Rocket League Betting Guide for 2021

Rocket League LogoRocket League is a very special game indeed! It’s still pretty fresh but has captivated millions of players across the globe. The recent Epic Games acquisition will keep Rocket League at the top of the gaming food chain, while also boosting its esports presence. Rocket League betting popularity is on the rise too, with numerous fans wanting to spice up their viewing experience with a couple of bets here and there.

The esports betting industry is not taking any prisoners! It’s still sprinting to greatness, riding on the already well-established esports wave and developing beyond your typical supporting niche. With games like CSGO, Dota 2, and League of Legends setting the tempo for the esports scene, esports betting enthusiasts from all across the world can’t get enough of the real money online wagering action.

And it’s nothing unusual, that’s just the way it is!

What we’re going to talk about today, though, is not the complexity behind the vast waters of esports betting. although that would be an interesting topic in its own right. Instead, we’re going to narrow down our subject down a bit and do our best to give you guys a closer look at a part of the growing niche.

As the title suggests, Rocket League betting is our focal point here, so you can think of this page sort of like your go-to guide for betting on RL. No matter if you’re a beginner or a seasoned Rocket League betting veteran, some of the information on this page ought to help you out.

So, without further ado, let’s kick things off with the best Rocket League betting sites out there!

Best Sites for Rocket League Betting

Whether you’re looking for esports betting sites in general, or Rocket League bookies in specific, you’ll appreciate the following list:

Rank Gambling Site Deposit Bonus Get Started
125% Up To $2,500 Visit Site
50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site
50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site
#4 Esports
50% Up To $1,000 Visit Site
50% Up To $250 Visit Site

What about these esports betting sites with Rocket League odds? Are those ours? Are we simply trying to promote our betting businesses?

Nope! We don’t do that sort of stuff! What you’re looking at are our favorite Rocket League betting sites in 2021! They’re excellent for betting on esports in general and conventional sports, for that matter. Either way, if you’re on the lookout for good online betting platforms, these are the ones you should be checking out!

Why Should You Trust These Rocket League Betting Sites?

It’s simple. Our list is objective! We didn’t pick bookies for one reason or another, we picked these names because they’re objectively the best of what the esports betting industry has to offer at the moment.

Sure, you can go ahead and find another one. You don’t have to trust us. Who knows? Perhaps you’ll manage to find one that’ll fit your needs far better than any of the above-listed ones. However, if you’re looking for good all-arounders for your first-ever Rocket League betting campaign, then there’s no need to look any further!

Take Advantage of Bonus Offers

Rocket League CarThere’s another thing we’d like to add to this section—the importance of collecting bonuses!

These days, real money online betting sites have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves for getting new players to join. Bonuses, free bets, and other promotions are topping the charts, and if you’re just starting out, they can be a great way for you to experiment with different types of Rocket League betting options!

Always read the fine print, though, especially if you’re going to join the bookie offering the biggest bonuses. Why not join two? Joining more than one bookie is 100% legal and will allow you to get not one but two welcome bonuses and potentially other nice little caveats. It’s worth a shot, that’s for sure!

What Is Rocket League?

Let’s start with the basics! Rocket League is a game featuring racing cars, a giant ball, a massive stadium with powerups, wacky gravitation, and two goals. Rocket League is basically the love child of soccer and racing, come to think of it.

The competitive play goes on for five minutes. Each team has three players, and the match goes to overtime if the score is tied after the five regular minutes. Lastly, the overtime ends with a golden goal; that’s pretty much it as far as the basics of Rocket League are concerned.

The Rise of Rocket League Esports

The rocket League esports scene was established during the summer of 2016, roughly a year after the game’s release. It all started with the first season of the Rocket League Championship Series. The first event awarded $55,000 in prize money, with IBUYPOWER stealing the show against FlipSid3.

RLCS S3 World Championship seems to be everyone’s favorite event. It’s the third-best Rocket League event in terms of peak viewership. Northern Gaming won the title after defeating Mock-It Esports in the grand finals.

The Popularity of Rocket League

What about the popularity of everyone’s favorite soccer + racing mix?

Well, Rocket League is not exactly the most popular esports title out there, but it does have a very loyal fanbase. Having a loyal fanbase has its own perks, although I reckon the emphasis for Epic Games will be to push the viewership up a notch.

The most recent iterations of the Rocket League Championship Series accumulated around 100,000 viewers on average. Peak was well above 250,000, though, which shows plenty of room for long-term growth. These are pretty solid numbers, but they are not to be compared with the industry’s greatest franchises like CSGO and League of Legends.

Why Do People Bet on Rocket League?

It’s just fun, is all! Rocket League, in all of its glory, is a mesmerizing and highly addicting game. The watching experience is great too, and there are already several fiery rivalries out there that further boost its viability as an active esports betting category. The production quality and level of organization within RL’s competitive ecosystem are at an admirable level, too. The move towards a fully-franchised system is expected to hit the scene relatively soon, with hopes of securing excellent results in the long run and futureproofing the pro scene.

Betting-wise, this makes Rocket League a highly popular esports title. And from everything we’ve seen thus far, the popularity won’t be going down anytime soon!

How to Play Rocket League

Rocket League is actually more complex than most people think. There’s a lot of finessing that needs to be done if you want to make the most out of each opportunity. There’s also a great deal of strategy too, much more than meets the eye at the first glance.

With that said, we don’t want to go into too much depth as far as Rocket League gameplay how-tos are concerned. There are much better sources for that sort of stuff. Instead, what we want to do is emphasize the importance of understanding the gameplay and tactics for people pursuing Rocket League betting adventures.

It’s a Must

To understand the pro scene, to stand a chance in the harsh waters of Rocket League betting, you must understand the game’s gameplay mechanics. You must know how the game works, how certain types of players work, and what a proper team composition looks like. The emphasis is on the latter much more than the mechanical elements. The latter is what’ll help boost your real money Rocket League betting winnings.

Biggest Rocket League Events to Bet On

If you’d like to start betting on Rocket League online matches, here are the two events you should explore:


Rocket League Championship Series

Rocket League Championship series aka RLCS brings forth the elite level of competitive Rocket League. It’s the event everyone talks about, the event all the best teams and players compete on, and the event everyone bets on. We’re talking about the most popular RL event here, one that consists of several regional regular seasons and playoffs in the form of grandiose LAN events.

The prize pools are pretty hefty too, and they’re gradually increasing with each passing year. The level of competitiveness is always at the highest possible level, making this the perfect Rocket League event to bet real money on.


Rocket League Rivals Series

But that’s not to say Rocket League Rivals Series (RLRS from now on) should be avoided. It’s quite the contrary, actually, if you’re into soccer and Europa League is your thing, then you’ll love every second of Rift Rivals.

Truth be told, it’s the second-tier Rocket League event—the quality of players and teams can’t even be compared to those of RLCS. But the gameplay quality is still great, and rivalries are popping up left and right. The more, the merrier. Rivalries up the fun, spicing up the calendar year with chaotic derbies. They also improve viewership numbers which create a burst on the Rocket League betting scene.

Types of Rocket League Bets

Rocket League bet types are much alike conventional soccer bets. It’s nothing surprising, though. After all, both Rocket League and soccer are featuring two goals, one ball, and a bunch of players trying to get the ball into the other team’s goal.

Typically, Rocket League betting options revolve around the final match result or the number of goals scored on either end. Here’s the most popular bunch:

  • Match-winner
  • Total goals over/under
  • Total saves over/under
  • Player vs. Player goals
  • Outright winner
  • Correct score
  • Total maps over/under

Live Betting on Rocket League

Another important aspect related to types of Rocket League bets are live Rocket League betting options. Yes, you’ve read that correctly—some esports betting sites offer live betting on Rocket League matches.

If you’ve never placed such a bet before, it’s basically betting on ongoing matches, no matter their current score. Live bets are known for sporting solid value, but can be pretty tricky to nail down on a consistent basis. If they’re your cup of tea, though, go for it!

How to Bet on Rocket League Online

Now, get ready for a short real money Rocket League betting guide. Nothing too fancy, just a couple of steps to get you started learning how to bet on Rocket League:

  1. Find the esports title you’re most passionate about. Learn the ins and outs of its competitive stage before you try betting on it.
  2. After you’ve made up your mind, start looking for a good bookie. A list of fine sites with Rocket League betting odds can be found at the top of this page.
  3. You’re ready to start your Rocket League betting journey as soon as you register and confirm your account. There are additional things to keep in mind, though.
  4. It’s essential that you familiarize yourself with your go-to bookie, learn to find Rocket League betting markets, and all the essential bet types.
  5. Selecting the match you wish to bet on is straightforward. Just click on the team you think will win and place your stake. It takes no genius.
  6. If you’re just starting out, there’s no need to experiment with specials. Take your time and bet only on match-winners. That’s the best way to start things off.
  7. That’s about it as far as this short step-by-step Rocket League betting guide goes.

Recognizing Value

It’s only fair we give you guys some Rocket League betting tips, too! For starters, one of the most important things you’ll have to learn is understanding and recognizing value. By being able to recognize the value, you’ll be able to understand how to make money by betting on Rocket League and other sports/esports.
That’s the quickest route.

However, it’s easier said than done! Understanding and recognizing value takes a lot of time and patience. It’s a complex subject, that’s for sure. If you’d like to know more, feel free to refer to our in-depth guide on understanding value. That’ll get you covered!

Beware of the Traps

The esports betting scene is plagued with traps. Heck, not just the esports betting sphere but online betting in general. It’s not really a beginner-friendly environment, but we’re sure you’ll get that sooner or later.

So, what are the biggest traps you should keep tabs on? Well, the biggest one is definitely about chasing losses. If you don’t know what that is, here’s a quick 101:

Chasing losses is when a bettor splurges through a lot of money, but keeps on betting, hoping he’ll eventually break even.

This is an insanely dangerous practice, and the start of every real gambling addiction. Do yourself a favor and don’t succumb to the pressure. Never chase losses! Take things one step at a time, don’t expect riches, and make peace with the money you lose. Losses come and go, just like wins. Don’t take things personally, don’t rush into bets, and you should be fine!

Rocket League Betting FAQ

Where Do I Find the Best Rocket League Betting Odds?

The best Rocket League betting online platforms can be found at the top of this page. If, however, you’re looking for the best sites to bet on esports in general, you should take a look at our esports betting websites tutorial. It’s a bit on the lengthy end but should teach you all sorts of profitability tips and tricks.

Where Do I Watch Rocket League Action Live?

Seriously, you still haven’t watched a single Rocket League match? You’re missing out, a ton! Hop on over to Twitch Rocket League channel and enjoy the action! You can tune in to live action, too! Twitch is the world’s biggest and most popular gaming streaming service, which means you’ll find a ton of other esports too. You can thank us later!

What’s the Best Rocket League Event to Watch and Bet On?

That would be, without a doubt, RLCS! Sure, RLRS is fine too, if you’re into that sort of stuff. But if you’re aiming for the top of the line action, the very best teams, and the biggest rivalries, you’ll have to take Rocket League Championship Series betting for a spin!

Who Are the Best Rocket League Players?

It’s kind of difficult to rank the best Rocket League players simply because there are no clear-cut criteria to follow. Plus, form means a lot in games like Rocket League, making the matter even more difficult. Still, here’s our attempt at ranking the world’s best Rocket League players in 2021:

  • Kaydop
  • Turbopolsa
  • Jstn.
  • Scrub Killa
  • GarrettG

Can You Bet on Rocket League Legally?

Esports betting online is considered as the equivalent of online sports betting according to numerous countries worldwide. Furthermore, many countries recognize real money Rocket League betting, just like betting on all other esports titles, as a legal form of betting.

Keep in mind, though, you’ll have to obey your country’s gambling laws. If they state online esports betting as illegal, there’s nothing you can do to change that. Another thing to note is that you have to be of legal age to bet online. In most countries, the legal limit is 18, but there are slight variations.

The point is, if you’re interested in Rocket League betting, the best thing is to check with your local gambling authorities.

Can Betting on Rocket League Be Profitable?

Yes, yes it can! It’s not that likely, though, but it definitely is possible! There’s a ton of resources available online. Esports betting guides are available left and right. Heck, ours has been linked near the top of this page. Use them to your advantage; use them to soak in a ton of information! You’ll need it on your way to profitability.

Why do we think so?

Well, real money Rocket League betting sites aren’t that quick to react to form changes, roster alterations and other news from the Rocket League esports industry. With that said, if you’re researching the regular, you’re bound to find a clean opening and sneak a high-value bet in.

What Are Rocket League Betting Accumulators?

Accumulators are rather simple! They’re basically a series of single wagers all connected with each other. The trick with accumulators is that you have to guess all of them. One miss and your accumulator is out of the equation.

Yep, accumulators are petty risky, though the returns are high. So, they might be worth a shot if you have great insight.

Can I Bet on Rocket League on My Smartphone?

Online Rocket League betting doesn’t require any advanced tech stuff. All it needs is a stable internet connection and a laptop/desktop from this century. However, if you want to take things up a notch, you can use your pocket PC, too! The best Rocket League betting sites feature mobile-friendly platforms that allow betting on the fly.

Some even go an extra step to ensure the satisfaction of their mobile users. Meet dedicated smartphone betting apps! Whether we’re talking casino games, esports, or conventional sports, smartphone betting apps are in the main role. They’re responsive (in most cases), free of charge, and have all the features available on the desktop websites – effectively granting users full access to their betting accounts and their bookies’ betting markets. Talk about technological advancements, huh!?

Final Words on Rocket League Betting

Real money Rocket League betting is going toe to toe with the popularity of both Rocket League as the game, and Rocket League as the esport. And there’s plenty of popularity to talk about here, especially since the game eventually became free.

Rocket League betting sites are yet to reach the peak demand. It’s bound to happen soon, though, as the presence of the game’s biggest event (RLCS) continues to grow at a rapid pace. Fans are enjoying the massive influx of money and popularity brought forth by the Epic Games acquisition, while bettors are reaping their fair share of benefits too.

If you’re interested in betting on Rocket League online, you might as well take it for a spin. Just don’t bet too much money right away, otherwise, you might end up in (financial) trouble.