NBA 2K Betting

NBA 2K LogoWhat are you going to bet on this year? Are you going with the usual titles like Dota 2, CSGO, and League of Legends? Online betting sites are chock-full of betting opportunities for these games. If you’re in it for the mainstream stuff, you’ll have no issues finding the right esports betting site. If, however, you’re interested in NBA 2K betting online, things might not be that straightforward.

You see, most real money sportsbooks out there feature dedicated esports markets. And by esports, we’re primarily referring to the big trio—Dota 2, CSGO, and League of Legends. Sure, FIFA, Rocket League, Valorant, and Rainbow Six are popular too, but finding NBA 2K betting odds will be all but simple.

You’ll have to seek far and wide to find a proper option, and it’s all because of the low demand for NBA 2K betting opportunities. Let’s face it, the game is very popular; it’s the only real option for basketball lovers. However, its esports scene doesn’t share the same amount of popularity, hence, the low demand for betting options.

But online NBA 2K betting options exist, whether it’s on just a several occasions. You will have to time your bets accordingly and use one of just a few bookies that actually support betting on NBA 2K events.

Best Sites for Betting on NBA 2K

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People who want to bet real money on NBA 2K online will have limited options as far as betting platforms are concerned. First, you’ll have to know when NBA 2K League matches are scheduled for, and you’ll have to frequently check the following esports betting sites. If you’re looking for where to bet on NBA 2k online, these sites will have you covered.

History of NBA 2K

In this section, we are going to break down the history of NBA 2K esports as well as provide an explanation of what NBA 2K is and how to play it.

What Is NBA 2K?

Let’s back up a bit and talk about NBA 2K, the actual video game. We’re talking about a video game series focusing on NBA gameplay. It’s not a true simulation, but it does deliver an incredibly competitive gameplay experience. The gameplay is also fun to watch, with a remarkably high skill ceiling that keeps players glued to the screens.

NBA 2K Esports

NBA 2K games are released annually. The newest iteration, NBA 2K21 is what the freshest events are based on. The next-gen version of the game looks and plays superbly well. If you’re an avid NBA fan but you haven’t tried NBA 2K out just yet, now is your chance!

NBA 2K16 Road to the Finals was the first real form of competitive gaming for the series. Announced in February 2016, the event featured a $250,000 grand prize and was an important step in the right direction for 2K.

How come? Well, a year later Take-Two Interactive announced a joint venture with the NBA. The NBA 2K League, commonly known as NBA 2KL, is the real beginning of the series’ esports scene. It developed into a digital NBA ecosystem, with matches broadcasting on ESPN 2 and the SPN App, and the League itself enjoying a ton of popularity in the NBA community, too. NBA 2KL is the digital equivalent of the real thing, as simple as that!


NBA 2K League Betting

Biggest Event for NBA 2K Betting

As stated earlier, the NBA 2K League is the only event you’ll ever see featured on esports betting sites. That said, it’s the only event we have to talk about here.

The NBA 2KL was announced in 2017 but the inaugural season didn’t start till May 2018. Knicks Gaming won the inaugural championship; T-wolves Gaming won the second. The third season was affected by the world health crisis but still went through thanks to remote play. The newest introduction, a welcome one to say the least, is the new NBA 2KL draft system. The NBA 2K League Draft Prospect Series is the name, and it’s well worth checking out, especially if you consider yourself a mechanically skilled NBA 2K player!

Bets You Can Place on NBA 2K

Similar to other esports, there a wide variety of betting options for NBA 2k. We’ll detail each one and provide examples so you can know what to expect when visiting NBA 2K betting sites.

Moneyline Bets – Betting on Who Will Win

When betting on NBA 2K moneylines, you are especially picking who you think will win the match. Online NBA 2K betting sites will provide odds on each team, and the team with the + odds will be the underdog, and the team with the – odds will be the favorite.

Wizards District Gaming
Wizards District Gaming
Warriors Gaming Squad
Warriors Gaming Squad

Spread Bets – Betting On if a Team Will Cover

Covering the spread” is one of the most popular terms in the online betting world. This term comes from betting on a team to win or lose by a specific margin. Let us use an example to break things down when it comes to real money betting on NBA 2K:

Blazers Gaming
Blazer5 Gaming
-1.5 (-110)
Jazz Gaming
Jazz Gaming
+1.5 (-110)

In this example, Blazer5 Gaming is -1.5 point favorites, meaning that if you bet on Blazer5 Gaming to cover the spread, they have to win the game by two or more. If they win the game by only 1 point, your bet will be a loser. On the other hand, Jazz Gaming is +1.5 point underdogs, meaning if you bet on them to cover the spread, they can lose the game by 1 point or win the game straight-up for your bet to be a winner.

Totals Bets – Over/Under Total Score

The name of this one explains itself. You are betting over or under the total number of points scored in a specific NBA 2K match with totals bets. Check out the example below to see what the NBA 2K betting odds look like for this wager.

Hornets Gaming
Over 143.5
Raptors Gaming
Under 143.5

NBA 2K Prop Bets

Unfortunately, there aren’t that many different NBA 2K bets to talk about here. Since the demand for betting on NBA 2K isn’t that high quite yet, real money online betting sites with odds on NBA 2k don’t do risk management for props, long-terms, and other specials. Instead, they just have the standard match-winner/moneyline options. It’s not the ideal stuff, we know, but it’s something we have to live with.

In the future, we’d like to see NBA 2K betting sites opt for the following specials:

  • Team 3pt % over/under
  • Player with most points
  • Halftime/fulltime
  • Handicap wagers
  • Double Chance

How to Bet on NBA 2K Online

The process of joining an online NBA 2K betting site and placing your first NBA 2K betting slip are fairly simple. Here’s everything you need to know about how to bet on NBA 2k online.

Find a NBA 2k Betting Site
First, you have to find a bookmaker that supports NBA 2K betting options. Once you find one, register for an account, confirm your email, and (if necessary) verify your address/identity.
Make a Deposit Into Your Account
The second step revolves around the initial deposit. Bank options are typically on the right side. Navigate to the deposit page, choose your preferred payment method, and fill in the details.
Find the Esports Betting Section
Next, you have to find the esports category. Some online NBA 2K betting sites have a dedicated hub, others have esports under a standalone category. They’re usually either on the left or top of the main page.
Locate the Odds on NBA 2K
Now that you’re in the esports category/hub, it’s time to find NBA 2K betting options. Usually, you’ll see NBA 2K listed among the subcategories. If not, click on “Other.” It’s probably there.
Start Real Money NBA 2K Betting
Navigate to the match you’re interested in, the one you’ve previously done research on. Select the option you’re going with, and make sure you select the right one! The last two things you have to do include entering your desired stake and clicking on the “Place Bet” button.

NBA 2K Betting Tips and Strategy

Don’t worry, fellas. We won’t leave you just yet. Here are a few handy tips that will make you reconsider some of your betting decisions.

Don’t Rely on NBA 2K Parlay Bets

Many betting enthusiasts love experimenting with accumulators, especially beginners who don’t understand how risk works in sports betting. Even though accumulators bring forth massive rewards, they’re insanely difficult to nail down with enough consistency. With that said, if you’re just here to give NBA 2K betting a try, it’s best to stick with single wagers. That way, you can focus on one match at a time and keep things straightforward until you learn all the basics.

Stick With Your Betting Budget

Limiting yourself on a monthly basis is a necessary step every beginner bettor needs to take! However, sticking with it is what separates winners from losers! Don’t continuously deposit more money into your betting bankroll on a mission to break even. Forget about it. It won’t happen.

Don’t risk your financial security for some online betting. Trust me, it’s not worth it!

Have Realistic Expectations When NBA 2K Betting

Let’s rephrase this one. Having unrealistic expectations is a big no-no! Thinking that you’ll win tons of money with your all-conquering NBA 2K know-how won’t get you far. It will only get you into financial troubles that you don’t want to experience. Lay low, take things one wager at a time, and don’t’ believe in those rags-to-riches fairytales. Enjoy the hobby for what it is, and don’t bet too much. These are the two golden rules to obey if you just want to have a good time!

NBA 2K Betting FAQ

Here’s one last thing we have to go over. Then, we’ll be ready to wrap up our NBA 2K betting guideAs always, our FAQ section has answers to some of your burning questions related to betting on this esports discipline.

Is NBA 2K League a Simulation?

While the game itself is a solid basketball simulation, NBA 2K League is far from that! When talking about sports simulations and betting, people immediately think of virtual sports. Let’s make one thing clear right off the bat—NBA 2K is not a simulation; it’s not a virtual AI-driven discipline!

Instead, the NBA 2K League is a fully-fledged professional competition featuring some of the best professional esports athletes in the world. It’s in no way, shape, or form relying on AI systems; it’s a real esports discipline, one that you should know about if you’re a fan of either NBA or the NBA 2K video game series.

Can I Bet On NBA 2K Online For Real Money?

Of course you can! The NBA 2K betting sites that we have featured on this page provide the best online real money gambling experience you’ll find anywhere on the internet. Not only can you bet on NBA 2K on these sites, but you can bet on a wide variety of other esports and traditional sports as well.

How Do I Know Where to Bet On NBA 2K Online?

If you’re wondering which online sportsbooks to use for your NBA 2K betting endeavors, this requires a bit of a wordy answer. Regular sportsbook might not be the ideal solution, as most of them don’t offer any wagers on your favorite basketball simulation.

You’ll need to find proper esports bookmakers with a good reputation and rich history of facilitating legit betting on esports matches. Don’t worry, you won’t have any issues finding such platforms these days. If you want concrete names, there’s a link to our in-depth guide located in the following answer.

Are NBA 2K Betting Sites Legit and Safe?

There’s no “one size fits all” kind of an answer here. But generally speaking, most esports bookmakers are legit (as in, they are fully licensed in their jurisdiction) and safe (as in, you won’t get scammed). However, there are certain exceptions that you should never opt for. Bookmakers that are in it just to trick and exploit you do exist, and you should always be on the lookout for them. If you want nothing but utmost safety during your online esports betting endeavors, then don’t stray too far off from the names featured in our esports betting sites guide!

What Are the Biggest NBA 2K Events I Can Bet On?

Hands down the biggest event in NBA 2K’s esports calendar is the 2K League. It’s the only AAA event out there and the only one that gets decent coverage on esports bookmakers. If all you’re hoping for is to get a few NBA 2K bets in, that’s the event you should be aiming for!