Most Trusted CSGO Betting Sites

CSGO Betting Sites

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) is the latest sequel in the Counter-Strike games franchise. The game's success has been legendary, as far as esports are concerned. And it's no wonder! During any given 24-hour period, between 300,000 and 500,000 people play the game daily with an all time high of over 850,000 people playing at once!

With so many people playing the game, it has become an esport sensation. Bettors are also looking to bet on it now. That's where we come in. has taken the liberty to list the top CSGO betting sites, so you don't have to scour the internet to find them yourself and can capitalize on your wagers!

2018 Top Recommended CSGO Gambling Sites

RankUS Betting SiteSign Up BonusGet Started
#1BetOnlineBetOnline50% up to $2,500Visit Site
#2SportsBetting.agSportsBetting.ag50% up to $1,000Visit Site
#3BovadaBovada50% up to $500Visit Site

These sites have categorically been chosen above their peers, because of the long term benefits of playing on these sites. Aside from the bullet points below, we want to make clear that the reason we recommend these sites above the others is their longevity in the bookmaking business. That is the staple for any good online bookmaker. When a bookmaker has been around for as long as these sites, you can count on satisfied customers and perks.

On that note, perks are a top priority for the above mentioned sites. Each site has rewarding VIP program that makes CSGO gambling more rewarding than simply making money. Although, making money is also a nice perk to the VIP department too. Each of these sites offer great deposit bonuses and reward features.

CSGO is a massive multiplayer game that shoots it's gamers into a world full of dodging bullets, explosions, and catastrophes of all sorts. It does a good job of it too. Many of the best in the business strive to be as high a caliber game such as CSGO.


  • Why These Sites?
  • Are There Alternate Sites?
  • Can I bet CSGO Skins?
  • What's the Bottom Line?
  • Why Do We Recommend These Sites?

Why We Recommend These Sites

Here's something that will put your mind at ease. The sites we list and recommend are legal to play in your state, as of 2018.

Our resident experts at recommend these sites personally. Why? Because we use them, of course. Our experts prefer these sites to any of the others listed below for one really good reason: Reliability.

  • Each site has a VIP player reward program.
  • Their customer service departments are top of the line.
  • The game graphics and framerates are top of the line.
  • Every recommended site offers exceptional CSGO betting line prices.
  • These sites have multiple CSGO betting lines available for wager.

All of these reliable factors become a great way of splitting the best betting sites from the mediocre and flat out bad betting sites. Here at, we aim to offer you only the best sites for you to gamble on CSGO.

Alternate CSGO Betting Sites

We understand that the imagination train is what runs the station - not the other way around. So if one of our above mentioned recommended sites doesn't strike your fancy, and you're looking for a bit of an 'off-road' experience, then you might prefer these lesser known sites for your betting.


These sites are good for a tryout if you want to diversify your CSGO betting type. Some of the sites offer different wager types available in lieu for lower deposit bonuses and an understaffed customer support/service teams.

Although these sites are listed below the recommended sites, they are not by any means sub-par. Many of these sites are simply smaller. Therefore, they get less influx of people to their sites which relates to their lack of notoriety.

Pro Tip
A smaller site doesn't mean a shady site! So don't think these sites aren't trying to make an honest buck.

They very well may be. It comes down to a comfortability factor. Here at Gambling Sites we strive only to recommend the most user friendly sites, and while these sites may well indeed be user friendly, due to their operational size, they are not the MOST user friendly sites. There's a very real difference in the differentiation.

However, it is not uncommon to catch a diamond in the rough when you dig into the site mechanics behind VIP systems. A thorough evaluation is needed before a determination can be made, but some rogue sites actually offer better reward systems and VIP programs than their larger competitors. Most of the time these are "limited time only" offers and don't tend to stick around for an extended duration.

CSGO Skin Betting

In the wide world of Counter-Strike: Global Operations there is a not-so-underground subculture of skins betting. Skins aren't bodies or body armor like the game might imply (being a first-person shooter game). Rather, skins are bling bling for your bang bang. In layman's terms, you are buying a custom paint job for your selected weapon of choice.

These weapons can range from huge rifles and shotguns all the way down to small pistols and knifes even. Knifes especially is more like it; they are some of the more sought after skins in the entire game! Happy hunting and here's to hoping you find that special skin, Buffalo Bob!

But if winning a real money wager was what you were hoping to do with CSGO skins betting, think about turning around now because bad news awaits. There is no way to legally make money betting your in-game weapon skins. Sorry, spoiler alert. Just figured we'd save you the trouble and time of digging a hole you didn't want to be in.

Wait wait wait, if you're anything like the common bettor who just walked in on this section of our conversation, you might be shocked to discover that there's no real money in betting these types of games. So why then is weapon skins betting even a thing? And what makes the weapons coverings so coveted?

This can better be explained because of the niche betting market. A niche market like this springs up from one well source: love of the game. The game has become so popularized, so adopted that betting weapon skins has become a thing. Because who doesn't want to be able to AK-47 people with a shiny customized pattern, right?

Here's the Bottom Line

If CSGO skins betting is your thing, there's a market for you to earn them if you want to gamble for them. But if you were looking to gamble and make money off earning weapon skins, that just isn't possible at this time. This is partly do to legality reasons, also remembering how niche market for skins betting actually is.

If we were you, we'd stick to our previously recommended sites. They're safe. They're reliable. Counter-Strike: Global Operations betting is still a relatively new trend. As it grows in popularity, more alternate CSGO gambling sites will undoubtedly emerge. For the time being, we would utilize the more reputable sites until CSGO betting takes a more firm foothold in the bookmaking industry. They will give you an overall satisfying experience, no matter which of our recommended CSGO betting sites you choose.

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