
Take a few minutes and read through the information we’ve provided. Once you
feel comfortable and are ready to get into the action, scroll back up here and
pick out the best French betting sites for you.

What Are the Gambling Laws in France?

French Flag

Let’s start with the question you’re looking for the answer to. Is gambling
online in France legal? The answer is yes! In this section, we’re going to take
a quick look at the gambling legislation in France for online casinos as well as
the brick-and-mortar side of things. This should paint you a clear picture of
the legal landscape in your country and help you to make a decision on whether
gambling online or in person is best for you.

Regarding online gambling in France, it is legal. That being said, it’s
heavily regulated by the government, and there are some things you need to be
aware of. First, games of skill, including sports betting, horse racing, and
online poker, were legalized online in 2010 by the French Gambling Act. While
this is an awesome step in the right direction, it does draw attention to the
gray area surrounding games of chance in France. This has led a lot of online
players looking to play gambling and casino games to use offshore and unlicensed
gambling sites that still choose to operate within the French market.

Because of the strict regulations set forth by the French government, you’re
going to see a few things that are different within the French market. First,
you’re going to see French-only gambling sites. This means you’ll see the same
big-name sites you’re used to elsewhere, except they’re only going to be
available to French players. Basically, they are a separate gambling site from
their parent company only dedicated to French players. Unless you play poker
where you’ll be upset from being cut off from a larger player pool, this really
shouldn’t affect you, though.

The second thing you may see at the licensed French gambling sites is,
unfortunately, higher rake. This is not always the case, but due to heavy
taxation, you may have to pay a tiny bit more to the house every time you play.
If you play at an online gambling site like this, the increase in rake should be
small, and you might not even notice it. But we want to be thorough and give you
the complete picture.

When it comes to brick and mortar, the market is wide open. If you live in
France or have ever been there, you’ve probably seen plenty of casinos and poker
rooms, so you already know this is the case.

What’s the outlook for gambling laws in France? Well, it’s always hard to say
because you never know what the government is going to do. But we do have our
prediction that we would like to share. From the most recent stat we could find
(a little dated), the French government brought in $300 million in tax revenue
from gambling in 2013. With numbers like that, which have clearly only grown
since then, how do you think the French government is going to feel regarding
gambling moving forward? You can bet your bottom dollar they are going to be
looking to get a bigger piece of the pie by allowing the pie to get bigger.

How Do I Know These Sites You’ve Recommended Are Legit?

Great question! Too many people these days just take any recommendation from
the internet and assume it to be true without looking into it. Before we point
out what we look for in the top French gambling sites, we want to make a few
quick points about our review and ranking process. When reviewing and racking
and stacking an online gambling site, we can never be bought. We’ll never let
any company pay us for a higher review or better recommendation.

Second, our reviews are conducted by experts with industry experience who are
not scared to point out the good, the bad, and sometimes the ugly. If a France
gambling site has some major issues, you’re going to hear about it from us. If
we just gave you all the positives and rainbows and roses, the review and
recommendation would be worthless. We work hard to make sure we’re giving you
the most honest depiction of the quality of French betting sites so that you
can make an informed decision about how to spend your hard-earned money.

Now, what do we look for when we’re looking for the top French online gambling
sites? A lot of things. A whole heck of a lot of things. The complete list of
criteria we inspect is somewhere in the several hundreds. We’re not going to
bore you today with the complete list, but we do want to draw attention to a
couple of things that we see as the most important.

Trust and Security

If there are two traits that safe French gambling sites (or any gambling site,
for that matter) has to have to be approved by us, it’s trust and security.
These two traits are must-haves, and any signs of problems in either of these
two departments is an instant no-go from us. There are some criteria that we are
willing to waiver on or cut some slack, but these are not them.

You have to be able to confidently trust the gambling site you’re playing
with. You have to be able to confidently trust that they are keeping your
personal information safe, your money safe, and your wagers where they belong.
Not only do they have to do these things, but they need to show you that they’re
doing them so you can have the peace of mind necessary to fully enjoy yourself.

Part of this trust rolls into the security parameters that they have in
place. It starts with the technical side of things. Do they have the right level
of encryption? Are their games, programs, and servers up to date with the
top-of-the-line security? Then, it moves over into the processes that they have.
Are they integrating their banking partners properly? Are they managing your
information and money in a safe manner? Are they selling your information to
third parties or keeping it protected (like they should be)?

These aren’t things that we take lightly, and we hope that you don’t either.
The French betting sites that we recommended at the top of this page are not
only legit, but they also excel above their competition in the categories of
trust and security. You can play there knowing your information and money are
going to be safe.

Quality Games to Choose From

Notice that this does not just say “lots of games to choose from.” It has the
word “quality” out front for a reason. When we’re evaluating legit French gambling
sites, we’re looking for sites that have a lot of high-quality games for you to
choose from. Even if you’re someone who just likes to play your one favorite
game, you still want to know you have options in case you decide to mix it up.
Or, if you’re like most gamblers with several favorites, you’re going to want to
be able to get all of those favorites under one roof.

The French online gambling sites that we’ve recommended at the top of the page excel
in this category. They have a lot of the newest games for you to play as well as
plenty of the classics that will never go out of style. If you’re looking to get
into the action, any one of these sites will have plenty of great game options
for you to choose from.

Customer Service

In a perfect world, you’re never going to need any help from anyone during
your online gambling career. But, in reality, this is never the case. No matter
how amazing the online gambling site is, there is probably going to come a day
where you need to get something clarified or have something you need help with.
Because of this, we want to ensure that we are only recommending safe French gambling
sites with top-notch customer service.

Again, we don’t anticipate you having any problems or needing any help. But
we want you to know that the help is there in case you need it. Not only do we
want to see multiple avenues for you to get help (email, chat, contact form,
phone), but we ensure the quality of those avenues. You can have access to as
many people as you want in a matter of seconds in customer service, but if those
people aren’t able to help you with your issues, then that’s the same as having
zero people.

It’s easy to tell when an online gambling site gave the job of customer
service to the lowest bidder. We’re not cool with that, and you’ll see that
reflected in our recommendations and rankings.

What Deposit Methods Are Available for French Gamblers?

If you’re new to online gambling sites, you might not be sure how you can go
about funding your account. Luckily, as a French player, there’s a large
assortment of banking methods you can use to move your money into your online
gambling account. To give you an idea of what you might find, we’ve added a list
below of some of the most common deposit methods available to French gamblers.

As you search for the online gambling site that you’ll call home, it’s
essential that you realize deposit methods vary depending on which site you’re
considering. That means that not all websites you’re checking out will offer the
banking options featured above. Before you make a final decision regarding which
site you should use, make sure you’ll be able to deposit and withdraw funds
using methods that work for you.

If you’re looking for more information about online gambling deposit methods,
be sure to check out the link included below. On this page, we’ll give you an
in-depth understanding of the popular options available for French players
discussed above as well as other common ones found in the industry.

How Do I Get Started With French Gambling Sites Right Now?

The process to get started with French gambling sites is extremely easy.
We’re going to walk you through it right now. First, scroll back to the top of
the page
and choose the France gambling site that is the best fit for you. Take
a peek at the different games they offer, the banking options, and the overall
look and feel of the website. All of these sites are safe, secure, and trusted
providers, but they are all also going to offer a slightly different experience,
mainly in the categories that we just mentioned. Find the one that is best for
you, and you’ll ensure that you have a great experience.

Once you find the right site for you, create your free account and navigate
over to the deposits page. Make your initial deposit, and you’re ready to get
into the action! It’s really that simple. If you have any questions or trouble
in the process, the French betting sites we’ve recommended above have
incredible customer service, and they would be more than happy to help you
through the process. Just navigate to the help tab and ask them what you need.

That’s all there is to it! You are only minutes away from gambling for real
money online from the lovely land of France. Good luck, and get in there!