How to Bet on Overwatch in 2021

Overwatch LogoBetting on Overwatch is a fairly popular segment of the esports betting ecosystem! And it’s not surprising, considering the fact we’re talking about an action-packed, well-balanced game made by Blizzard Entertainment. It’s one of the biggest names not just in gaming but the esports industry, too. With esports titles like Starcraft II and the world’s MMORPG legend, World of Warcraft, it’s safe to say the folks over at Blizzard know what they’re doing.

Overwatch betting is by no means as popular as Valve’s big duo (CSGO and Dota 2) or Riot Games’ MOBA masterpiece (LoL), but it possesses a loyal fanbase that likes to spice things up with a few bets here and there.

Arguably the best thing that could’ve happened to the online Overwatch betting sphere is the long-term sustainability brought forth by the fully-franchised Overwatch League. Coined “OWL” in short, this premier-level Overwatch competition features teams as permanent partners of the competition which significantly boosted the game’s value in investors’ eyes. And we all know that investors invest in the things they find valuable… And where there is money and competitions, there is betting!

Best Overwatch Betting Sites

If you’d like to start placing Overwatch bets, the first step you’ll need to take involves finding a proper bookmaker. Obviously, you’re too busy to do extensive research on your own. Worry not, young Overwatch betting enthusiast, we got you covered with this handy list of the best esports betting sites with odds on Overwatch:

Rank Gambling Site Deposit Bonus Get Started
125% Up To $2,500 Visit Site
50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site
50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site
#4 Esports
50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site
50% Up To $250 Visit Site

What Makes These the Best Sites for Betting on Overwatch?

Why should you trust the kind folks at Well, for starters, we’re got plenty of experience in online betting. And we’re not just talking about esports betting but sports betting, too. Not to mention, casino games are right up our alley, meaning we’re as versatile as they come.

As for the above-featured list of real money Overwatch betting sites, they’re all well-rounded and should provide anyone and everyone with a decent online betting experience. If you’d like to do more research on your own and perhaps take a look at other bookies out there, these are the characteristics you should take into consideration:

Customer Support and Payment Method Variety

TracerQuality customer support is a reflection of a good bookie that values its customers above everything else! Search for customer support info and reviews on every bookie you consider opting for. You don’t necessarily have to pick the bookie that has the ultimate customer support reviews, but please do yourself a favor and don’t pick a lousy one. You can thank us later!

As for payment method variety, the more, the merrier. However, don’t be too picky in this department, just ensure that your two preferred payment methods available and call it a day.

Payout Speed and Generous Bonuses

Payout speed might seem like a straightforward thing, but it’s far from that in some cases. There’s this awful standard in the lower tiers of the industry, where Overwatch betting sites deliberately extend the payout time just to give their users more time to cancel the request and splurge through their winnings.

None of the above-featured bookies do that! All of them have relatively short payout times, averaging around 48 hours for low to mid-pots. If you win a ton of money with a lengthy Overwatch betting accumulator, then you’ll have to go through additional verification steps and could wait up to two weeks to get your money. But we’re talking about $50,000+ pots here, and they’re still quite a rarity in the esports betting world.

Intuitiveness and Mobile-Friendliness

Last but not least, you have to think about the stuff that you’ll look at/go through the most. When it comes to stuff like page-to-page navigation, loading times, intuitiveness, all of it matters. If you can’t wrap your head around an Overwatch betting platform in two or three days, you’re probably looking at an unoptimized website or poor design choices. Either way, it’s better to go someplace else.

Another thing to consider is mobile-friendliness! If you’re planning to bet on Overwatch via your smartphone, then you should check for an app or mobile site in advance. The thing is, even some top-tier Overwatch betting sites still don’t have dedicated apps; others have poor optimization for smartphone use. If you want to avoid that and bet on the fly, you’ll have to opt for real money Overwatch betting sites that excel in this particular department.

What Is Overwatch?

Overwatch is a competitive first-person shooter published and developed by Blizzard Entertainment. We’re talking about a team-based game that values teamwork over anything else. Sure, mechanical skills and good team compositions are important too, but it’s all second to the big T—teamwork!

Blizzard’s promising FPS esports title brings forth a plethora of powerful heroes that have all sorts of unique weapons and abilities. Gameplay-wise, Overwatch is in between the likes of hardcore tactical FPS titles like CSGO and MOBA games like Dota 2 and League of Legends.

What does Overwatch have to do with MOBA games when it’s played from a first-person perspective? Well, the sheer addition of different playable characters, player roles, and unique abilities give that MOBA vibe. It’s not strong; it’s subtle, but it’s there, so we need to point it out.

How to Play Overwatch

Here’s a short three-section guide on how to play Overwatch. We’re not a website based on gaming tutorials, but we still believe learning how to play Overwatch will help you learn how to bet on Overwatch.

Improve Your Mechanical Skills

If you want to be good at the game, your aim has to be on point! Not just your aim, but everything else on the mechanical side. You need to know how the game works, you need to know how to effectively use characters’ abilities, and you should understand how to counter those that the opposition throws your way. Overwatch gameplay is chaotic to unknowing eyes, so it will take some time for you to adjust, especially if you’re coming from a non-gaming background. Take your time. You won’t become a pro overnight!

Work With Your Team

Teamwork is important in every competitive, team-based esports title. Without teamwork, teams can’t be successful, it doesn’t get any simpler than that. Sure, teamwork won’t help you win more Overwatch bets, but it will help you understand how the game works and potentially help you make informed decisions based on players’ character pools and team compositions.

Copy What the Pros Do

Pros are pros for a reason! They are the ultimate gaming machines that spend countless hours training each day, brushing up their skills, and proving their worth against the world’s best.

This section is not going to tell you to strictly copy whatever the pros are doing but, instead, watch their gameplay and try to soak in as much useful stuff as you can. Watching pros do what they do best is bound to brush off on your competitive gameplay, that’s for sure!

Biggest Overwatch Events to Bet on

The clear winner is obvious, right? I mean, was there ever any doubt in the sheer importance of Overwatch League, the game’s premier competition that runs a closed-off franchised system and has plenty of funding to back it up?

But there’s another Overwatch betting event you can put your money on! It also brings forth plenty of excitement, but a totally different kind. We’re talking about the Overwatch World Cup.

Let’s take things one at a time, though.

Overwatch League

Overwatch LeagueLet’s start off with the Overwatch League. It’s the end all be all for Overwatch betting and Overwatch professional competition, packing all the best teams and players into a closed-off franchised league with no promotion/relegation in place. The teams in the Overwatch League remain the same every year, with roster alterations and new names coming into the scene from youth divisions and other lower-tier competitions.

As for Overwatch League betting, it’s by far the most popular event for your average Overwatch betting enthusiast. At most online esports betting sites, it’s the only Overwatch event people bet real money on, which just goes to show you its domination over the game’s esports ecosystem. Long story short, if you’d like to start betting on Overwatch, chances are you’re interested in betting on the OWL!

OWL Viewership Stats

In terms of viewership numbers, the inaugural season of the OWL had roughly 137k average viewers but peaked at a whopping 437k concurrent viewers. The following seasons haven’t been able to surpass those numbers. The OWL Season 2020 had just 137k peak viewers, which was the average viewership of the inaugural season. Talk about a decline, huh?

Overwatch World Cup

Overwatch World Cup is the second-most important event in the Overwatch competitive scene. Think of the OWL as the Overwatch equivalent of the Champions League. That makes the OWC… uhh, well, the World Cup!

In other words, it brings forth national sides instead of OWL teams. We get to watch the likes of South Korea, USA, China, and Canada go up against each other in what’s always a fiery tournament from start to finish. Overwatch betting enthusiasts love it too, but bookies aren’t that fond of it since they have no way to properly assess the risk. It makes betting on Overwatch World Cup that much more fun though!

Types of Overwatch Bets

Experienced Overwatch betting enthusiasts know the ins and outs of the game’s betting market. They’ve been a part of the scene for far too long, and they’ve traversed far and wide to find the best value. However, that can’t be said for beginners. MOst beginners tend to experiment with simple stuff like match-winners. And that’s completely fine. If you’re a beginner, there’s no need to prove yourself by experimenting with bets you know nothing about.

If you do want to know, though, here’s a closer look at the most common types of Overwatch bets you can find on esports bookmakers in 2021.


Match-winners are what you should be concentrating on if you’re not that deep into Overwatch betting online yet. It’s the go-to betting option for all you beginners reading this. All you have to do to win a match-winner is to correctly guess the winner of the match. That’s all, folks! Match-winners often yield good value. But beware of upsets, especially if you’re planning on placing high-stake wagers.


Accumulators are much riskier than single match-winners. If you place an accumulator bet on Overwatch, all wagers that are a part of it must come true for the bet to win. The Overwatch odds do multiply, meaning you’ll have a hefty return if you nail them all down.

However, the risk is pretty big too, meaning you shouldn’t invest too much money.


Long-terms consist of a ton of various Overwatch betting options. There’s one common thing present in all of them—they are based on long-term opportunities that typically last until the tournament ends. In some cases, they last until a certain tournament phase ends. Outright winner Overwatch betting options are the most popular long-terms you’ll find. Most commonly, they’re based around the OWL. You can, however, bet on the regular season and playoffs separately, if you think that’s more up your alley.


Finally, there’s totals! Total bets are rather straightforward, revolving around the total number of rounds or maps on a given match. The premise is as simple as they come. The bookie gives you a rough estimate and offers two choices—over or under. All you have to do is guess what the end count of the rounds/maps will be amount to. Guess correctly, over or under, and you’re in the winning spot.

How to Bet on Overwatch Online

We’ll keep this section nice and short. Here’s how to bet on Overwatch in five simple steps:

  1. After finding where to bet on Overwatch online, navigate to the registration page and fill in your personal information. Make sure you use your real information because you’ll be asked to validate and authorize everything later on.
  2. Next up, you’ll have to find the match(es) you’d like to bet on. Since you’re interested in Overwatch betting, navigate to the game’s betting market and click on OWL. Yep, we’ve just assumed you’re going to bet on the OWL. What else could you bet on, huh?
  3. After finding the match that seems viable, don’t just follow your gut feeling. Research and explore the stats, check out team news, possible roster alterations, starting lineups, and that sort of stuff. Anything and everything you can find on either of the teams will help you make a better, more informed) decision.
  4. Once you’ve made up your mind, calculate the risk and deposit some money accordingly. Click on the deposit button (or something along those lines) and you’ll be taken to the payment screen. Use your preferred method of payment, enter the amount, and use whatever form of authorization you have set up.
  5. The final step for Overwatch betting online is pretty straightforward. Simply go back to the match you’ve chosen in step two, select the team you think will win, enter your desired stake and click “place bet” or something along those lines. Congratulations! You’re done with the guide.

Overwatch Betting FAQ

Is Overwatch Better Than CSGO?

These sorts of comparisons are never straightforward. Heck, it’s way too complicated to compare video games, especially competitive ones that cover the vast opposites inside a single genre. Well, that’s exactly what Overwatch and CSGO bring to the table. They are both FPS games, but they couldn’t be more different.

In CSGO, everything is about tactics and a somewhat realistic approach. There are terrorists and counter-terrorists, real-life weapons, a whole set of grenades, and realistic maps/environments that require complex tactical approaches. Overwatch, on the other hand, involves 32 playable characters that come equipped with all sorts of abilities and weapons. The level of realism is low, thanks to cartoony graphics and fantasy-based lore.

Gameplay-wise, they’re miles apart too, but there’s no point in going into such depths. So, in the end, we suppose we should answer the question. No, Overwatch is not better than CSGO. It’s not worse either. We’re talking about two massive games, both of which enjoy their fair share of the esports and gaming cake.

Why Is Real Money Overwatch Betting So Popular?

Betting on Overwatch is pretty popular considering the game’s viewership numbers (hint, they’re not as big as the likes of CSGO, LoL, and Dota 2). Why is that so? Well, the vast majority of Overwatch bets happens during the Overwatch League. Not so much during the regular season. The playoffs is what everyone wants to bet on!

The sheer popularity of the competition, the fact that the OWL is a franchised competition with long-term stability, and hardcore fans that support their local team must be the main reasons behind this phenomenon. Best of all, as the game continues to grow and develop, Overwatch betting enthusiasts seem to be growing in numbers too. Heck, chances are you’re one of the new guys since you came here looking for info on Overwatch betting online.

Where Do I Find Good Overwatch Betting Odds?

The best Overwatch betting odds can be found at the top of this page. Click the link and we’ll take you to the list at the top of this guide; it features all the best names in the esports betting sphere, the betting platforms you should try out if you’re serious about your online Overwatch betting endeavors.

Is Betting on Overwatch Online Safe?

That depends on what you’re referring to as “safe.”

If you’re referring to the safety of your personal information, that’s something that solely depends on you and the bookie you’re going to use. If you’re taking good care of your passwords, if you’re using strong, unique password combinations across all of your digital accounts, then you should not have any issues. If you’re using “Password123” as your go-to login, you might be in for a tough time. The same goes if you opt for an unknown bookie that doesn’t sport any legit gambling licenses.

If you’re referring to the legal side of things, then all you need to do is give your local gambling authorities a call and get informed. That’s the quickest solution, for sure! They’ll tell you everything you need to know about betting on Overwatch in your country.

What Are the Biggest Mistakes People Make When Betting on Overwatch Online?

Mistakes that people make when betting real money on Overwatch are the same mistakes people make across the entire esports betting sphere. We’re talking about the usual stuff like chasing losses, not getting enough research hours in, failing to recognize value and potential upsets.

The first is often the most dangerous one. Chasing losses can quickly get you from a bad situation into the worst possible one. Chasing losses is when you deposit more money into your empty betting bankroll, hoping your run of losses will come to an end and that you’ll break even at the end of the day/night. Needless to say, this can get you in some serious financial problems, so make sure you have full control of yourself and your money at all times. If you can’t control yourself, it’s better not to start betting on Overwatch in the first place.