The Best Dota 2 Betting Sites

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Hello and welcome to our comprehensive esports guide focusing on the best
Dota 2 betting sites. This article is meant to give you an in-depth look at the
rapidly growing esports betting industry and, hopefully, help you choose the
optimal betting sites for Dota 2. Throughout this article, you’ll find a whole heap
of information that will help you understand the ins and outs of this industry,
facilitate your first steps into the world of Dota 2 betting, and explain the
most crucial betting-related aspects.

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Additionally, this article also aims to provide you with general knowledge
about the best Dota 2 betting sites, their biggest virtues, flaws, and tricks to
make the right choice. Needless to say, at the end of the day, choosing the
right Dota 2 betting website is all that matters.

It will also touch on the key aspects of Dota 2, special bets, the most
notable tournaments, and the differences between betting on Dota 2 and other

What to Look for in Betting Sites for Dota 2

If you’re just starting out your Dota 2 betting career, chances are you’ll be
overburdened with the number of choices available. Yep, that’s just how things
are in this industry. But it wasn’t always like this. A few years ago, when the
esports betting industry wasn’t at the heights it is today, there were only a
handful of bookies to choose from. They were all basically on the same level, so
you couldn’t go wrong by choosing any of them.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case anymore. The rapid growth of the esports
betting industry was followed by a drastic increase in the number of websites
featuring esports betting coverage. While extra competitiveness in an industry
usually means better options for users, this wasn’t the case here. You see, in
the sea of new
esports betting sites
, there’s a ton of those that don’t really care about
their users’ satisfaction. They’re just in it for the money and are usually
sporting high fees, ridiculous betting rules, and often have no proper customer
support channels.

What we’re trying to explain here is just how difficult it is to find proper
Dota 2 betting sites these days. A simple Google search won’t suffice anymore.
You’ll have to dig deeper and reach out to Reddit or esports betting websites
(such as this one) for reliable information. While all this will take some extra
time off your busy schedule, trust us, it’s worth it!

A splendid esports betting experience can make or break your will to bet.
With that in mind, let’s check out the crucial factors that make for great Dota
2 betting sites!

Dota 2 Juggernaut

Customer Support

Let’s start off with an often underappreciated aspect of Dota 2 betting
sites, customer support. There are several notable customer support channels
present in the online betting industry. We’re talking contact forms, an FAQ
section, email, telephone, and live chat. The latter two are the most efficient
methods but they’re only used by bookies that pay great attention to their
reputations. How come? Well, to put it simply, they are much more expensive than
the likes of email and contact forms. They require a highly trained team of CS
experts that (usually) work 24/7.

In addition to proper customer support channels, make sure your Dota 2
betting website of choice features banking methods you have access to. This is
often overlooked by beginners so pay close attention to payment options before
you click that shiny “Register Now” button.

Coverage Variety

An equally important subject when choosing the best Dota 2 betting sites to
suit your needs is the quality of their coverage. Since we’re talking about Dota
2 here, let’s focus on it for the time being. Proper coverage means a given
bookie doesn’t just feature the standard match-winner and outright-winner bets
on the most popular tournaments but also a hefty number of specials and
lesser-known tournaments too.

With that in mind, pay close attention to the esports betting markets before
you decide to put a ring on a bookie. Make sure they not only feature a splendid
number of Dota 2 events and specials but other esports events as well. Who
knows, perhaps your Dota 2 betting adventure will transition to other esports.

On-Site Experience

If you’re just starting out your Dota 2 betting adventure, a fluid and
easy-to-navigate website is a must. We can’t stress this enough! Websites that
are overly complicated, don’t have a good user interface, and are not that
responsive will only confuse you. Since esports betting on its own is a rather
confusing environment (for beginners), there’s no need for you to further
complicate your life by choosing a bookie with an unoptimized, buggy website.

Luckily, all entries on the list above are known for having fluid,
beginner-friendly websites. Once again, this is of crucial importance for
beginners, and if you consider yourself as one, please take our advice and
choose a bookie from the above-featured list.


Lastly, all top-tier Dota 2 betting sites must be reliable. Come to think of
it, this is probably the most important aspect of a good esports bookie. But how
can you tell reliable from unreliable sites? Well, online reviews make for a
good starting point. Once an esports bookmaker sparks your interest, do some
good old Google sniffing to see what its users have to say. If the majority of
them are satisfied with their experiences, we don’t see any reason why you
should stay away from it.

If you’re too lazy to check all these aspects on your own, a short list of
the best Dota 2 betting sites (in our opinion) is located right above this

Betting on Dota 2 vs Other Esports

Since you’re reading this article, we’ll presume you already know a lot about
the actual game. That said, there’s no point in elaborating the mechanical and
meta aspects here. Instead, let’s focus on the main differences between betting
on Dota 2 and other prominent esports titles (without going into too much depth,
of course).

Betting on LoL

Let’s start things off with another MOBA title just like Dota 2.

League of Legends betting
is in many ways similar to Dota 2. For starters,
we’re talking about two titles that feature the same type of dynamic gameplay,
extremely similar maps, and almost identical main mechanical aspects (although
fans of both games won’t admit this). That said, Dota 2 and LoL are still
massively different games, they just belong to the same genre so similarities
are understandable.

When it comes to betting, you’ll find most bet types are pretty much the same
just with different competitions and teams. The same goes for special bets as
well. Since the gameplay is rather similar, three lanes, neutral minions, jungle
monsters, and two teams consisting of five unique champions/heroes battling to
destroy each other’s nexus, it’s only logical to see specials pretty much
identical too. Just with different names for the in-game global objectives, that

Betting on CS:GO

Needless to say,
is vastly different from both LoL and Dota 2. That’s understandable
since we’re talking about two completely different genres. Instead of betting on
a singular match that sports a lengthy laning phase, jungle domination, and
back-to-back ganking all across the board with late game team fights as the
pinnacle, in CS:GO, you’re betting on up to 30 rounds of gun-based tactical
outwitting. That said, these two games couldn’t be more different even if they

What About Other Esports Titles?

Obviously, there are lots of additional esports titles that we could’ve
compared here. However, LoL and CS:GO are the perfect examples that cover the
basic similarities and differences here. Sure, we could’ve included Rocket
, Overwatch or, let’s say, Fortnite, but that wouldn’t yield any more
useful information than the comparisons between LoL and CS:GO.

All in all, if you’re looking to transition from betting on another non-MOBA
esports title to Dota 2, chances are you’ll need a lot of research. The
mechanical and gameplay elements of MOBA games are rather unique and there’s
nothing else that comes close to their complexity and dynamism. Arm yourself
with knowledge, explore the pro scene, watch VODs of past tournaments and
investigate the betting-related info. With time, we’re sure you’ll do just fine!

If, on the other hand, you’re transitioning from the likes of League of
Legends, Heroes of the Storm, or other MOBA titles, we reckon it will only take
you a few weeks to slide everything into place.

How to Bet on Dota 2 | How We Bet on Dota 2

Even though this is not a Dota 2 betting guide, we still believe some of you
might find the following information useful. As the title implies, we’re going
to share our process of betting on Dota 2 matches. It’s pretty straightforward
but could prove to be useful for beginners who don’t know where to start off.

Keeping up With the News

First and foremost, make sure you keep track of the roster changes, injuries,
recent tournaments, and head-to-head matches between the given teams. Even
though injuries are not that common in the world of esports (like they are with
more physically demanding sports such as basketball, football, etc.), they still
Dota 2 Character
happen and can be the difference between a winning and losing a ticket.

Exploring the Statistical Depths

If you’re up to date with the latest Dota 2 esports news, then it’s time to
dig deeper into the statistical depths. We’re talking a fully-fledged
statistical analysis here once you’ve found the matches you’d like to bet on. Of
course, you’ll need all the help you can get. Luckily, there are numerous Dota 2
websites that tackle the statistics. From player-based and team-based stats all
the way to head-to-head matches, most used heroes, win rates, team compositions,
and all that good stuff. This part of Dota 2 betting is the most time consuming
one, but if done correctly, it will greatly increase your chances of winning

Knowing the Dota 2 Competitive Calendar

Lastly, once you soak in all the necessary knowledge, it’s time to check out
when the best time to bet on Dota 2 is. Needless to say, the biggest array of
betting options on Dota 2 betting sites will be available before and during the
most important tournaments. In the case of Dota 2, we’re talking about the likes
of Majors, Minors, and The Internationals.

Dota 2 Special Bets

We’ve already briefly touched the topic of Dota 2 special bets, but now we’re
going to expand on it a bit further. As is the case with traditional sports
(basketball, football, baseball, soccer), esports also have a plethora of
special bets to explore. Obviously, their variety and amount greatly depend on
the in-game characteristics of the given games. As far as Dota 2 goes, luckily,
there’s plenty of things to discuss.

How come? Well, the answer is rather simple. Dota 2 belongs to the
multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game genre. This genre is known for
having a tremendous number of champions with unique abilities that can be played
in various ways. Combine that with a plethora of purchasable in-game items and
you’ll realize just how complex and both mechanically and tactically demanding
Dota 2 is.

As far as the actual Dota 2 special bets are concerned, here are the most
popular options available at the best Dota 2 betting sites out there:

  • First Barracks/Tower Destroyed
  • First Roshan
  • First Blood
  • Minute of First Successful Gank
  • First to 5/10 Kills
  • Player Total Kills Over/Under
  • Overall Total Kills Over/Under
  • Outright Winner
  • To Reach the Finals

Why Is Betting on Dota 2 so Popular?

The esports betting industry, and Dota 2 betting alongside it, are on a
massive run. But why? What’s so special about the esports industry that’s making
it such a popular betting market? Let’s focus on Dota 2 betting for the time
being. There are several notable reasons why it’s currently the leading esports
title in the world. Let’s check out some of them!

Most Lucrative Esports Title

First things first, Dota 2 is by far the most lucrative esports title out
there. Not only is it getting a ton of attention from various sponsors and
third-party event organizers but it’s also the world’s most “expensive” esports
all thanks to its creators, Valve.

Needless to say, money attracts money. With prize pools of TI events reaching
$25,000,000, it’s no wonder Dota 2 is so darn popular. Additionally, Dota 2
betting sites are trying their best to attract more users which continues the
cycle of Dota’s superiority on the esports scene.

Dynamic and Balanced Gameplay

The second thing on this list has to do with the game itself. If Dota 2
wasn’t brilliantly designed across all departments, we really doubt betting on
it would be so darn fun. As mentioned earlier, we’re talking about an insanely
complex game that requires both teamwork and individual skills to be successful.

For both spectators and players, the game’s mechanics are absolutely
charming. In other words, the game is as fun to play as it is fun to watch. And
that’s exactly where the joy of betting came into play. People just love
watching the greatest talents go up against each other on the world’s greatest
stages. Especially during The Internationals which are miles ahead of any other
esports events out there.

Combine great mechanics and addictive gameplay with splendid public exposure,
millions of fans worldwide and the most lucrative prizes in the world of esports
and you’ll realize the phenomenon of Dota 2.

Millennials’ Independence

Last but not least, Dota 2 betting is becoming so popular because its player
base (millennials) are finally becoming independent. In other words, millennials
have finished their formal education and are now entering the global job market.
Thanks to this, they finally have the money needed to pursue their hobbies, be
it gaming or betting.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re not claiming everyone who pursues Dota 2 betting is
a millennial. Still, the fact is, millennials make up for a good portion of Dota
2 bettors so it’s only understandable to count on their independence as an
important factor behind the growing popularity of Dota 2. In fact, not just Dota
2 but the entirety of esports.

Biggest Dota 2 Seasonal Events

If you are interested in sites for betting on Dota 2, you need to familiarize yourself
with its competitive ecosystem. Luckily, the 2018/2019 season brought several
changes, and from the looks of it, they’re working quite well so they’re
probably here to stay. Overall, they’ve managed to further simplify Dota’s
competitive environment and make it easier to digest for everyone involved.

Right now, there are two main parts of the Dota 2 competitive ecosystem: Dota
Pro Circuit, a league-like competition that lasts throughout the season, and The
International, a grandiose event that serves as the business end of the DPC. To
put it simply, think of DPC as a standard league and TI as the final tournament
that decides the overall season champions.

Dota Pro Circuit

As explained above, the Dota Pro Circuit is the bread and butter of Dota’s
competitive season. With this new format, it seems as though the ever so popular
seasonal competition will reach new heights. The new format brought several
changes, the most important being the fact that Majors and Minors now come in
pairs. Qualifiers are now held in strictly scheduled windows with a total of
five Majors and Minors placed throughout the season.

The main aspect of the Dota Pro Circuit is the DPC Point system. They serve
as the main method of qualification for The International. The total DPC Points
for the 2018/2019 season amounted to 77,500-75,000 through Majors and 2,500
through Minors. The end-season DPC ranking decides the teams that will be
participating in the season finale: The International.

However, only the first twelve teams on the ranking table are qualified for
the season’s TI. The remaining six teams are qualified through the regional
qualifiers taking place in China, Southeast Asia, North America, South America,
CIS, and Europe. One team from each region, to be precise, bringing the total
sum of TI teams to 18.

The International

This is what the Dota 2 esports scene is all about! The International is at the top of its competitive ecosystem.
The most lucrative esports event of all
time-The International! Soon approaching double digits, this is the epitome of
professionalism in the esports industry. With prize pools exceeding $25,000,000
and with millions of fans eagerly watching the crucial matches, it’s safe to say
it doesn’t get any bigger than this.

Obviously, Dota 2 betting sites are well-aware of The International’s
importance. They kick their coverage off months before the event is set to
start. Typically, they’ll start off with the standard “Outright Winner” and “To
Reach the Finals” options as they’re often the most popular ones. After the
final teams qualify for the grandest of Dota 2 stages and the group stage draw
takes place, the best Dota 2 betting sites immediately put up match-winner bets.

Of course, all this takes a massive amount of time and effort. The
preparations for the biggest Dota 2 tournament last for months on end. But at
the end of the day, it’s all worth it. Especially considering the amount of
money wagered on the mother of all esports tournaments.

How Much Money Is Involved in Dota 2 Betting?

As mentioned earlier, the esports betting industry (including Dota 2) is
continuing its exponential growth. Nothing surprising considering the sheer
number of organizations and people involved in the industry. And we’re not just
talking about professional esports players but also event organizers, sponsors,
esports organizations, and their ever-growing staff members as well.

The esports industry is looking more like the traditional sports industry
with the level of competitiveness, professionalism, and supporting layers of
infrastructure evolving with each passing year. That said, it’s only logical to
see esports betting stats continuing their rise to the top. They’re still
nowhere near those of traditional sports but are on the right path nonetheless.

Unfortunately, we don’t have the exact numbers as far as the amount of money
spent on Dota 2 betting is concerned. What we do have is the amount of money
wagered across all esports. And, my oh my, the numbers are going to shock you.

Betting Wagers Chart for Dota 2


All things considered, Dota 2 betting is only going to continue growing. With
the best Dota 2 betting sites pushing the envelope and with more people
interested in the betting aspect, we’re bound to see even more action in this
new and exciting niche.

For everyone who came to this article looking for valuable information
regarding Dota 2 betting sites, we sincerely hope we answered most of your
questions. As this industry continues to grow, we’re sure you (bettors) will
keep growing with it. There’s still a ton of profit potential in this niche, so
make sure you kick things off on the right foot, arm yourself with knowledge,
and keep slapping together winning slips that’ll further boost your betting