Esports Betting FAQ’s

There are lots of questions regarding the esports betting industry. More
precisely, people keep asking us about the technicalities behind the process of
esports betting, and we aim to give you the proper answers here.

And it’s understandable – the esports industry is still in its beginning
stages, so early adopters are bound to have plenty of questions. That’s exactly
what we are here for – to put you in the know with all the information in one
single place!

With all that in mind, let’s start off with the frequently asked questions
tied to general esports and esports betting topics.

What Is Esports?

The simplest of answers would be that esports is a new form of competitive
entertainment taking place all around the world.

However, let’s expand the initial definition a bit!

Esports is a brand-new type of industry consisting of competitive tournaments
and leagues in which professional athletes compete against each other in a wide
variety of video games. It’s much more than most people think nowadays. With
professional organizations turning the industry into a rapidly growing (and
well-established) business, there is no doubt esports is slowly making its way
onto the mainstream stage!

It’s a pretty rough competition between two genres – FPS (first-person
shooters) and MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) games – with the biggest
names in the esports industry leading the charge on both ends. League of Legends
and Dota 2 hold the line for MOBAs, CS:GO and Rainbow Six Siege hold the line
for FPS… and Overwatch is basically the golden middle, having aspects from both
genres combined into one fantastic gameplay experience.

However, if we consider the recently held The International 2018 Dota 2
tournament, we can’t help but sway the odds in the favor of MOBA genre. Even
though FPS games have more tournaments in a seasonal cycle, all of them combined
still can’t reach the numbers behind The International tournament. So, there is
only one winner in this race. In other words – MOBAs are the most popular
esports genre at the moment!

Esports Betting FAQ

Now that we all know what esports represents and what its most popular genre
is, it’s time to dive deeper into the depths of esports betting. Because, well,
that’s what we are all about here! In the remainder of this article, you will
find a comprehensive list of information that everyone seems to have questions
about nowadays.

These are the most common questions we get – some on a daily and some on a
weekly basis. Even though they fall into the general category of esports
betting, a solid portion is game-specific, too. So, what are we waiting for?
Let’s get straight to the action and start answering those burning questions!

What Are the Best Esports Betting Sites?

Finding a proper esports bookie that will have everything you need can be a
rather tricky task. Especially for picky people who know what they want and
won’t agree to any compromise along the way. The criteria are endless – the
number of betting markets, number of available bets (including special bets),
withdrawal/deposit methods, fees, trustworthiness, and last but not least –

Chances are high you don’t have enough time to thoroughly research every
esports betting website out there to make a proper conclusion. But don’t you
worry for a second there – that’s what we are here for! Below this paragraph,
you can see our recommended esports bookmakers based on all those criteria
mentioned above. Feel free to check them out and see what they’re all about. You
won’t be disappointed – that’s for sure!

What Are Special Bets in Esports Betting?

We are sure many of you are already familiar with the term “special bets.”
For those who are not, here’s a quick definition – special bets are not tied
directly to the final outcome of a match but rather specific in-game elements.
Here are a few examples of most common special bets in basketball: the number of
points by a specific player, total match points, first quarter score, first half
score, number of rebounds by a specific player, and so on.

In esports, there are many available special bets, but logically, they vary
from game to game. The most popular esports games already have well-established
practices for special bets, while newer ones are still battling for their share
with esports bookmakers.

How Do I Improve My Odds of Winning Esports Wagers?

The best way of improving your odds of winning esports wagers is to watch and
learn. As simple as that – watch and learn. It sounds rather easy if you’re a
fan of the esports you wish to bet on. On the other hand, if you aren’t, then
your job will be a bit more difficult.

For starters, a good way to improve your winning odds is to read through our
sports betting guides. They are a decent starting point for learning the basics
of online betting. If you feel like you’re already above that level, then
perhaps taking a look at our dedicated esports betting strategy might be worth
your time.

Game-Specific FAQ

After checking out the most common questions related to esports betting in
general, it’s time to dig deeper and check out the most popular games as well.
Honestly speaking, many of them would be flattered to get that title, but
there’s only enough room for a few.

What Are the Most Popular Esports Games in 2018?

The proven people’s champions are definitely CS:GO, League of Legends, and
Dota 2. They are still racking up incredible numbers both fan-wise and
money-wise. New esports games come and go, while these three are already in the
process of becoming evergreen.

But there is a relatively new game that’s starting to make a proper name for
itself. Blizzard Entertainment made sure of that. Of course, we are talking
about Overwatch – a new and exciting esports prospect that combines the two most
popular genres (MOBA and FPS) into a fast-paced masterpiece. So, with those four
games in mind, let’s check out the most frequently asked questions regarding

League of Legends

It can be said that League of Legends is the game that started it all.
Without it, chances are high esports wouldn’t be at such a high level as they
are now. Riot Games is to thank here – without their initiative to turn League
of Legend’s potential to a multibillion-dollar industry, we probably wouldn’t be
here writing all this.

  • Where Should I Do Pre-Betting Research for League of Legends?

Pre-betting research on League of Legends is a pretty straightforward
process. You can pick from a ton of comprehensive stats-based websites, each
with its own flair and charm to the numbers. These websites will definitely give
you a good basis of understanding which teams are currently hot… and which ones
are not. Some of the most popular ones are League of Graphs and GosuGamers –
combine those two, and you will have everything you need to know about
professional teams as far as LoL stats are concerned.

  • What Are the Most Common Special Bets in League of Legends?

If League of Legends special bets seem like an interesting starting point in
your esports betting career, then you’re in luck – LoL special bets are
plentiful and usually have decent odds. Of course, this is something that varies
from bookie to bookie, but the general market stance regarding LoL special bets
is pretty good. Bet365 started experimenting with the likes of first
blood/dragon/baron killed and first turret/inhibitor destroyed, and soon after,
other bookies joined the show. Later on, we got even more special bets in the
form of first team to get to XX kills and similar.


Valve struck gold with both CS:GO and Dota 2, cementing their spot as the
most prominent name in the gaming and esports industry. Part of this is thanks
to Steam, its gaming platform that features both of their most popular esports
franchises as well as over 780 other registered games. Still, CS:GO and Dota 2
are, by far, the most popular ones, with roughly half a million active players
on a daily basis. PUBG, Rainbow Six Siege, and For Honor have slowly started to
close the gap, but they still have a lot of work ahead of them if they are to
come close to these two.

  • Where Should I Do Pre-Betting Research for CS:GO?

Pre-betting research for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive can be done at a
plethora of places. How come? Well, there’s just so many of them, and they all
feature roughly the same statistics, so it’s really just a matter of preference.
If you want to keep it as clean as possible, your best option is to use On the other hand, if you want more graphs and in-depth stats, your
go-to website should be Gosu Gamers. They are updated frequently and have plenty
of things to compare, but their website does take a bit of time to get used to.

What Are the Most Common Special Bets in CS:GO?

Pistol rounds, knife rounds, maps over/under, how many quadra kills, how many
clutches, specific player kill count, etc…. These are just some of many
available CS:GO special bets. Considering the fast-paced nature of the game with
many quantifiable characteristics happening all the time, it is rather easy for
bookmakers to develop interesting special bets to keep their clients on their

Dota 2

Dota 2, successor to the iconic Defense of the Ancients (hence the name
“Dota”) mod in Warcraft III, has managed to surpass the original in almost every
aspect… including popularity. However, the most important thing surrounding Dota
2 isn’t its casual players. Nope – the focus is heavily on the competitive side
of the deal. The International tournaments, to be more precise. With heaps of
money on the line, Dota 2 looks to be the strongest esports franchise at the

  • Where Should I Do Pre-Betting Research for Dota 2?

Dotabuff, Stratz, and datDota are the three most popular stats sites for the
biggest esports game of them all. While there is a noticeable difference between
these three websites, the basis is the same – detailed stats for everything
related to professional teams, players, and heroes they use. These sites really
are the best ones out of the bunch, going so deep as to even give stats on farm
trends throughout matches.

  • What Are the Most Common Special Bets in Dota 2?

As far as special bets for Dota 2 go, the situation is basically the same as
with League of Legends. Most of the biggest esports bookies sport plentiful Dota
2 special bets. However, if you are not playing Dota 2 actively, their names
might not be all that familiar. To shed some light on the topic, here are the
most popular Dota 2 special bets – first Roshan kill, the first team to destroy
towers or barracks, first team to get xx kills, team with the most kills, and so
on. There are plenty of options, so choose carefully!


Already being labeled as the next big thing in esports, Overwatch certainly
seems like a proper refreshment in the industry. It sports an interesting and
highly addictive combination of the FPS and MOBA genres, forming them into a
high-paced experience with a huge dose of competitiveness.

  • Where Should I Do Pre-Betting Research for Overwatch?

As far as websites for stats and team analysis are concerned, your choices
are a little more limited because Overwatch isn’t as popular as the three
previously-explained titles. If you like to base your bets on precise statistics
and the latest news on Overwatch teams, your go-to option should be Overbuff.
This website features an incredibly detailed list of stats. They’re not just
team-based but player-based as well. If you are a stats kind of person, you will
fall in love with Overbuff at the very first glance.

  • What Are the Most Common Special Bets in Overwatch?

Considering the fact that it only dates back to 2016, Overwatch is still in
its early stages. The community may be booming, but supporting content is
falling short of expectations. With that in mind, it’s sad to see esports
bookies failing to add proper special bets for Overwatch markets. Most of the
time, you will be able to enjoy match winner, handicap, and outright winner

How Much Money Are Professional Gamers Making?

This is a very popular question that’s asked by potential future esports
stars looking to prove their point to their parents that they can make a proper
living from esports. But is this really the truth? Let’s check it out and see
for ourselves!

Dota 2 Is an Absolute Champion Here

Dota 2 has by far the highest-paid esports athletes in the world. If we are
to be more precise, out of the 50 highest-earning esports athletes at the
moment, all 50 have made their fortune with Dota 2. Talk about consistency,

But jokes aside, it’s not surprising to see Dota 2 players dominating the
money game. After all, Dota 2 is, financially, the strongest esports franchise
at the moment. Just take a look at their The International tournaments. For
instance, The International 8, which was played in August of 2018, gave out more
than $25,000,000 in prize pool money. Yes, you read that right – 25 million USD!

The biggest portion of that money went to the winner, OG. More precisely,
they received 44% of the total prize pool money, or slightly above $11,200,000.
Of course, OG players were not splitting that entire sum amongst themselves.
That money went to the entire organization, which includes numerous staff
members. Players only got a small share of that cake, but still, it’s a pretty
big one compared to the rest of the esports franchises.

What Are the Most Popular Esports Events?

There are several comprehensive factors in play as far as the event
organization of the esports industry is concerned. Mainly, we have
differentiations based on genres, geolocations, and main organizers. Genres
represent the specific genres of video games (we already covered this above),
while geolocations represent national, regional, or continent-specific
organization levels.

The former (main organizers) can be considered the biggest names in the
esports scene and are the base of the entire industry. They are pulling the
strings behind the scenes and further increasing the popularity of esports
through tournament organization, marketing deals, streaming platforms, and many
more methods. Let’s check them out real fast before venturing into the most
popular esports games in 2018!

Biggest Names in the Esports Industry


Even though FACEIT is an independent esports platform for high-tier
competitions with a presence in LoL, Rocket League, and Dota 2, their biggest
focus is still on CS:GO. With 5 seasons of their Esports Championship Series
already behind us, it’s safe to say FACEIT is one of the biggest names in CS:GO
tournament organization.

Furthermore, FACEIT also hosted the 13th CS:GO Major – FACEIT Major London
2018, which ran throughout most of the month of September 2018. A total
$1,000,000 in prize pool money was surely a decent motivation for all competing

  • ESL

We are sure many of you have heard about ESL already. ESL, formerly called
Electronic Sports League, is one of the most popular esports event organizers at
the moment. They have been in the game for many years and are considered by many
people to be the founding fathers of the professional esports scene.

They feature a huge number of tournament series, including the likes of ESL
One, Intel Extreme Masters, and ESL Play, which is open for everyone. They are
not a game-specific organization by any means. It’s quite the contrary – ESL
sports many esports games. CS:GO, Overwatch, Hearthstone, Rainbow Six Siege,
LoL, and Dota 2 are just a small portion of them.

  • DreamHack

DreamHack, one of the most popular gaming conventions and esports tournaments
organizers, originated in Sweden. However, their business has spread all around
the globe with the rapid developments in the esports industry. What first
started out as a small business with big dreams grew to be so much more.

With gaming conventions, prestigious esports tournaments across a variety of
games, gaming expos, digital art competitions, and the gathering beacon of
gamers from all around the world, DreamHack has already earned its legendary

  • WESG

This stands for World Electronic Sports Games; WESG is slowly (but surely)
becoming a household name. Even though it’s not as “huge” as DreamHack and ESL,
WESG is not backing up on its home turf. Its biggest esports international
championships are located in Shanghai, China, with the organization tasks being
outsourced to AliSports.

Just like FACEIT, ESL, and DreamHack, World Electronic Sports Games doesn’t
concentrate on just one esports franchise. Its tournaments encompass the most
popular ones, including Dota 2, StarCraft II, CS:GO, and Hearthstone, with the
latter two expanding into female tournaments as well.

Where Can I Watch Esports Matches Online?

Esports matches are slowly making their way onto mainstream television. It’s
been happening all over the place with TV stations such as NFL Network, Disney,
ESPN, and CBS actively pursuing esports content to provide to their millennial

Still, over 90% of esports fans consume their esports content online. Most
commonly, they are doing so via popular streaming services catered specifically
towards games. Of course, we are talking about the likes of Twitch, YouTube
Gaming, and the

So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at them and see what they
are all about! is the bread and butter of online streaming services for gamers.
They have been in the business for many years now, dating all the way back to
the summer of 2011. Now they are considered the home of esports streaming, and
rightly so, if you ask us. With unparalleled streaming service, no fees for
streaming esports tournaments, and an active community, is a force to
be reckoned with as far as streaming services for gamers go.

YouTube Gaming

YouTube started its endeavor into gaming and streaming much later than More precisely, YouTube gaming was launched back in August 2015.
Today, it features more than 25,000 video games, each with its own dedicated
video collection as well as gameplay livestreams. Its biggest perk is its
organization and structure. It might not be as popular as yet, but it
sure is going in the right direction.

In August 2018, a brand-new player in the livestream for gaming industry
appeared out of nowhere. Valve’s was set to take on the likes of
YouTube Gaming and At the moment, it’s too early to make any
prediction on whether or not it will succeed in its plans. However, we can
confirm that Valve polished the experience quite neatly. Stream quality is
great, and integrated text and voice chat makes for a pretty good feature-set.

What’s the Difference Between Offline and Online Esports Matches?


Crowd Pressure

In marvelous venues, right underneath the spotlights, some of the best esports
matches are being played all year round. And it just wouldn’t be the same
without crowds cheering their favorite teams on from the stands. But with such
great atmospheres comes great pressure, and only the best teams manage to deal
with it.

No Connection Problems

Even though the internet is now more reliable than ever before, random
connection issues can still occur in online play. A second of interrupted
connection can mean a world of troubles for professional players. A small lag
spike can make or break matches. Luckily, all major tournaments are played
offline, meaning there won’t be any connection problems during the matches.

No Lag

As said above, lag can be a game-killer if it occurs in competitive matches.
That’s why offline matches are the safest ones to bet on since, as their name
suggests, they don’t use the internet. Instead, they go through LAN, which
eliminates all potential latency issues.


Random Connection Issues

You know that feeling when you are just about to make a frag, but a random lag
spike occurs, and you’re dead meat? Well, technically, the same thing can happen
in online tournaments to professional players. It’s not that rare, either –
we’ve seen plenty of connection issues in online tournaments over the course of
the last few years. That’s basically why all major tournaments are making the
switch to LAN.

Higher Pings

Slightly higher ping is not a crucial issue in amateur CS:GO matches, even if
we’re talking about the competitive segment. However, when it comes to
professionals, there’s a lot more to it than just a rank. There are
sponsorships, fans, organizations, and lots of money on the line, so every ping
hiccup can be terrifying.

The Possibility of DDoS Attacks

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service, and it’s a type of cyberattack
that targets the bandwidth or resources of the targeted system. In this case,
the system belongs to a particular professional player. “Hackers” then flood it
with a massive amount of traffic, effectively rendering its internet connection
unusable. DDoSing has been a big problem in the esports industry, and once
again, it’s a big reason for switching to LAN systems.

Bottom Line | What’s the Difference?

As far as betting on offline and online matches go, we strongly advise you to
stay away from online matches in the first few months of your esports betting
career. Some of the issues explained above might show up and ruin your betting
slips. It will make you feel awful and make you bet even more money to pull
yourself out because the slips fell down because of technical issues.

On the other hand, if you lose a ticket on offline matches, it’s simply down
to you making a bad call. No lag, no connection issues – just pure competitive
gameplay. Next time, make sure your esports betting strategy is on point and do
thorough research before validating that betting slip of yours!