Best Call of Duty Betting Sites in 2021

If you’ve come here looking for the best Call of Duty betting sites, you’ll love our favorites:

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Call of Duty CharacterCall of Duty is one of the most popular first-person shooters (FPS) games out there. It’s played by millions of gamers all across the globe, and it’s even showing glimpses of success on the esports stage.

The latter helped Activision Blizzard’s first-person shooter franchise push its way into the esports betting industry, too. Despite not having massive numbers to show off, Call of Duty betting sites still enjoy fair amount of popularity, especially in the hardcore esports betting fans’ circles.

Competitively, Call of Duty is different from your typical FPS esports titles like CSGO and Rainbow Six Siege. The gameplay is much faster, different in nature, and has a contrasting set of mechanics and game modes that separate it from its tactical counterparts.

Even though Call of Duty’s gameplay doesn’t rely on tactics that much, strategy is still important in the game. It just doesn’t have that much of an impact on the final outcome, especially in competitive gameplay.

But that doesn’t make the game any less fun or any less entertaining to bet on. With the rise of the Call of Duty League, the game’s esports presence had a major breakthrough. That’s why real money Call of Duty betting sites are growing in popularity. Don’t get us wrong, the numbers still aren’t as high as the folks over at Activision Blizzard would like, but they’re getting there.

What’s interesting is the fact that people seem to love betting on Call of Duty matches. Websites offering Call of Duty odds are in demand, but it’s not even that surprising considering the growth of esports betting popularity across the board.

Characteristics of Quality Call of Duty Betting Sites

What good would this list be without a proper explanation behind its criteria?

For our list of the most reputable Call of Duty betting sites, we used five unique criteria. They’re either important from the technical perspective, massively improve bettors’ quality of life, or bring other advantages to one’s online betting experience.

They are as follows.

A Fine Variety of Specials

The entertainment factor of match-winners can only get you so far. Later on, once you’ve accumulated enough experience on various Call of Duty betting sites, you’ll want to expand your views a bit. You’ll want more options to choose from; you’ll want more flexibility. and that’s exactly where special esports bets come into play.

Special CoD bets come in many shapes and forms, but only some esports betting sites go the extra mile of providing decent coverage. Mind you, even the real money Call of Duty betting sites we’re talking about here only cover the biggest CoD competition, the CDL. Make sure you opt for one that has a solid variety of specials, at the very least.

Mobile-Friendly Betting

Call of Duty Mobile BettingBetting from the comfort of your home is a great thing! It’s what the internet was made for, right? Well, that’s true; betting at home was all the craze of the early 2000s. Nowadays, betting at home isn’t the bee’s knees anymore. Esports betting enthusiasts want more convenience. And does it get any better than being able to bet on virtually everywhere you are?

Mobile-friendly betting is what we’re referring to here! Everyone has a powerful PC in their pocket these days, and it happens to be connected to the internet 24/7. Needless to say, CoD betting sites recognized the opportunity and were quick to snatch this portion of the market.

Betting on the fly is a brand-new craze in the world of esports betting online. If you think you’ll do most of your betting on the go, it’s best to go for a bookie featuring a dedicated smartphone app for betting. A mobile-friendly betting platform will work just as fine. If you can’t find a good one, please refer to the table above.

Valuable Bonuses and Promotions

No matter what experienced bettors may tell you, bonuses are a great way of experimenting with different types of bets at Call of Duty betting sites. Even better, these days esports betting sites offering Call of Duty betting odds offer all sorts of betting bonuses, most of which are much more generous than those that were the craze a few years ago.

Esports betting bonuses are now a real thing too! Combine them with welcome bonuses, free wagers, and similar promotions, and you’ll be able to come up with excellent betting systems that’ll put you in the driving seat. It does take some practice, a lot of time, but you can easily exploit the system. We’re not talking about tons of money here, but just enough for you to test your waters and get a hang of how real money Call of Duty betting sites work.

Plentiful Payment Options

Call of DutyGetting your money on and off online CoD betting sites can be stressful; it’s even more stressful if your online footprint isn’t that big and you don’t indulge in needless online purchases at 3 AM. To avoid any stress, think ahead! Go with a bookie that features plenty of online payment methods, both for depositing and withdrawing the funds.

It’s of essential value that your go-to Call of Duty betting sites support at least one additional payment method you have, alongside your preferred one. If there are multiple methods of withdrawal and deposit you can utilize, that’s even better. This way, you won’t have to worry about your money getting left behind on an online Call of Duty betting website that doesn’t offer your desired banking methods.

Fast Payouts

Since we’re already talking about money and money-transferring methods, let’s talk about speed, too. Many bettors never even think about this, but it’s actually quite important. The sooner you get your winnings, the sooner you’ll be able to treat yourself, and the sooner you’ll want to bet again!

What’s the average time you’ll have to wait to get your winnings?

Well, that depends on several factors including your go-to betting site with odds on Call of Duty, the amount, and your chosen payment method. In most cases, you’ll have to wait anywhere from 48 hours to a week. If we’re talking about massive wins, then the waiting period is likely to extend further due to additional authorization steps.

How to Bet on CoD Betting Sites

You don’t need a degree to start using real money Call of Duty betting sites. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll understand everything right off the bat. It will take some time for you to grasp onto the basics. But once you do, there’ll be no stopping you!

For a more detailed look, check the below-linked CoD betting guide. It’s located below the bet types and is a must-read for all beginners!

Now, though, we’ll quickly go through the three key elements that’ll make your time on Call of Duty betting sites that much better!

Find a Good Call of Duty Betting Site

We’re not sure why most bettors skip this step altogether when it’s clearly of crucial importance. If you land on and stick with a poor bookie, you won’t be in for a fun time. Sure, you might get by up to a certain point, but your overall online esports betting experience will definitely suffer.

Where can you find such CoD Betting Sites?

Well, good general guidance can be found at the top of this page. Yep, you’ve guessed it—our table of the best Call of Duty betting sites is what we’re referring to here.

Get Informed About the Pro Scene

If you’re serious about becoming a professional esports bettor (if such a thing even exists), then you’ll want to arm yourself with knowledge. The first step on your way to becoming a pro bettor is getting informed. It’s not just the pro scene, though, there’s more to Call of Duty betting websites than that.

You’ll have to learn how to navigate through esports betting sites offering CoD betting odds, how to find certain betting markets and place certain types of bets. It all comes with experience. Even if things seem way too complicated at the moment, trust us, everything will settle down once you’ve spent some time betting on CoD online.

Find the Best CoD Events to Bet On

CDL LogoWhen talking about being up to date on pro scene news, we can’t take crucial events out of the equation. When it comes to Call of Duty betting sites, you need to know when the next set of CDL matches is scheduled for. After all, the CDL is the only Call of Duty competition people bet on. Heck, it’s the only event most CoD betting sites offer bets on, come to think of it.

Experiment With Bonuses

Last but not least, don’t let match-winners limit your CoD betting expeditions. Make yourself at home, start experimenting with bonuses and you might just find stuff that suits your needs. Some of them bring forth a lot of risk, some of them are pure fun, and some possess excellent value. It’s up to you to find the ones that are right up your alley!

Types of Bets Offered on Call of Duty Betting Sites

You wouldn’t believe what sort of bets are commonly available on the top-rated Call of Duty betting sites out there. There’s a ton of variety, especially during the final stage of the CDL. It’s as if the real money CoD betting sites are competing for the imaginary (but still flattering) title of the world’s most diverse CoD specials set.

Here are the most popular special types of bets available on most CoD betting sites:

  • Correct score
  • Handicap
  • Long-terms
  • Player with most kills
  • Round/Map totals
  • Combinations

More information can be found on our Call of Duty betting guide!

Call of Duty Betting Sites FAQ

Where Can I Bet on Call of Duty Online?

This is rather straightforward to answer—just scroll to the top of this guide! That’s it, that’s all it takes to find where to bet on Call of Duty! And that’s all it takes to find the best CoD betting sites, to be more precise! Don’t feel like scrolling on your own?

If your answer is yes, then just click here and witness the magic!

Where Can I Watch Esports Matches Live?

You can’t expect to watch esports matches on your television. Well, you can if you have either YouTube or Twitch app installed on your smart TV. What we were trying to say there is that you can’t expect to watch esports matches on your conventional TV channels. Although, esports event organizers are slowly (but surely) breaking that barrier as well. is going to be your main source of esports action, period. Amazon’s gaming/streaming beast is the be all and end all of esports broadcasts. Without it, there would be no esports. We’re not even exaggerating here.

Is Real Money CoD Betting Online Dangerous?

CoD betting is as dangerous as you make it! It can be a real problem financially if you constantly go all-in and disregard your personal financial obligations. It can also be dangerous if you don’t choose the right Call of Duty betting sites. Make sure you pick a reputable platform that’ll treat your personal information with respect. Opting for a lousy bookie could jeopardize the safety of your personal information. That just goes to show you two things:

  • Picking a good bookie is of crucial importance.
  • CoD betting can indeed be dangerous if you’re not paying attention.

As long as you’re on the safe side of things, as long as you’re using impenetrable passwords and don’t share them with anyone, you should be in the clear!

Can Call of Duty Betting Make Me Rich?

We’re going to break the news down for you real fast and with brutal honesty—no, betting on CoD (probably) won’t make you rich. The percentage of bettors that become rich overnight is ridiculously low. It’s so low that it’s not even relevant at this point. However, real money betting on CoD will keep you entertained; it’s a fun pastime and a pretty decent hobby, unless you start investing way too much money into it that you can’t afford.

Why Is Betting on CoD Looked Down Upon?

The problem with betting on CoD is the same as betting on other esports. The generally public still thinks video games are a complete waste of time. The vast majority of (older) people think video games are for kids. And while that is true, at least to an extent, the world of professionally organized video game events (also known as the world of esports) is much more complex than they think.

The world of esports paved the way for numerous other mini niches, including real money esports betting and the Call of Duty betting sites you see today. Although, now that we think about it, esports betting has developed far beyond the level of a mini niche. Still, people look down upon it. The public opinion ought to change, but it won’t be soon, that’s for sure!

Can I Bet on a Call of Duty Match That Has Already Started?

That’s not all, folks! CoD betting platforms tend to offer bets on ongoing matches too. These are quite rare, though, so don’t expect to see them frequently.

However, if betting on the final CDL stage is your thing, and you love spicing up the action with one or two live wagers, you might just be in for a special treat… assuming you’ve opted for a good bookie, of course.

Conclusion on CoD Betting Online

Call of Duty betting sites will keep on growing, just like the esports betting industry as a whole. Whether we like it or not, betting on esports is here to stay. It’s already going head to head with conventional sports betting, and now that the global regulations are finally backing down, we’re bound to see more esports betting action than ever before.

In the end, if you’re looking for the best real money CoD betting sites, just scroll to the top of this page and check out the featured table. That’s about it as far as this piece goes. May the odds be forever in your favor!