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We’re already three weeks deep into 2021 and still haven’t had a single CSGO prediction for you guys. That’s outrageous! Well, it’s not our fault – there wasn’t a single notable event to cover! Sure, some smaller stuff was available, but nothing with enough betting demand to justify previews or predictions. Luckily, the wait is no more – Astralis vs. EG picks are our way of starting 2021!

We’re looking at the opening round of the highly anticipated BLAST Premier Global Final, a $1 million CSGO spectacle that’s bound to open the 2021 and close the 2020 competitive calendar.

Obviously, the lack of proper CSGO action resulted in an esports betting drought. Now that the action has returned, we’re in for a mesmerizing start featuring some of the world’s best teams.

Unfortunately, BLAST Premier Global Final is not a LAN event; it just couldn’t be arranged in the end. Despite being set in an online environment, the pinnacle of the 2020 BLAST Premier season ought to provide plenty of thrilling CSGO action!

Astralis vs. EG Betting Predictions

BLAST Premier Global Final is going to pan out in a double-elimination bracket. That means every team has an extra chance; the first loss doesn’t mean direct disqualification. Still, both of these teams want to remain in the upper bracket, seeing as the road beneath could be ever so dangerous.

Betting on BLAST Premier Global Finals

The 2021 CSGO betting season is just around the corner. This week marked the first week of proper betting activities on everyone’s favorite first-person shooter. With four thrilling matches to bet on, as well as several interesting futures, early next week is going to be lit af, to say the least!

Considering all that, our Astralis vs. EG picks are ready to begin as well!


Obviously, both sides will want to kick things off with a win here, but their overall expectations couldn’t be more apart. Let’s face it, everyone expects Astralis to win this one. The pinnacle of 2020 showed them in the best of lights, suggesting more of the same in early 2021. BLAST Premier Global Final is a massive event, one they will want to have in their ever-expanding trophy cabinet.

The thing is, not only are Astralis players themselves expecting to win this, everyone else expects the same as well. While this can be a double-edged sword, we’re talking about Astralis here – they ought to transform it into just another extra motivator.

Evil Geniuses, on the other hand, don’t really have high expectations coming into this one. While 2020 did see them rise to new heights following Liquid’s disappointing efforts, they haven’t had that much luck against European teams. Astralis, being the best of the bunch, ought to cause more than a handful of problems for the NA team… thus greatly lowering their expectations of enjoying the upper bracket warmth.


We’ve already mentioned a thing or two about forms of both teams, but for the sake of our Astralis vs. EG picks, it won’t hurt to repeat the facts. Astralis are in excellent form – they’ve won two events in December, with the third title being the top spot on BLAST Premier Circuit 2020.

Evil Geniuses triumphed last summer, winning BLAST Premier Spring NA Finals, CS_Summit 6 NA and ESL One Cologne NA. Brehze and the boys have won three consecutive events and rose to the top of the worldwide CSGO food chain. Unfortunately, their form dropped later on, especially after their short excursion in Europe. They’re back on the old continent now, but I’m worried they might end up with yet another poor display.

Map Pool Depth

Astralis takes an easy win in this department. EG’s map pool last year was looking more like swiss cheese than anything else. It was packed with holes; mistakes that shouldn’t have happened to a top-tier team. They’ll be hoping for better things this year, not just in terms of their map pool depth but overall displays too.

Unfortunately, I can’t see them winning a single round against the Great Danes. Astralis have been nothing but superb on all maps except Mirage, which is not an issue since it’s their permaban. Their performance on Nuke did take a dip, but I expect it’s merely a short-term thing. It should go back to normal now that gla1ve is back at the IGL spot.

Roster Strengths and Weaknesses

I just can’t name a single bad thing about this Astralis roster. As all of you probably know by now, gla1ve and xyp9x are back! Yep, the best CSGO roster of all time is back together, and they’re looking outright frightening once again. To add the cherry on top, gla1ve has return to the IGL position too. That’ll give an extra level of balance to the Great Danes which should be of crucial importance for their consistency this year.

As for Evil Geniuses, I’m not really sure what’s worth pointing out here… but, we’re doing Astralis vs. EG picks here so we have to look at both sides of the story. EG’s roster hasn’t gone through any alterations last year. However, zews’ EG tenure hasn’t been the best thus far. There’s room for improvement, and I’m afraid it will have to come sooner rather than later, if zews is to remain behind the coaching stick.

Astralis vs. EG Picks

Nothing fancy; just a simple bet to open our 2021 CSGO betting adventure! Astralis should confidently stroll past Evil Geniuses and the overall state of affairs in both camps is perfectly depicted by the odds.

At -435, this is hardly a viable single, but could be a decent way to fill your week-long esports accumulator. If you’re really keen on having solo Astralis vs. EG picks, then I reckon Astralis to win 2:0 at -125 is going to be more up your alley.

Pick: Astralis
Odds: -435
$100 Could Win You...$122.99
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