Top Esports Betting Sites for 2021

Betting on traditional sports such as football, basketball, and soccer is already an overcrowded niche. The numbers are big in terms of wagers, the number of bookies, and active bettors. The profitability odds have remained at a stellar level. Esports, on the other hand, is a relatively new form of online betting that could shape up the future of the entire online betting industry. With more and more esports betting sites crashing the party, our emails are getting swamped by various questions related to betting on esports.

Let’s start off with the biggest one! What are the best esports betting sites?

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How do you start placing esports bets? Which esports betting sites should you
use? Is esports online betting safe? Those are just some of the frequently asked
questions we’re getting these days. Driven by this sudden surge of demands, we
decided to answer all these questions once and for all! So, without further ado,
let’s dig right into our topic for today and investigate what makes the best
esports betting websites!

Esports Betting Sites By Game

The thing with esports betting is that there are just so many titles to
choose from. Whether you’re a sports type of guy (FIFA, NBA 2K), FPS addict
(Overwatch, CS:GO), or MOBA fanatic (LoL, Dota 2), esports betting sites
ought to cater toward all your needs.

Thanks to a plentiful array of markets, esports online betting enthusiasts don’t
lack the depth or width at any given point in the calendar. However, if you’re
just starting to take interest in esports, you might find all these markets
intimidating. There’s nothing to worry about, though, we’ve all been there at
some point. If you don’t know where to kick things off, here are short
explanations of the most popular markets at top-tier esports betting sites.



People love to bet on CS:GO,
It’s a fact! This simple yet so complex esports title makes for a pleasant
viewing experience as well as a hectic betting environment. Even though it
doesn’t feature a huge annual tournament (like LoL Worlds or Dota 2 The
Internationals), CS:GO’s competitive events are scattered throughout the year
meaning there’s always top-tier matches to bet on. That’s the secret behind
CS:GO’s betting popularity and the main reason why its betting presence won’t be
dropping down anytime soon.

Dota 2

Dota 2 Logo

We’re sure you’ve all heard about The International Dota 2 tournaments. They
are the most lucrative events in esports, racking in over $25,000,000 in prize
pool money. The Internationals have a superb
betting presence. In fact, not just for TIs but all Dota 2 events that are a
part of its Pro Circuit, including both Majors and Minors. Still, Dota 2
betting websites are busiest during The Internationals, since it takes a lot
of effort to cater to all Dota 2 betting enthusiasts.

League of Legends

League of Legends Logo

Even though some say League of Legends is past its peak, its betting presence
is still relatively high. Annual World Championships continue to make waves for
all major LoL betting sites. Additionally, the community is still at an admirable
level with bookies offering abundant betting options for the world’s second most
popular MOBA title.


Overwatch Logo

Overwatch League is the bread and butter of Overwatch betting sites. It is the pinnacle of Overwatch’s competitive
season so it comes as no surprise to see it bringing forth the majority of
Overwatch betting action. With the hottest Overwatch talent participating in
this event, there’s no lack of tight contests, tough comebacks, and drama.

Rocket League

Rocket League Logo

Rocket League is an exceptional esports title combining hectic car mayhem
with soccer. Its esports presence is portrayed through the Rocket League
Championship Series
, a lengthy league-like competition featuring the worlds
hottest talents. The betting aspect is still on the rise, especially during
RLCS. People love to bet
on Rocket League due to its thrilling, fast-paced contests.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Logo

Even though Apex Legends betting still hasn’t reached the level of CS:GO,
LoL, and Dota 2, its first steps are actually pretty good. There is a ton of
tournaments available, albeit smaller scale ones, providing plenty of work for Apex
Legends betting sites. It’s a brand new esports title we’re talking about
here. One that doesn’t lack potential, that’s for sure!


Valorant Logo

Valorant betting seems to be a massively popular search term even though the game itself has only just released. Riot Games’ new esports masterpiece released on June 2nd, 2020 and is aiming to conquer the esports scene with its fast-paced, round-based FPS goodness. The hype is real, and it’s fueled by a ton of Twitch coverage from the closed beta. Combine that with unique classes (AKA agents), tactics-based gameplay, and most likely, a fully franchised system ought to make Valorant betting more than just a short-term fad. Are we looking at the biggest esports title in the making?


Fortnite Logo

Fortnite is one of the world’s most popular video games of all time. With over 350 million players worldwide, you could consider this game to be a cultural phenomenon. Not only is Fortnite a popular game, but it is also a popular esport. Fortnite tournaments have had prize pools larger than Wimbledon, Indy 500, and the Masters. These are some of the most intense matches in all of esports with this much money on the line. Making Fortnite one of the most entertaining esports to bet on.

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege Logo

Nowadays, Rainbow Six Siege is popular among esports bettors. There are always decent tournaments to bet on, the level of competitiveness is always at an admirable level, and Rainbow Six Siege betting sites are going out of their way to ensure the satisfaction of their users. The quality and quantity of specials are there too, although you won’t find them on anything but the biggest events. We’re talking about the Invitationals and Majors here. If you’re into that sort of stuff and you’re a hardcore R6S fan, then what are you waiting for?

Call of Duty

Call of Duty Logo

Call of Duty betting sites, thanks to the rapid growth popularity of the CDL, are growing in numbers. If you’re interested in betting on CoD, you should definitely check out our dedicated guide. It’s concise, informative, and features only the best names in the industry.
As for the Call of Duty game itself, we’re finally looking at a well-balanced experience that’s enjoyable for players, fans, and bettors. The CDL is still far from the expected numbers; it’s getting there, slowly but surely. The FPS genre is as wicked as they come. A game with such pedigree ought to make it rain in the foreseeable future.

FIFA Esports


The video game FIFA has been around since the mid-1990s, and for multiple decades, it has been the most popular online soccer game. It only makes sense with a game that has been around that long that an esports scene developed around it. Now esports betting sites are offering odds on all different types of FIFA esports matchups. Our recommended esports betting sites will have you covered on all FIFA esports events, from the FIFA eWorld Cup to the FIFA Global series.

King of Glory

King of Glory Logo

King of Glory is a multiplayer online battle arena developed by TiMi Studios and published by Tencent Games for the iOS and Android mobile platforms for the Chinese market. The international adaptation that you might be familiar with is named Arena of Valor. Whether you call it King of Glory or Arena of Valor, online betting sites provide odds on this exciting mobile game and you can get in on the action at our top-rated esports betting sites!

What Makes the Best Esports Betting Sites?

If you want to start betting on esports matches right now, go ahead and
register for an account on one of the above-listed esports betting sites. If, on
the other hand, you’d like to know what makes them the best of the bunch, here’s
a quick list of the most important contributing factors.

Best Esports Betting Bonuses

TracersIn this day and age, betting sites for esports use various tricks to lure in more users. The most popular aces up their sleeves are the so-called welcome bonuses. Basically, all prominent esports betting websites have them these days, the only question is their generosity.

Typically, these welcome bonuses reflect on the initial deposits of newly
registered users. For example, 100% additional bonus funds up to $200. That’s
what we call a hefty bonus that can greatly help you satisfy your esports
online betting cravings. Combine one or two of these bonuses and your betting bankroll
will be set for at least two or three events.

If you register accounts on more than one esports betting website, you are
eligible for both of their active welcome bonuses. That said, if you’re thinking
of joining two or more esports betting sites to try and profit off of their
bonuses, you might want to do so prior to the
esports tournaments
. That’s when most of them go out of their way to attract
new users. Consider that as your best chance to profit off of their freebies.

Fast Payout Betting Websites

Once you get a hang of how things work on various esports betting sites, your
first wins are bound to come. Sooner rather than later, mind you. When they do,
you will want to get your money as fast as possible, and that’s where you might
stumble into issues if you haven’t picked a proper online esports betting

You see, many bookies tend to take their time when it comes to cashing out
their users’ withdrawal requests. Most of them aren’t doing it intentionally,
though. It’s a combination of slow internal processes, payment method type, and
business policies. Nevertheless, lesser-known esports betting websites can take
anywhere from five to ten days to cash you out.

Needless to say, if you pick one of the most prominent names in the industry,
you’ll be amazed to see the money in your bank account in roughly 48 hours. Keep
in mind, your payment method of choice and payout amount still greatly affect
the waiting period. But still, the difference between 48 or 72 hours and almost
two weeks is more than noticeable!

Banking Options Diversity

These days, the best esports betting sites feature a wide variety of banking
options to cater to the neediest of users. We’re talking various payment
getaways, online wallets, credit cards, and cryptocurrencies. The latter has
been the focal point of the top bookies out there, bringing forth a new
generation of banking for esports betting online purposes.

While we still support the inclusion of Sofort, Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz,
and so on, we firmly believe cryptocurrencies will be the next big thing in the
world of esports online betting. Not just betting on esports, mind you, traditional sports
betting as well. That’s why most of our picks are well-versed as far as
cryptocurrencies are concerned. Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum seem like the
most popular choices in this department. Their speed, versatility, and anonymity
make them ideal for online betting purposes. If you’re already familiar with the
concept of blockchain technologies, we warmly advise you to transition your
knowledge to your esports betting endeavors and pick a site that supports them.

Stellar Customer Support Options

One of the most important factors of class A esports online betting sites is their
ability to deal with customers’ issues. These usually range from registration
difficulties, payment method inquiries, questions related to bonuses, terms, and
virtually anything else related to the on-site betting experience.

Unfortunately, most bookies don’t really care about their users. It’s the
truth, we aren’t trying to shove this issue down the rug as most other websites
do. Customer support channels are the only means of communication between the
users and betting websites. And if they aren’t up to a certain standard,
the reputation and trustworthiness of any given betting platform is bound to

As far as our list of the best esports betting sites is
concerned, you can rest assured they all feature fast and efficient customer
support staff. Telephone, live chat, contact forms, and emails are the most
frequent options to choose from. However, only the best specimens have them all.

Telephone and live chat are, by far, the most effective methods of customer
support, but their maintenance and upkeep are expensive. That’s basically why
they’re only present with the best of the best, the top tier of esports bookies. And that’s exactly the bunch we’ve listed at the top of this page.

System Compatibility

Yes, we know we’re living in 2021 and system compatibility issues is behind
us for the most part. Unfortunately, there’s still a solid number of esports
betting sites that don’t fully support mobile devices and/or don’t have
dedicated apps for their betting platforms. Such sites are often overlooked by
potential new users, and rightfully so. Not supporting smartphones in 2019 is
the epitome of a bad business model.

A good portion of bettors enjoys betting on esports on the go via dedicated
apps or mobile versions of esports betting sites. In this day and age, if a
bookie wants to be at the top of the food chain, a fluent mobile website or a
dedicated smartphone app (for both iOS and Android devices) is a must. Without
it, their user base will be limited to desktop betting which is, to be fair, so

Esports Markets Variety

League of Legends ImageIt’s not enough for a bookie to add esports somewhere on its page to be considered a valuable option. It takes a lot of hard work and effort to provide its users with a pleasant esports online betting experience. And we’re not just talking about the biggest esports titles out there. The best esports bookies need to have an abundance of lesser-known titles too. The likes of Smite, WoW, KoG, Hearthstone, and FIFA first come to mind here.

Let’s not forget about market depth! Especially when it comes to playing bets
on esports listed above. Their biggest tournaments are often available with the
majority of esports betting sites, but only a few of the best ones go out of
their way and include options for lower tier events as well.

On top of all that, good esports bookies also need to have a stellar variety
of regular sports. While that’s not that big of a deal for your average esports
betting enthusiasts, there are those who like to combine esports and sports and
slap together wicked accumulators racking in huge potential winnings.

Ease of Use

Last but not least, all good esports betting sites need to be easy to use.
Their platforms need to look clean and their markets easy to navigate. The
registration processes should be as simple as possible, and the responsiveness,
GUI, and page loading speed should be at extremely high levels. Anything below
these standards ruins their ease of use factors, making it more difficult to
attract newcomers. And, knowing the industry is still rapidly expanding,
newcomers add up to a hefty share of the cake.

The Rise of Esports Betting Sites

This decade kicked off with a true esports betting renaissance. Even though
it existed before that, those baby steps are nothing compared to the scale of
the esports betting industry right now. No one could’ve predicted just how much
this industry will develop. It exploded into a behemoth that’s expected to value
close to $13 billion by the end of 2020.

However, with such rapid growth in popularity, the industry has experienced a
massive boom with numerous betting sitesonline for esports joining in on the action and
trying to snatch their share of the cake.

Why Are There so Many New Esports Betting Sites?

Now, this is a million-dollar question! In the last four or five years, we’ve
witnessed an exponential rise in the quantity of betting sites for esports. Being
driven by the talks of esports betting becoming a multibillion-dollar industry
in the near future has obviously done its part in this story. A plethora of
companies invested in sophisticated solutions to create a network of betting
platforms capable of delivering exceptional service for everyone interested in
placing esports bets.

While that’s true for the majority of esports online betting websites established a
couple of years ago, not all of them are 100% legit businesses. Some of these
esports bookies aren’t exactly featuring the most reliable business practices.
Heck, some of them can even be considered as plain scams. At this point in time,
it’s important to distinguish good esports betting sites from bad ones. And it
can be a lot trickier to get right that it might seem at first glance.

Staying on the safe side of gambling is of crucial importance for all
of us. Keeping our money in safe hands, keeping our private info behind a
sophisticated security system and impenetrable encryptions has to be a top
priority. That’s basically one of the reasons why we listed the most reliable
esports betting sites in the table above. Our picks are as reliable as they
come, so staying on the safe side is merely a click away.

Other Betting Options

Most of the top-tier esports betting sites feature a plethora of available
betting options. Typically, most bettors invest in the traditional match-winner
bets. They are still the most popular options as far as esports betting online
is concerned.

However, if you’re in it for the long run, you might want to explore other
betting options as well. Match-winner options are just the tip of the iceberg.
There are numerous other specimens available, some of which can yield great

Special Bets

In this day and age, virtually all noteworthy esports betting sites offer
several types of special bets. These lines are often catered towards specific
in-game occurrences, but there are universal ones that work with more than one
esports title. We’re referring to the likes of total kill counts, rounds
over/under, correct score.

Game-specific specials are a bit trickier. To nail them correctly, not only
do you need to have great general knowledge about the game itself, but you also
need to be on top of the most recent pro scene action. Game-specific bets
usually come in the form of player kill counts, global objective contests (first
to Baron, first to Roshan, first to destroy Barracks/Tower), and other
quantifiable in-game factors. While special bets indeed are much more enjoyable
than standard bets, and often have greater value, they’re quite tricky to begin
with. Keep that in mind before you start splurging a ton of money on specials.

Live Betting on Esports

If betting websites that offer special bets are too much for you,
perhaps you’ll be more interested in live betting. Often enough, top-tier online
esports betting sites feature in-match bets accompanied by a dedicated (most
often Twitch
) stream of the match at hand. This gives you the chance to watch
the explosive esports action live and react to it with timely live bets.

CS:GO betting sites are a prime example of how live betting on esports works.
Bookies have a plethora of round-by-round options available, and if you manage
to catch the momentum of a team, chances of profit are actually quite high.

Esports Betting Sites FAQ

How Do I Start Betting on Esports?

Getting into the world of online esports betting can be an intimidating
process for beginners. Especially for people who haven’t had any prior contact
to traditional online sports betting. The mere sight of various esports markets,
event lists, odds distributions, and stake types can be a frightening one.

But it doesn’t have to be! It all depends on your initial mindset. Our advice
is to start things slowly, one step at a time. A small stake to kick things off
and test the waters is all you need. However, make sure you join an easy to use
betting website, like those that have been listed in the table at the top of
this page
. This will make your first steps in the world of esports
online betting
a lot easier.

Next up, start exploring the various betting markets for esports. There, you will
find your favorite esports titles as well as the most anticipated events
available to bet on. Doing statistical research, past forms, recent matches, and
potential injuries is a must at this point. However, there’s no need to go into
too much depth right off the bat. As stated above, use your initial deposit to
test the waters with a couple of smaller betting slips. In other words, go and
have some fun. Believe it or not, having fun is a key aspect of all successful
esports bettors.

If you’re still not sure about how to kickstart your esports online betting career,
exploring helpful
betting strategy
guides might be a good course of action.

Is Placing Esports Bets Complicated?

Well, that heavily depends on your online betting website of choice. If
you’ve settled for one that’s not on our list on the top of this page, we can’t
guarantee it will be easy to use. Fluidity, responsiveness, and well-organized
market structure are of crucial importance for bookies’ ease of use factor. If a
website is atrocious, packed with pop-ups, and terribly organized, beginners
won’t have a good time trying to use it for betting on esports.

To prevent that, make sure you check out our list. It’s the safest way to a
proper esports betting online site. All of our picks are known for being easy to
use, and that ought to be your primary concern if you’re just starting out.
Additionally, they’re well-versed across all other departments, including
sophisticated customer support channels, high betting odds, and generous
bonuses. We’re not saying you should join all these sites, but there are some
perks to having accounts at more than one bookie. Multiple bonuses being the
biggest one.

What Are the Best Betting Sites with Esports Odds?

Our short list of the best esports online betting websites seems like the perfect
answer to this question. Not only are those sites considered as the most
reliable ones out there, but they’re also among the first ones to feature
esports events available for betting. That said, you really can’t go wrong with
any of them.

Once again, there’s no need to put a ring on a single esports betting site.
Having multiple accounts on various sites can yield several benefits: more
bonuses, the ability to compare odds, explore their bet variety, and opt for
accumulator specials, just to name a few. If you end up joining more than one
bookie, make sure you write down all of your login credentials in a safe place
so you don’t lose them.

Where Can I Find Tips and Predictions for Online Esports Betting?

There are numerous websites that offer tips and predictions for online
esports betting enthusiasts. Some of them are based on a single game, while
others feature all the most popular esports titles. However, we advise you to be
cautious when browsing such sites. Some of them are outright scams, and others
do a fairly poor job of giving adequate esports betting tips.

If you want to stay on the safe side, you can always check out our
esports blog. It
covers the majority of top tier tournaments alongside a vast number of
predictions and outright winner picks. It’s a section worth checking out if you
consider yourself an aspiring esports bettor.

Is Online Esports Betting Profitable?

It all depends on how much time and effort you dedicate to it. It’s basically
the same story with every other type of online betting. So, what can you do to
improve your chances of winning? Well, that’s the million-dollar question if
we’ve ever seen one.

For starters, inform yourself! Sure, you can go easy with your first deposit
and have a bit of fun. Who knows, perhaps you strike a lucky charm and win some
quick money. But if you’re somewhat serious about your esports betting hobby,
you must realize it will take a lot more than luck to get your hands on some
sweet winnings. You will have to dedicate a ton of time to exploring and soaking
in the rosters, past forms, and recent track records of all top-tier teams. Into
how much depth you’ll go, that’s solely up to you.

Remember this, being in the know and having the ability to timely recognize
value is the key to profitability in any form of betting. Most esports online betting
sites will tell you the same. It’s a golden rule of thumb that you should keep
tabs on if you wish to succeed in the harsh world of esports betting online.

What Are the Best Games to Learn About Esports Betting Online?

If you’re just starting out your esports betting journey, we can’t stress
enough the importance of proper esports betting sites. However, while they are
important, perhaps there’s one advice that could prove to be even more useful:
Don’t rush into complicated esports titles such as LoL, Dota 2, and Overwatch
right off the bat! Unless you’re an expert in MOBA games, that is.

MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) games incorporate a vast number of
playable characters with unique abilities, a ton of purchasable items giving
various stat advantages, and bring forth a highly complex environment that can
be confusing for newcomers. To summarize, if you haven’t played MOBA games in
the past, simply avoid betting on them and you should be fine.

But what games are left for you to explore then? Well, we recommend sticking
to the most popular FPS games such as CS:GO, R6:S, and Apex Legends.
Betting on CS:GO is among the most popular markets out there. There’s a huge community
surrounding it, a vast amount of useful info online and the game’s mechanics
(from a viewer’s perspective) are pretty easy to understand.

Apex Legends betting sites are on the rise too. Respawn Entertainment’s
massively popular battle royale title is expanding into the esports waters and
we can expect a ton of tournaments relatively soon. So, if you’re a fan of BR
games, Apex Legends betting seems like a no-brainer.

What Do IMBA, OP, and GG Mean in Esports?

As is the case with every other community, esports betting also has its fair
share of abbreviations and slang. Familiarizing yourself with the so-called
esports jargon can be helpful when exploring the vast seas of statistics,
head-to-head matches, and recent events. The perfect examples are OP
(overpowered), IMBA (imbalanced), and GG (good game). For a much more detailed
list of esports terminology make sure you visit our
esports betting

Should I Partake in Online Esports Betting with Skins?

Betting on esports matches using your in-game skins is another highly popular
type of esports betting. However, it’s not exactly 100% legal. The processes
exploit certain flaws in Steam’s ecosystem and can be considered illegal.
Despite that, the skin betting industry is still active and is not even labeled
as illegal in most places. It’s in the gray zone of online betting on esports, and
as such, it probably won’t get you in trouble. Check out our
skin betting
article if you want more information on this exciting form of online esports